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What does /pol/ think of this retarded fight for $15/hr minimum

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What does /pol/ think of this retarded fight for $15/hr minimum wage for unskilled jobs?

It's not their employer's fault they dropped out of school, tbh they already get paid a lot for the effort their job takes.
ok and if everyone went to school whi would do those jobs?
nobody needs to eat...we just need to invest in stocks, wait for our stocks to split, then eat the extra stocks printed

or we could print alot of money and just eat the paper
niggers and mexicans
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fast food is degenerate as fuark

in a perfect world, those jobs wouldn't exist at all
so what's you solution? They should all just die?
the problem here is the standard of living:

>car or cadillac
>cable tv
>other shit
If capitalism or a free market is to survive you need people to spend.

how can they spend if they are trying to catch up on bills for utitities and medication?
they should not be lazy fucks and make an effort to get a job with good pay?

i mean, you're getting into a shitty job that takes anyone, did you expect to be paid like a businessman?
If everyone did as you said and got good jobs, who would take the shitty jobs?

or lower the standard of living to fit the wages of minimum wage. or lower the prices of necessary things for a family of 3 to survive on a fixed housing income.

i mean jesus christ, its so fucking easy. they give out free medicare to immigrants and shit.

also. population control. the market can only hold so much in a first world sense. this does not include the rest of the world.

the name of the game is to keep the kingdom exclusive.
geez i dunno maybe all those immigrants?
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It is horrible and unfair that we would expect somebody to get by on even $15 an hour.

Minimum wage should be set at 12 million dollars an hour.

We could all work an hour and then retire to a life of wealth and luxury.
i dont know about you, but even there are fuckups when i order mcdonalds.

hence, yeah its not as effecient, but its human effiecient lol.

working at mcdonalds should not be looked down upon either.

not everyone is going to be a doctor, lawyer or serial killer.

not everyone is going to college.

you fuckers have to look at the reality of shit and combine it with the stupidity of people. its bad logistics and im sure the jews are laughing at us.

Its very bad logistics my friend.
there'll always be a bottom rung in society. i don't think it's right that they should have to worry so much about basic amenities when they are working full time. certainly a wage should cover housing and bills and basic shit with a little left over at a minimum in a western country.
I support a living wage for any North American job/position.

Can't pay it? Then dissolve your company and rediscover a way that will make it work in 2014.

Can't make it happen? Back to the bottom you go.

The entire lower class has been deliberately put into the position of working 40 hours a week for an unlivable wage.

Necessitating the need for government assistance in all regards.

$15 minimum wage isn't even half what it was 50 years ago in regard to purchasing power, which is obviously the only thing that matters for the purpose of this conversation.
That's who does it now retard.

The point is, if you offer them a living wage and they still don't make it work it becomes their own personal problem.

If you pay them 7/hr which is clearly and completely undeniably unrealistic to live off then you instantly become responsible for their government 'programs', and they inherently become democratic voters.

Why the fuck am I the only person that seems to comprehend this blatant reality.
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But what about damaging the economy by dissolving all those jobs and forcing many people to become jobless?

The demand for the remaining unskilled work still left would skyrocket. Driving wages even further down because of the basic concepts of supply and demand.
if the dollar's real value had been keeping up with Fed-caused inflation minimum wage workers would be getting paid $20 an hour.

the poor and middle class got jewed hard by wall street banker jews, who can just call the Queen Jew at the Fed to have another trillion dollars printed and forked over to them for free whenever they want. Perpetual QE, in G_d We Trust!
Minimum wages are a price floor on the product of labor and thus cause unemployment.
There is no easy instantaneous fix to the current problems. Just as they took 100+ year to make.

No matter which path we take the short term ain't looking good sweetheart.
Those jobs are meant to be entry level jobs that people work to either get a better job, put themselves through school, temporary job (non working spouse works for a while to get family through financial straits), work their way into management, babby's first job, etc.
Its a job that is not meant to be lived on

But of course this is not a the real issue.
The issue(s) are the fact that gas has been super high for too long, the stock market is continually fucking over the economy, the federal idiots cannot maintain a steady economy, muh civil rights and healthcare taking all of the energy away from issues like this, the price of food, lack of financial intelligence, student debt, I could go on
Most of these people working at mcdicks have been shafted sure, but you cannot say that they didnt dig their own grave.
Who knows? Maybe these people who will now receive double pay will use it to turn their lives around or maybe they will continue to be idiots asking for handouts.
Hey, don't forget the bloat of immigrants and outsourced labor driving wages right down.
The irony is that most of the people lobbying for mo money should be volunteering to be sent back to Guatamala or Ghana.
The only way you can't make a living on $10 an hour is if you have like 5 kids and that would be your own fault for popping out that many little shits. Or if you live in like San Francisco and bitch about how high the rent is even though you could live somewhere more affordable.

And if you're not a dumb, lazy asshole you can work your way up the ladder. Hell, even going corporate McDonalds isn't that bad.
Our grandparents didnt worry about this bullshit, sure they liked to spoil themselves once in a while but not to the point of bankrupting themselves, and all for what?
Living the neet life on and off for years has tought me how you dont need alot of things you think you do. The end
Fuck my life. I just wrote out like a 500 word response and hit the browser back button by accident. Not typing it again.

Suffice to say this. The end result of low regulated wages and no regulated wages are exactly the same.

If you are implying we should have no wage regulation, then be prepared to Mexico city shanty town 2.0 across all America.

Simple as that.

