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Should Eurasian Males rape White Women?

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Eurasian males are the humiliated degraded broken sons of White Dads. They have no claim to their White Dad's right to white women.

Arab and Indian Men are just as rejected by white women, but at least they know how to rape them and turn them into sex slaves. Muslims are facing a Holocaust in Europe, but they are still not afraid to rape, and seduced into prostitution thousands of white girls.

You can blame lack of AMWF dating on female choice. But the lack of Asian men raping white women, is solely the fault of the man.

Should Hapa men redeem themselves by raping white women in a revolutionary act?

>In the most controversial part of the book, Cleaver acknowledges committing acts of rape, stating that he initially raped black women in the ghetto "for practice" and then embarked on the serial rape of white women. He described these crimes as politically inspired, motivated by a genuine conviction that the rape of white women was "an insurrectionary act".[2] When he began writing Soul on Ice, he unequivocally renounced rape and all his previous reasoning about it.[4][6] However, he refused to show any remorse for his career as a rapist, or acknowledge any debt to society, claiming in Soul on Ice that "the blood of Vietnamese peasants has paid off all my debts".[2]

If a Black Panther Mormon can rape white women, using the blood of Vietnam as his excuse, how much more right do Amerasian men have?

Is the most revolutionary think Hapa boys can do rape White women who share the white race of their Fathers?

I'm not an advocate of criminality. I merely ask if Hapas are in the same revolutionary position as Eldridge Cleaver.

Is the Hapa destiny to be solved in the rape of white women?
white women should not be victimized for Man's crimes
It makes me kind of angry that they have turned me into such a loser. By letting the Asian race sink so low. Ok it is women who do the sexual selection. But Asian Men could rape more. They have so many comics about rape, but they dont actually rape. White women's opinions don't matter in rape. You can't get rejected by rape. Look at Arab men. White Europe is on the verge of having a Holocaust against Arabs, but that doesn't stop them from raping white women. Your about to be exterminated, and your still raping. That takes balls.

So yes as a Hapa guy, I do hate Asian men for not being rapists enough. Would it hurt my feelings if I had a reputation as a rapist based on my race? beats being a eunuch. rape is totally in the man's control, and asian men can't even do that. I never hear cases of Asian men raping white women. And if Arabs can do it so can they.

Am I hypocrite, since I;m not a rapist myself? Look I'm an aspie retard mutant freak, I could never pull it off. Is the whole Asian race, filled with man-children like me, who cant even rape?

Asian men have betrayed me in 2 ways. 1st they were assholes to me in person, throughout my life. and 2nd they have let their reputation and therfore my reputation sink to shit. And some forms of sex are in their control period.
>, Cleaver acknowledges committing acts of rape, stating that he initially raped black women in the ghetto "for practice" and then embarked on the serial rape of white women.

In the same way that Cleaver practiced on white women, if Hapa males rose up, they would practice by raping their Kristin Kreuk-looking eurasian sisters
/pol/ would be out to lynch if Black men talked about raping white women, but its ok and totally ignored with a shrug if a Hapa does it.

hapa rape is just as painful to a white woman as nigger rape

what a misogynist racist double standard.
you hapas get insaner every thread
shit I really feel endangered knowing that I live in a society with WMAF breeding these psycho motherfuckers by the boatload. these freaks are ready to explode.
I'm not sure if this is trollan or not, but either way it's a great reason to never race mix.
Elliot Rodger fought a war against AMWF race-mixing

it drove Elliot Rodger crazy. although I feel bad he took it out on his innocent Chinese roomates.

on a side note, Elliot really really hated AMWF. It drove him insane that a full-ASian could get a white gf and not a Hapa.

He went on a crusade to kill all AMWFs. They were shoving his WMAF failure in his face. Thats why his 1st three victims were Asian Men with white girlfriends. It drove him insane that full-Asian men could get WFs easier than half-Asian men.

He had a special hatred for AMWF Hapas who he saw as his mortal enemies.

why would a Hapa male want full-Asian males to fail with white girls? wouldnt the extreme betaness of asians just hurt him, since most whites consider Hapas to be Asians?

wouldnt it have been in his sexual self-interest to promote AMWF instead of hating on it?

