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>stop making random producer related question threads edition
Remember to use:
>clyp.it for posting WiPs
No one gives a shit about your soundcloud, so don't post it unless specifically asked to.

>Pastebin - Links, books, videos, articles, tutorials and stuff:
http://pastebin.com/QXRCaVsZ (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed)

>/prod/ wiki - looking for contributors (wink, wink)

/prod/ IRC is up!
To join, you can go to http://www.rizon.net/chat
Choose a nick, put #/prod/ as channel. Enter!
Or you can get a lightweight desktop client here https://hexchat.github.io/downloads.html

How was your day /prod/? Mine:
1st for software rules
I'm buying a general MIDI module today (MU-128) I'm in too deep /prod/
>stop making random producer related question threads

what, so that death grips, vapourwave, and ">band has 2 drummers" threads can reign supreme?
i'm not sure what to do anymore, really, no inspiration, nothing, i just stopped producing fuckk, someone help me
everytime i finish a big prject i feel the same way. got no ideas, no desire to do any more music, think i might quit, but i know its not true. the itch comes back eventually, usually pretty soon.
Been working on a song solo and just wanna know what you guys think.

All recorded in Logic X with a £40 tascam DI, so naturally i'm embracing the lofi feel.

Have a gander, not sure if its release ready or not though.

I've been trying some electro projects using stagelight as the software, but I can never get (and have no idea how to properly) get those professional sounding wubs using stagelight

I'm just starting out, but I have so many ideas that there's just a huge backlog of songs I need to shit out.
How would I go about making cassette tapes out of mp3 files, I can get my hands on an old school dual cassette player with a record button on it, would I be able to hook my laptop headphone plug up to this, have any /mu/tants made their own cassettes like this before?
where can i get some good kontakt 5 libraries
>inb4 link in OP
already went to the russian site, wouldn't let me log in after i registered.
how's FL Studio 12?
ere bro got it from rutracker

put this magnet link inside your torrent client

How do I get decent VSTs for Rosegarden? Everything sounds like shit but it may be because I don't know how to use it at all. Maybe I should get back to Cubase.
the ultimate good build is FL 8. Later versions are shiny flashy crap with no sensible improvements. Prove me wrong.
>everytime i finish a big prject i feel the same way. got no ideas, no desire to do any more music, think i might quit, but i know its not true

yo holy shit this is me right here. everytime i finish a song i don't get back to producing for like 3 weeks. i just get uninspired, unmotivated, and careless after i finish a song. shits weird
>How was your day /prod/?
I woke up early this morning, so I slept in and stayed in bed an extra 6-7 hours.
I'm also too lazy to type out my dream(s) today.
There was some weir super hero stuff (I was a super hero(s) at some points), and I was attending some college (that doesn't exist in what I perceive to be reality) and there was an importance on PE for some reason.
I also saw a substantial amount of my old middle and high school classmates at that college...
What does nostalgia sound like, /prod/?
depends on how old the nostalgia needs to be. for every 10 years into the past you gotta go, lower the limiter ceiling 1dB and increase the (C-weighted) crest factor of the overall signal by 5dB. Or, if you're a pleb who uses faux-scientific measures, increase the "DR" value by idunno, like 6dB.
Hey guys, do any of you have any experience with mics? I wanna mic up my drum kit (only on a basic level) and I want the mics I use for that to also be usable for other purpose eg guitar amp, bass amp, vocals, acoustic guitar. I'm looking at the Audix D6 for kick drum/bass guitar and SM57 for snare/guitar amp but unsure about overheads. I have a four channel interface with preamps and phantom power on all channels. The overheads also need to be reasonably priced as I don't have a huge budget. Ty guys
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>do any of you have any experience with mics?
I only have a guitar hero microphone.
I did hang out around a studio and recorded some music that had a condenser microphone though.
what's the budget? the MXL 603 pair is pretty good for instruments and OHs. there are a million similar mics by different brands, Samson, Behringer, etc. You probably want small diaphragm condensers, but if you want large diaphragm things could get interesting. The Nady CM-960 is pretty great for the price, and has the added bonus of being cardioid and omni. Mics like that are great for OHs, vocs, guitars, piani, etc.

but really, what's do you want to spend on the pair?
Ideally below £200 for the pair
File: SCM960.jpg (318KB, 750x750px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
318KB, 750x750px
AKG C1000
Nady CM-960
MXL 603s
Behringer idunno-know-what (I don't really look into Behringer stuff)

As a side note, for like 50 american you can buy omni capsules for the MXL 603s, so you can switch the cardioid capsules with those whenever you want. Omnis give you a whole different set of capability and aesthetic than the cardioid capsules do.

Also, because the Nady CM 960 is a large(r) diaphragm it'll be nice and quiet for a lower price... it colors the sound a bit but people seem to love them. those are like $60US a piece!
Wow thanks man I'll have a look at all of these. I know how important getting the right mics is, the trouble is the ones I've used in studios are always top end which I don't have the budget for. Thanks though man much appreciated
How many of you have an ear that's more sensitive than the other?

My right ear is more sensitive than my left, and I think it might be affecting the way I mix things.
Nobody has the budget for Neumanns and C414s and shit! You gotta go cheep but you can do really well if you go smart. I'm like, big into mics and always making sure I have a mic for every application, but I don't have money for big purchases. So, I research a lot, and buy cheep and it pretty much always works-out (although I've had to do a couple exchanges). I got a pile of dynamics, 4 ribbons, and a pile of condensers. It's a lovely way to live!

I'm hoping to get a CM-960 pair sometime soon, but only if there isn't something more important first. Right now I have the MXL 603 pair (with the additional omni capsules) so those alone have me covered pretty well... but those are small diaphragm and dem large diaphragms are pretty sweet....

And you're welcome, it's no problem at all! I can talk about mics and recording all day
Thread posts: 27
Thread images: 3

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