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Backpacking Food Taste Testing

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2 Friends and I (they are real I swear!) are going innawoods tomorrow and taking some of the below freeze dried meals with us. We will be rating them from 1 to 10 and i will report the results here in a day or two.

(B - B****)(D - D****)(N - N****) names redacted
Scale: (1 licking Satan’s taint)(10 Seven Vagánias)

BP Louisiana Red Beans & Rice -
BP Huevos Rancheros -
BP Sante Fe Style Rice w/ Chicken -
BP Fettuccine Alfredo w/ Chicken -
MH Scrambled Eggs w/ Bacon -
MH Granola w/ Milk & Blueberries -
MH Beef Stew -
MH Macaroni & Cheese -
MH New York Style Cheesecake Bites -
MH Neapolitan Ice Cream -
WS Pasta Alfredo w/ Chicken -
WS Creamy Pasta w/ Chicken -
WS Apple Cinnamon Cereal -
WS Strawberry Granola Crunch -
WS Noodles w/ Beef in Mushroom Sauce -
WS Chili Mac w/ Beef -
WS Teriyaki Chicken & Rice -
Astronaut Neapolitan Ice Cream -
Polar Bear Cookies & Cream Ice Cream Sandwich -
>no mountain house sweet and sour pork
How do you expect to have a top flavor higher than 6?

Also, with the MH flavors, try mixing them. Breakfast blend mixed with biscuits and gravy. Rice and chicken mixed with teriyaki chicken, etc.

BP Louisiana red beans and rice is my favorite BP flavor.

Haven't tried any wise company food, but reviews are pretty poor of their flavors.

Have fun. And try to be objective as possible.
>eating food while camping that you don't normally eat while not camping

Sounds like a fun way to spray local plants with diarrhea.
Mountain house is great. Make sure you get the water right though. Too much makes it runny, too little makes it crunchy.

My favorite from them is the stroganoff, chicken and rice, and the breakfast one with eggs, bacon, and peppers. Pretty good tasting to be completely honest and this is coming from a guy who doesn't usually eat typical trail food.

Easy to prepare too. Just add a little hot water, shake, close for about 10 minutes, then eet Dat sheeit. I heated the water in a shitty steel cup from walmart over a folding esbit stove (the one with the fuel cubes)

Pretty quick and good.
I only bought what they had in stock. I will eventually find and try every type offered.

Last trip I had "all you can eat" fajitas at a bar the night before. I most definitely sprayed that poor tree with my diarrhea.
No beef stroganoff?


>WS - Wise Company

Why the hell isn't it WC? Seriously man I can't handle that.
I want to lick the chick on the left where she pees!
you want to lick a toliet bowl?
File: 20170325_185552.jpg (4MB, 5312x2988px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4MB, 5312x2988px
Polar Bear Cookies & Cream Ice Cream Sandwich - B - 9 D - 8 N - 8 Unanimous we would all get it again. It was a completely whole icecream sandwich just freeze dried; no extras.

WS Noodles w/ Beef in Mushroom Sauce - B - 8 D - 8 N - 7 Very stroganoff-esque and by far the tastiest thing we ate that trip. A bit too much sauce for the physical contents but was similar to hamburger helper. Not very filling, but would buy again.
MH Neapolitan Ice Cream - B - 7 D - 6 N - 7 They enjoyed more than me. A good way to describe eating this is "squeaky teeth". Buy one and you will get it instantly. Tasted somewhat unnatural but was "ok" for ice cream.
MH New York Style Cheesecake Bites - B - 4 D - 5 N - 5 - meh. Basically crushed gram cracker crumbs surrounding hard cubes of sour cream taste.
MH Scrambled Eggs w/ Bacon - B - 4 D - 5 N - 4 Fake bacon flavor and water. The eggs were large chunks but felt more like a tofu or ricotta cheese texture, like it wanted to break apart and was only held together by non-food chemicals. Would not want to eat again,
BP Sante Fe Style Rice w/ Chicken - B - 7 D - 7 N - 7 The heartiest meal we ate. Felt like it stuck to the ribs well. Not as flavorful as it could have been but compared to say, a can of tortilla soup by Cambels, was better in every way.
BP Huevos Rancheros - B - 6 D - 5 N - 6 Actually wanted us to cook in a skillet with oil or butter, yeah nah. We ate it as is. From a prep and presentation, it got a 2 but it wasn't bad and tasted a bit festive. It we were meant to have a fiesta, the mariachi band was taking a nap in our mouths.
>wearing crocs
Fucking why?
airs your feet out and prevents blisters.
So how many of these stupid ass plastic packages do you eat per day?

Do you bring 42 of these stupid little baggies with you for a 14 day trip? Even then, I imagine you would still be hungry.
On a day trip to a city park for the purpose of complaining about the taste of overpriced food?
File: AmericanFood1-1.jpg (183KB, 700x467px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
183KB, 700x467px
I'm a big guy
Crocs are pretty common for backpackers to bring.
They are our in-camp shoes - knockoff crocs from Dollar General (Croc-Offs).
They weigh less than flip flops, yet cover your feet better, air out quick, can be used to cross waterways instead of using your hiking shoes, kick on and off easy when entering a hammock, store inside your bugnet without tearing it from weight, stuff into the elastic side pockets in your pack but also can be filled up with other items at the same time because closed-toe.

The list goes on. They are also $6 or less and the ones I wear have been over 1000 miles and still not broken. Probably THE BEST backup pair of shoes to bring while /out/ that save weight and provide fuck-tons of versatility....

/out/ always judging without the full story... Go buy a pair and I guarantee you, you will find yourself taking a pair for your trips.

17 mile-hike deep to a remote primitive site. We weren't expecting a picnic table to be there but it deff. helped with food prep /testing.
What does this have to do about food reviews? You listed like 90 different flavors you were going to try, and reviewed 2 of them.

quality thread, OP
Can someone answer this question
>Buying Name Brand™ dehydrated food

Oy vey
not OP, but the mountain house chicken teriyaki and lasagna is really fucking good
OP here. I have another camping trip coming up in a day or two. Just another overnighter but i'll be testing some more meals with another friend.
Why waste money on "Backpacking pouches" when you can just buy the same shit at the dollar store?
>250g lard
Man up.
But chicken tendies don't keep well, anon.
Mountain house chili mac with some Frank's red hot. You'll be so full.
Sorry I haven't posted new results yet; my friend flaked on me last time. Will bring 1-2 packs tomorrow when I go day-hiking.

Been working on a sheet to calculate the best calory/protein per gram value of each pack. No surprise eggs and cheesy meals are at the top.
Thread posts: 26
Thread images: 6

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