I used to find it bizarre that a WMAF hapa would hate AMWF so much.

but now I kinda get it. It is jarring to be told that you as a half-asian male are forever denied white females, and yet there is an elite of full-asian men who are allowed white pussy.

attacking the AMWF couple at the party, was what set Elliot off on his rampage. and he took a particular delight in mutilating his Asian roommates with a knife not gun.
I get how WMAFs have wronged Hapas, and deserve everything they get, I really do.

But white women have nothing to do with it. why do they deserve the rape?
Haha oh man this is just glorious. I'm a Chinaman with a Dutch fiance and for whatever reason AMWF Hapas end up very based unlike their faggot WMAF counterparts. Its mostly the super ugly Asian women with fucked up teeth that don't get attention from their own race in the first place so they try to say they hate Asian men and then go and race mix with beta whites. Gonna be fucking great when my kids come out as Keanus and they get a bunch of Elliots.
Elliot Rodger hated you AMWFs to hell for rubbing his failure in his face.

YOU drove him to kill.

elliot rodger did not believe a full-asian could be with a blonde girl, when a half-asian couldnt

if Asian is unattractive to blondes, than the more asian you add, the less attractive they get.

this is basic math.

and yet for some reason adding more asian, made them better with blondes than Elliot

this broke his mind
>elliot's rampage was setoff by attacking an AMWF couple at a party. that is how he got his leg broken, and since no one helped him, he decided humanity was evil and deserved to die.

There were about one hundred people at that party, and everyone was socializing with a group of
friends except for me. I walked around in my drunken confidence for a few moments, helped myself to
the beer they had, and tried to act like a normal party-goer. I soon became frustrated that no one was
paying any attention to me, particularly the girls. I saw girls talking to other guys who looked like
obnoxious slobs, but none of them showed any interest in me. As my frustration grew, so did my anger. I
came across this Asian guy who was talking to a white girl. The sight of that filled me with rage. I always
felt as if white girls thought less of me because I was half-Asian, but then I see this white girl at the party
talking to a full-blooded Asian. I never had that kind of attention from a white girl! And white girls are
the only girls I’m attracted to, especially the blondes. How could an ugly Asian attract the attention of a
white girl, while a beautiful Eurasian like myself never had any attention from them? I thought with rage.
I glared at them for a bit, and then decided I had been insulted enough. I angrily walked toward them
and bumped the Asian guy aside, trying to act cocky and arrogant to both the boy and the girl. My
drunken state got the better of me, and I almost fell over to the floor after a few minutes of this. They
said something along the lines that I was very drunk and that I needed to get some water, so I angrily
left them and went out to the front yard, where the main partying happened. Rage fumed inside me as I
realized that I just walked away from that confrontation, so I rushed back into the house and spitefully
insulted the Asian before walking outside again.
Elliot Rodger thought that Asian men were the one race of men, so weak, that even HE the Supreme Gentleman could bully them right in front of their white blonde girlfriends, instead he got thrown from the roof and had his leg broken and face pounded in.
why does every depressed eurasian thread have to be about Elliot Rodger?

Maybe Im a virgin Eurasian, who would NEVER kill a white girl, but might be tempted to rape them if the chance came.

I dont deserve to be grouped in with Elliot, just because of my race and virginity
>Maybe Im a virgin Eurasian, who would NEVER kill a white girl, but might be tempted to rape them if the chance came.
>I dont deserve to be grouped in with Elliot, just because of my race and virginity
You totally deserve to be grouped in with Elliot Roger, you fucking creep.
Well you do realize its usually only the elites of Asian men that can get white women right? The majority of East Asians are retarded when it comes to socializing and are usually manlets.
every angry virgin eurasian on /pol/ is automatically called Elliot Rodger now

we are not defined by him. he is not King of the Eurasians.
here Elliot himself says that all Asians are virgins


Whenever Elliot saw an online picture of AMWF, he always denied it was real, he said it was photoshop or a whore

It was only when he started seeing AMWFs in real life, that he really went crazy, to the point of physically attacking them.
>he is not King of the Eurasians.
True, but he is the king of angry eurasion virgin boy faggots that make posts about raping white girls if they had the chance.
Eurasians do have the highest rate of virginity. but it does not mean that Eurasian virgins are more violent than other races.

all eurasians are virgins.

but not all virgins are killers.
Maybe he was just fucked up in the head from his kike dad's genes. Kikes are known to be fucked up in the head so why not a half kike?
Elliot wasnt bothered by his Kike side. he thought it made him a beautiful British Aristocrat.


