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the album where an artist mastered their sound

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Every artist goes through different phases of sound. What is the album that proves its respective artist's ability? Which record is the epitome of that artist's talent?

Although not my absolute favorite, this album makes me so happy. Beautifully orchestrated and confidently delivered. Amputechture shows off Omar's song writing ability to the max; Cedric sounds truly happy and proud on this record too. The god damn bass on this record- Juan Alderete, baby. mmm.

I'm into the band "Neutral Milk Hotel" because they epitomy the word 'masters'. I, as you, are a very smart man and I can only tolearte very smart music. So I usen to good band like Neutral Milk Hotel. You can try them too.
inb4 some dumb faggot says nldw i swear to god
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>the melody is for you and the song is for me
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I agree with that though. See >>54472812

I prefer this to Hold Your Horse Is, but only barely. TDIR is darker and more conscious than HYHI- HYHI seems to be more aware of its impact, every track sounds effortless / nonchalant, yet still ridiculously standoffish.
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The trio of Future Islands had been doing material for years under the Art Lord and the Self Portraits banner with a drummer in toe. After he left, they had a decent release with Wave Like Home in 2008, but two years later, they put out In Evening Air, and nothing is as powerful or poignant in their catalog as this album.

On The Water was essentially a sequel, dealing with themes similar to IEA, but not copying them exactly. In some respects, I like Wave Like Home better, but it still holds its own.

Then they put out Singles... the less said, the better.
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Immediately put out an 8.7/10 and then dwindle into some 6/10's.
Fuck you. I got modded for posting this before.
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It's tough to say Manipulator is better than Doppelganger, although Manipulator is more memorable than Dopp. I also think that the anger being conveyed on Manip is more believable than on Dopp. The passion is coming from a more truthfully inspired place.
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No question about it. I could rant about why this record kicks infinite asses for an infinite amount of time times infinity. Entirely prefer no clean vocals Daughters to clean vocals Daughters.
>Those eccentric fucking lyrics that are virtually impossible to follow
>The perfectly tuned and perfectly recorded drums
>Can listen to entire album in one quick, crushing sitting over and over
>Still amazing every time

This, I think, is the perfection of Animal Collectives early sound. Meaning, it built upon and improved what they were doing on Danse Manatee and Hollinndagain.
I think it's still their best, but it's not so appropriate to compare it to the more recent albums, since I feel like they're not trying to make the same sound anymore.
I'd argue that they perfected their sound overall on Feels. I think this is Panda's best drumming outside of STGSTV (Ex. The Purple Bottle). The Deak has some awesome sounding guitar, Geo doesn't ever really do a bad job so I've got no comment on him. And Avey's lyrics are top notch, compelling, and the most relatable he's ever written, plus he works the thematic angle VERY well.

I definitely do agree that HCTI is the perfection of the Danse and Hollindagain sound though. Even though its not in my top 5 AnCo It's still fantastic. Native Belle is probably my favorite opener to any AnCo album.
good argument. Good discussion going oin here. I'm glad to be around such smart & enlightened man.

Your like a britgh shining star of smartness & good opinion
Ugh, their new stuff is a god awful dreck. Just a tired attempt to make popular rock and break the charts. I don't blame their drummer for leaving.
I agree. Although I think Danse paved the way and was the beginning of their step in the right direction, they definitely perfected what they were going for here, even if Danse was a bit poppier.
good meme
I'm sorry, but what?
>inb4 metal is for kids

This is the album were I think Mastodon perfected their mix of modern progressive metal and 70's psychedelic rock.

The flow between songs is perfect, the constant changes in intensity and mix between different singers is amazing.

They took the good parts from Blood Mountain and added sugar.
good analysis. Counterpoint: your a fat faggot
My BMI is 27.0, so yes I'm "overweight", but in my case it's because of muscle.

Unfortunately it was their first album. I doubt they'll ever top this masterpiece
I love Blue Skye Noise, but I think it because it were the first album I heard by them.
Post a pic if you're going to make a claim like that son.

Don't get me wrong their other albums are enjoyable in their own right but Juturna was just such a unique sound and style. After it they started drifting towards a more conventional direction. Juturna just kind of stands on it's own, completely self contained. I just think they mastered the sound they were going for on Juturna and have been kind of aimless ever since.
Yes, Danse is incredibly poppy in my opinion.
Look at all these absolutely incorrect words you wrote. Damn.

Are you saying that you disagree with my opinions or saying I made grammatical errors? If it's the latter I don't really care
He's basically saying that you are wrong because you don't share his opinion.

Not sure if you're new to /mu/, but if you are you better get used to this, else use this to get out.
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You only get a bad photo, got no big mirrors.
Name one song that is. I just don't see it
they do so much with just metal guitar and the other instruments complement it perfectly
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this is the album
Daughters fucking kill it! I love their whole discography.
Not the same guy, but I always thought Throwin' the Round Ball was pretty poppy (also my favorite track on the album). I could also see an argument for Essplode being poppy as well.
1. Essplode 2. Runnin The Round Ball 3.Throwin The Round Ball 4. In The Singing Box

/mu/ was the first board I ever really frequented. I started coming here in like 2007 but I've taken a pretty long break and drifted to other boards. Now I'm starting to come back seeing as how those other boards are awful.

Anyway my opinion is pretty spot on I think.
Throwin The Round Ball is definitely the best song

I forgot to add that the second half of Meet the Light Child is pretty poppy as well
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Spot on a man's asshole, is what it is.
Welcome back friend, I haven't heard the stuff you were talking about I might go check it out now) but I've gotta say, you picked the worst time to come back to /mu/ with the Kendrick album and DG album dropping this week.

Pls no bully
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well feel free to convince me other wise

....have you even heard the band I'm talking about?
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CGW/CH > HYHI > TDIR > TN666IOS > Tripper
I loved HYHI but found TDIR unlistenable. It sounds poorly mixed or something, like it's really empty. idk.
That's how I felt a little. It's got a lot of interesting sounds and it's mostly enjoyable but it's really muddy, it sounds like its album cover.
Oh hey, not much Fall of Troy on /mu/.
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