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Can't stand seeing the catalog without it edition Reme

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Can't stand seeing the catalog without it edition

Remember to use:
>clyp.it for posting WiPs
No one gives a shit about your soundcloud, so don't post it unless specifically asked to.

>Pastebin - Links, books, videos, articles, tutorials and stuff:
http://pastebin.com/QXRCaVsZ (embed) (embed)

>/prod/ wiki - looking for contributors (wink, wink)

/prod/ IRC is up!
To join, you can go to http://www.rizon.net/chat
Choose a nick, put #/prod/ as channel. Enter!
Or you can get a lightweight desktop client here https://hexchat.github.io/downloads.html
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Now time for me to post this semen demon, from Musikmesse.
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is it possible to assign aftertouch to pitch bending so that you could solo while playing a bass line at the same time? also how does one midi map so that your controls are always available when you open your DAW plugin or view it.
where do you guys get all your samples from? like can you just download whole kits from somewhere?

Also, did LMMS ever fix its song sampling? Can you actually do more stuff than just copy/paste?
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probably but i think the answer is going to be DAW-specific

I collect them over time from various places... reason factory stuff, plus i've on occasion been a keyholder for tons of haddrives and sample CDs and shit, so my last day i spent ripping everything. i make a lot of them too with foley/field recording stuff.

today I put handles on the Leslie. it's had wheel for like 5 years but never handles, it was stupid.
As a pleb, I use the free Loopmasters excite pack and I pirate other Loopmasters packs. I also use the free samples listed on musicradar.
I fucking love writing drums

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threds ded bb
threds ded
send yr beats to me:
It was /prod/, they called /prod/ the playground of /mu/
There was no place like it, in the whole internet, like /prod/ when I was a newfag.
No place in the internet like it, and it was so fabulous.
Now it's shrunk down to almost nothing... you see.
And, uh, I still remember in my mind how things used to be, and... uh, you know, I feel very bad.
But people from all over the internet came here... from all over the world... it was the playground they called it the playground of the internet... over here.
Anyways, you see, I... uh... you know...
I even got, when I was very new, I even got lost on /mu/, but they found me... on the... on /prod/
And we used to post on /prod/ here, post overnight... they don't do that anymore.
Things changed... you see.
They don't post anymore on /prod/
i'm using ableton and i can't get my shit to work properly. like if i map my EQ i can't use it again if i make another project, or if i have multiple EQs it doesn't pass over.
yo seriously why is prod dead? what happened? this place used to be packed son.

Idk :(
Is the irc alive?
no idea. i can't really use an irc for shit.
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Just got back from a recording session with a band that I'm recording an EP for. Recorded bass and guitar.

Here's a little clip


It's not really mixed though.
Some random mediocrity I'm working on. What do you guys think? Oh heads up, it's EDM.

Damn, after listening to the bounced MP3 I realise there is a fair bit too much reverb lel
Sounding pretty tight imo, good shit anon.
what vsts are you using?
For what? For the synths it's all massive and the effects are all just FL stock standard
oh, well i like it man keep at it

i'm still rather new at this myself though
Cheers mang. What styles are you looking at producing? I might be able to point you in the direction of some decent tutorial channels on youtube
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I've been here a while and don't use the IRC either. I come to /prod/ as I like it here, but I tried the IRC and although it seemed way busier than any prod thread with multiple posts in under a minute, I'm not really into IRC so I stopped using it.
I really hope /prod/ survives or gets some new blood as it's lonely where I live out in the country and no one to talk about prod with, I miss the busy weekend threads here, most of this weekend and pretty much all week prod hasn't even had a thread :(
im kinda new here, im using an akai mpk mini and fl studio, i want to make noisy shoegaze and goth shit, where do i start with vsts suitable for the genres i want to make?
i only have massive
get a guitar
i have a gibson sg, i dont want to use a guitar for it
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Which is better, /mu/
https://instaud.io/6xJ 110 bpm
https://instaud.io/6xV 158 bpm
I think you may have accidentally uploaded the same file for both links anon
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Tear me a new one, /prod/. I've never done something even remotely similar to this.
Is it just me or is Waves really shit?

Two thirds of Mercury is useless shit or just the same shit but with either features cut out or tacked on, the tape emulations are decent but still nothing like a real tape recorder, the SSL is decent but not the best emulation. There's like 20 EQs and compressors that are all the same exact thing, except one of them is linear phase and some have more bands.

I don't get the hype for their plugins.
A lot of the EQs and Compressors are emulations of different physical gear, though. Also, what's a better tape emulator or SSL emulation?
UAD's stuff, SSL Duende, some of IK's channel strips are good emulations. I guess it's the best emulation that doesn't require an iLok.

i actually really like this but i can't figure the vocal sample out perfectly
I wouldn't buy the bundles as there is far too much in there for me, I like to keep my plugins simple and varied. I do own a few Waves plugs I like the few I own and I use them a lot. I have much love for the multitap, LoAir, meta flanger and the J37. I sometimes buy a new plugin when I'm wanting to do something music related but can't be fucked to write, so I'll grab a few beers and just sit and play with sounds and a plugin, this usually happens Friday night after a long week at work
Yeah I own Renaissance Maxx (good deal on it for $99 a year ago), but decided to do an "extended demo" of everything else. To me, Renaissance Maxx just seems like the 'no bullshit' bundle - everything else just kind of seems samey, there's not a lot of variation. For what I'm doing at least.