Elliot told his white dad that he wished he wasnt part Asian, and his white dad called him a racist for it.

from elliot's manifesto

This revelation about the world, and about myself, really decreased my self-esteem. On top of this
was the feeling that I was different because I am of mixed race. I am half White, half Asian, and this
made me different from the normal fully-white kids that I was trying to fit in with.
Most people who are fucked up in the head don't actually know they're fucked up in the head.
Elliot is right on this point.

Jewish men are very attractive to blonde women.
jews are so hott

just one fucking source on this
we eurasians are a peaceful people, who endure our virginity in peace.

elliot does not speak for us
Must be all the ovens they were shoved in.
all the Nazi movies show Jews seducing hot blondes. so ya kno its true
rape is revolution? you fucking joking me nigger?
if niggers can do it in the name of Vietnam peasant blood, why not Amerasian boys?
>hapa rape is just as painful to a white woman as nigger rape
but anon, they would barely feel it
so you are saying hapas raping white women should be taken less seriously by /pol/ than niggers raping white women?
you want to fall to the nigger tier?

pinoy, pls
why shouldnt eurasians become niggers, at least niggers get to fuck white women.

becuase they will be punished like animals?

also what the fuck? you let pussy dictate your actions? no wonder you want to become a nigger insted of valuable man.

into the oven.
what value can eurasian men contribute to the world?
Eurasian men are far from falling under one umbrella. They can look 100% white, or they can look like eliot rodger, or anything in between. Your mix definitely affects your experience.
the funny thing is that Elliot actually was one of the most white-looking Eurasians, and he was very proud of that fact.

When they had a Eurasian feels thread on misc, he claimed it didnt apply to him, because he could pass for white, and wasnt an ugly chink.


Originally Posted by ElliotRodger View Post
I'm Eurasian, but I don't look anything like an Asian. I thank the heavens for that every day. Asians envy me.
Not anything close to Asian, but still glad i am not Asian they are constantly ridiculed and looked down upon by everyone.
Literally nobody is afraid of Asians i see 5yo black kids dominate grown Asian men lol.
Asian girls hate Asian guys, marry white guy are seen as an outsider by white guys family and usually get treated like complete chit.

I think the reason why Asian girls throw themselves at white guys, is because they only have 2 options white guys or Asian guys.
I never heard a black/Indian/Arab/Mexican brah say that they like Asian girls.

No racist, my neighbor is Asian.
pride, empathy, science, real revolution (not nigger version based on rape) and lot of other stuff, like you know, have some dignity.
who can eurasians have empathy for?
>the funny thing is that Elliot actually was one of the most white-looking Eurasians

Well, as a hapa myself, I can tell you that's false. He was deluded out of his fucking mind, I wouldn't take his word that he was one of the whiter" hapas, because he was not.
File: 1390049477884.jpg (117KB, 580x870px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
117KB, 580x870px
>Should Eurasian Males rape White Women

Implying white women can be raped
but he said so on bodybuilding.com and says he thanks heavens everyday for that fact
I dont like using the term white cisfemale, since it implies that white hetero females are in someway privileged, and have something to apologize for, when in fact white women are extremely abused, exploited, manipulated, degraded and humiliated in this Male Power society

the idea that white women have power over anyone is laughable. they are the victims of male power.

something bad happend to you? find other people like you and help them.

is this relly so hard to be real human and animal consumed by it's desires?
when you are mixed race, there are no other people like you, you are an alien stranger in a strange land
>they are the victims of male power.


We live in a ppppatriarchy
File: 1393304948884.jpg (65KB, 613x461px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
65KB, 613x461px
its true though. white women arent privileged at all.

being 'top-tier' women, just means men of all races want to rape them, as seen ITT
you know whats your problem? you are narcissistic fuck, just like rodgers was. i blame your fucked up environment, but you shouldn't blame anyone and start working on yourself. unless you want to become nigger for real? do you? i doubt it.
niggers are more attractive to white women than hapas.

so yes I want to be Nigger.

