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>pulled over for 15 over on interstate just now >$256 Seems

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>pulled over for 15 over on interstate just now
Seems a bit pricey for not really a huge offense. What do they do with ticket money anyway?
>pulled over general
>muh freedoms
yea but think of all the times you never got caught. is all that made up time worth $250? probably.

and they use it to pay for the inflated salaries of cops due to gratuitous overtime
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>What do they do with ticket money anyway?

They go to the Moon. Son, do you hate freedom?
If you go to to court to contest it, you can usually get a reduced rate and cut it by half. Go to traffic school too
Reminder that this is legal bribery

Some goes to salaries some to the city.

Pigs gotta eat, too.
Break law
Pay fine
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you lose for being that one car that stands out in the flow of traffic. Next time learn to blend and try not to be late so you don't drive and bitch about getting a ticket when you know you did something wrong.

What interstate, state, and what was the speed limit?
you can blame the jews for this one

In consequence of the Yom Kippur war, an oil embargo was placed on the United States by the member nations of OPEC. This in turn led to the first interstate speed limit laws to curb gas consumption.

The embargo ended, but the traffic laws persist. Too lucrative to get dispense with.
Well thats an expensive ticket for moderate speeding. Seems like $100 would get the point across.
>Consistently do 15 over on the highway
>No cop has ever bothered me
>Use GPS to measure speed one day
>Realize speedometer is 6-7 MPH fast
>do 94 in a 45
>$295 double fine
>guilty plea for 80 in 45
>$199, 2 points.

Thank you, based Filthadelphia
that's cause you didn't give him a tip.
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/pol/ is always right dammit
what the fuck
Oh my god
Once you go 11 mph over the speed limit, the amount on the citation can double

that's why traffic cops choose cars traveling faster than 11 mph over the speed limit, while neglecting the ones that are going less than 10 mph over.

>I slept with a chief of police

It's true

>tfw been pulled over 8-10 times in the last few years and every violation has either been lowered or completely dropped

>be me driving late back from gfs house
>stop at lights with a car beside me
>another pulls up behind that
>lights go green and i take off, flat in every gear
>suddenly party music and disco lights light up the place
>look at speedo 82 mph in a 40 mph zone
>pull over
>cops pull in behind
>i already have licence n all out
>>"any reason for that speed...?"
>"sorry, i'm just tired and wanting to get home, sorry"
>>"no problem, just let me check your details"
>he goes away n comes back a few minutes later
>>"alright, here's your licence back, since it's clean and its late at night, I'm giving you the benefit of the do-
>he gets interrupted by cunt female cop who just got out of the car and snatches my licence off him
>she storms off
>what the fuck
>other cop looks shocked as well
>>"nevermind her, you know what females are like"
>we chuckle
>>"as i was saying, I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt, I don't want to see you speeding again or having to come to a crash where your nice wee car is in pieces...take it easy in the future, i didn't see you and you didn't see me"
>"alright thank you very much and sorry about wasting your time"

and that's the only story i have worth posting where i was caught speeding...i haven't had a ticket or points yet...
You owe that cop dude, for real.

Because everything that female said would have happened if it were her or another cop that pulled you over.
I like how 90% of male cops I've dealt with were bros while 100% of females were total cunts.

Talk about power trips
>implying I'm bitching
I know I was speeding I'm just a bit surprised it cost so much
Fl, 80 in 65
What happens if cop shows up? Already have the traffic class thing ready to go

Exactly what kind of woman do you think gravitates towards becoming a cop in the first place?

They almost invariably have some serious issues, either stemming from abuse or neglect. Their little power trips are all the more funny because without the gun they'd get pounded into the pavement like any other person without a Y chromosome.
Pretty much. The only reason I'd be a cop is just to get paid for cruising around in a Vic all day while giving tickets to bitches who are texting and driving.

I could've hugged him, it was the first time i was pulled over for speeding and it was over twice the speed limit, and in the UK that's an easy licence revoked offence


That's the only experience ive had with female cops to be honest and she was a cunt, but she looked like the sort of person who joined the police to be a cunt to people
This isn't your court date, the first appearance us when you set the date. You can pay a reduced fine that cuts around ~100+ bucks off your fine
I get that but if i schedule a court date to contest what exactly happens? I go in there and say "I din do nuffin" and then the cop shows the radar speed showing I was and I get 100 bucks off?

you plea guilty with an explanation and make some shit up about how your granny was in the hospital and you were hurrying to get there
You are NOT going to win contesting it, especially with that excuse. Ask the prosecutor to drop it, if he doesn't just pay the ticket
If he shows up and you lose, you pay the full fine. I would look up how to fight a traffic ticket in court on Google. Find out the last time his radar was calibrated and if it's out of date you can use that as significant enough evidence to get off.

If he didn't show up the case is dismissed.
>I know I was speeding I'm just a bit surprised it cost so much. Fl, 80 in 65
yeah, i remember my first ticket too. kinda makes not want to do it again, huh. If it's your first real unlawful speeding ticket you could try to just ask for a reduction in penalty. talk to any friend/family that might know a lawyer personally and see if there is any way of getting that reduction and what's the proper way of requesting it during court, or do some inner net research.

for 256 bucks, i would just call it lesson learned and not go out for a month or 2. It also sounds like the cop went easy on you. 80 in a 65 is the minimum definition of unlawful speed (which is 15 over the posted speeed limit) and he probably actually clocked you going over 80, which can add 25 bucks to the fine per mph over the minimum definition of unlawful speed.
This seems like a lot of time and gas for me to get told to fuck off. Im just going to pay it I dont care too much about the money. That 4 hour class is going to kill me though
I'm not exactly sure if this works but write a check and overpay the amount then don't cash the difference when they send it back.
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>on US 50 East on a busy Saturday
>Riding squid on my CBR250r (No jacket)
>Do 75 in a 65 to keep up with traffic, pass a few people.
>Get pulled over about 4 miles down
>Manlet filipino gets out, berates me for doing 90 in a 65 on a 250
>Says he's gonna slap me with the biggest ticket he can give me
>$380 and 5 points for first offense
>The goes on to brag about his gixxer 600 and how much faster it is and if I decide to challenge the ticket he promises to be there
>panic out my ass because first ticket and get a lawyer and do traffic school
>Get to court, sit and wait for a good 3 hours, cop never shows up

