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Who are your biggest musical influences, /mu/?

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Who are your biggest musical influences, /mu/?
robbie basho
graham lambkin
young thug
mark hollis
GG Allin
Balinese Gamelan
A Wilhelm Scream
Basement Jaxx
Daft Punk
Jazz in general
Kylie Minogue
Library music and 60s and 70s French/Italian/German film soundtracks
Italo disco
The B-52's
The Cure
The Misfits
Zero 7
i pretty much sound like a bad mix of Barenaked Ladies and Jethro Tull
Kevin Barnes.
I just want to do what he does.
Right now it's probably Omer Klein. Other than that I guess Brian Wilson, The Beatles, and Jimi Hendrix.
Talk Talk
Miles Davis
Alice Coltrane
Mark Hollis
Brian Eno
John Fahey
David Bowie
Pat Martino
The Beatles

Otomo Yoshihide
Laurie Anderson
Luc Ferrari

The Beatles
Beach Boys
The Doors
Jimi Hendrix
Sliver Apples
Soft Machine
Frank Zappa
The Shaggs
Captain Beefheart
Neil Young
Black Sabbath
Led Zeppelin
Pink Floyd
Jethro Tull
Joni Mitchell
Tom Waits
The Congos
Augustus Pablo
Van Halen
Talking Heads
Meat Puppets
Beastie Boys
Simon and Garfunkel
Pearl Jam
Alice In Chains
Dr. Dre
The Pharcyde
Wu-Tang Clan
The Notorious B.I.G.
Digable Planets
Electric Wizard
DJ Shadow
Modest Mouse
Neutral Milk Hotel
Aesop Rock
Tenacious D
Queens of the Stone Age
Norah Jones
Dizzee Rascal
The Flaming Lips
Weird Al
King Sunny Ade
Joanna Newsom
J Dilla
Oneohtrix Point Never
Death Grips
Jon Gomm
Kendrick Lamar
Modest Mouse
The Dismemberment Plan
Zazen Boys
Biggest influences =/= every artist you listen to that you can think of off the top of your head
That's a fraction of what I listen to
My music sounds like a synthesis of Sgt. Pepper-era Paul McCartney and the kind of music that Yes were doing around 90125 (:
Marina & the Diamonds
so it sucks?
Bob Dylan

Honestly, most of my tastes in general stem from tracing his influences, their influences, the people he's influenced, others both groups influenced, etc.
>off the top of your head

reason I started producing
Every one of those artists impacts my music in a major way, you simpleton
these ugly fuckers
the velvet underground
the fall
Scot Le Faro
The Grateful Dead
The Beach Boys
Duke Ellington
Charles Mingus
Louis Armstrong
Give me a run down of how everyone does what then.
Surely if they're all huge influences it shouldn't be any trouble.
I will wait.
patrick flegel
oliver ackermann
will anderson
that would require more effort than I'm willing to put into convincing a nobody of something they're not going to accept anyway

nice talking to you :)
>durr i gues your rong durr hurr

there, I already wrote your reply for you :)
Nine Inch Nails
Oneohtrix Point Never
Dead Voices on Air
Skinny Puppy
Throbbing Gristle
Clams Casino
I mean if you actually listed why each of those bands influences you I'm pretty sure it would be accepted
see >>60187780
He won't because they all don't.
Most of the replies have just been people's favorite artists not who actually inspire or influence their music.
what if i said i dont even make music
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I was wondering if someone would post this. Dylan gets very little love on /mu/ considering how good his late 60s-mid 70s period was.
Boredoms and Lightning Bolt. I'm also tempted to say Glenn Branca even though I don't like his work very much aside from Gloria.

Tool would also be an acceptable choice since they introduced me to prog metal/rock, which lead me toward everything else.
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the beatles



king crimson

neutral milk hotel
dear lord
I want to hear your music senpai
>The Beatles
Strong melodic songwriting and personal, introspective lyricism
>Beach Boys
Tight harmonies and unorthodox instrumentation
>The Doors
Atmospheric psychedelic soundscapes and daring lyrical poetry
>Jimi Hendrix
Integration of strong songwriting, instrumental gymnastics, and conceptual ambition
>Sliver Apples
>Soft Machine
Taking big risks and pushing the boundaries of your time
>Frank Zappa
Combining genres, humor, technical virtuosity, and legitimate feeling to become wholly original
>The Shaggs
>Captain Beefheart
Music doesn't always have to follow the rules, and anything can find a niche with enough conviction and dedication
>Neil Young
Folk can have an angsty side and rock can have a sensitive side, as long as the songwriting is solid and the lyrics are poignant and sung without artificiality
>Black Sabbath
>Led Zeppelin
Big riffs lmao
>Pink Floyd
Drama can be done tastefully if the compositions suit it
>Jethro Tull
Quirkiness can be both esoteric and accessible with intelligent songwriting
>Joni Mitchell
Creativity draws heavily from one's own reality
>Tom Waits
Like Neil Young, but with a lot more emphasis on experimentation and synthesizing your influences
Like Jethro Tull, but with a bigger emphasis on technical proficiency and how it can still work for a "poppier" kind of song
>The Congos
>Augustus Pablo
Introduced me to the world of innovative dub music production, from which all electronic music has sprung
Like Rush, but with a bigger emphasis on the pop aspect
>Van Halen
There's a way to make showboating tasteful
>Talking Heads
You shouldn't be afraid to tout your influences and combine them into something accessible
Sometimes the "simplest" music can be the most creative
Music can be tastefully hypersexual if the compositions are strong
>Meat Puppets
Some aspects of one's music can be so good that they make up for or even add charm to other shortcomings

shall I continue?
Justin Bieber
>I-I dont want to put in any effort
No not really.
I appreciate you being slightly better than a shitter though and actually giving me an answer.
eat shit
Kill thyself
*tips reddit*
If I had to really narrow it down, it'd be Yes, Moon Safari, Joe Satriani, and lots of videogame music.
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Nick Drake
Bob Dylan
Neil Young
Daisuke Tobari
Elliot Smith
Alex G
pretty much Brian Wilson, Nick Drake and The Beatles.
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charles cohen
paul bley
sun ra
hans joachim roedelius
maurice ravel
claude debussy
richard strauss
sibylle baier
antonio carlos jobim

