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2 am why not discuss early beach boys

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I practically perfected the first third of my beach boys comp. All the Beach/Surf Pop and Rock instrumentals are sequenced very well, but I'm having a hard time combining the rest of their early material. I still need to organize the Hot rod/love songs/break up songs/orchestrated pop and Today! tracks, though i have a few ideas
I'd discuss about Beach Boys but I've only listened to Pet Sounds
so have most of the Beach boys "fans" here

But tbh they went downhill soon after with slight glimmers of greatness.

the "TOP" albums praised here seem to be Pet Sounds, The Smile Sessions and Surf's Up with occasional mention of smiley smile in a contrarian way
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The concept so far, the track segue into one another pretty well a majority of the time too, that was my number one consideration when incorporating the instrumental tracks
1. 1234 count off best utilized to start things off? where else would it fit?
2. Surf Rock cover, obvious continuation for a "surf jam"
3. LETS GO TRIPPING continues the dick dale trend, simultaneously concludes "Surf Jam" and starts the "Trip"/"Safari"
EVERYBODY'S LEARNIN HOW (sets up 3rd section "Learnin How")
>From Hawaii to shores of Peru (basis of this section)
6. DRIVING DOWN THE COASTLINE > Califronia > Chicago > New York > Detroit > Miami > Philly > Alabama
7. Brian's Highlight (oldest brother first)
8. "Trip" concept returns
More american places, few international locations
9. Dennis' Highlight (Middle Brother second)
10. End of the "Trip" (ON TOP OF THE WORLD) an beginning of "Learnin How"
Don't be afraid to try the greatest sport around
Everybody tries it once
Those who don't just have to put it down
11. stoked on surfing? obviously, but it fits tightly here
12. Trial and error, the initiation process
13. Carl's Highlight (Youngest brother last)
nicest way to make the "chance" work out
14. HE'S SOMETHIN' YOU AND I WOULD LIKE TO BE after getting a grasp on surfing, this presents a new goal
15. Surfing rocks now, sounds similiar to the bridge in noble surfer
17. A really great overview of Surfing and i think its a perfect end to their most explicit surf rock and pop, since it ends with doing it all again tomorrow
friends, 2020, holland, and sunflower are all great albums too...
I still need to incorporate plenty of stuff, but my ideas so far include

Shut Down Part 2 > 409 > Shut Down > summer time blues > Bugged at my old man > In My Room >>> Don't Worry Baby

Girls on the Beach > Surfer Girl > Summer Means New Love > California Girls

Dance Dance Dance>Do You Wanna Dance>Please Let Me Wonder>Then I Kissed Her>We'll Run Away

Fun, Fun, Fun > Car Crazy Cutie > Let Him Run Wild

and I'm pretty set on ending it with
And Your Dreams Come True > A Young Man Is Gone > Hushabye
they only a few decent songs on them though

they arent great as a whole
Wrong thread, newfriends
What about Love You? Probably one of the best Beach Boys albums ever imo
I essentially discovered summer days (and summer nights!!) Album and hot Damn this is a great album I love all the songs but that girl don't tell me - summer means new love stretch is fucking impressive. I'm seriously impressed. I need to hear today! as soon as possible
Most of what they did before All Summer Long was garbage with obnoxious cover songs.

Regardless, In My Room is very nice and they did pioneer the surf music sound in this stage
Never really listened to early beach boys before, but just threw these into a playlist. Thanks anon
Sunflower and Friends are consistently great.
Don't Worry Baby is a classic song. Surfin' USA and Surfer Girl are solid albums.
You're very welcome. I want to add more tracks but its hard linking together such loosely recurring themes
Pretty cool idea, OP. I hope you complete the comp and share it with us.
Me too, I just got to listen for more of a story since i'm a little stumped at the moment
Thread posts: 17
Thread images: 2

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