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Putin is calling out the West for the bluff. He told them a year

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Putin is calling out the West for the bluff. He told them a year ago in Sochi that he was not going to play the game the 'new world order' was playing. In essence he broke a political taboo by publicly stating that the West was run by shadowy interests behind the scenes. Google: PUTIN TO WESTERN ELITES: PLAY-TIME IS OVER.

Apologies if you have read it but below is a summary of the driving forces for why the West is conspiring to bring this migrant crisis upon us.


(NB - Links to reference material footnotes is denoted by (*) asterisk. If you think this article may be useful to share with others, or you want time to check out the links before this is deleted, please copy and paste.)

Far Left groups are deliberately assisting (*1) the current Hijrah (*2, 14) migrant wave for ideological reasons which I will attempt to explain here.

I cannot write the word “invas.ion” because the DE have decided that this word is taboo, since they know everyone is thinking it. Go ahead try and type a post and write the word properly.

But that’s what it is – an invas.ion – and it is important that you realise that both the Left and Islam are united in this project – this is the so-called “Red-Green Alliance” (*3, 4) – and it is the single biggest existential threat to Western life that exists today.
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The EUSSR is run by Cultural Marxists who now run “The Left”, disguised and retitled as Progressives / Liberals / Social Democrats (*5, 6, 7). It is riddled with special interest groups, NGOs and fake charities set up and funded by Soros / Ford / Rockefeller / Rothschild foundations and other billionaires linked to the Bilderberg Group.


They aim to do this by creating a series of crises – economic collapse and war – which they will use to present themselves as ‘the solution’ (*16). In reality, the solution will involve greater integration and less democracy (in the EUSSR, this will include an EU Army and expanded border control, greater political and economic union, and ‘hate speech’ legislation which are really about eliminating free speech and controlling news and public debate). This is the Hegelian Dialectic which influences all modern politics (creating crises in order to get greater power / money by presenting yourself as the solution).

It is important to note that Obama (a secret Musl.m in league with the Musl.m Brotherhood *12, 14), was funded by Soros. Soros’s Open Society Foundation funds many groups linked to Obama’s goals (e.g. race-baiting to cause civil unrest in the US, setting up BlackLivesMatter etc).

On record, Soros is pro ‘open borders’ and wishes to destroy nation-states and bring in a world government, and he is one of the main puppet-masters behind this current ‘refugee crisis’.

what you on about mate?
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Indeed there is evidence that not only did these groups know in advance of the migrant wave, they helped encourage / fund / plan / organise. (*13).

The EUSSR leadership including heads of state like Merkel, Hollande and Cameron (the latter is now New Labour in all but name) – WANTED this migrant wave for Leftist ideological reasons. There are two theories you should know about – the COUDENHOVE-KALERGI PLAN and the CLOWARD-PIVEN STRATEGY.

Have you ever thought it was coincidental that all the 'Arab Spring' countries that “oh-so-wanted democracy” - all of a sudden and simultaneously - just happened to be on the land and sea borders of continental Europe? Seriously – look where Ben Ali, Gaddafi, Mubarak and Assad controlled – they protected the borders of Europe. This was the ‘Dam of Dictators’ which protected us from waves of radical Islam / mass migration from the Third World.

The migrant waves were created deliberately by removing these dictators, so chaos and social breakdown would occur, and a migrant wave could be unleashed on Europe. Those dictators were in place for a reason: in return for enriching themselves, they protected our borders and kept at bay radical Islam. Witness Assad - a secular dictator, certainly not a saint - but he protected all minorities from radicals like al Nusra (which is essentially al Qaeda Syrian Branch), and ISIS.

The general public would find it incomprehensible that our very own Governments throughout Europe would go along with this. And indeed, these same Governments are banking on our stupidity and naiveté.
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The EU via its captive media has encouraged this migrant wave (90% plus men, 80% non-Syrian - by the EU's own statistics). They have used the Leftist tools of Political Correctness and Cultural Relativism to force this onto us. They have tried to engender a massive wave of sympathy and compassion, to persuade us (through both guilt and blackmail) – that somehow this is EVERYONES moral duty to accept these migrants without question. To disagree, is to be a nazirightwingislamophobicbigot.


This is the idea that Leftists can play on sympathies of the brainwashed public regarding poverty and poor conditions of citizens, to greatly roll out the Welfare State support. The aim is to overload the system, so the system collapses, and there is chaos and economic collapse.

