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What's /out/'s opinion on hunting in Africa, in non

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What's /out/'s opinion on hunting in Africa, in non canned hunts and for species that are Least concerned.

Anyone know where I can go do that?
If that is indeed the case, then it's no different from hunting anywhere else, silly.
You can still do big game hunting with those criteria. Cape buffalo is least concerned and hunting those is both dangerous and rewarding, plus you are injecting a serious amount of money into the local economy by doing one of those hunts.

RIP Cecil
See if you can get involved in one of those anti-poacher outfits. Hunt the most least concern species on the planet!
They're still humans mate, not sure if I could do it.

Best bet would be some of those former Boer areas such as Transvaal or Orange Free state, if those fail try former Rhodesia or something.
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What's /out/'s opinion on spear hunting in Africa?

What's the biggest, most dangerous animal you would poke?

I see what you did there. And I liked it.

OP, the only real limiting factor is cash. Personally, I don't really have an interest in hunting predator species because they're easily baited and as a kid I read waaaay too much Capstick and he always made the big herbivores seem much more dangerous. Especially Cape Buffalo, which are called "The Black Death" for a damned reason.

If I had the cash, I'd go. I want to hunt Buffalo. They seem like they have the best chance of fucking you up if you make a mistake.
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> what's the biggest, most dangerous animal you'd poke?

Your mother.
Do it with a nitro express double rifle, and no safety net guides with guns.

You got your two shots, miss and you die a slow and painful death.

The guide is going to carry a gun, I don't think that's negotiable.

But otherwise I agree. Anybody can zip a large animal from a quarter mile away with a scoped antitank cannon. Putting a big, slow bullet into a Cape Buffalo from 40 yards out with open sights? Better have your shit wired tight, son.
Oh I was thinking of the old days when you'd literally have a native guide who was just a guide who carried your stuff and took you to the animals. But yeah, these days, the guides would have to carry guns.

Big game hunting used to be done by guys with skills and balls of steel who wouldn't break a sweat when they get charged by enraged rhino that was just tickled by your black powder cartridge, nowadays they are doing it from the back of jeeps...

Fun fact of the day:

Big game hunters in the early 20th century used to hunt elephant with Enfields.

Yeah.... bigger balls than the elephant.
Haha, there was actually a story of a Belgian poacher who killed a large number of elephants in the 1920s using .22 short rounds, I shit you not. I had saved the magazine article that cited the research but my computer took a dump last month and I lost it.

Supposedly if you get up close to the elephants, there's a visible spot on their chests between the bones with relatively thin skin that you can hit easily which would directly penetrate into the elephant's aorta.
My grandpa killed a elephant with a bolt action rifle in south africa in the 1950's apparently the way it worked was that the hunter was paired with two guides all of whom were armed with the same weapon and if the hunter missed his shot and the elephant was charging he would either get off a second shot if he was fast enough otherwise the two guides would fire and if they missed or more likely if the elephant didn't stop they would all die.

I still have one of the tusks in my house.
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