The J37 looks nice, and I didn't mind the H-Comp. Perhaps "really shit" was the wrong word, but I feel a lot of their plugins are overrated.
Yeah I'd agree to a certain extent but I feel like this might well be the way with most software developers, as much as I don't think Waves are alone with this type of marketing.
Waves have been around a long time and have some big name producers on board with them that can also talk some hype too, but let's not forget that they do make some pretty great plugins, over hyped and over priced maybe buy still good.
>i'm using ableton
make a new project and map everything you need, you can also make some tracks and slap some eqs on etc.

then go to preferences and save as standard set
each time you create a new project your own template will be loaded
yeah but lets say you only have 4 knobs on your controller

if i want to map it to my EQ,comp, and so forth, how do i make the DAW not just overlap and replace my EQ map with the knobs of the compressor? i want to be able to sort of jog between the two then tweak the knobs, but i don't know how this is done...that being said thanks for the standard set thing. i'll set that up first.
I made a track and uploaded it to youtube, but on youtube it turned out really quiet, any help?

When I open the video I uploaded on my computer everything is still normal but on youtube it's way quieter
Maybe use different midi channels? I never wanted to bother with that. If it's that big a deal, look into some gear natively supported by Ableton? Maybe Push automatically maps knobs? I know the Arturia keyboards do with the Bitwig producer pack.
>how do i make the DAW not just overlap and replace
no idea sorry, does ableton support multiple inputs so you could use one button as a toggle? so when you map the eq you use the 4 knobs and when you map the comp you press the toggle switch and turn the knob or something like that? Don't have my controller here so I can't try
i did a thing

is it cool /prod/?

i like it
thnx fam
How the fuck do I use Ableton?

How hard is it to make beats like this in ableton or something


I'm wondering what kind of samples he uses
How is this for house music /prod/?
Any critiques would be greatly appreciated
>How is this for house music /prod/?
>How is this for mid 00's post-Big Beat /prod/?
pretty good actually

aesthetically sounds like the sort of thing you might hear dropped between a Pryda track and a Freemasons remix in the latter half of last decade (and this is very, very far from being a bad thing).

>that untreated windows error sample at 0:59, 2:59
chintzy af tbh

track hit its most interesting point at 4:00. i was properly surprised to hear that & imo you'd be better off reworking your bridge to sound like your ending portion over that filtered boyz noise vocaloid breakdown doing the same riff as before.

overall fairly above decent- keep on it cause it's got serious promise but imo it needs about 1000% more Beyonce acapella to really start popping off
Thanks for the well thought out response! And when I mean house, I think I meant electro-house / big beat, but i should have been more specific.

I took your advice and I roughly re-arranged the 4:00 part to be the chorus and removed the windows error drop (though now I feel like I need something in that space, something sciencey).
Was this what you had in mind?

Also what do you think of the robot voice breakdown?
I produced a friends song and he wants to upload it to youtube, what program can I use to combine the wav with a simple picture to upload it? Movie maker only supports up to 192 kb/s

don't need any fancy features
cant you just upload the picture to youtube, open the youtube movie editor software, extend the picture's duration to the song time, and then upload your audio via the "music" section and overlay it onto the picture?
I accidentally a generic hip hop beat in about 90 minutes of work

r8 me m8s

bump when you can, there is a lull in prod for a few hours every day and that's when the thread usually dies
>Also what do you think of the robot voice breakdown?
tbh it was really this that i was advocating (for lack of other ideas) changing to the portion you had in the outro in #2, but while I'm still not sold on the robot voice breakdown (especially with the hats over it) I think it does work a whole lot better how you have it arranged in #3 at the very least in terms of dynamics and how the track evolves over time.

i think in #2 the thing that puts me off is that over the bridge you fumble the energy before you brought back the chorus with full effect. also would suggest playing around with your windows drop- don't give up on it yet, try 3 hits or some different syncopation and placement.
>tfw most of the posts in /prod/ are about /prod/ being dead
why aren't you making beats for lil wayne?

Oh thanks, I'm interested in many styles, house, techno, synth pop, d&b, hip hop, etc.

This is a track I just started, i'm looking to put pads, samples, etc. and make it a song, but I have things to practice like FM synthesis, I already know all the basics but I'm still struggling with it

keep on it
theres nothing substantial to critique innit atm tbh fam
How do i violins on a synth?
Use "Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra" instead of a synth or use samples
thanks bruh, i'm using ableton and put some decapitators on the base rhythm

this is a rough track i made last week

still working on my mixing too
alright prod, alright..

juno 106...

or akai ax80
nah i wanna do it on a plain substractive synth with a fair amount of features, if that is possible.

Still, thanks for the rec
no sc

AX80 has 8 voices (2 OSC+Sub per voice), a filter per voice and 3 LFOs. Juno 106 has 6 voices(1 DCO), 1 filter and 1 LFO. Unless you're looking for something specific from the 106, I'd pick the AX80 any day of the week.
Thread posts: 64
Thread images: 9

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