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How do i convince a girl who never goes out to come camping with me?

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How do i convince a girl who never goes out to come camping with me?
start with full service glamping and gradually wean her off luxuries until she's going on multiday backpacking trips with you.

This. If she is not into camping like you are, you slowly got to break her in.
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Just show her how all the other girls are posting outdoor content. Its practically all the rage now.

Instagram and pinterest are your friend.
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>meet girl on /soc/
>she trusts me enough to go on a hike
>take her to a place I know well and hike a lot
>decide to take different trail back because it's only a half mile detour and I don't just want to head straight back down
>forget it's actually 2.5 miles
>halfway through
>"are we lost anon?"
>no right up here we'll head back downhill to the right
>trail goes complete opposite direction, uphill to left
>she says she's almost out of water
>bring up this book I read about where the author almost dies of dehydration
>we literally make a giant circle back to where we began
>end of hike
>"if you're ever in my area let me know and we ca-"
>fist bump her and make explosion noise
>head back to my car munching on clif bar

overall pretty good hike
stop being a fucking faggot. no seriously

>hey, we're gonna go camping this weekend
>but anon, i don't "go out"
>thats OK, we're not going out to a club, just an isolated wilderness
The whole reason I go camping is to get away from women and normalfags.
Why in the hell would you ever ask 4chan for advise on women?
You are my hero anon!

She was probably super impressed. I mean you met on /soc/ so that's one of the best outcomes possible from a 4chan meetup.

This too. Hasn't been working well for me.
It's like asking a tree for advice on seasoning steak.
we're pussyslayers, dontcha know?

see >>19344
Don't underestimate this advice.
This guy has the right idea..
Unless you don't want to enjoy yourself, you don't.
the same way you convince them to do anal
By telling them that their sister does it?
I had never gone camping before my bf brought me camping, and now it's my favorite thing to do.

I had always enjoyed being /out/ especially doing anything related to the water or hiking, but I had never slept outside as I live in the south and it gets hot as hell at night and I can usually only sleep in a pristine 70 degrees.

But my bf did a few key things:
When we went camping he included a lot of activities that I already really enjoy like kayaking, swimming, and cooking (I liked the challenge of cooking over a fire and I wanted to see if I could do it). He also kind of played kind games with me and used reverse psychology and said stuff like "If you want to go to a hotel because you can't sleep that's fine" and shit like that, so I didn't want to pussy out and disappoint him because he wanted to camp. We didn't go "glamping" because we are poorfags, and I will admit the first night wasn't terribly ejnoyable, but waking up to the sunrise, the smell of the woods and the sound of birds was so magical and amazing.

I love camping now and we frequently go camping whenever we can afford it just to reset our circadian rythms and get away from technology. I am so thankful for him introducing me to it.

tl;dr involve things she likes, use reverse psychology, and if you get her to endure the first night she will beg you to take her camping again.
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Good to know. All I have to do now is get a gf
If you can afford it, offer her money or sparklies (like jewelry), then mention camping. Such things are really all that women are motivated by.

Of course, if she knows (or thinks) that you already HAVE money, she'll go just on the off chance that you have an interest she can pretend to share with you.

Either way, plan on this being a very short-lived experience. Women don't like sleeping outdoors or peeing in the woods or other such /out/ stuff without someone providing ridiculous creature comforts along the way unless they see a relationship payoff, and then won't do it again. Why go fishing when you've got a full cooler of fish? Those few that do are most likely unstable hippies who are more /out/ than you and you won't be happy anyway.

Woods are places men go to to get away from women. The one place they won't obsessively follow.
By hoping her dad did it with her when she was younger
Try just some day hikes first? But like >>19356
said, make it more involving than just walking around. Try to figure out if she'd be in to visiting waterfalls (my wife loves hiking to waterfalls) during spring runoff, or maybe she's in to birds.

Car camping at the least should be doable for her. What kinna wheels you got? Drive up in the afternoon, have a nice meal, SOME alcohol if she likes to drink some (don't let her get sloshed or she won't remember any of the good parts), and then just stay one night. Try to make it a clear sky day with no weather; I don't have to tell you that starts are fucking incredible with no light polution.

My wife was fine going backpacking with me but I had to meet a few requirements:

1. She had to feel safe and like we were prepared. She likes PLANS.
2. As I found out after accidentally surprising her, floorless tents are an absolute no go. Never ever again.
3. Car camping with our backpacking gear was a great way to ease her in to it.

Let us know how it goes, I'm really curious. We need to refine these strategies and get more girls /out/.
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So would that be a 3-some?

I'm genuinely curious about their sex-life. Can you imagine if they were actually cute? Or at least less goblin-like?
Do you think they get along well all the time? I mean girls can be bitches and when they get in a bad mood or little argument they will hold that grudge for months or years. How the hell would that work with this thing? They will have a cartoon-esque argument where they try and draw a line down the middle of the room and each has their own side but they can't quite figure it out.

Which one controls the body anyway? Or is it a team effort?

And how is the body anyway? I'm sure a full frontal would look fucked up with the wide shoulders and two necks but if that thing got nice and toned and you took a naked pic from like the tits down I bet you could post that shit on /b/ and most of the anons who aren't gay trap lovers would be asking "Moar! Moar!"
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>tfw they each have their own driver's license
So which one gets the speeding ticket when they get pulled over?

>At birth, they had a rudimentary arm between the bases of their necks attached to a shoulder blade at the back, being combined parts of Abby's left arm and Brittany's right arm. It was removed, leaving the shoulder blade
Damn, I wonder if that 3rd arm was sexy...

>3 kidneys and 2 hearts
Donate some of dem extra organs nigga! Think how many non-freak human beans would be able to live a long life.
Holy shit that's a wide torso.

But yeah, they're whole life would be so bizarre. Can you imagine they got an office job? Or even a wage job? I guess you'd have to pay both, even though it's only the work of one person. But at the same time, it's not like they need double the money, because they are effectively one person. If they have two hearts and three kidneys, does that mean they have two stomachs? Where do they connect? There's only one butthole right?
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