That was 2 years ago and I'm still mad
this is 3rd. First was back in HS for like 64 in a 45 while passing. that cop was a dick. Second was 84 in a 65. cop bumped it down to 9 over so it was only like 100 bucks. I was more surprised at how large of a jump it was. 6 more mph and it goes up 156 bucks. like damn son my speedo isnt even right to begin with
>doing 45km/h over limit on highway
>get pulled over by cops
>$500 ticket
>fml.jpeg, go to do research
>mfw cops cant pull you over on highway, only highway patrol
>mfw contest ticket, win

It was FHP so I cant win there
>The embargo ended, but the traffic laws persist

Federal laws governing speed limits were abolished in the 90s. States can set whatever limits they like (including no limits at all). You need to update your /pol/ copypasta to implicate jews at the state level.
>pulled over for speeding
>30 over limit
>decide no fuck you
>research best (most assholish) traffic lawyer in area
>spend $3k in lawyer fees
>he wins in court and I don't even have to show up
Worth it. If you have money you can blow I highly recommend giving it to assholes instead of the police.
ya the whole bending over saying "sorry so sorry will never happen again" usually only works with clean records. The court usually like to handout mulligans for firsties. Not for repeats offenses.

fix your speedo or get a garage sale special garman gps and use that as a speedo. they're usually only off +/-2 in my experience

>implying most states didn't keep the same limits and carry on their money-making scheme
>hurrr he said something bad about the jews, he must be from /pol/!

lurk more faggot
b-but muh Jews
Not exactly. They can have ungoverned speed limits but then they would lose a 10th of their federal road budget, including Highway patrol
Shitposting about Jews for no reason is /pol/

Congress lifted all federal speed limit controls in the November 28, 1995, National Highway Designation Act, returning all speed limit determination authority to the states effective December 8, 1995. Several states immediately reverted to already existing laws. For example, most Texas rural limits that were above 55 mph (89 km/h) in 1974 immediately reverted to 70 mph (110 km/h), causing some legal confusion before the new signs were posted. Montana reverted to non-numerical speed limits on most rural highways, although its legislature adopted 75 mph (121 km/h) as a limit in 1999. Hawaii was the last state to raise its speed limit when, in response to public outcry after an experiment with traffic enforcement cameras in 2002, it raised the maximum speed limit on parts of Interstates H-1 and H-3 to 60 mph (97 km/h).[30]

Despite the repeal of federal speed limit controls, current maximum speed limits are on average lower than in 1974:[31]

States with same speed limit as pre-1974: 25

States with higher speed limit than pre-1974: 8

States with lower speed limits than pre-1974: 17

>you in charge of disseminating accurate information
Heh, reminds me of the last ticket I got.

>Back road in bumfuck nowhere Vermont
>Perfectly straight, but 2 lane
>A few cars in front of me
>Come to a loooong passing zone
>Begin to overtake, follow protocol, use turn signals, only pass one car at a time, absolutely nobody in the oncoming lane
>Local cop sees
>Immediately pulls me over
>Big roidraging middle aged guy gets out, starts shouting about how I'm endangering everyone and I almost ran those people off the road
>Go along with it because arguing will just make it worse, he seemed like the kind of cop who was just looking for a reason to taze me
>Hands me a $300 ticket for a bunch of made up bullshit
>"And don't bother contesting it because I will show up and you will lose!"
>Take it to court
>He's nowhere to be seen
>In the report he wrote I was "extremely belligerent" and "a danger to the public"
>Explain to judge what happened
>He throws out the entire ticket

Most cops I've met are totally fine, but once in a while you get a dickhead.
> doing 50 in a 30 on a back road with friends in the car
> cop car around corner
> hand over license, police brotherhood card, and eagle scout card
> first offense so I think nothing of it
> cop comes back 10 minutes later with a ticket because "hurr everyone in car could have dead because you are a teenager and have no idea how to drive on an empty road"
I don't mind getting a ticket, but insulting me on top of it just made me rage
Thats basically how I feel. Its not so much the money I just dont like when theyre dicks. At least the guy that pulled me over today was extremely straight forward lets get this over with. First guy that ever pulled me over was all "well that was stupid" "wut if you crashed"
If I didnt crash that time I wasnt going to crash any other time
>What do they do with ticket money anyway?
Pay my salary.

>been pulled over a total of 3 times in 10 years
>nothing more than warnings
>consistently do double the speed limits

I like this perspective.
I'm in NY so the money just goes to "combating heroin" aka buying new chargers for highway patrol to zip around in or the "mobile command unit"that is just a big rv with a satellite dish on top
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>going to visit long distance gf at her college
>Get two speeding tickets and a parking ticket
>breaks up with me anyway

kek she was getting fat anyway

i got a $500 ticket for not fully stopping at a stop sign and a $300 one for driving in a bus lane 10 minutes before the lane was open to regular traffic. cops here are hungry for money

stop sign one the ticket got thrown out because the cop wrote the wrong year on the ticket, bus lane one out of some miracle the judge sided with me and said he thought it was unfair i got pulled over for it and threw out the ticket and i gave him a mahnigga.jpg

both times i was extremely nice to the officers and they were fucking pricks to me, bus lane one i was in a customers vehicle for work and couldnt find the insurance papers and the cop started bitching on how he could give me a $3000 ticket for it etc. and i just said "sorry, its a customer vehicle not mine i cant find the papers". reason im more paranoid around cops here than feeling protected
>eat the fuging salad

that gets me every time.
I would imagine that the local judges would get to know which cops are asshats and exaggerate on their tickets.
>25 over (road drops to 30 from 55 in buttfuck nowhere for half a mile)
>$300 dollary-doo's
>6 points n my license
>get a bill in December saying that I have to pay them $100 for the next three years for some inconvenience charge or some bullshit

That road is a fucking trap and the cop was a douche.
The guy was being a serious prick.
>being pricks

why are you surprised?

