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aid me

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>Meet girl in school age 14
>Love girl, devoted to her
>She cheat allot, dump me then next week want me
>age 16, find out she raped by grand father
>Police investigation, no evidence no jail for cunt
>age 17 leave school, different colleges we break up for last time
>Now 20 didn't speak for 3 years
> Spoke month ago on Skype
>Was nice but current GF find out
>Goes insane makes me block her
> Still in love with girl even after all years and dumb shit she do

> What do? Speak to girl? Girl has BF I have GF
>Might think im psycho cos block then return months later?
> what do???
get her grandpa to send you nudes and video
no thanks man 100% would slay this dude if I ever saw him again
what happened like how what why
specify question abit pls
What did her grandpa do to her, How? Why,When,Where?
her mother had a BF and to fuck him she'd send her to her gramps each weekend. Each weekend for full year until she told me, shits fucked. Advice on the situation, anyone?
your girlfriend is a cunt and you should dump her
not to get back with the cheating whore but just because no girlfriend should ever tell a man what to do. making you block an old friend that you've known for years is dickish.
But she fucked me up dude. was on Prozac. Tried to kill self twice. Over suicide now, years later still love her
Have you tried hitting her?
like punch her titties, or give he a black-eye?
Who? Current GF or girl in pic? She lives other side of the county bcos shes at uni now so can't and I don't hit women anyway
you post a girls pic on the internet for eternity, and try to run her through the mud talking all kinds of shit dredged up from her past, saying she was raped, and how she cheated...

dude, you should talk to your doctor
you're the one who needs medication
No dude, noone dragging her though the mud where in OP does it say she is bad person? and pic is not real girl lol
>What do?
>Fuck off.
Never look back OP. When a bitch moves across the country, you either go with her or you forget about her.
Most guys, yourself included, complain about bitches cheating. Now take a step back and look at what you're doing. You have a girlfriend, and you're trying to hook-up with someone else. See how hypocritical that is? Before you go trying to get with somebody else, you need to break it off with the person you're currently fucking. If you can't do that, then you have no right to call someone else a cheater, because when you're in a relationship, you shouldn't even be looking at another.

Now that i've laid all that sociological guilt on you, here's how the world really works.
Everybody does it. Your mom cheated on your dad, and her mom cheated on your grandfather before that. Some people hide it better than others, but everybody wants something better than what they have.

It's a two way street. Guys cheat just as much hos do, but usually for different reasons.

It's a well established fact, that girls are more attracted to guys who are in a relationship. To get a girlfriend, you have to have a girlfriend.
Trading-up if you will, for something better.

Girls trade up for a guy who's richer, or hotter, or who she thinks is better in bed, or a guy who has a good job, and might be a better provider for her children that she wants to have with him. It's perfectly logical, for her to do that, and not only that it's what's best for humanity. Rewarding the fittest, and ensuring the survival of the species.
Guys who understand this, know that they need to continuously improve themselves, in order to keep a girlfriend, because she's always looking for something better.

As you can see, the ideal fantasy world where nobody cheats, doesn't really exist, and if it did, mankind would have gone extinct long before the dinosaur.
Okay thanks for the advice dude, also to previous poster I meant ME that was on Prozac

It might sound mean to lay all of the blame on females, but truth be told, they are the root of all evil.
Like i said before girls want a guy who's already in a relationship. As a result, guys hook-up with "starter-girlfriends" so that they can get real girlfriends, because they have to have a girlfriend to get a girlfriend. Don't hate the dude for cheating on the starter girlfriend, he's just playing with the cards life dealt him. If he didn't he'd never get a girlfriend and be foreveralone. Fat chicks, know they're starter girlfriends, and they accept the fact that their boyfriend if going to find someone hotter. Their feelings are hurt a little but they can comfort themselves with food, and get over it quickly. It's a win-win, he gets to move up to a better girlfriend, and she gets to blame eating on the break-up.
First of all probably take this too /adv/ because wrong place but since you're here and no one really cares about /r/ anyway

My dude, be realistic;
Sure it'd be nice if you went after this girl and everything worked out but your previous experiences with her show that that's probably not going to be the case.

Most likely you're thinking about the good aspects of your previous relationship with this girl and are being enticed by that idea of her more than the actual person.

Here's what you've got;
- A GF that you probably fuck on the reg, don't take the for granted.
- A (probably) stable relationship where someone cares about you and you care about them.
- Minor issues with jealousy that can be solved with work to prove that you're trustworthy because obviously currently you're not being that

What you're interested in;
- A girl who's previously hurt you
- A girl who has gone through recent sexual trauma
- A girl who you know has cheated on you already
- A girl who is going through and gone through something extremely difficult that will obviously take a massive toll on things relative to sex and your relationship

You're in college with a sweet set up, focus on what you have not what you've lost. I've been swept up in the, 'I wanna fix shit and help this girl' instinct that you're likely feeling right now and it isn't worth it, this will affect you dramatically.

I think you should leave the girl blocked and move on, honestly there's no reason to return to that shit show even if you want too. Work on your relationship, realise it's better not to be in contact with her, tell your GF you blocked her initially because she told you too but you've decided she's right because it's nothing you want anyway and you want to know what you can do to help her to trust you.

After that, work on things, go to college, learn, fuck, eat your girls ass like a fuckin champ just don't live in the past man, it's a trap.
TLDR: stay with GF
Well i would actually un block her and try to ask Her Number and talk to her by whatsapp or sth lock your phone, so your gf doesn't get curious and then talk to her, you know? With the time you both would know if what's more worth: Staying with my gf/bf because I don't really love him/her but we can be very good friends, OR if you actually love him/her too much that it is better than your actual bf/gf that's how things work

To all you forever alones out there reading this saying "i'm gonna bag me a fatty so I can trade up" good for you. But don't think that fatties are sluts and easy to bag, just because their fat. They aren't easy at all, they're likely virgins, and have standards just like any other girl. They just set the bar lower, because they don't want to exert themselves, so you have a better chance.
Ugly chick are another avenue you can try. unlike fatties, ugly chicks are easy, but it takes skills on your part. You have to work on your lies. You have to be a really good liar, to tell an ugly chick that she's beautiful, and get her in the sack. If you fuck it up, she'll hate you and think that you were being cruel, even though you sincerely wanted to bang her, albeit just so that you could trade-up.
The downside here is that ugly chicks don't have food to fall back on when you meet mrs right and dump them, so you have to hook them up with one of your friends. your friend seduces your ugly girlfriend, and bangs her, giving you an out, because she cheated on you. then you're free to move on to your new girl, with a clear conscience.
If you're called upon to bang some dude's ugly girlfriend, do it. That good karma will reward you one day, because you haven't seen ungly until you cheat on an ugly chick without setting her up to take the blame. hell hath no fury like an ugly chick on a high horse.

While girls only like guys that are taken, guys are the opposite. Your average guy fully respects the sanctity of another dude's relationship, and would never touch a girl who was taken. There are exceptions, but this is true of 95% of all males. Less than 5% of males actively pursue girls who are in a relationship. These 5% not only have no regard for relationships, they also have no interest in relationships. In other words, they aren't pursuing a married woman, because they want to marry her. It's an ego thing, much like the 95% of women who pursue guys who are in relationships.
just don't be a fuckin pussy. If whatever option your leaning towards feels like you're being a fucking pussy (most likely referred to as the "bitch option") then do the opposite of that. don't be a bitchfag.
If this shit is all true, why doesn't everyone just cut the shit and stop calling it cheating. just admit we're animals and get on with the fuckfest.
Thread posts: 26
Thread images: 1

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