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Post your bike thread

Old thread hit bump limit.
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My first bike, woo. Paint is fragile as fuck (scratches on top tube are from leaning against a fucking tree) but I guess that's what comes from this stupid matte finish trend. Oh well.
Looks good though.
Wax the fuck out of it to help protect the finish.

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Boat/yacht thread? Boat/yacht thread.

Starting off with one of my favourites, the 143' "Esense" by Wally. Easily recognizable by its flush deck and sleek lines, this carbon fibre superyacht is (supposedly) sailable by a one-man crew.
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Damn, that's classy. You could get the ladies all tipsy topside then take them to a nice comfortable place below deck, and, you know, they can't refuse.

Because of the implication.
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That's exquisite.


If you just want to fuck whores, you could probably find ways to do so that don't involve buying a $27,000,000 bedroom.

Well, maybe not *you*...
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Loves me some trimaran

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/Post your bike thread/

Old thread is kill
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My commuter whip and my sporting whip.

They're both dirty from winter riding. I'm gonna strip them, clean them, and do yearly maintence on them here shortly. Once I'm certain there's no more snow. (it wouldn't be the first snowy April I've had here in Illinois.)
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Fresh off today's (brutal, bone-jarring) road race.

Poor thing, it's 8 years old this year, and was never intended for the punishment I dole out to it, week after week.
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Serious question, where should the padding be when you wear clothes with chamois? Should my shaft and balls be buried within or not even touching the pad at all? Is my asshole where the thick part of the pad should be or is it my taint that needs the thick part?

Didn't use bike general because fuck you, no one uses it.
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>bqg 264 replies
>frequently hits post limits
Not getting a real answer because fuck you

Fuck off.
Thread hidden.
It's the same 2 ppl, stop being gay

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Who likes trucks?

Discuss and/or post pics on nice diesel beasts
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cab-under master race reporting
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Heavy hauler!

Is this a good bus /n/?
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Pretty standard
I loves me some Metro Transit. QT buses and LRTs.


So with winter just around the corner, I was wondering what /n/ does to winterize your bikes, and keep warm during your commute. This will be my first winter commuting via bicycle, so any tips/pointers would be helpful.
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Bump, this will be my first time riding in the snow

Don't bump, this is a slow board.

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how do I get good at cycling?

I've been riding my whole life and after a 12 month recovery from multiple surgeries I'm riding again and trying to get more serious about it as I realised, after all these years, I never really managed to become much of a formidable cyclist. I started talking shop with local pros and using strava and realising just how fast some of these guys are riding. Seriously. I average ~20-25kmph on some of my segments that some guys are doing at 40+.

I'll admit, I ride a SS track Pista, but I've met guys who go pretty hard on singlespeed, I feel like it shouldn't be holding it back as much as it is.

How do I get good at going fast? Do I need some souped up road bike? Do I need to be super skinny or something? I just don't get how these guys are riding so damn fast so consistently... Some of my local cycling club members log 80kmph on relatively gentle declines. Shit is crazy.
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Get Friels training bible, get a power meter, get Friels training with power book.

2 long slow rides a week, 2 intense fast shorter rides a week. Get in at least 10 hours a week. Stop giving a shit about average speed, strava segments, and miles logged. Start doing club rides and some racing.

Yup, this all sounds real as hell. Thanks for answering my dumb vague question, I was just cooking out because I'm shocked at what a bad cyclist I am after a lifetime of riding.
I've been doing 20km minimum daily since recovery but I think something as simple as breaking up distance rides and fast rides might be the medicine.

Thanks for the reality check.
Ride more.
Don't worry about speed. Speed will come eventually.

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Not sure what the interest level is, but lets discuss all things aviation!
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might fare better on /k/
Why's that? I don't go on /k/, but I was under the impression it was for weapons?
GA is a lot of fun, but only if you're a richfag.

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