OP that's a bit expensive. I received a ticket from a speed trap. I was doing 44 in a 30 zone.

I have to pay $50 bucks.

It's fair since I was speeding but I really didn't see the signs.
What the fuck are licence points?
Not all are. I've met some serious bro tier ones. This guy just seemed like he was pushed around in high school and would shoot anyone that tried to challenge him now that he has a badge.
>$500 for rolling a stop sign
What the fuck. In PA that's like $150 and some points. If you go to court you can usually get the points dropped.
Demerits. Once you get so many, your license is suspended for an amount of time.
I lightly rear ended someone on the interstate in a heavy storm a few months back and it was my first accident. I don't deny I was at fault but is it even worth going to court for? Any way I can make the cost of the ticket go down? Very first accident after nearly ten years of driving.
Is there a limit to the amount of times you can do that online traffic school bullshit?
>vapid whore at my school finally gets her license
>speeds everywhere and runs every light and stop sign
>never got a ticked

I'm 110% sure she's blowing her way through those.
you just described like 90% of cops.
Maybe she'll get hit by a semi.
We can hope at least.
Most places money from traffic tickets and such goes into the general "pool" (or fund) which is then doled out accordingly.
Obviously city tickets go to city, county to county, state to state, etc.

Then I get paid.
Yeah, at least in PA. There are also offenses which give you points with no chance of recovery, aside from the 3 the state removes annually. Also the suspensions get harsher as you subsequently go over more times. I think its after 6 its an automatic year suspension, but honestly at that point you probably shouldn't be driving.
I got pulled over yesterday out near Granby colorado, wasn't paying attention and doing 40 in a 30. Cop asks usual questions, answer honestly and be decent to him. He writes me ticket for 9 over instead, which is half the cost of 10 over and 1/4th the points, thanks me for being decent, wish him a good day and carry on... shit happens
>following someone that closely

You're gonna get railroaded namefag.
Yeah I know. I already got reamed by /o/ for it and I'm a better driver now. Should I go to court and try to get a smaller fine? It's scheduled two days from now.
I usually stick to 5 over on secondary/residential roads and 10 over on interstate/limited access.

Or just don't stand out from traffic.
I'd research it and see if it would hurt to try. In some places you can lose plea deals, etc if you contest it. I'd go to court and see what could be done, the judge may go easy on you if he sees you aren't an asshat.
I'll give it a shot. The cop that ticketed me was a nice guy and felt bad that he had to ticket me but I understood.
Pretty angered...

I'm 150% positive I was going at most 53 mph in a 45. A cop from the other side of the road turned on his lights about 1/8 of a mile away from me, at which point I slowed down even slower to about 40 (I thought he was pulling over someone on the side of the road that he was on). All of a sudden he jumps over the curb and gets behind me. I pull to the side thinking he's going to get the person next to me who was obviously going faster than me, BUT NO. He follows me to the side of the road and proceeds to get out of the car. Me speeding doesn't even cross my mind, I thought he was going to tell me that my headlight is out or that he had the wrong person. But according to his speed clock I was going 64.9 mph but he "rounded it down to 60"

I tried to reason with him and ask him if he's sure that how fast I was going, but he totally fucking ignored me. He had an attitude for no good god damn reason and he was being a total prick while I was really trying to be patient and polite with him.

I called and the ticket was $190 but I want to go to court about it because it is beyond ridiculous.

Also, my ticket just says following too close. Should I even mention the accident? Probably shouldn't, huh? Unless they already know at least.
I'd challenge how he came up with that figure. 64.9 is really exact for pacing you, and radar or lidar guns should have a printout.
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>80 in a 60
>spic cop in a pigged out catfish camaro pulls me over
>blah blah its like $200 or something
>google how to get out of it
>fuck, didn't ask about radar, etc
>cop doesn't show up no ticket? Sweet!
>court date like 2 weeks later
>cop not there
>judge immediately asks for my plea
>blue screen and say nothing about waiting for cop or asking for 1st time pass
>plea, ask for driving school
>pay and leave, forgetting what I was going to try to get our of it
>next day
Bro that was all you.
>80 in a 60
First fuckup
>Pretty much admitting guilt and asking for punishment
You aren't very smart, are you
>going +40 over the speed limit while overtaking a car
>they had a mobile speed camera and got me while overtaking
>usually someone writes down the license plate for motorcycles
>there goes my license fuck shit fuck
>get back in lane in front of car
>6 weeks later
>still got nothing and they can't do anything anymore after 6 weeks
>the car I overtook must have blocked the view of my license plate

>10 over
>78 in a 60
>Towing a 20' RV with a diesel pickup
>No plates on the RV, it's a rental, they never provided any
>County bacon flips a bitch on the highway and pulls me over after following me for a mile, waiting for a place to actually pull over
>Nicks me for speeding but is more concerned about the lack of RV plate
>Explain I never got one
>Get the RV owner on the phone
>Cop has a chat
>Cop agrees to give me a warning for speeding, escorts me six miles to the nearest RV park (which we were going to anyway) and the RV owner sends a truck 4 hours one way to get it the next day
>No ticket, no nothing, thanks officer goodbye

Felt good to be white that day.
welcome to police state of murica
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Lukas LK-9700 Duo.png
827KB, 860x1632px
>not having a dashcam

Seriously, buy one..

