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math rock, post-hardcore, noise rock, emo, etc. general.
share what you're listening to, rec shit, yada yada

pic related has been on heavy rotation
bumping with sample
I am currently into the same shit as you. Give Moss Icon a shot, they have a really cool sound, sounds a little bit like Slint but way more aggressive.

Also Jawbox is insane - For Your Own Special Sweetheart is a goat album.
thanks for the recs bruh, ill check them out for sure
is emo hip now? xD
I'm sorry that showing enthusiasm for a genre is considered "immature", have some fucking humour.
Revivalists like The Hotelier and Highway Hotel are pretty shit compared to first and second wave.
Ghosts and vodka

You probably already know it...
Off Minor is amazing if you haven't checked them out already. Start-stop based post-hardcore with jazz influences and emotional vocals
I dig Jawbox a lot. J Robbins has got an awesome voice.

/math/ thread? Just found out Toe is coming close to me. That's pretty rad. And this year marks another where I can't afford to go ArcTanGent. So boohoo on that front.

Been listening to The Life And Times lately since they're coming by my city soon. (Allen Epley's band after Shiner). Not as heavy or math-y, but their still pretty good.
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These guys are pretty dope. Their drummer is a beast and he's actually not that bad of a rapper either.
OP here, The only thing I don't like about Off Minor is the vocals. I suppose they might grow on me if I listen to them more, I'll give em another go.
you have to read the lyrics to understand why the vocals are done that way. I think it just adds on to the emotion and passion and their voices foil each other perfectly. Especially on the chorus of this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HxOFViGBSHQ
I haven't heard this album, I like the way they sound on here a lot better than what I've heard. I like this song a lot too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SL2e6w01xEY
Thanks for the rec anon.
Your welcome, friend. Off Minor is one of my favourite bands and I spam them all the time
Does anyone know of any bands like Battles that kinda mix elements of math rock with like electronic stuff? Or i dunno how else to describe what I mean but yeah
fuck yea post-hardcore unite!
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How do you like my chart?
The vocals in that band are so fucking weak.
You can't expect Thomas Erak to have the best vocals when he's doing crazy guitar work at such a young age bro. He did well.
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>Animals as Leaders meets Radiohead
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Blends technical and smoothness seamlessly, ala TTNG.
I've been listening a lot to these guys lately.
Instrumental math rock, mathcore, post-hardcore, metalcore, experimental

They're on spotify but their whole discography isn't there. I could upload it if anyone is interested

my niggas
i is interest pls
check this shit out, it's absolutely amazing.
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I like US Maple's blues-inspired math rock
plus the use of silence on pic related is fantastic
the best fugazi album

any non-fugazi albums like this?
my favorite fugazi album too
have you tried Black Eyes' s/t?
not til now, it's sounding p good, cheers
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essential emo.jpg
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check out these charts too:

some bands I can personally recommend you that are not found on these charts:

Texas Is The Reason
Further Seems Forever
We Were Skeletons
Captain We're Sinking
Senses Fail
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Don't really see much discussion about PBTT around here, but they're one of my favourite bands and I think Old Pride is one of the best screamo records out there. What do you guys think about them and the 3rd wave post rock/emo sound in general?
Favorite Dance Gavin Dance album? Everyone seems to say DBM but I prefer Happiness to it
Eh, I've only heard TLLA and it's good, nothing absolutely spectacular though
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Cheval De Frise
Passe Montagne
Room 204
37500 Yens
The Waldos
Girl Arm

also Ahleuchatistas, Rumah Sakit, Nuito (duh), Tera Melos (also duh), and Papaye

also Ivo Papasov
Can anyone rec me more scenecore bands that are actually good like Dance Gavin Dance, Alexisonfire, late Architects etc

not really like those bands, but Botch is very good and everyone should like them!

Upsilon Acrux
June of 44
Duck. Little Brother, Duck!
An Anderson
Moss icon and unwound if no one has mentioned them
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>the way his voices just peters out at the end of In SL
yeah mang, I love this song
Boris - Pink is pretty fucking great
Check out The Crownhate Ruin and Unwound
Hey /mu/ can you rec me a feely emo/math like Whenever, if ever or maps & atlases?
I thought the first album had pretty good vocals
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if you like math rock listen to Tiny Moving Parts
was a big fan of these guys in high school. their older electronic-y jazz material is really fucking good. The Styx and Livingroom Hush are my fav albums by them.
Holy shit Nnamdi is the best, you a fan of the Sooper Swag Project too?
The guy's got skills, but the lyrics and music are a bit too comical for me. I do have mad respect for him for being musically diverse enough to drum in an awesome math rock band and make hip hop on the side.
a nice chart indeed my friend! check out dillinger escape plan, you might like them.
Page 10 save rave
Gonna buy a Yank Crime t-shirt

Burning Airlines are fantastic. I rec both albums, "Mission Control" and "Identikit"
Is the second song supposed to sound identical to Good Neighbour?
Saw them for free in san diego accompanied by a fucking house sized organ
The wrote We Are the Storm first, and I don't really see a similarity other than the really stabby chords in the beginning.
That's awesome.
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Thread images: 16

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