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How to fix your country?

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So then /pol/ocks how would you fix your country if you served a term as PM/President/King
Mass breed females for private ownership.
The fucking cheek on those wintermeming homos.
Absolutely disgusting

Off with your head!

Now you're talking
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This tbh
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1) Get rid of democracy
2) Build an enormous and well equipped armed forces
3) Invade France, Ireland and Norway and pillage them.
throw away every illegal immigrant, start paying native citizens for making babies so well that having over 4 kids would be a decent way of living for a married couple
Remove all the niggers and annex Canada.
good luck
It should be easy, lord knows your army full of Dindus will not fight to defend France when it gets tough.
gas all the liberals, immigration reform and force all newcomers to assimilate
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I would fuck shit up.

>get elected on Obama-style campaign
>ride to victory on waves of young, leftist votes
>do a 180 once in office
>use military and forcibly deport illegals
>fortify southern border with walls, towers, more personnel
>completely eliminate nearly all social spending
>nuke the public school system; encourage private schools
>never do press conferences, sip the tears of the coddled leftists who elected me
>establish de facto protectorates in africa for natural resources
>slash taxes; low flat tax
>slaughter the "fourth branch of government;" eliminate most cabinet departments and bureaucracies.
>restore nuclear arsenal
>use tax incentives to encourage nuclear family structure once again
>abolish minimum wage
>make schooling optional; parents opt whether or not to send children to school
>stop funding higher education; let shitty colleges die
>finally do press conference
>pretty much just say "don't fuck this shit up"
>get assassinated

Vote for Anon, 2016.
>Cast out the gypsies
>Behead the government
>Invade Macedonia
>>nuke the public school system; encourage private schools
I was with you until this point.

You're a fucking idiot.
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>you're a fucking idiot

Excellent point; you've really changed my perspective. Very insightful.
Build skilled and trustworthy team of advisers.
Establish secret police.
Quietly get the Jews out of high places.
Close borders to all besides USA.
Deport all non-citizens besides Americans.
End free trade with all besides USA.
Build army using entirely our own resources.
Massive public transportation overhaul.
Invest in ambitious architectural projects.
Secure Arctic oil and sea routes.
End freedom of the press for leftists.
Establish state-press disguised as a private organization.
Slowly phase out free-press.
Re-classify leftist activism as terrorism.
Eventually re-classify leftist thought itself as terrorist ideology.
Rig elections until I discover a way to effectively institute a democratic monarchy in which the ruler reigns until death or resignation.
Political rivals will be blackmailed.
Leftist "terror cells" (i.e. any opposition) will be blackmailed or killed.
Actively invest in right-wing organizations abroad.

The details will be left to my advisers who will doubtlessly be more knowledgeable about certain aspects of statesmanship than myself.
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Also, most importantly, build gigantic statue of Hitler on the North Pole.
>Jew the EU so they support and not putsch my ass
>Gypsies go to "integration program" but it's just 100% brainwash to turn them into drones
>Economic measures and investments that actually work and aren't showoff politician garbage
>With cash, fund the BIA to max
>Use BIA agents to cause destabilization in the west
>The west goes apeshit, i declare myself eternal president
>While the EUNATO are shitting themselves, overrun Kosovo. Camp Bondsteel would be empty anyway
>Remove kebab, for real this time
>Punish those turkified yokelpeasants
>Completely BTFO every city and rebuild it in a planned manner
>country becomes based, Imperial borders in the south are a possibility too
Thread posts: 18
Thread images: 6

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