>read: first offense
Been pulled over about 10 times and all have been warnings. I got a citation one time for not having my current registration sticker, judge told me to pay $20 and get my current sticker and she'd drop it.
You shouldn't have been going 20 over the limit in the first place, that's beyond "I didn't mean to" territory
>few years ago in high school
>girl who drove super-low "street sweeper" integra with a straight-pipe exhaust always going at least 80 in 35-50 zones
>always passed me on double line roads, etc
>one day coming home
>she's pulled over
>check facebook later
>"wow lost my license for 6 months people who hit kids don't lose license for that long" or something like that
>expand comments and see stuff like "yeah lol I've got like half a dozen tickets I didn't pay lol I wasn't hurting anyone going fast"

I wonder if she still has a license
>Be Canuk driving in Amerifat country
>Car is 100% legal where I live
>5% Tint everywhere but Windscreen
>no cat
>HID aftermarket headlights (This took place at day though)
>No side reflectors/Smoked tail lights
>no front plate
>Get pulled over going the speed limit in some bum-fuck hick town in rural Virginia
>all of my what
>sit in car waiting
>after like 3 minutes cop comes over screaming at me to turn the engine off
>just look at him like wat
>ask him what the problem is
>starts yelling at me about how many things about my car are illegal
>wondering at this point if he's even serious
>Starts yelling about how he's going to impound my car and call my parents and all this shit (I was 22 at the time, but I do look younger)
>Finally asks for my license and shit, goes back to his car
>Comes back after 5 minutes, "Oh yer from CAYNADA EH?"
>starts going on about how he can get my banned from ever driving in the USA again because my car is illegal
>After he's finished showing off his authority, I just point out to him the USA has a law stating if I'm passing through a state my car isn't subject to that state's laws as long as it's road worthy
>turns bright as red, starts screaming at me about how some dumb Canadian kid doesn't know their laws
>He eventually tosses my stuff at me, and goes back to his car and tells me to get the fuck out of his sight
>Took off, full wheel spin cause this guy was scary as fuck

Expected to get a ticket in the mail or something, but that was 5 years ago
Is this what you people deal with in the "Land of the Free" every day?
>bum fuck hick town
That pretty much describes it. Small town sheriffs are often the boys who did so bad in high school the military is their only other option. They compensate by vigorously "enforcing" the law, often targeting those from out of town.
Your problem was that you were in a state that's essentially farmville
Not to mention they are all bored as fuck because 3 cars total drive by them every day
>Two months ago
>Going to work
>Pass accident on other side of road
>Rubbernecking, everyone going 10 under
>Pass cars
>Stay under speed limit
>Pull over
>License and reg plz
>Hand over
>Police come back
"You on anything? You're shaking"
>Lots of coffee
"Just coffee and nervous for getting pulled over"
>Calls DUI specialist
>Ask to exit car
"Can we search your car?"
>Searches anyways
>Opens gym bag
>Finds unmarked bottle of pills
>Workout supplements for gym
>Dick SUI spec. cop shows up
>Field Sobriety Test
>Everything looks good
"You still seem like you are on something"
>Hands behind back, cuffed
>Taken to hospital, blood taken
>Given "pending" citations determinant on bloodwork

FUCK working on federal property. Military Police are fucking dicks. Got pulled for "Failure to maintain lane" because I was passing people "like an idiot".

Stop it.
I wasn't aggressive or went over the speed limit.

Go to court, fight it, pay probably 0-$100 tops
I think he means stop writing like_this.jpg
gotcha, kinda slow tonight.

>"sorry, i'm just tired and wanting to get home, sorry"

Tell that to the family of the father you kill on his way home from work.
>Birthday last year
>Late night, headed for my girlfriend's house
>Swiggity swooty coming for that booty
>Peel the fuck out from a stoplight
>Cop was in a parking lot fright there
>Red and blues immediately, chases after me
>Asks where I'm headed tonight
>"Girlfriend's house
>Takes license and reg, comes back after a minute and tells me my brake light was out and I should just fix it asap

That guy was a true bro
Where are all these moralfags coming from suddenly?
File: 1320280827298.jpg (29KB, 474x595px)
29KB, 474x595px
>pulled over doing 105 in a 70 (km/h)
>be polite to the cop
>ticket says I was only doing 90
>$125 and 2 points, pay my ticket like a grown-up and move on
>put it on my Visa so at least I got 1% back
life is good in Canada
>this febuary
>It's the day of my 18th birthday
>Dad tells me his friend will let us come up so I can drive a DMC DeLorean
>So fucking excited, as any human should be.
>Going up E-470
>Get lit up by state patrol
>gf in the passenger seat
>104 in a 75, reckless driving
>something like $300 later and a "Alive at 25 safe driving course"
>Turns into 104 and careless
>Might lose my licence now. I had 2 other tickets in the 8 months before that.
>drive safe since

Shit sucks yo.
>Be Britbong
>Flying along 50mph road at 100mph because new shitbox, gotta see how fast I can go
>Blues in the rear mirror
>oh shit oh shit oh shit
>Pull over
>Officer comes over and taps my window
>"any idea how fast you were going son?"
"n-n-n-no officer, my dash light dosen't work"
>It's actually the truth but I can still see the speed by moonlight (clear ass night)
>He looks at the dash
>Clearly straining his eyes
>"You were doing 121 son, that's a big fine"
>Like a huge fucking baby I start welling up
>"Look son, I can see you're upset and since your light dosen't work I'll let you off this time. Get that light fixed though, that's pretty dangerous"
>He gets back in car and drives away
>I just sit there for 10 minutes because I was a ballhair away from losing my license

Protip - When you're a fatass nerd, crying really does get the police off your ass.
Funny, the female cops I've had to deal with in traffic stops were all really cool to me
Support their cocaine/crack addiction.
>lost my license for 6 months
>I wonder if she still has a license

He probably knows that nothing good would come from giving you a fine/ points and sending you off to do a pointless course. Bong police are actually pretty cool.
I think he meant he wonders if she did something stupid to lose it again, possibly permanently.
Reading here how lightly people get of speeding in first world countries makes me want to leave this shithole immediately, my friend did 80km/h in 30 area and got 590 euros ticket. Coppers said to him, that be lucky that we dont take you to jail for a week.