I wish my dad had married a Nigger, so I could fuck blondes and be president.

even if my azn mom married nigger, i could at least be Tiger Woods fucking Swedes
I can tell you've put a lot of time researching this but....just stop. You seem crazy dude.
i didnt have to research it I LIVED it

but in case people want to say its just Muh feels, I did research it, and found tons of stats to back my views

8/10 for making me respond, best bait september 2014

i believed for a sec you are pinoy


also wtf, why so atracted to white women? ass is ass, there are attractive women of all racial backgrounds.
Every single post in this thread is written by the same person, including this one.
I wish i was pinoy

those shit-tier brown southeast asians actually mix best, and their hapas can pass for Latino, which white girls love.

it is the East Aryan hapas who end up Wizards
better wizard than slave

also get money fuck bitches

how old are you?
my Hapa race makes me so repulsive that I cant even have a Russian mail order bride. Its not like they are literally slaves you buy. They get a choice. You have to meet and persuade them. And Slavic women are extremely racist and would never marry a half-gook, even if I had the money of Zuckerberg's son.
>its true though. white women arent privileged at all.

They are the most privileged life forms who ever roamed the earth. Every of their wishes gets fulfilled by politics.
File: 1391968290167.jpg (55KB, 600x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
55KB, 600x800px
If you stupid Hapas had any sense, you'd be out fucking lonely, big-bootied African women.

They're rejected by everyone just like you are.
you can always fuck some whores.

i still don't know how old are you, but i have a plan for you:
1)get autismbux
2)hit gym. no fucking around, workout everyday. 1 day gym, 1 day running or other cardio stuff. do it for one year.
3)think how to get some better cash and get it.
4)get some sick ass tatoos.

at this point your self-esteem is skyhigh. this is guide from neet slavshit who fuck hot slav bitch.

what you do with it - your choice.
slav girls are very racist, they are not PC
we dont just want sex. there are plenty of colored women we could have. we want white women.

elliot rodger himself friendzoned victoria justice
0/10 you posted this the other day, faggot.
and i still cant get a slav bride
Because you're a fucking faggot. I'm the Chinese, Russian, Ukrainian Quapa from the other day to tell you that you're still a faggot. Stop making these shitty threads all day long.
you AMWF Quapas have no fucking idea of our WMAF Hapa pain
do you find Slav girls to be more racist than Americans?

not that you would know, since you are 3/4 white
They're more racist than any American you can find. There are literally mobs in Ukraine and Russia that go around killing anyone that isn't white. Ukrainian women often only want to marry another Ukrainian or sometimes they'll expand to other whites.
so then you are beyond insane for suggesting hapas marry slavs

even Zuck's son couldnt fuck them
But then again my dad is visibly more Chinese than he is Russian and he still managed to marry my mom. Might have something to the fact that he's not a faggot like like you, OP. He's also WMAF but his dad died when he was young so he might as well be No Male AF
is you mom an incredible racist?

your girlfriends?
Russian women are starting to flock to the Chinese now that Russian men are total fucking degenerates that would rather drink vodka than fuck their bitch. A lot of Russian and Ukrainian models get work visas to go to Guangzhou and they hook up with Asian men there. As for the Slavs in the US they're more racist than their native Slav counterparts.
why are US Slavs more racist?

2nd generation or FOBs?
No my mom is actually pretty cool with anyone that isn't black. My girlfriends have been a range from Ukrainian, Norweigain/Viet mix, Dutch, Japanese, Ecuadorian, and American whites. NYC is a fun place to be for tasting the rainbow.
yeah so is California. Multicult utopia. A lotta good it did Elliot.

Slavic girls are KKK so they would never give a loaded Hapa a chance
>Japanese, Ecuadorian

phhh Elliot Rodger didn't even want to date Victoria Justice, the Queen of the Latinas, she was just a FriendZone to get relationship advice from.

