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What does /o/ think of electric car/motorcycle conversions? It's

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What does /o/ think of electric car/motorcycle conversions? It's cheep, and you can really get some nice performance. Why write of cars with junk motors as dead?
Don't brown nose out of town hoes.
An MR2 conversion kit from a very reputable dealer costs 7k. And it's 50 hp.

Its not a cheap initial investment.

I'm halfway through a single motor lifepO4 bike conversion. $3k, in $5k left to go. That's merely the batteries in remainder.

Until battery tech improves, gas is king.
Can anyone tell me more about electric conversions? I wanna try my hand at it. Do I need any kind of electrician tier electrical experience or what?
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I'd argue. Nissan Leaf cells are really cheap and easy to work with, plus they're automotive grade. 120v pack would run you about $2k new, which would give you 7.2kw for around 72 miles per charge.


The main issue is the auto manufacturers aren't selling them directly like normal autoparts. Thankfully since the batteries are in the interior they're almost always safe in wreks.
>wondering if you can convert a car from ICE to run on electric motor
>Thinking you can do this without electrical expertise
there's a reason it's so absurdly expensive to have dealers do it as >>11456198 said

youre working around high voltage and its dangerous. guys i know that work at dealerships that do electrics have cables attached to them so if they get electrocuted, someone can pull them away from the vehicle

cost is fucked, knew a guy that had the batteries on his hybrid Civic go out last year and it was like $8000 to get them replaced by Honda. only way electric and hydrogen vehicles are going to get viable is when we run out of oil and oil companies dont have us by the balls
Here are some great resources

I suggest you start with a motorcycle, since it's the simplest and cheapest. My bike with a 3kw nissan leaf pack is only going to cost $2.5k, and it'll go 75mph single gear with 36 miles range on a 2hr wall outlet charge. It's feasible and doable.

Mainly 3 parts
-motor controller
-batteries (with BMS)

Essentially that's all you need. You hook up either a pedal or throttle to your controller, wire up the batteries with a bms to protect them from overcharging, and hook up your motor. Very simple and the only thing that will need a unique part is a motor plate for your motor.

Here is another good resource, but stay away from lead acid batteries.
Not surprising, smart car sells their batteries for $30k, despite the new car costing $20k.

They don't want anyone to have the technology, either because they're stiffling the EV market to just barely meet state green manufacturing standards. It's a sham, no reason for those batteries to cost that exuberant amount.
5'8 confirmed for god teir height
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thanks for the info guys. electric shitbox tercel rally dream can wait another time.
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Here's a great video.

Seriously, people here have the ability to do this great stuff. Why not say fuckyou to the oil industrial complex and leave humanity behind?
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I was deadset on 6x12 banks of headway 40152s cells but this changes everything.

Thanks for the extra work you glorious fucktard.
No problemo, the modules look badass too. Some people online say they're stable enough to not be balanced with a bms too, so that gets rid of that cost. A mini bms might be good because the batteries are worth protecting.
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This is why I come to /o/. Elsewhere I would have never had heard this stuff.

>mfw those cell are all m6x1.0 FEMALE tapped
holy fug
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