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Bandcamp Thread

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New bandcamp thread since the old one is dying. No reccing allowed, and if someone responds to you and posts their own work, you must also post about their work. Too often people just make their posts and leave.


>Noise, Experimental, Algorithmic
>Made entirely in MATLAB
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hello :)

>garage pop, dreampunk, indie pop
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Hope In Hand.jpg
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>Experimental, Various Genres

>New Release
>Hope In Hand
>Folk, Folk Pop, Lo-fi, Singer-Songwriter.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank You. :)
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>Noise, Field Recordings, Partly Ambient
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acfaii cover.png
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>death pop / electroclash / dance punk / synth pop
old one is no longer dying now that this silly rabbit
just bumped it
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This is really good. Definitely worth downloading
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Not my kinda music but I really like 'Fall Back on the Arrow You Love' especially the vocal delivery. Whole thing is really well produced as well. Sorry I don't have anything constructive to say.

I like the double-tracked pulsing thing on Headache. Casino is awesome too, is the guitar a sample or your playing? The whole heavily-panned double-tracking is cool but not sure if I could listen to it a lot. It's really uncomfortable, which (I guess) is the effect you're going for

I would rec some of the stuff I've heard in this thread before but I'm scared I'll get in trouble

>Bedroom folk/ambience
>Mostly acoustic
>Mostly instrumental
>Goes well with: lying in a field on a sunny day thinking about your childhood

>atmospheric/minimalist folk, some freak folk

Thanks for listening and downloading amigos. I will be unveiling my new project soon, just depends on how much I feel it needs to be tweaked and all that.

Great music:
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>grunge, alt rock, garage, hard rock, blues rock, mad season
what makes it great
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"great music" = recc
Nowhere else on this website will you find a "do's and don'ts" to posting in a thread
Which one? I've given some more detailed feedback to both artists in the past.
Very interesting idea! That must take quite a bit of time to figure everything out. Mod, Least Common, and Iteration were all pretty neat.
its a feeble attempt to make correction of a group that will never change
they will hit and run not matter what op says
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>lo fi, fuzz, songwriter
>new album w/ cassettes for sale
the first one
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this is really great


>my first album
>metro-ko, downtempo, dubstep, 2-step, underground hip hop, moody, chill, psychedelic, lonely
>collaborated with jordaan mason on a track
>contains samples of the beach boys, joanna newsom, daniel johnston, bob dylan, bill evans, and various films
>made for a girl
>last release under the name Hiding Places
>i'll be under the name Osterman and my first mixtape will be released sometime this spring
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Posting muh bro Rozzie since he seems to have disappeared

>dark jams / evil ambient from the basement / wicked beats
No, but (for the most part) the rest of mu is shitposting. Bandcamp threads are to share our work and to provide feedback, support, and appreciation for the others.

Without any feedback, BC threads become posts where nobody responds to anyone, everybody posts and leaves, and nothing is accomplished.
it will always come down to that
there seems to be an expectation one will gain some form of fame
This is some high quality music with high quality production. Kind of sounds poppy like the band Alvvays with the female vocals and all that. Some neat chord progressions although there are also a few generic sounding ones. Pretty neat overall.
Not too avant for me. I like it, kind of able to get lost in it. Interesting that you coupled that Swans riff with the Wheel of Fortune (I think that's what it is?) sound on the third track.
Not a huge fan of the synths, they feel a little dry or basic or something to me. The chord progressions that I've heard are pretty neat though. And I like some of the more minimalist feeling stuff on here.

-Pleasance House
I agree that a lot of people do that, but in turn they get ignored BECAUSE they've just fucked off.
That's what great about bandcamp threads you get what you give, so if you give nothing you get nothing, and that doesn't hurt the people that do give something by checking out other people's music.