>I'm not even some creep trying to date her or go to prom with her or anything. I just want serious advice about why my life sucks so bad even though its not my fault and just because of my hated race-mix.

he used her as a friendzone, nice girl, shoulder to cry on, who he would never consider dating

latina girls are so beta, that even their hottest celebrity gets friendzoned by the Supreme Fucking Gentleman
No... you're just a faggot. I literally tell almost every girl that I'm mixed and they respond positively to it.

I wrote a letter to Victoria Justice since she seems so understanding on her tv shows. and on zack and cody her character wasn't put off by boys who get beat up to their boxer shorts and forced to go to slumber parties dressed in lingerie.

She also knows what its like to have a white dad and colored mom. I poured my heart and soul out to her. But all I got was a generic letter to believe in myself, have faith, and not commit suicide and a signed picture. She didn't address the deep pathos of the Eurasian Male condition like I thought she would. And she seemed so much like a regular girl who just cares.

she answers all her youtube livechat questions so thoughtfully, I just thought she would care about me as a fellow half-breed.

but her reply letter was just feel good generic platitudes, without serious tackling the pain of being a Eurasian boy.

she also said that if she was ever in my town she would like to meet me. But she didn't say anything specific about how we could actually meet. So obviously she didn't really mean it and doesn't actually want to spend time with me. I doubt she will ever even visit my town. She just said it to humor me and doesn't really care about me, despite me revealing and exposing my deepest darkest secrets, feelings and emotions to her.

I'm not even some creep trying to date her or go to prom with her or anything. I just want serious advice about why my life sucks so bad even though its not my fault and just because of my hated race-mix.
you were the one who just said that Slavic-Americans are extremely racist, even more so than the ones back in the Motherland who form lynch mobs.

you are 3/4 white. some of the biggest racists have 1/4 asian blood in them.

if Slav girls are so racist, they will never judge me for the content of my Hapa character
70 years of Communism didn't teach Slav women Feminism, Racial Brotherhood or Atheism
Get one from the motherland you fucking faggot. Slavs in the motherland will practically do anything to leave. I went to Ukraine for a week two years ago and its a bigger shithole than rural China somehow.
See, this is why white people are in charge
>I went to Ukraine for a week two years ago and its a bigger shithole than rural China somehow.

it has a lower gdp per capita

>There are literally mobs in Ukraine and Russia that go around killing anyone that isn't white. Ukrainian women often only want to marry another Ukrainian or sometimes they'll expand to other whites.

explain to me again how Slav-Americans are more racist than those back home
>Amnesty for spics
>Shitskins can't do any wrong
>Asians can't be minorities they don't commit enough crimes lets take away their minority benefits

Yeah... white people
Russia and East Ukraine is still full of Communists and National Bolsheviks, I'm sure their Marxism will convince them to be anti-racist and give a Eurasian colored boy a chance
Because Slav women are stupidly easy to influence. They're racist because their men are racist. When they come to America which is inherently pretty racist they stay racist. When they go to Guangzhou they stop being racist against anyone that isn't black because China hates blacks. Slavs are easy to mold into what you want them to until they somehow touch western society in that case they're just ruined just like the majority of white washed East Asian women here.
>National Bolsheviks
yes National Bolsheviks have a great love of white slavic women mixing with colored men

see these VKs

vk/ belnb
vk/ stop_kitai
Why not go for black chicks? Why do you fucks gotta be all "where da white wimmin at?" Like a bunch of niggers.
these positions are over the place.

1st slav women are much more racist than american women

the homeland is full of lynchmobs

then the women back home are open to Asians

and the only reason Slav-Americans are so racist is the bad influence of AmeriKKKAn culture

the story keeps changing

my impression from Black Guys and African International students, is that Russia is a racist mofo
Also if you ever visit Ukraine make sure you don't wear any flashy shit and bring a shitty phone with you. Otherwise you're just gonna get robbed and potentially killed. The secret to enjoying Ukraine is either going there dressed as a peasant or going under the protection of the Ukrainian mafia but that second option isn't available to most people.
even Latina chicks arent good enough.

elliot Rodger himself friendzoned Victoria Justice

she is good for relationship advice, and a shoulder to cry on, but he would never date her
They're really not that hard to understand, dude.