California, New Mexico, Texas. All majority Hispanic or will be within 4 years.
cheap fast food and wallyworld crap is subsidized by paying workers slave-tier wages.
>b-but anon! why don't they just get better paying jobs!
This is ignoring the fact that someone needs to do these jobs, so until we automate it all we're going to need to pay these people a reasonable wage. $15 sounds too high though.
Massachusetts guy here. 10$/hr no way possible without the inherent government assistance/special treatment which comes with it.

Yes, you could go find some redneck swamp in Mississippi you could make it happen with.

No, no one cares
I need government to tell me how much someone's labor is worth to me. Prospective employees are incapable of refusing any offer or negotiating for more. Government should just set all prices according to their political agendas.

Utilities and medication is spending, though.
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>be enough of a fucking loser that you end up in fast food
>think you deserve $15 wages
>work a job
>want to be able to live using the money the job gives you

Goddamn outrageous.
>everyone becomes college educated by magic tomorrow
Enjoy your massive underemployment and unemployment. The poor and uneducated are required for society to run in captilism.
Yes, we should abolish the minimum wage and allow workers to compete for who can work the cheapest. While we're at it, why not abolish sexual harassment laws so workers can leverage their willingness to be sexually exploited by their bosses? And how about abolishing those laws against slavery, so the poor can sell themselves into thralldom in exchange for a chance not to starve?

Because when I think about what's wrong with our system, the first thing that comes to mind is that we haven't done enough to allow the poor to debase themselves to the plutocracy in return for a slim chance at a subsistence living.
I'm all for the middle class getting more money, and I think this is one of the best ways to make it happen. Investing in the middle class leads to a happier, healthier society, produces better students, and raises the overall happiness of the nation.

How can this be a bad thing?


Article is relevant to the discussion.
Unless you want the US to look like Mexico then yes, you do.

The Irony here is that the fact that you do not understand that is also the exactly reason why you do in fact need the government to tell you that.

In 2012 40% of America made less then $20,000 year. That number is climbing every year, as is that poverty line.

Why? Because inflation is out of control and low wage earners have not seen their earnings have any correlation to reality.

To put it into laymen terms for you. Employers aren't paying their employees well enough.

Now you are going to try and say we should loose the minimum wage?

You are either retarded or you are 18 hoping removing the min wage will magically get you a raise hike.

The image I'm going to post should tell you everything you should need to know about the notion of low wage mentality for everyone. You should need no further input from me to understand this situation once sitting down and completely coming to understand IT.

Article states that the corporations are liable for worker treatment and maintenance, whereas before the interpretation was that franchisees were liable for all that.
>Those jobs are meant to be entry level jobs that people work to either get a better job, put themselves through school, temporary job (non working spouse works for a while to get family through financial straits), work their way into management, babby's first job, etc.
The problem with that outlook is, it ignores the reality of today's service based economy. An average sized city only needs a select few plumbers, electricians, lawyers, etc, to function. It need exponentially more retail clerks, burger flippers, and janitors.

If you contend that those are entry level jobs that don't require a living wage, you're contending that a good 50% of the jobs that are actually, feasibly available don't deserve a living wage.

There is not enough demand for the "real jobs" to supply the labor market. There never will be.

>Inflation is employer's fault!
why can't I hold all the false dichotomy. Png
Less then 10% of jobs pay min wage idiot
>you're contending that a good 50% of the jobs that are actually, feasibly available don't deserve a living wage
Yes that is what im saying. If a job does not provide enough energy to produce more for other people than for themselves it does not deserve a living wage. Flipping burgers is a delegated task that does not generate much value for the hundreds of thousands of burgers that person will supply to the people over their working term. Mowing lawns on the other hand is. Where as flipping burgers takes 2 seconds, mowing lawns takes hours, hours of which many many people are willing to pay to save themselves the hundreds of hours they themselves will be spending on other tasks. The burger flipper is much more payed to simply be there and ready to prepare food rather than the actual act itself. Which in my mind is a net loss for the value it provides to other people, hence the fact that these jobs do not require a living wage in my mind. They will have to find the money some where else.
Like I said before. If you can't pay your workers a living wage in North America you have no business doing business here. Has nothing to do with placing fault.

There are plenty of people out there willing to step up and take their place who do not require 80% of an entire companies profit margin to feel comfortable.

These greedy fucks are going to turn the country into Mexico. It's already happening. It's why we are hear having this conversation.
>ignoring the fact >20% of people 18 and under live in poverty and the number is only going ^.
Wait until the brics shit kicks in and the dollar officially gets trashed as world reserve
>If you can't pay your workers a living wage in North America you have no business doing business here.

Take a look at what you just wrote.
Who can't afford the "living wage"?
Small businesses.
Who can?
So you want to cut out all the small businesses and give the corporations less competition. This will only make things worse for muh oppressed lower class.
You are a bigger corporate shill than most republicans and you don't even know it.
That is bullshit.

What the fuck makes you think McDonald's can afford paying 15/hr with 2,000,000 employees any better then a small business with 15 employees.

That isn't even to mention there are typically regulations in place which treat companies with different numbers of employees differently in regards to how benefits and wage works.

Get the fuck out of here kid. This is a fucking home run for small businesses. Specifically up and coming small businesses.

That isn't even debatable. You are a shining example of the type of product you get from learning everything you think you know on 4chan.
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>work at any other job
>expecting to earn over 9/hr

hey, at least it's not min wage
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Thread images: 8

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