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ITT: fun fan theories for albums. >album opens with person

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ITT: fun fan theories for albums.

>album opens with person dying; either of old age or possibly suicide
>rest of album is "life flashing before their eyes"
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schizophrenic paul banks

all the songs are in his own head up until Leif Erikson

when he is finally in the present with the girl he's extremely cautious and not as anxious-sounding as in the other songs. in this one he sounds genuinely worried
It's about a sailor/boat pilot who always had fancy yeti parties
One day he decides to sail into deep sea never to come back
I just realized that I have two other theories for Sufjan albums that involve death. for Adz and Sisyphus.

this is probably confirmed or theorized by someone else but

i feel like this is about an apocalyptic scenario set off by a technological uprising, terminator-esque but with kind of a more Y2K situation u feel me
In this album, a character falls in love with his step-sister, who reminds him of Anne Frank.

In King of Carrot Flowers pt. 1, the lyrics always address "your mom" and "dad", but never "our mom" or "your dad". Their siblings who became siblings after their parents marry.

Also, the song off Ferris Wheel on Fire that didn't make it on to Aeroplane is title Oh Sister and deals with being rejected by someone and watching them live the rest of their life.
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Not my theory, but I heard one about this album being a concept album involving the same character throughout, with it chronologically starting with Welcome to Bangkok and ending with You Won't Know.

The tracks following Welcome to Bangkok are about this guy trying to win over the affections of this girl he's madly fallen for, but is either rejected or his love goes unrequited or some such.

From Sowing Season and onward, it deals with his growing depression until it comes to a head with him getting drunk and driving off, resulting in the death of Kay in Limousine. You Won't Know is essentially the guilt he feels over what he's done.
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It's the opposite of the Downward Spiral.

As in, the main character of the Downward Spiral is torn apart, falling into his own madness throughout the record (think "The Wall" but with more assumed suicide).

The Fragile tells the same story, but in reverse, with either the same or a different character (depending on who you think it is) progressing from "Somewhat Damaged" to "Ripe (With Decay)" as he progresses through the record.
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I'm fairly certain that the first half of this album (Tunnels to Crown of Love) resembles death and the latter half (wake up to in the backseat) resembles rebirth.

Beautiful album.
Doesn't Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness have a theory like that?
To me, Age of Adz is structured in such a way that it throws every bit of misery it finds (lovers commiting suicide, breakup, natural disasters, paranoia) and then tells you to stop being a wuss and get up.
idk but if it does Funeral does it better

It's even in the name: Funeral
The band said they wrote the album after many people died, and then in a sense the later half of the album seems to be a beautiful rebirth of sorts
Life is a domino effect. Once the first one is pushed down, all of them will fall, and it will reach an end.
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Going back to the house where you grew up in and going over all of the memories you made when you were a child and still had the hopes of a good life, but now you are grown up and alone, and you hang yourself in your childhood bedroom.
If AF were even remotely capable of being that dark, I don't know. I'd probably love that album as much as their debut. But they don't illicit that sort of emotional response from me. Not even close. Honestly, their music makes me happy more often than not. Brings me right back to when I was young.
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It's about sex
I think it has to do with your personal experiences man, the album makes me nostalgic and sad because I miss my childhood and wish I could be happy like that again.
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>1. you are waiting for a bus
>2. an old woman sits and waits with you
>3. A bus comes but it's not yours, lady leaves
>4. A thief runs past a girl follows calling for help police shortly follow
>5. Biker stops and rests before leaving
>6. You receive a call from someone
>7. You notice a girl sitting across the street waiting for a separate bus
>8. The Girl notices you
>9. Bus Arrives you do not get on
>10. Go to girl You get on the girl's bus
>11.Hidden bonus track:[spoiler]you follow the girl to her house rape and kill her[/spoiler]
It actually opens with someone losing their job and not really caring. pay more attention
holy shit
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El Zocalo - 30sec fanfare, Zocalo sort of means town square in Spanish
La Llorana - "the lady", about a rich young man who can't win a peasant girl's affection, so he joins the war only to die a foolish young boy
My Wife - An old man remembers his wife before he sets off for war, remembering all the good and bad times with the fat old lady, he takes this quietly and solemnly
The Akara - Akara is an Afro-Brazilian dish, a black slave escaped Brazil to come to Mexico where slavery was abolished, he now sees the coming war as a chance to show his newfound patriotism
On the Bayonet - an old soldier that actually has seen war remembers what it's like to watch a man's life slip from his eyes as you stab him
The Shrew - an old lonesome farmer who had nothing in life but a stubborn burro had to take it out and shoot it,with no friends left in this world he goes off to the war to become a hero

tl;dr March of the Zapotec is the story of the Zapotec Wars told through the eyes of five lowly Mexican soldiers, they will kill and die, and life in the villages will go on quietly
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I thought it was just about how life has changed because things you do on the internet stay with you forever now

like how kids will never know what it's like to not have complete privacy of their childhood
What album??
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