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ITT: we write to frostbytelsx, in the Texas jail.

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Here, Have a twingo
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that's very nice of you.

Here, have one, too!
This one's not working, it caught fire. And now homosexuals are trying to climb in through the windows.

Please take it back.
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Maybe this one will do?

Sorry for the trouble it caused.

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Gif thread?
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>pulled over for 15 over on interstate just now
Seems a bit pricey for not really a huge offense. What do they do with ticket money anyway?
>pulled over general
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>muh freedoms
yea but think of all the times you never got caught. is all that made up time worth $250? probably.

and they use it to pay for the inflated salaries of cops due to gratuitous overtime
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>What do they do with ticket money anyway?

They go to the Moon. Son, do you hate freedom?

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name better driving music than dnb (especially liquid dnb)

>protip: you cant
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>not eurobeat
I shiggy diggy
>Alt rock
>soft rock

Post pictures of your car and I'll make it kawaii. I'll dump my work. (Only have 3 so far.)
>Must be a front shot.
>The less of an angle of the front, the better.
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>in b4 le angry ute

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Hi guys, I'm making this thread not because it's welcome outside of /vg/, /mlp/, or /sp/, but because it has become necessary.

I'm making this thread on behalf of MayDave, who is /o/'s virtual divegrass team manager.

Today was an interesting day for the 4CC, as the previous commissioner DrBorisG stepped down from the position and announced his replacement, /a/'s former Tottori. What this means for the cup is a lot of things. Primarily, it means that teams will only be allowed to participate at the live-manager level if they can prove that their board is loyal to them, and that their manager(s) is/are actually members of the board. This means that the fans are more important than ever, and, while I know that /o/ has fans, Tottori is going to make us prove it.

Pictured is the current /o/ roster, the first item of discussion for the team. Any and all input (including the inevitable shitposting) is welcome, we just wanna see what /o/ actually thinks about the team and maybe get some new supporters who've never ventured off /o/ onboard.

The main thread is at >>>/vg/thread/77204891
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What is this?
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i don't really understand what this is about, but throw equinox on the list for old times sake
Can't even link the thread right to a thing I don't even know about.

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I'm biased towards wheels made in Japan, if that isn't obvious. What are some of your favorite wheels that tickle your fancy?

1. Blitz 03
2. MB Battles
3. Advan Model 5
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>dat 3 wheel choice
10/10 taste OP

dam nice

I would add nissan r33s and bbs CH and LMs
1. TE37
2. TE37
3. TE37
I loved the TE37 but once brands like Rota, XXR and Varrstoen started making reps of them. They don't make my heart race anymore.

Do you speed? When and where? For fun, or to save time?

Ever been caught? Share your stories.
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>Do you speed?

>When and where?
On roads where I know there probably aren't any cops.

>For fun, or to save time?
Usually fun, but sometimes I'm late.

>Ever been caught?
Nope. When you live out here, you memorize all the cop-less roads.
>Do you speed?

Everyone speeds, every day.

>For fun, or to save time?

Speed limits are irrelevant. I drive for conditions and the speed of traffic around me. Period.
I don't speed much anymore now that I'm in my mid-twenties - too afraid of Mr Policeman here in Virginia. The exception is if I'm on a long road trip, then I'll go with the flow of traffic.

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angry zenvo.png
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ITT: angry cars and unimpressed cars
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>inb4 stancefags with tacky vinyl on their headlights
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le angry ute is first
you called?

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