Friend 2 did 235km/h in his E34 520 at strait road with no on and off roads and no other cars and clocked in at 204 after braking. 7 days in solitary confinement, they took his license, criminal charges for attempted murder of other drivers, 60 hours of psychiatrist paid by himself.

>fuck this shithole
The 30 are where my friend did 80 was in front of a school and usually has a speed bump, because the school is closed in summer the bump was removed but the 30 area not and 50 is the de facto speed limit there.
>friend 2
holy fucking shit where do you live?
>pulled over for speeding
>15 over limit
>expired registration
>expired inspection
>doesn't even list the fine, mandatory court appearance
>decide no fuck you
>do no research on lawyer
>spend $370 in lawyer fees
>he wins in court and I don't even have to show up
bro my girlfriend lives in livingston and there are areas where the town is mostly 40 mph speed limit which is fucking AWESOME!!!!!!!! But there is a bunch of "no left turns" out of driveway signs or out of starbucks parking lots and many shopping centers where they screw you and literally sit behind a tree waiting for you to make a left anyway.

Speaking of fucked up shit in livingston, theres a really big hill that on the decline goes from 40 mph to 30 mph. So if you were coasting in gear at 40, you might go as fast as 50 by the time you're at the bottom of the hill. its a major speed trap for no fucking reason and they abuse the living fuck out of it. the system is corrupt because the judge just says WELL YOU SHOULD BE SLOWING DOWN AND DRIVING CAUTIOUSLY ON A DECLINE AND PAYING ATTENTION TO SPEED LIMITS. i went to court with my gf and it was a horrible experience, judge is a complete fucking douchebag who is happy to make the city money and dish out retarded judgements and penalties against people over "speeding" down a hill with a massive decline and speed limit dramatically changing.
>live in nice part of town, interact with generally nice cops
>also be white, probably helps
>work in shitty part of town, never had to deal with a cop from there
>in passenger seat with friend who is getting her license this week (has permit, 19 y/o Vietnamese chick who came here recently and works down the street)
>she hits a parked truck while pulling out of a spot
>starts to panic a bit
>park the car nearby and take her into my store (we were right in front of it)
>calm her down, get insurance details, truck driver is still MIA
so far so good, just about to call insurance and then police to report when

>enter shit eating grin faced old dude in a (admittedly very nice and clean) 80's merc turbo diesel.

>calls the police, I don't know what he told them but they showed up pissed and suspicious as FUCK

>they're out by her car, go to meet and explain the situation
>no, listen this is wh-
>yeah the driver is in my store *point*, she's kinda scar-
>can you come in?

eh fuck greentext. So I go in to get her and notice she's kinda not there anymore, I turn to my coworker and ask where she went.


>juan notices popo who had invited himself in after me (why not just come in in the first place then...?)
>Juan does not like popo
>oh god she ran

suspected she went back to her work but at this point didn't want to go check, cop bolts and goes looking for this 5'2 vietnamese chick with his hand on his gun holster like she's about to kill 30 people.

eventually we found her and brought everyone to the store (truck driver included). cop was a real cunt and was throwing arrest threats around like they were Halloween candy, insults my coworker and other fuckery.

Really changed my view of police, don't think I'll trust them as much as I used to, and maybe next time I'll follow Juan's lead.

I get he probably followed protocol in the situation but for fuck's sake have some compassion for a scared immigrant that barely speaks english fuck face.
>she ran
>scared immigrant that barely speaks english

naa fuck the gook
File: 1380036322150.jpg (19KB, 413x395px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
19KB, 413x395px
Speeding violations are much more punitive in most other parts of the world, but good try anon.
Never trust road pirates.
>Pulled over for 88 in a 75
>Good ol' boy cop
>Writes ticket for 85 in 75, lowest fine bracket

>Pulled over for 88 in a 70
>First words out of the cop's mouth are about how he's giving me a ticket
>Pay a lawyer $100 to represent me, court date like nine months away
>Across the country, lawyer emails me, ticket dropped
>California, never again
i was wondering what would happen if theoretically i got pulled over for doing +100 in a 60 or 70 mph area?

because i go 100+ a lot more than i probably should.
Look up state laws, but probably reckless driving.
why/how is a lawyer that cheap?
I have a 65 in a 50 a few cities away. And i really don't want to get another ticket on my record. I think i will get a lawyer after reading your post

I've always wondered how rich people managed speeding tickets, do they just have a bunch on their record? Or do they lawyer up better than the state
A bit new to /o/;
Do you guys find that cops give you a bigger, or smaller speeding ticket for driving fast in a really nice car?
depends on the cop and your attitude

i got pulled over going between 100 and 110 in California by the CHP
CHP officer was probably mid to late 30s hispanic looking guy and was a total bro, wrote me up for 75 in a 65
One time i got caught doing 91 in a 60. The cop took the physical license and told me to use some piece of paper as proof for other things. I just went to an express dmv and got a duplicate license. Worked fine.
I was driving my clean 1982 rx7, and dressed nice because going to work. So i probably looked like a brat in daddys car to the cop.

I just got a 150$ ticket.
This was Southern California, where tickets are so ridiculous that it can support lawyers who do nothing be represent traffic cases.

My dad drives quite a bit and drives pretty fast. Part of it is not being retarded about where/how fast you speed, and part of it is being low profile. He seems to get pulled over/ticketed once per two or three years.

My car is kind of a sleeper, so I'm not sure. When I got a ticket from the CHP I had a sticker in my back window that said BECAUSE RACECAR, which probably didn't help.
so he can charge 100$ because hes doing 20 cases a day i guess. Good to know, too bad i don't have my ticket there.
I really appreciate the idea of using a lawyer though. I was going to fight my case myself but now i'm just going to call one of these dudes.

