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eai / drone / dark ambient / field recordings general

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>Rrose - Having Never Written a Note for Percussion
damn, this is good. any recommendations?
Haven't heard it. Have you listened to Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement? Try Water Rose Above the Head, Black Magic Cannot Cross Water, and Green Amulet Crafts Supernatural Qualities.
anything else I should check out by this guy/gal?
she usually makes straightforward techno, try Wedge of Chastity and Monad XVI

thanks, will check!
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Check out Tenebris Lake with their only album "Lost Ambient Tapes". You will find it easilly on bandcamp. The first track is dark ambient connected with field recordings in background
oh wow, they're from poland, nicee, thanks
>try Wedge of Chastity and Monad XVI
not my thing but bumping through all the memerap for you
>any recommendations?
Excluding dark ambient (which I also like, but feels different to me than the other genres you named), I recommend browsing labels:

Mostly minimal stuff: lowercase, ambient, electroacoustic, etc.

Lots of interesting releases in contemporary/experimental music, including drone, noise, musique concrète... but it's very varied, you can even find industrial techno there.

Ambient and field recordings. All free downloads. They don't even ask for your e-mail.

Field recordings; I don't know much about them yet, but Sonic Antarctica was recommended in a chart and I like it very much. They also have free releases, including a big archive of 47 field recordings by 47 different artists that lasts for about 9 hours.

Mostly ambient.

Trente Oiseaux for lowercase music; not sure if they still have an operational website or if it still exists.
A Cleansing Ascension [Elevator Bath anniversary compilation]

256 kbps

1 Matt Shoemaker - Waning Ataraxia
2 Adam Pacione - Soilbind Morning Glory
3 Jim Haynes - Like a Thief in the Night
4 Keith Berry - Toward the Blue Peninsula
5 Rick Reed - The Fiery Sound of Light
6 Dale Lloyd - Our Morphosis
7 Colin Andrew Sheffield - For Today
8 Francisco López - Untitled #194
9 James Eck Rippie - Hidden Mirrors
10 Tom Recchion - Drift Tube

Solid, varied V/A release for anyone interested. Could also be a good way to get into these genres.
I shared this in a /noise/ thread but I think people here may find this of interest.

Organs - What it Sounds Like Inside You
>recordings of various inserted microphones. the recordings sound fairly manipulated post-insertion making this closer to noise music than field recordings but it's still interesting.


If anyone has links to weird field recordings I'd be eternally grateful. I'm especially fascinated with field recordings of things that humans are incapable of hearing, stuff like voyager PWS data, Stephen P. McGreevy - Electric Enigma, or earthquake waveforms.
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>10/10 music
>2/10 cover
but seriously though this album is amazing
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Yes, it's amazing. I also really like Geelriandre / Arthesis and Adnos I-III... I can't get into Naldjorlak I-III though, but it's very different, no longer synth drones but compositions for acoustic instruments. L'Île Re-sonante is close to dark ambient.

The cover art was made by her husband Arman, a visual artist mostly known for his accumulations of objects — I don't think it's that bad, althought the font is a bit corny by today's standards and it doesn't represent the music very well.

The cover for the re-release of Adnos I-III is great though (pic related).
the font is my only problem, i might try to remove it if i can get to my computer
this, also opus 17 is magnificent
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Jana Winderen – Out of Range

> "Out of Range" is an audio work based on ultrasound and echolocation used by bats, dolphins and other creatures who operate beyond the range of human hearing - 'seeing' with sound, or perhaps 'hearing' objects.

> The mix for the piece is based on ultrasound, hydrophone recordings below the water and also of echolocation sound within audible range. The recordings were made in various locations in Central Park and East River in New York, USA, a forest outside Kaliningrad in Russia, Regents Park in London, UK, and various locations in Madeira, Norway, Denmark and Sweden. The ultrasound is time-stretched to bring it into a frequency range audible for human beings.


- - -

Geir Jenssen –Stromboli

> Geir Jenssen (aka Biosphere) presents two ultra vivid and dynamic field recordings of the "Lighthouse of the Mediterranean" - an active volcano on the northern coast of Sicily. Made on July 19th 2012 at 9:30pm by the edge of Stromboli's crater, 924m above sea level, both pieces ironically sound as though they were captured underwater, but in fact document the active volcano spitting molten rocks and ash into a night sky against a gentle breeze. This surreal feeling of elemental, geological motion and morphosis is emphasised further in a swirling B-side Dub where the famed sound designer subtly manipulates the core recording's natural features. It's genuinely immersive stuff and makes a great package together with the beautiful cover photography.

you're awesome, man. thank you
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https://slowtide89.bandcamp.com/releases Will be free once its released but bandcamp makes you put a price for preorders.
>4 field recordings during dawn,
>afternoon, evening, and dusk
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Marc Behrens – A Narrow Angle

> Unusually lively/noisy field recordings from Taiwan. The accompanying texts on the artist's website are also worth reading.


