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Vagabond general

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Sup, /out/? I'm going to become homeless soon, I've no job and I've done everything to mess my life up in the past few years. From dropping out of MIT to staying in Boston where I can't pay rent, I've fucked up, and I'm going to lose my apartment in a bit over a week. I'm probably going to get around hopping trains for transportation. I already have a great pack, tent, clothing, and sleeping bag, but aside from the basics I'm basically gearless.

What gear should I get before I go, and do you guys have any tips for living life on the rails?

Pic unrelated

Also /vag/abond general
atleast you got dubs

first of all try to get back into MIT. when i was 18 i had a scholarship and i failed half my classes the first semester. so i just dropped out thinking it was over. but if i would have just gone to see my counselor i would have known i still had another semester on scholarship, and if i would have even pulled a 2.5 it would have gotten renewed for another year as probationary. but instead i got a job doing construction....

so first off suck up your pride, go see every counselor you can, and try to get back into school. beg if you have too.

if that won't work, sell everything you can, but a truck, and do construction. you can sleep in the truck until you get an apartment.
Start sucking dick for money. Then sell your pooper
become the hero /out/ deserves and become McCandleAss 2.0
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Since winter is coming I suggest getting your ass to the south asap. If you find a small rich white community, a creek and a place to sleep off the beaten path you can do quite well. Hit up food banks, community centres for lunches, dumpster diving, foodstamps. Learn to make fires easily, have a small pot for cooking. Buy rice, eggs milk (just enough so you can drink it before it goes bad)
Do as many good deeds for others as you can and be as selfless as possible, scrounging never helped anyone. This karma shit is real on the road, I've had so many near impossible great situations come up out of nowhere that saved my life or just brought me extreme comfort after hard nights that I don't think would have happened if I wasn't trying to be as charitable, helpful, honest and cheerful as possible. Be the dharma bum. Meditate n shit, eat healthy, get a nice tent - sometimes they give them away at catholic church's. Look for outreach groups that are there to help people like you, be grateful, they enjoy giving as much as you enjoy receiving.
It's a lot of fun but can be tiring after a while, I wouldn't be surprised if you take out another loan and go back to MIT after a few months on the road. It isn't glamorous and is filled with a lot of discomfort. Learn to dry out your clothes quickly by ringing them well, only wear wool socks, dry shoes by the fire, bring bandaids, moleskin and polysporin for blisters. Carry salt with you at all times. Chia seeds are a great meal replacement, just mix them in a water bottle with some sugar and you can go all day.
Multiple hand towels are great, I prefer that over one big towel. Do you have a rain cover for your bag? Do you have at least one dry sack? Do you have a pair of flipflops to tie outside your bag? Do you have tarp and a rope (double shelter is better than just tent)?
Do you know how to make a fire? Do you have the tools to do so? Do you have a good destination that won't be too harshly effected by winter climate?
The good part about hopping trains is that once you get arrested and cant afford bail you wont be homeless anymore.
I also recommend smoking tobacco if you don't already, it can be a real game changer mentally if you're feeling really down. There's a reason so many homeless people smoke, it works and is better than the alternative mindstate you can find yourself in.
Fishing is awesome if you're lucky enough to find a river that is going off, learn to recognize edible plants in your area - they're more abundant than you'd think.
Attitude is the most important thing in these types of ordeals, stay positive, look to the brightside, focus on a better future.
I recommend bringing a journal and good pens or pencils to record your thoughts, struggles and triumphs - it can be very therapeutic. A smartphone and a cheap plane can save you a lot of hassle too, I've never had one but it was a real treat to find a roaddog who could hook one up.
Final note: A good light rainjacket (Gore-tex recommended) and a strong umbrella are necessary. Do not underestimate staying dry. A small shovel and toilet paper is good to have to bury shit, you don't want to stink up your campspot. I carry a small hatchet and a crescent saw for collecting wood, a bit burdensome but worth it imo.
Location is the one thing you should really focus on. I stayed outside of Sedona in the spring and it was really ideal. 89B campground if you get there, ask the locals.
Not sure how it is through the winter though, high elevation you'll be experiencing freezing nights. Mexico's an option, getting in is a synch but the people there are much more poor and don't take kindly to white gypsies, they want your money not the other way around.
Don't forget about working, it's easy to find odd-jobs that will pay under the table and if you present yourself well enough you can get jobs serving food, raking in tips. Don't just be a bum, be a creative bum.
Give more than you take.
this nigger is homeless and you are telling him to buy a goretex jacket?

tippity toppity kek
Has anyone here been homeless? Not OP, but I thought it didn't really happen to the type of people that browse 4chan.
homeless homeless or jsut homeless?

my dad kicked me out 6 times from 14 to 18. technically i was homeless each time until my mom started calling around looking for me.

i have lived out of my truck a few times since then, but out of choice. i have always been a beach bum and the beach is free.

i have never been so poor i had to be homeless. but OP's situation is alot like mine when i was 18. i hope he makes better decisions than i did. college gets better OP just suck up your pride and go beg the counselors.
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> 89B campground
> ask locals

Local since '97. Do you mean 89A?
Technically, there is an 89B, but I am not aware of any campground near it.
There are ski resorts just north of you hiring for the winter. Some of them even provide food and housing.

If you're careful with your cash flow you can end the season with $3-$4k or more depending on the job you get.

Go to coolworks and start applying to resorts in Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire. Go for any bullshit job, dishwasher, houseman, liftie, whatever.
I am homeless by choice. One day I realized I didn't want to pay to sleep anymore, so I started camping outside. Haven't rented a place since, aside from the occasional hostel stay like I'm doing right now. Im in a labor union and work sometimes
Yeah sorry, 89A Angel Valley.
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yeah by choice and also not by choice
state park
national park
vehicle, tent or tarp

pic related hurricane buried van at national seashore
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>>smoking tobacco

not op but found the site very cool. any others of this sort you recommend?
> Angel Valley?

Was it south of town (towards Cottonwood), actually off 89D?

> protip out by Two Trees

Totally high end private now. Camp there and bust!
what's your channel on rizon, anon?

>walking on the banks of the cottonwood river
>thinking of what I left behind
I assume you live somewhere where winter isn't coming.
I like to do this in the warm months but winter in my area is cold as balls, and weather can be pretty bad sometimes. Solution is quatting the family cabin when /out/doors start hating me. That my sister hates me staying at the cabin is just a bonus;)
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