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>What do you drive/ride?
>Most recent story?
>Fastest time? (point to point, drag (dig and roll), etc.)

Bikes and cars/trucks welcome
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I beat an accord in my girlfriends aveo once. Toped out at 35 MPH. Shit was kash

hella. Dat torque fam
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street racing is for cucks. these are my best times, but also the first time i ever tracked my car. 60' times were terrible, once i get the launch timing down with the tree timing ill be in the 12s for sure. i was trapping faster (107 consistently) than lots of the cars i was racing, most of which were running high 12s.

my first turbo car, and the new turbo doesnt spool until about 3k, so the first second or so is pure agony if i dont launch it right, which i couldnt do all night. wish they made higher-stall torque converters for my car.
You drive a Taurus?
lol no
>2000 Honda CR-V
>tried drifting
>pic related
>tfw u try drifting
more like tfw you have no idea how to drive and overcorrect your momcar

Street racing is for edgy teens with no regard for other peoples safety, enjoy your eventual ticket/death
A guy who has the new one around me runs that and it's twin tarbo.
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didnt know new tauruses even had TT. but no, its a pigfat awd a4.
What teenagers have fast cars, none you faggot
well that's just a false statement
Is street racing really all that bad if

>done during off peak night hours
>in non-construction zones
>away from residential roads

I'm pretty much talking about highway racing.

It seems like the safest form of street racing.
Yeah because civics can't go 150 km/h+, not at all

Fucking retard
Street race? Sure. Not since I was 18, though. Then I grew up
street racing in popular areas that are empty due to the time of day is the best
for example, downtown at like 3-4am
>dat exhaust echo
>all those pretty lights
>no cops to be found
It certainly causes almost no accidents in comparison to distracted driving. Hell look at the mid night club

>had their first and only accident after 12 years of driving 200+ mph on a somewhat crowded expressway which was possibly entirely the fault of some retarded bikers

Kids I went to high school with race all the time at night even in residential areas. Not one of them has ever gotten a ticket (they'd lose their license driving well over 50km over the speed limit) and the only person I know of who had even a close encounter with the cops was my friend.
Yeah what a fucking lx, you know how long that would take, that's not even called racing
Still could spin out and maim someone walking going like 80 km/h, its pretty fucking stupid
Most street racing I've seen is underage weebs revving their automatic V6 Eclipses at people, but I have at least one cool story

> be me
> be out late on a Friday with friend with a G8 GT with bolt-ons
> sets up a race against some rich chink with an E63 AMG
> it's going down at a newly paved service road about 20 miles into the country
> PWT bros in plastidipped Caliber SRT-4s and the aforementioned Eclipses make poor attempts at roll racing on the way out there, while blasting Linkin Park
> finally get there, probably 30+ cars park nearby to watch
> buddy and Asian bro drive to far end of service road, out of sight
> hear burnouts
> neckbeard spectators drop terms like "warming the tires" and "contact patches" like they're NASA engineers
> silence, followed by three honks
> the sound of two screaming V8s gets louder and louder until they blow past us
> my friend won
> high-fiving and ass-grabbing ensue
> suddenly, sirens
> ohshititsthecops.wav
> everyone scrambles to their cars
> my other friend shoves me in his dad's highly modified 1978 Trans Am (apparently my friends are all Pontiac fanboys) that he's driving for the first time
> hit 150 on the highway I kid you not
> find out later that everyone got away except for some kid in a riced Tiburon who the cops questioned

Street racing doesn't pay, you guys
nobody got hurt, arrested, or had their car impounded. sounds like a good time to me.
But thats not even fast....
Hey bruh if this helps you het an idea we have the same mph

>you have the reaction time of woman
>2006 Mazda RX8 (Stock with attention to parts)
>Beat a 2012 Camero SS on an uphill run (Cat/Mouse rules)
>Drag racing is for fags, local track times are irrelevant in a race because you are beating the opponent, not yourself
>Virginia City, NV
>highway racing is probably the gayest thing in the car community

digs or point to points
That does help, thanks. Doubt I'll be able to get my 60' down that low but looking at my two slips and yours (along with others I've seen) it looks like any time I can shave off my 60' time will be subtracted from my 1/4 time 1:1. That's good news. Just need to practice my launches
>he doesnt brake boost to easily beat N/A v8s
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>Highway 9 of Bay Area.
>Such a popular road and the surrounding roads.
>Meets nearly every week up and down the roads.

I always suggest to other people to use a GPS app on their phone like Waze, or google maps to predict turns, so they don't take any tricky turns too hard and crash, but there's always someone that understeers into a guard rail.

>Meet up with a BMW group for a late night drive at about 12am.
>Fast group and slow group, I drive my E34 540i in the fast group.
>I'm confident in my driving, since good suspension and a good set of summer tires. Michelin Pilot Super Sports.
>Buddy of mine drives a E46 330i, in front of me.
>Keep up with him throughout the drive.
>Get to Alice's Restaurant for a quick break.
>The leader in a E46 M3 talks to both groups about being very careful on La Honda, since the turns are a lot sharper compared to Hwy 9.
>Group gets reorganized, since some people in the fast group can't keep up.
>Buddy and I take the near lead, We're 2nd and 3rd in the Fast group, E46 M3 still leads.
>Take La Honda towards Hwy 1.
>E46 M3 going really fast, buddy and I give chase.
>I notice that Buddy is struggling a bit, a bit of understeer, and a lot more braking than he should be doing.
>He takes a left turn too hard, understeers into a guard rail.
>Both fast and slow group stops.
>Everyone assess the damage, Buddy is ok, right fender, driver's and passenger door has pretty bad damage, but is mostly cosmetic damage. Suspension parts are ok.
>Realized buddy was on shitty all-season tires.

We ended up leaving the meet early, so everyone else could continue driving. Over the span of a few weeks, we went to PickNPull for the parts. We were really lucky to find another E46 325i auto with the same paint color for the doors and fender.
>But thats not even fast....
Fast enough for some retarded teenager like OP to spin out and kill someone walking on the sidewalk.
Thread posts: 31
Thread images: 7

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