All the people that do 'well' from bandcamp threads (as well as you can by posting anyway) are the ones that stick around and chat, it sort of figures itself out if you get what I mean

The people that post and fuck off are the people that you can tell aren't really into even their own music.
For me it's usually hard to explain why something is great. Btw are you Jacob? If so for the past acknowledgement and all that if so. Anyway I'll pretend that you are. Some of the things I said before is that first of all, your vocals are extremely nice. Ann Coates is such a beautiful song, that vocal hook the first time you say 'my love' is just amazing. The song structures themselves are also quite well done. My critiques would be that the actual recording isn't the best but I don't mind the lo-fi that much, also the mixing maybe isn't perfect but I still really like the whole project. And I'm glad it's free now considering it wasn't before.
I completely agree.

At the same time, I'd rather have a BC thread filled with the people who stick around, rather than having to sift through spam.
tru dat
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>fun feels-y power pop, indie rock, three (and some four!) part harmonies
>influenced by 60s pop and 90s emo

New release, I hope you enjoy it.

I'm not too well versed in ambient music, so feel free to disregard my comments. Anyways, there are some really cool jams going on in your music (specifically "I Went On a Journey), but the tracks don't really go anywhere. It's just the same layers with the same thing and what not.

Good production. Kind of derivative (though I shouldn't be one to talk).
just ignore the hit n runners

Our demo is only $1 if the code STRAW is used! :D
Dang, Great production. The vocals are phenomenal.
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only herefinal.jpg
875KB, 1000x1000px
This stuff's rad.

>lo-fi indie rock, some folk
File: cover.jpg (562KB, 997x997px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
562KB, 997x997px

EP made in five days.

>experimental, bunda, lo-fi, psychedelia, Brazil
i know it's an easy excuse to say it's not meant to go anywhere, but it is meant to be kinda static. You're right though, it definitely could develop a bit more.

I saw your music in a thread a few days ago, downloaded it and have listened to it quite a bit since. Only criticism is that it is pretty derivative but it looks like you're aware of that. Keep it up dude
File: rain delay.jpg (161KB, 891x726px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
rain delay.jpg
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>drone, dark ambient, noise, krautrock, black metal weird pop
check it out, its all free
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>Indie, pop, dreamy, electronic, feels
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+ + +_small.jpg
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>Hip-hop, bangers, dark, heavy, gritty, punk

>post rock
>space rock
>new ep
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>Industrial Black Metal
i thought your first album was good, liking this, too
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Fucking like that shit man
Thank you. Have a wonderful day.
Thanks :D
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>alternative, lo-fi, psychadelia
These are tight
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>Lofi Fuzz Pop
>Weezer, early Wavves

Listened to you once before, but I checked out a few different tracks this time. You deserve some recognition dude, because this stuff is really good. It's not the kind of music that I strive to create, but it's very well written. I wish you well.

Not too bad. The professional recording is a nice change for this thread. I can't say that I'm a big fan of the drum sound, and the singer's voice. There's nothing inherently wrong with either, it's just not my thing.

This project has a really haunting vibe, right off the bat. It's really cool, actually. It seems like you have a vision, you're sticking to it, and you're doing it well. I really respect that.

I liked the first track at first, but the sample became kind of repetitive after a while. Maybe try fading out the sample after a little while and having just the guitar become the focus of the track? Other than that, decent recordings. My favorite part is the Phil Elverum-esque recording quality.

Jacob Hutto. I like saying your name. It has a nice ring to it. Anyway, as I've said in these threads before, you have a great album cover, and you seem like a cool guy. I don't know if you answered me before, or if you hadn't seen my question, but are you still in high school? You're pretty driven, if so.

Really great stuff. You guys definitely have a good sound going, and you write some catchy ass stuff. I hope you guys blow up wherever you are, cause that would be sweet.

I posted the following statement last night, but I'll try again:

If anyone would like to do a split homemade cassette with me, submit your (less than 45 minute) albums to my contact information on bandcamp and we'll talk. Basically, it would be cool to have an album to record to on the B side of the cassettes that I sell, and make the value of the tape even higher.

>ambient, plunderphonics
>for fans of boards of canada, foxes in fiction
>tapes available!

looking forward to this month's release which we'll announce shortly!
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Thread images: 25

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