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Without looking them up, describe all 17 global rules.

This is a blue board which means that it's for everybody (Safe For Work content only). If you see any adult content, please report it.

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Without looking them up, describe all 17 global rules.
1. No posts that are illegal
2. You have to be 18
3. Keep /b/ shit (furries, lolis, etc.) in /b/. Keep /pol/ (racism, politics) in /pol/.

That's all the ones I remember with their numbers correct. Others:
(4) Keep ponies in MLP
(5) Quality of posts; no shitposting
(6) Don't complain about 4chan's policies
(7) No indecipherable text
(8) Porn belongs on red boards. No porn on blue boards.
(9) No calls to raid
(10) No doxxing (maybe part of (9)?)

That's all I've got.
1. no illegal shit
2. no under age b&
3. no dubs, racist, crap, etc. outside of /b/
4. no raids
5. blue board=sfw
6. quality is important.
7. false reporting is bad mmmkay
8. no complaining about 4chan rules or mods
9. don't avoid bans
10. no spam
11. no advertising
12.no impersonating of 4chan staff
13. no sigs or avis
14. no bots
15. no ponies (or related) outside /mlp/
16. requests go to /r/
17. no uploads with additional shit attached.
In no particular order:

no illegal shit
no kids
no shitposting (trolling, racism, txtspk, furry, loli, shota, guro, probably forgetting parts of this laundry list)
"quality of posts"
blue boards are worksafe
no advertising
no spamming/flooding
no scrapers, bots, or proxies
no dox/raids
no report abuse
no ban evasion
no complaining about mods/4chan
no signatures/avatars
no ponies
no hidden files

That's what I remember, although to be honest I looked at the list earlier today, so it's more fresh in my mind. We do have too many rules.
1. poop
2. dank memes
3. don't forget to floss
4. Pee on your poop but only if its /b/
1. Do not post, upload, request, or discuss anything that violates local or US law.
2. You must stop using the site immediately if you are under the age of 18.
3. Do not post the following outside of /b/: flames, trolls, racism, off-topic replies, or anthropomorphic ("furry"), grotesque ("guro"), or loli/shota pornography.
4. The posting of personal information and/or calls to invasion is prohibited.
5. All boards that default to the blue (Yotsuba B/Burichan) theme are considered "work-safe." Posting pornography or other not work-safe content may lead to a ban.
6. The quality of posts is extremely important to the community. Posters are encouraged to submit informative comments and high-quality images.
7. Submitting false or misclassified reports may result in a ban. Replying to a thread stating that you've reported it is also not allowed.
8. Complaining about 4chan (its policies, staff, etc.) may result in a ban.
9. Ban evasion will result in a permanent ban -- no exceptions. Instead, wait and appeal it.
10. No spamming/flooding of any kind. No intentionally evading spam/post filters.
11. Advertising (all forms, including offers, soliciting, stream threads, begging) is prohibiting.
12. Impersonating a 4chan administrator, moderator, or janitor is strictly forbidden.
13. Do not use avatars or attach signatures to your posts.
14. Users may not post from proxies, VPNs, or Tor exit nodes. The use of automated posting/downloading scripts is also forbidden.
15. All pony/brony images, Flashes, avatars, etc. must be posted on /mlp/.
16. All request threads must be posted in /r/.
17. Uploading images with additional data (such as embedded archives or sounds) is prohibited.
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let's see:

1. fuck USoA, post CP
2. we like underages here
3. /b/ shit is welcomed on any other board as well
4. don't hesitate to post personal info. remember rule 1&2 during the next raid/dox
5. if you change the board color to 'red', you can post porn
6. if mods don't like you but you actually contribute OC, you'll be banned for GR6
7. spoonfeed mods all the time, (and for free!). don't forget to add "sage" and "reported" in every single post
8. mods love when you say truth about them
9. use dynamic IP. static IP is for newfags
10. moar DESU
11. (you got me here)
12. names like "admin" or "moderator" are welcomed
13. (here as well)
14. we like proxies and spambots
15. friendship is magic. spread is everywhere
16. never go on /r/, you won't get answers there
17. add embeded shit to files, spread the word (or just use HEXes, server won't notice)

looks like i wasn't banned enough times for GR11 and GR13 to remember them...
anyway, we should also play the board specific rules
Is announcing sage or a report against the rules if you didn't actually do those things?
1. Enjoy your ban
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1. nobody cares about your weebshit
2. lel, spoilers
3. lel, spoilers
1. if shitting dick nipples are not your favourite fetish, you don't belong here
2. post whatever shit you like, mods are sleeping all the time
3. nobody cares if it's western stuff
1. post whatever, nobody cares
3. tag whatever, nobody cares
2. embed your H4X0R skills
1. post guro, it's /g/ after all
2. usage of [code] will make you look smarter
(this board is so fucking easy to troll)
1. sauce?
2. moar loli/shota
3. western stuff is welcomed
4. anything is welcomed
>this board actually exists
>only weeb stuff
1. moar yuri porn
1. whatever. you'll get banned anway
2. use flamethrowers
3. hide your generals
>this board still exists
1. source of all the cancer on this site. all normies are welcome
"/s4s/ was a mistake" -moot
1. discuss "Blender vs Maya" here
2. post your 3D porn
1. post your weeb shit here
2. furry is western so it's welcomed
3. sauce?
(some shit)
>this board
1. there's too many gurlz here!
2. troll harder
3. cosplay properly. Sonic 4ex, with only boots and gloves. post pics
>kill your appetite: the board
1. more generals. more animu/mangos
2. lel, spoilers
1. MAKERS GONNA MAKE! (aww yeah, nailed!)
2. ask for weapons and Jolly Roger's cookbook
1. how to ruin your health with shitty diet and exercises
2. fatties & feels are welcome. you won't lift anyway
1. check your privilege
2. flag > post content
1. spread friendship everywhere
2. post clop
3. nobody cares about post quality
4. and roleplaying
5. we love anthro (and EQG)
1. anything except music
2. fuck your edgy, shit taste
>no porn
1. you can get your homework done here
1. CP will be removed after mod saves it
2. flag > post content
1. America laws apply.
2. No kids, stay away kids.
3. Fuck minority online communities, spam epic memes instead. Show them the real power of our culture.
4.No avataring, unless you're a mod.
5. No bumping.
6.I don't remember.
7.I don't remember.
8.Mods are always right even when they are right.
Thread posts: 12
Thread images: 3

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