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Good cassette labels?

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What are some good cassette labels? Nicely designed art, and good releases.

General cassette thread too I guess.
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I dont really see the appeal of cassettes anymore. the only way I could listen to one is in my car.
>hurr durr not owning a tape player
no. With CDs, I can burn them on my computer, put them in my ps2 or bluray player to listen to, and play them in my car
I dont really understand vinyls either, but they come with cool art sometimes, so thats cool i guess

Is there something about cassettes im missing?
i love cassettes but they're definitely a gimmick and it's more of for fun than any other format i believe. the only real pro over anything else is that theyre easy to transport and stack and everything, with the compact size and shape. most people believe that they're cheaper for putting out music physically but i believe cd-r's are better
yeah im not going to go out of my way for a cassette, but if I see one from an artist I like, i might buy it just to say i own it on cassette
Vinyl's anachronistic mystique and analog charm without the cost.

Also certain genres (lofi indie, drone, metal) just have a strong cassette tradition that people like to honour.
big ear
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jurassic pop
oh ya for op
theyre not as active anymore but im sure they still distribute
Strange Rules
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LFD Records has cool glow and the dark and holographic stuff. There aren't very many other labels doing artistic stuff with tapes, but a lot of individual artists have self released some really innovative tapes. look up TAPE CREOSOTE for an example.

I think the fact that as soon as you rip the CD you can pretty much toss it aside makes CD the most obsolete out of all of those. You can pretty much digitially download the CD experience, but you cant download the experience you will have with tape, vinyl, 8track, etc..
Does anyone know where I can buy empty cassettes in Europe?

I only know of Tapeline in the UK and of Headless Duplicate Tapes in the Czech Republic.
what experience does one get with vinyl that makes it superior to cd?
tapes were cool back in the day when you could trade tapes, and find some really obscure, cool music that other people probably would never hear. Nowadays, that doesn't exist.
have you looked online? i get all mine from amazon for 15~ dollars for a pack of 10
Audio quality
You get to hear a bunch of pops that aren't on the album over the album playing.
beats scratched CDs
Personally I just really like the sort of shitty noise quality they have. Reminds me of a time when I was little and me and my mom were going to pick my dad up from his workplace.
On Amazon I can't find any packs of cassettes that are not 60 or 90 minutes.
Orange Milk Records
BARO records
Beer On The Rug
Sanity Muffin
Hooker Vision
Hanson Records
NNA Tapes
Exo Tapes
Geographic North
Constellation Tatsu
Sacred Phases

If you wanna find a lot of good tape labels I recommend checking out Tabs Out Podcast they cover a lot of good obscure stuff.
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