In the chaos a Far Left revolution can take control. Witness Syriza in Greece, the rise of the Far Left in many countries which are virtually bankrupt. What better way to overload the system than to dump vast numbers of immigrants who will all require BENEFITS. 36k + per person per year. The Cloward–Piven strategy is a political strategy outlined in 1966 by American sociologists and political activists Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven that called for overloading the U.S. public welfare system in order to precipitate a crisis. In failing states, ex Goldman Sachs bankers, or EU bureaucrats, are put in as puppets by the EUSSR elite.

What could overload the welfare system more than millions of illiterate, economically inactive, demographically high birth rate groups?
It's not an evil shadow organization though but people just actually valuing money and power so much they use human suffering as a vehicle to make $$$$
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It’s hard to let them in without just cause, so a political crisis had to be instigated – then public sympathy engaged – so that we “have a moral duty to take them all in”. This is why the Aylan Kurdi (drowned boy) incident was milked for all it was worth, days before announcing mass immigration had to happen / national quotas etc. And then the MSM studiously ignored all the parts of this story which did not fit ‘the narrative’ (the father being a smuggler, the family having lived in Turkey for years, the Turks moving and staging the body, etc). This is pure psy-ops (*17).


Sometimes simply called the Kalergi Plan, it originated from Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi in the 1920s, and is linked to the ‘Pan Europa’ Movement (*1, 8).

Kalergi proclaims the abolition of the right of self-determination and then the elimination of nations with the use of ethnic separatist movements and mass migration. In order for Europe to be controlled by an elite, he wants to turn people into one homogeneous mixed breed of Blacks, Whites and Asians. This dovetails perfectly with Cultural Marxist revolutionary theory that to bring in a totalitarian Marxist regime, people had to be stripped of identities, ideals, politics, value systems which would form a strong opposition (*7).

So – to that aim – there is a push to undermine the Judaeo-Christian foundations of European nation states, to attack whiteness (including shame or getting people to reject their own heritage), and to dilute or make the idea of national identity as something that is ‘old fashioned’, ‘regressive’ or ‘small minded’.
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This sinister plan is all about long-term control of the masses. Part of this strategy is lulling us all into sleep while it is happening slowly and incrementally. This is done through making people FEEL AND REACT to every news story, rather than QUESTION AND CRITIQUE. If you can make a population react predictably based on emotional knee-jerk responses, then you can control them.

Thus we see the ‘Pavlov’s dog’ reaction happen every time: they show a dead baby and people start wailing in moral outrage and calling for millions of Muslims to be let in to stop the deaths – completely without thought to the logic of this or the long-term consequences. It also helps these young migrants are of ‘breeding’ age, have higher birth rates, and due to generous human rights laws will bring in other family members once they gain citizenship. 2 million today, is 7 million if 5 years from the initial wave alone.

This entirely manufactured and utterly cynical mass migration wave fits both plans, and has nothing to do with real migration / asylum / refugee definitions (*11).

Merkel suddenly wanted 800k this year, and 500k indefinitely, and she is relying on a sense of white guilt and faked humanitarianism, to push her nation into accepting it as a done deal (*9). If that doesn’t work, she will crush people with Hate Crime legislation and erosion of Freedom of Speech. (*15)
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Now we hear 1.5 million are expected this year, and in a year it will be 3. This is how they work: get people used to one number, then keep changing it upwards. Worked for Tony Blair. The ratchet system of small seemingly minor steps, from which there is never any backward steps; the same ploy that built the undemocratic EU in the first place.

She is an ex-Communist from East Germany. She is planning to succeed Ban Ki-Moon as head of the UN, and this is her buy-in to ‘the big table’.

Now witness the completely panicked and utterly illogical response from the West to Putin’s bombings. This Grand Plan could unravel – for if peace returned to Syria – then Europeans would demand that migrants be sent home. This is a one-time trick, they have to make it work. This makes me very worried that the West is going to do something drastic to increase tensions with Putin. They could then even blame him for ‘making things worse’ and causing ‘even more refugees’.

You can bet your house that Bilderbergers and EU bureau-rats are sitting in darkened rooms right now, trying to find a way to continue their plans.
Dude are you joking Syriza totally failed b/c all the other EU ppl didn't budge.
Then why do they get money and still don't pay anything?
Interesting story
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