Slavs here won't give you a chance
Slavs back in the motherland might (if you can prove to not be a faggot)
Slavs in China (they're all condensed in Guangzhou) will most likely give you a chance if you're not a faggot
I will just go to East Ukraine, where the Communists will welcome me as a brother of humanity.

communists teach anti-racism, so Im sure I will be welcome in all the Red areas

and all the NazBol eurasianist areas, would love a flesh and blood eurasian
2nd or 3rd generation Slav girls are basically regular white girls, except for the religious Jews who are very clannish, but they are Jews anyway.

who exactly are you referring to?

slav FOBs?

whats your moms story? you mentioned last thread she was born in usa
Head to HYPER CLUB in Guangzhou, China. There was an influx of Ukrainian women last year when I went. The majority of them were hooking up with Chinese guys over there.
retard idea. Im not going to fucking China to meet white women.
Yeah bro, go for it. Whatever you gotta do mane.

Just don't freak out and start killing people like Rodge.
She came here with her parents when she was young but she wasn't born here. My parents just met in the US.
can I tell you a story?

In class there was this very aggressive Russian girl, who cursed out the teacher for wasting her time off the topic.

and she was one of the only girls to be interested in talking to me about my academics. she considered me a wiz kid and wanted to pick my brain.

but she was too tough, scary and mean for me. this is a girl who curses out teachers who dont go at her icy pace.

im not the type to be scared of girls. but I was terrified of her. even though she seemed to be pursuing me, and almost stalking me, and wanted to talk class with me.

she was a russian psycho. I never thought I would be the one running from a girl.

The ONLY real way to fix white women is institutionalized "corrective rape" on a massive scale.

They need to know that there are consequences for their raving lunacy.

Women should fear angering or offending a man.
wasnt that part of Elliot's manifesto?

putting them in breeding camps
Then make sure to dress as a peasant. The vast majority of westerners will get robbed in Ukraine because the majority of the population is just that poor.

Can't say that's a terrible idea actually. They can get out of camp once they find a husband. Until then it's rape and lots of cleaning stuff. Free laundry service for everyone!
I will go to the Communist areas, where they are all Marxist anti-racists
wasnt there the /pol/lack who wanted to put all feminists in rape camps?
why isnt your mom more racist?
They're not robbing you for the color of your skin they're robbing you because you don't look like a peasant. A lot of Ukrainian Americans get robbed when they go back for vacation too.

Yes because they will never do it.
Something about the WMAF pairing brings out the most pathetic aspects of both races.

WMAF sons are nothing but beta, shut-in, autistic, down syndrome faced cucks who could never muster the courage to even talk to a voluptuous blonde girl let alone touch one.
so you are saying that slavs back in europe are NOT extreme racists?
how hard is it to rape? you just have to hid in the dark, punch her a few times, maybe threaten her with a weapon, and then stick a penis in her. you dont even have to be that physically strong to pull it off. and there is no fear of rejection.

and the criminal sentence is less than for child porn.
She hates niggers and sometimes spics because they commit crimes but aside from that she doesn't really care about race. She's always just cared more for individual traits and did her best to instill good values into me since I was a kid from as far as I can remember.
but isnt she one of your slavic-americans who you said are the most racist?

when you says slavs in america are you talking about FOB immigrants?

what has been your experience with them?
its no big mystery
>Something about the WMAF pairing brings out the most pathetic aspects of both races.

just read all the weaboo threads on 4chan, and imagine them raising kids.

4chan itself is the Hapa baby of Moot and 2chan.

most WMAF parents are 4chan posters. can you imagine them having kids and raising them normally?

4chan is the original WMAF son. A merging of Japanese and White culture.

Basically if you are a WMAF son, you are raised by 4chan.