I drive exactly the speed limit these days, not that my DD is flashy, but i just can't have another ticket and get a job. Even my rx7 hardly gets cop attention from what i've noticed.

Does your old man have a bunch of tickets on his record?

What happens when i move to another state? does my record follow me?
I'm betting he's been getting a ticket every 2-3 years since he started driving, but I'm sure all the points drop off before he ends up getting another ticket. I don't think they keep track of basic violations like that beyond when the points are gone. Don't think points follow to different states.

I'm totally guessing here. Hopefully someone who actually knows the official bit will chime in.
US-50 master route

>mfw I just rolled over my 300,000th mile on US-50 this last weekend.
>If you care where, right about where OH-128 dead ends into US-50 East
I call bullshit, Deloreans can't go that fast
File: feels.jpg (62KB, 480x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
62KB, 480x720px
>live in australia
>go 6kmph over the legal limit
>4mph over in amertilard speak
>get fined $185AUD

sure feels bad down here...
>Get pulled over doing 50+ in a 35
>Get DUI
Fuck. this happened on Saturday.
>speeding white driving after drinking

maximum fagit
>be last Father's day
>taking dad to breakfast
>doing 73 in 65
>camry next to me in left-most lane doing 75
>state trooper with the point-n-shooty in one of those turnaround things they like so much
>party lights
>surely he must be going for the camry, it was passing me significantly faster
>pull over like a good caucasian male
>"I got you at 75 in a 65"
>"license pls"
>doesn't ask for insurance or registration so I think maybe its gonna be okay
>still this is my first time ever even being pulled over
>instinctively took off seatbelt when we pulled over
>it's illegal not to wear seatbelt in my state
>cop asks why no seatbelt and hands license back
>told him I always wear it blah blah I promise I just took it off when we stopped
>"I dunno I thought I didn't see it when we started"
>explain how the retractor sits low because car has no center pillar because 2 door
>hands me a warning slip because first offense and I was nice/not arguing (I presume)
>"this is the only record of this"
>"any questions?"
>ask if itll affect insurance (it won't obviously)
>"be safe etc"

Could have been a lot worse, I feel.
Still, to this day I feel like he got the other car next to me, as it was going faster than I was the whole time. I was in the center lane of three lanes. But I wasn't about to argue. Made me feel like there are cops that aren't total dicks/cops that don't just want to stick you with a big fine.
>speeding while drunk
I hope they take your license faggot. You deserve everything they do to you.
yes i feel horrible about it.
Bro I got "got" for going 65 in a 50 when I saw the cop before I even started moving from a stop...and maintained 49 mph the entire time I approached him.

I know the fuck out of those feels
(got out of ticket by saying I had just got new wheels and tires that were larger and may have affected my speedometer, which was probably true, but still fuck him)
File: image.jpg (121KB, 440x590px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
121KB, 440x590px
>be driving through small town in my '05 Focus
>cop wants to turn off in the opposite lane
>I go just slow enough so he has to wait until I pass to turn
>fuk da pohleece
>few miles down the road
>blue light flashing
>da fuck? I'm not speeding or breaking any laws
>pull over, roll down window, wallet in hand
>plainclothes defective comes up, asks for ID
>what's the problem, officer?
>"We got a call that a suspect had stabbed his wife and fled in a silver Ford Focus. Your good to go, sir, drive carefully now."
File: 1405283565837.png (489KB, 965x1400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
489KB, 965x1400px
>Driving for 5 years
>Never pulled over
>mfw I sped with a cop right behind me the other day and didn't realize until I pulled up to a light and he changed lanes
>about to move out of the country for three years
>driving through Melbourne
>unfamiliar roads
>in the far left lane at traffic lights
>need to be far right
>boot it, thankfully no dickheads think I'm racing them
>make the lane right before another intersection
>15kph over
Annnnd it happens to have one of those new speed AND red light cameras. FUCK.

Nice little goodbye present there. I miss meat pies, Farmers Union Iced Coffee, and fish and chips, but I sure as fuck don't miss VicPol, the TAC, or the RTA
> driving for 6 years
> public transport for 3 years
> no infringements at all, ever, for anything
> one morning go to catch train
> cross tracks safely while gates down
> get fined almost $600 for crossing tracks and not co-operating with glorified "cop"
> fine hasn't come yet, 4 weeks
> either it has been withdrawn, or will be coming soon

Such is life in revenue Australia. The legislation is intentionally written to be as broad as possible.
Crossing the tracks at any time, with a train in eye-sight is also an infringement.
Hopefully I don't have to jump through many hoops to get this withdrawn or significantly reduced.
Ok Ive got many, many stories of me and other crazy people I hung out with. But Im only going to type out one, cause my keyboard is fucked.

>Me and 3 bros driving to college park to party
>late 90s bmw m3, lightly modded
>All of us are drunk and high, driver less so
>Driving 90mph in traffic
>Im in the back seat with cases of beer and bottles of booze
>driver decides to play around with a group of sportbikes
>racing with them in traffic, FnF style
>going 150mph at some points
>blue and red lights way in the background
>Aww fuck
>Bikes all take off like mad
>driver doesnt want to run, thank god
>get pulled over
>fat black female cop like in reno 911 walks up
>The fucks wrong wit chall? Motherfucker I had to go 130mph to catch up with yall! Slow the fuck down!
>Turns around and walks back to car, leaves

She must have got a murder call right after she pulled us over, or maybe they went after the sportbikes later or something.
>Not yelling at the cop: "You fool I have to get back to 1955!"

