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>MUH D MINUS He was playing this card hard last night. Is

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He was playing this card hard last night.

Is he a secret gunlover?
>kike shill
>D- from the NRA
>banning literally everything that isn't a fudd rifle

Decidedly no. Which is why he can't get elected.

>mfw Based Webb has an A
What's the socialist position on guns?
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>supports the NFA
>believes "assault weapons" are a real thing
>national 10 round magazine limit

The actual socialist position is pro-gun, Marx was quite clear about it. Wanting only the capitalist state to own guns is a bourgeois democratic idea rather than a socialist one in the sense of historical socialism within the US.
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Hey! Someone else gets it.

(Identity politics image only semi-related)
Oh absolutely right. Communists/ socialists/democrats love, love, love THEIR guns! It's just everyone else's guns they have a problem with. After all absolute power and control are required to implement their vision and it will not do to have armed resistance to their authority.
> Communists/ socialists/democrats

No democrat, not even Sanders, is a communist or a socialist in the actual sense of those words. Sanders is a relic of the 1970s New Left, which rejected Marxist economic policies in favor of specific policy changes regarding things like identity politics and drugs.

Socialism in the traditional sense is about empowering the proletariat, the workers, those who contribute to productive capabilities but do not see their fair share of the fruit of their labor, those who earn a living selling their labor; Democrats pander to the lumpenproletarian and to some extent to the petit-bourgeois, largely by promising free stuff, while at the same time trying to suppress class-consciousness and distract from the reality of economic exploitation with cultural/wedge issues like the NRA or gay marriage.

A true Marxist would be horrified at the prospect of disarming the working class and then concentrating all arms in the hands of an ever powerful central government which is nominally democratic but fundamentally run by powerful capitalist influences; indeed, there is very obvious cognitive dissonance present whenever a lay democrat, on the one hand, opposes the whole of police as violent thugs, and on the other hand, believes only police should have guns. It's a rather obvious contradiction.

The Marxist response to mass shooters is not "ban guns" but rather to analyze the conditions that cause such shootings, in light of dialectic theory. In the case of mass shooters, a Marxist analyses would likely focus on the changing dynamic between wealth and physical labor, the increased alienation from the products of one's labor (especially as labor itself has become so abstracted as to serve no apparent purpose in many cases), the fact that labor conditions for young, white men has objectively declined to a significant degree over the last several decades, etc.
Hillary is better on gun violence. President Obama said to be a single issue voter on guns. I'm voting for Hillary Clinton.

Now, Marxism-Leninism as is understood via Soviet influences does tend to imply vanguardism, which implies the idea that counter-revolutionaries should be prevented from owning guns

The USSR is actually an interesting case; yes, Lenin and Stalin initially tried to disarm the peasants, but that was due to the very real and present counter-revolutionary challenge posed by armed rebellions. In WW2, the Soviet government handed outs guns en masse to everyone for the purpose of domestic defense against the Germans; after Stalin, gun restrictions remained fairly strong in the cities, but were much more lax in the country, with hunting rifles being very common with rural populations.

Cuba presents a similar example: gun ownership is only about 5% of the population (limited hunting/self defense), but in the event of an outside threat, the Cuban government policy (as set out in their constitution) is to rapidly arm the entire population, as is what happened during the Bay of Pigs.

In fact, most Warsaw Pact countries had compulsory education on gun usage in school, and some of the them (Albania, Yugoslavia) made it a policy of arming the whole population for defense purposes, or had free-entry armed citizens militias (Poland). While not socialist per se, Libya also had widespread gun ownership.

While those nominally Marxist countries did often have more restrictive gun ownership laws than the US, private gun ownership was in some ways encouraged as a form of self defense and for personal use for hunting especially. In fact, the countries with the most restrictive gun laws today are often those with quite neoliberal economic policies (UK, Australia).
Well said!

He wants to ban all semi-autos and has repeatedly voted for more gun control.

He's gun grabbing scum.
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