- - -

Aube – Cardiac Strain

> Not pure field recordings, but every sound is sourced from the beatings of a human heart.

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Francisco López – Buildings (New York)


> As the title says: field recordings from inside buildings (ventilation and other machine noises, the sounds people hear everyday but don't really notice). More eerie and noisier than you might expect.

- - -

This also looks unusual, though I don't have it (and don't know if I really want to hear it): http://www.gruenrekorder.de/?page_id=8187

Field recordings from a slaughterhouse.

You're welcome.
god bless this thread
I'm uploading my field recordings collection to a mega folder, I'll post it after class. theres some amazing stuff in this thread.
>Aube – Cardiac Strain
this is blowing my mind
Ain't it amazing tho? Definitely check out more of Aube's work, I'd say you'd like Blood-brain Barrier
Albro T. Gaul - The Sounds of Insects
>narrated collection of insect sounds from smithsonian folkways
Charles M. Bogart - Sounds of North American frogs
>narrated collection of frog calls
Cornell Lab of Ornithology - Voices of North American Owls
>narrated collection of owl calls
Jana Winderen - Energy Field
>The recordings were made near Greenland and Norway, deep in crevasses of glaciers, in fjords and in the open ocean. These elements are then edited and layered
John Duncan - Blind Date
>recording of a man fucking a corpse
K. C. Halafoff & Peter Bruce - The Lyrebird A Documentary Study of Its Song
>collection of lyrebird calls from smithsonian folkways
L. Ron Hubbard - Class VII Xenu Tape
>a scientology lecture
Mickey Hart Collection - Voices of the Rainforest
>soundscape of a day in the life of the Kaluli people of Bosavi, Papua New Guinea. one hears birds, water, insects and other ambient voices of the rainforest interspersed with Kaluli songs and instrumental sounds of work, leisure and ritual from smithsonian folkways
Olhon - Sinkhole
>composed using original field recordings taken (mainly underwater) in the "Pozzo del Merro", the world's deepest sinkhole
Olivia Block - Heave To
>album composed of ocean themed field recordings
Peter Sotos - Buyer's Market
>collage of interviews with rape victims and prostitutes
Rev. Jim Jones - The Jonestown Death Tape
>recording of the radio broadcast speech rev. Jones made as the massacre was underway
Road Recordings - Out of This World
>various inaudible natural sounds such as earthquake waveforms and radio emissions from ionospheric disturbances
Smithsonian Folkways - Sounds of the Sea, Vol. 1 Underwater Sounds of Biological Origin
>what it says in the title
Stephen P. McGreevy - electric enigma
>VLF radio emissions from lightning and auroras
Voyager II - raw PWS data
>the raw sound data from the voyager 2 plasma waveform spectrometer as it approaches jupiter

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I.S.O. (2003, Sound Tectonics)


> It is said that Sesshu-tei Garden of Joeiji Temple in Yamaquchi city was built by Sesshu, a priest and artist, about five hundred years ago. The garden is positioned on the north of the main temple and in the center of the inner garden of about 30 acres is a pond, which is shaped in the Chinese character of 'heart', surrounded by many vertically-standing stones. The woods on the east, west, and north sides of the garden make up the shape of a horseshoe, which creates a special space for vision and sound. For this live performance, three performers were positioned around the garden apart enough not to see each other to present their music over the garden. (ISO/left side: Otomo, center: Sachiko, right side: Yoshimitsu Ichiraku).

> Note: this CD was recorded through one-point stereo recording in the center of the main temple. The surrounding sounds such as animals around the garden, wind, and visitors were kept as they were at the mastering, because if they had been mechanically removed, delicate feelings generated by the extremely subtle sounds penetrating the whole garden would have been ruined.
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musique concrete.png
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dark ambient.jpg
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NWW (2).jpg
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Eleh – Homage

Very minimal drones and oscillations.

Homage to the Square Wave: http://www53.zippyshare.com/v/jQN7eAYL/file.html
Homage to the Sine Wave: http://www84.zippyshare.com/v/FA5LtjH0/file.html
Homage to the Pointed Waveforms: http://www46.zippyshare.com/v/4QprGYK8/file.html

Note: This is a 320 rip from the CD version, which sounds cleaner, richer and more detailed than the vinyl rips.

Nice, thanks.
awesome. do you have any other eleh?
>Francisco López – Buildings (New York)
listening now, this is cool as hell, it's got this really sterile atmosphere that I don't find very often
Here is Floating Frequencies / Intuitive Synthesis: https://mega.co.nz/#!MhFylDha!scWydHFVatImj-Vf4mK6_kfCatj8of9NNUHkq30ncdM

It's actually even more minimal than Homage.

>eai / drone / dark ambient / field recordings general
is this what you kids call the avant-teen general these days
ah this is actually one of the few i have of his already but thank you. yea it is really minimal but i dunno, theres something special about eleh for me. i would love to see him live one day
yesss thank you
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