You fucked up
File: vuvuzela.png (107KB, 488x370px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
107KB, 488x370px
>everyone speeds everywhere
>mfw an Alabama driver actually does the speed limit near me
File: 1316058966739.png (21KB, 130x130px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
21KB, 130x130px
>downhill, 65 zone, (south 280 exit to East 92 for bay area fags)
>exit coming up in a mile~
>merge to right lane
>mo-fuckers are doin 60 in front of me
>merge over a lane, pass them, merge back over
>end up going up to 70-75~
>slow back down/engine brake
>finally see cop at the end of the hill
>adrenaline surge, anxiety spike (would be my first ticket)
>Im so fucked
>Im totally getting pulled over
>gunna be late for class

>I take the exit while he fucking guns it to me and now he's trailing my ass really hard
>just waiting for disco
>hes teasing me, or maybe running plates
>still a few foot away from my bumber

>he ends up taking the next exit off the freeway, while my route continued on 92
>mfw no lights

He probably didnt pop me because
1. I'm white
2. I drive a 2001 Prius
3. Plates came back clean

My fault for not spotting the cop earlier but I figured I wasnt going the be speeding by that much to cause attention but that sure woke me up in the morning hah
this is why im a libertarian.

>you were driving 15mph faster on a highway than we say you can
>i now declare that you owe us money

i support following the german system- no speed limits on highways

You mean the Isle of Man? Germany has restrictions on 2/3rds of its highways. And the fucking TUV.
>bring car in for inspection
>pay a hundred Yurobucks for a nice sticker on the numberplate
>pick up car

In all honesty, it makes me feel better on the road because I know that everybody has functioning brakes, tyres and frames.

Aaaand every modification is expensive as fuck because it has to be TUV-certified. They're literally car nazis.
got a ticket several months ago and i'm still pissed off

>stop light
>look to my side, it's a state patrol cunt
>shake head in disgust
>civic makes right onto the road infront of me
>light turns green
>keep driving down the road
>solid 3-4 seconds behind civic
>unit pulls up beside me
>apparently there's another unit behind me and he turns his lights on
>claims i was tailgaiting
>gives ticket
fucking cunts
hardly got any sleep for a while, it kept pissing me off at night and i'd sit there wanting to find his house and cut his brake lines
>be 17 with drivers permit
>pick up older sister from work in my moms masterrace 2004 suburban (she has a husband so don't even think about it)
>she needs me to take her to the weed clinic
>go like 8 or so miles to clinic
>she goes in and gets weed and a bubbler
>she is excited about her new bubbler
>she decides to take a hit in the car
>roll down window
>"noo roll it up we'll get caught"
>start getting buzzed from hotbox
>she wants del taco
>some police situation happening on offstreet of del taco
>about to take right into plaza where del taco is
>looked around because red light and didnt see shit in intersection
>go ahead and turn
>as i'm turning cop is actually taking left into same plaza
>turning into one laner
>cop almost hit me
>lights come on
>get pulled over
>cop comes up
>roll down window
>smoke goes right into cops face
>sister is being all smartass to him
>both show paperwork...yadayadayada
>cop gives me moving finger test
>fail first time because buzz
>sister says it was nervousness
>barely pass second time
>cop lets us go because of offstreet situation
>get del taco and go home
>being caught dead in a prius
>any year

>Van Ness and Market
>almost midnight
>heading home from a weekend in SoCal
>doing 40 ish
>cop pulls me over
>tells me I'm doing 20 over
>walks away
fucking mexicans
we're white
jidf pls go

There is a straight up citation that the jews are to blame for this
I consistently do like 20 over nearly everywhere I go (except when I know there are speed cameras) and I never got caught.
The trick is to know where to speed.
MP's are fags that take their job way too seriously
>Dumb cunt can't even make it fucking home without smoking

You and your sister sound like white trash with upper middle class money
File: 1378293637025.jpg (45KB, 463x265px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
45KB, 463x265px
>Test driving my car after messing with a few things.
>Revving a bit higher than usual before every gear change.
>Cop in a charger was hiding in one of the side streets, and lights me up.
>I pull over and it's some lady cop.
>She asks me how fast I was going, I say probably 40-50mph.
>She says okay, and walks back to her car.
>Comes back with a ticket for tint, doesn't ask me to pop my hood.
> charger
> mph

Sorry buddy, thats all you
what shithole do you live in that has limits on engine mods? I thought that was a straya thing
I live in cali, no such bullshit here, other than the usual "car has to produce the same emissions or less" and "has to work" but thats for smog. most people who care just swap the engine between he regular and the smog checker
OP here, I live in California.
I turbocharged my engine and I don't have any of the original emissions equipment hooked up to it. If a cop realizes this, they can give out a Referee ticket and you either pay a fine or you need to switch everything back to stock and get it signed off.

Some of my friends that got caught went back to stock because they at least had stock internals, which made it simpler. Also, because if you decide to pay the fine, next time you get caught again the price of the fine increases.

I can still register and drive my car on the street because I just pay off a Smog guy to mess with the paperwork or whatever to say my car passed.

FL police or High way patrol.

The highway patrol has a 250 contact qouta for a month. So yeah they will pull over for anything.

Get waze, keep it active when on the highway.
Got pulled over by local city police and i talked to a county police Sgt.

He gave me advice.

Go to court, but not on the day that he requests. Get close to the court date, then message the court and get a continuance. If you can get more then one do it again.

Officers usually put all their traffic cases on same day and show up to all at once. The closer you can put your date to the holiday the less likely the officer will be working or that the sgt will give the officer the day to go to court rather then be on patrol.

When he doesn't show up plead not guilt and request to face accuser.

The ticket will be thrown out.

Would that take satellite latency into account? Because my girlfriend insists on looking at the unprogrammed GPS to check her speed and it's always a good 5-10km under what she is doing.

And I've noticed so does the GPS on my phone. I'm in an older model Falcon and she's in a newer model Kluger.
File: Dash.jpg (82KB, 1224x918px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
82KB, 1224x918px

Its wrong. I have a Tablet installed in my car that tracks all vehicle stats and RPM is perfect but the Speed it always puts me at 4 mph slower then I was actually going.
sum times poopoo from bum bum
That's a fuckin good idea, anon.