4chan is a WMAF son

2chan having a baby with Moot
so would you say your ukranian mom is more racist towards non-asian minorities than the average american white woman?
I know you're trolling but for the sake of entertainment I'll just keep going. There are always exceptions and I guess my mom is one of them. Slav FOBs honestly aren't that bad. I feel like a lot of them go through this transitional phase where they're grateful to get out of a shithole and into a pretty safe country. Once they get into 2nd and 3rd generation they become self entitled white girls just like your average American. A lot of Ukrainian women come here and become nurses so they make pretty good money for their kids. I know a lot of Ukrainian dads with construction companies or other blue collar trades. The economic advantages most second and third generation Ukrainians have spoil them rotten.
Personally, I've never even seen a eurasian man so much as look a white woman directly in the eye so rape is pretty much off the radar.
I feel like your facts about Slav women are so fluid I can never get a hold on them.

who exactly are these extreme racist Slavs?

they are not back home
they are not the fobs
and the 2nd gen are regular american girls

do you just mean anti-black?
are eurasian men really that fearful and submissive towards white women?
the one time Elliot directly attacked a blonde woman to her face, was when he was trying to break up an AMWF race-mixing.

the thing about the balcony, that gets downplayed is that the whole fight started over Elliot seeing AMWF IRL.

He would always deny online AMWF pics, even on puahate. But when it was face to face, he couldnt deny it anymore.

so he figured that since Asian men are so beta, he could bully and steal the blonde from right under his nose, as he saw posted on the bodybuilding.com thread.

and instead he got the beating of his life.

and this is when he made his final resolution to kill.

thus his denial of AMWF couples on bodybuilding.com are directly linked to his killings

and as other can verify, he was obsessed with denying that AMWF existed

Elliot thought that the Asian guy would be weak and beta.

He thought that everyone hated AMWF, and Asian guys had no friends.

He was shocked when white guys and girls joined in on defending an AMWF couple, and would beat him down for it.

why would white people defend race-mixers over an Elliot?
its the uncanny valley. For the minority of white girls who prefer Asian men, the white features of Hapas make them as unattractive as their Asian features do to the rest of white women.

Thus Hapas can not expect to ride the wave of any rise in Asian masculinity. Those same girls will reject Hapas for their whiteness.
black and central asian international students get beaten and lynched all the time in Russia
Refer to

Slavs have an extreme racism to blacks. Almost all Slavs hate blacks but their views on East Asians vary. Your chances in the US are pretty low. Your mileage will vary in Ukraine, and in Guangzhou you'll almost always score.
do slavs in america (fobs and 2nd/3rd gen) reject East Asians more than the average all-american white girl?

because I desire them less than a WASP Nordic white girl, so the feeling is mutual.

I rank them lower than Mediterraneans, despite the fact that in phenotype they closer resemble the Nordic ideal. I guess it is because of my extreme hatred of Mongoloids, and the slavic relation to then.

many scientific racists consider Slavs to be Mongoloid
Back when I use to live with my parents in a Russian/Ukrainian neighborhood we had a couple Asian families in the area. I don't ever remember them experiencing any racism from the neighborhood because they mostly kept to themselves and were generally pretty polite with everyone.
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>Eurasians do have the highest rate of virginity
just because they are polite, doesnt mean they would date hapas
rape is for subhumans who need to use force to spread their genes because they have not a single quality that would make a woman want to bear his child
I'll be perfectly honest I think a Eurasian Hapa would have a pretty good chance with Nordics. Nordic whites in NY are actually super nice. I saw a lot of Nords at the Global Citizen Festival a few days back and my Chinese friend was chatting a lot of them up.
OP you're a faggot and I'm hijacking your faggot troll thread to turn this into a rambling of my life as a Quapa Chinese Slav.
I hate my white dad for marrying into the race of males least able to mate with white girls.

he is a white man, the race most desired by white girls. and he threw away that gift, by marrying a Gook. Now he has a son who is part of the race LEAST desired by white girls.

there is not a single race he could have married, Black, Latino, Arab, Indian, even Southeast brown Asian, that would have less success with white girls.

fucking east aryan shits.

same with my asian mom basically. any race but white. a latino brownie, could pass for latino. and if i were blasian i could be tiger woods fucking swedes.

the mixture is most obvious when it is white and Northeast Asian
you can pass for white. you are basically a regular white guy. like the WASPs who say they have 1/16 native american blood.

>they have not a single quality that would make a woman want to bear his child

a perfect summary of the Eurasian Male. I guess they SHOULD all be rapists

by Nords do you mean Scandinavian-Americans or just those of West European descent?
although I should add that not all Quapas can pass for white.

Jon Gosselin's 3/4 white kids have strong Mongoloid features, and I bet its what my kids would look like
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