I'm big into arranging in a pop sensibility with a slightly french sound. Strauss is in there because he perfected counterpoint (in my eyes)
As a guitarist (I play in a jazz fusion band):
Bluegrass in general, but I particularly like The Dillards, Yonder Mountain String Band, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, and Tony Rice
John Scofield
Ronny Jordan
Grant Green
Gabor Szabo
Dick Dale and surf rock in general
Ernest Ranglin
Alexi Laiho (lol I know)

For my electronic music:
Skinny Puppy
Czarny Hifi
Lo Fidelity Allstars
Front 242
Conrad Schnitzler
The Prodigy
Tangerine Dream
Vangelis (Blade Runner soundtrack)
Those are some interesting influences
I like Roedelius, don't see him mentione much here
Also some very interesting influences, kind of all over the place
you guys should collab T B H
File: COHEN-Charles-1.jpg (122KB, 460x388px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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yeah i''m trying to do synthesizer based improvisation/free jazz, not a huge pool of people to draw from
i also love people like m geddes gengras and keith fullerton whitman, but it was people like cohen and bley, but especially sun ra, who opened my eyes to the possibilities of my favourite instrument in my favourite genre of music
roedelius is fantastic, yeah i don't really see kosmiche stuff discussed here much - kluster/cluster especially

>tfw i will never afford an buchla music easel like charles
why even try
How do you feel about Conrad Schnitzler's solo stuff?
i honestly haven't explored that much of it, i've heard blau and rod but that's about it
never see his stuff on vinyl round me as well
I'm up for collabing, with anyone who's interested, [email protected]
You should listen to Conrad & Sohn when you get a chance
Also Ballet Statique
Paul McCartney
Dead Kennedys
Cheap Trick
Dinosaur Jr.
Harvey Danger
The Knack
The Beatles
Big Black
The Cars
Black Sabbath
The Smashing Pumpkins
Main project:
>surreal lyricism, unique sound and instrumentation
The Front Bottoms
>very detailed lyrics, impassioned delivery, fantastic songwriting
Modern Baseball
>Great jams, feels, varied guitar tones, feels
Elliott Smith
>light instrumentation, whispery delivery,
Sufjan Stevens
>great implementation of sampling and electronic elements into folk composition, feels
Giles Corey
>existentialist and depressive themes
(forgot this)
Side project:
>dark and dusty beats but also full and detailed
Sufjan Stevens
>see: Enjoy Your Rabbit and Age of Adz
Death Grips
>extremely varied delivery, different sounds for different projects.
>tons of characterization, funny lyrics, clever sampling
>Full-ass beats, fantastic talent of flipping samples
You pretty much posted all the ones i was going to do except Fleet Foxes.
Favorite artists can't be influential?
Toshimaru Nakamura
Gustav Mahler
JS Bach (too easy I guess)
Steve Roden
John Fahey
Gavin Bryars
J Dilla

all always inspire me to think about music in different ways, and to never be close-minded, writing or listening


also nice
Gary Wilson
we basically sound a little bit like the velvet undreground and a lot like right said fred.
as an anonymous , artist that we definitely don't care about, what do you even get out of divulging such a pretentiously huge list of influences?
>Charles Cohen, growing tired of the knobs on his Buchla, decided to molest a 14 year old boy.
jandek, grouper, low
Colin Stetson
Trent Reznor
Aaron North
Jimi Hendrix
Lightning Bolt
Jordaan Mason
Fleetwood Mac
The Strokes
Dick Dale

To a limited degree:
St. Vincent
Doom/Stoner Metal
Djenty stuff like Meshuggah or Animals as Leaders
the dodos
animal collective
and rei harakami
Brian Wilson
Sawao Yamanaka
Johnny Marr
David Bowie
Johnny Greenwood
Rivers Cuomo
David Bryne
Tom Verlaine
Cashmere Cat and Blondie
Paul Gilbert
Yngwie Malmsteen
Marty Friedman
Dave Mustaine
Adrian Smith
Glenn Tipton
KK Downing
>Djenty stuff like Meshuggah or Animals as Leaders
spotted the closeted fag
Nick Drake
Xiu Xiu
tom york
Sorry for not knowing more bands like that? I don't know what the problem is
The Mars Volta
Piero Piccioni
Miles Davis
The Mahavishnu Orchestra
As Cities Burn
August Burns Red
Return to Forever
Carlos Jobim
Animals as Leaders

It seems like I'm posting everything I can think of, but all of those elements end up in my music someway. Sometimes very small, but it's all there.
>liking and being influenced by a lot of artists is pretentious

you did see Tenacious D on that list, right?
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For me by far has to be DAF, their combination of thick acid bassline sequences and live percussion makes me want to join punk and electronic together in creative ways.
>being upset that someone has chosen to list off all of their influences on a Laotian fingertrap forum
If you don't care about him, why are you replying?
Mah niggas
The Gories
Ging Nang Boyz
Scott h. Biram
The Pillows
R .L. Burnside
>Doing ONE not pretentious thing
Taylor Swift
Pink Floyd
Big Black

I don't know what the fuck I'm making
see >>60194731
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