Fuck the police, yo.

trust a gps before your own speedometer or tablet. if your wheels are not stock sizes, your speedo will be wrong.
Buddies and I just left a meet in a large group. We're all going pretty fast (85-90 in a 65 zone). Every now and then someone shoots ahead going 100+.

I see that its my turn so i pull out and punch it. Going about 120, when i see a car standing still behind a jersey wall.

>oh shiiii

It's a cop. I hit the brakes, probably got down to 80-90 by the time he saw me. All my friends see this and slow down, so they're going 70-ish and I stand out like a sore thumb.

So i get pulled over. He's like "I knew you were going faster, but i got you at 91, got anything to say?"


He comes back and gives me a ticket for 84 MPH, 1 mph under wreckless.

"Were those your buddies behind you? You guys just be careful from now on"

>Will do. Thank you officer, have a nice day.


it was half 12 or 1am, the roads where empty...as they usually are...
File: 1410115328543.jpg (54KB, 649x638px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Only ever had parking tickets from my uni

First one
>Parked in front of my dorm building
>taking shit to my room
>forgot to put my flasher on while parked out front like we're supposed to
>that turned into a fiddy shekel mistake

Second time
>Ordered parking tag for the year
>Parked in the student lot I was going to use
>Walked to the campus police building to pick up tag
>Got a twenty dollar ticket while I was gone
>Wanted to challenge it somehow but was lazy about it

>Got a third ticket but for some reason charge was forty.
>turns out someone was charging me again for the second ticket which I'd paid a YEAR AGO
>Went between student accounting and police building like crazy
>Finally interrupted the cigar break of this higher up woman in the police building
>She got it sorted out. Some database hiccup or whatever. Just paid the one ticket I'd gotten.
>She was cool. She smokes cigars and doesn't afraid of anyone.
>83mph in a fucking 70 on an interstate in Ohio

Fuck you Ohio cops. Literally EVERYONE in EVERY FUCKING LANE, not just the fast lane, was going 85+, you just decided to single out the fast as fuck looking car.

He was cool but it's still $130 for bullshit

>Paying uni tickets


I got one once when I parked in a student lot for 5 minutes to run up and grab a textbook I had forgotten. It was the first day of Christmas break, so I figured I wasn't keeping any commuting students out of their lot. Some faggot was hovering waiting to give out tickets though.

Saw it, threw it in the trash, proceeded to go to that school for 2 more years. Never heard a peep about it. Graduated and moved on with my life.
I would have had a hold stopping me from registering classes. Had to pay them sooner later.

I have a friend who got one just as he was graduating. He never bothered with it.
File: image.jpg (33KB, 597x307px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
33KB, 597x307px
>pulled over for driving 24 over on a local highway
>$260 fine
>end up getting half of the money back
And I didn't even go to court or contest it

Supposedly my Uni's policy was the same. I think what ended up saving my butt was the combination of the facts that my car was debadged so the make and model was listed as a "Red" (kek) and that I had a vanity plate that had a "1" where an "I" would normally go in the word.

Made it just vague enough that they could never track me down.
I've been pulled over twice, I'll tell both times, they were bros both times, then again the first time, I was wearing the shirt I got from my Law Enforcement shirt, and the second time...well, I'll explain...

>First time, doing 121 in an 80
>Pass this guy doing 75, think to myself "Man, it'd be funny if I get pulled over and that fucker passed me."
>Not 3 minutes later, pass a car, disco lights in the back, so I pull over.
>Walks up to me "License and registration"
>On the back of my shirt it says "Northwest Law Enforcement Academy"
>Guy asks "When'd you graduate?"
About 5 months ago
>Nice, how'd ya do?
Graduated with honours.
>Nice, well I'll be right back.
>About ten minutes of waiting
>Comes back with a ticket for 100 in 80
>Says "So, since you want to be a cop, I'm going to go easy on you, but you still have to pay for what you did."
Thank you sir, I appreciate it. Be safe.
>Thanks, you too!

The second one, my fiance wasn't wearing her seat belt.

>Pulls us over, notices our baby seat isn't strapped in correctly
>"So, I'll give you a break on not wearing a seat belt, but not having the seat in correctly, well....I'm pretty anal about it."
Well, thank you sir, could you show us how to do it correctly?
>Guy must've been new, because he entered my vehicle without permission, then put his gun right by my face
>Our daughter started crying, so he said "Aww, you afraid of the big ol' mean police officer?"
"She better not, because I want to be one in the future."
>Really? WPS?
"Yes sir."
>Finishes the seat belt
>Takes fiance's license, she bit the bullet and took the ticket.
>When he comes back he says "Just so you guys know, if you decide to fight this ticket and I'm not saying I won't, but if I don't show up, the ticket will be tossed.
Alright, thank you sir. Have a good day.
>You too, drive safe.
>A little later, I review the ticket and notice he at the bottom, he put the day in the month part and month in the day part, effectively making the ticket void.

Man, it feels nice to be a white, straight male who wants to be a police officer.
long time no see man.

>pulled for 63 in 45
>didn't see cop until he turned his lights on a quarter mile down the hill
>bike cop
>spaghetti everywhere
>forget where registration is
>don't have license on me
>get ticket for 63 in 45, and driving without license, thankfully cop looked up registration
>go to court, judge pulls up like, 12 people
>you're all here for driving without a license, and another traffic infraction
>today i will drop the traffic infraction, and just let you deal with the license, and drop that to a misdeanor
>plead guilty with license, fine is $25
>plead guilty without, fine is $45
>fuck yes
>walked out $200 lighter, but the speed would've been that much plus all the fees, plus nothing on my record or anything
>seriously fucking lucky
Yeah man, me and the fiance moved into a place together, that along with work and planning a wedding equals no time for anything. Ever.
>your engaged
since when negro

>suppose to use this paycheck to buy PS4
>wife gets busted doing 30 over
>$305 ticket

I swear to god. I'm the one with the big beefy V8 and she can't keep from flying around town in a goddamn Focus.
make her pay it
That's what you get for wanting a ps4
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