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>qt looks at iPod >pray she doesn't find the metal

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>qt looks at iPod
>pray she doesn't find the metal or vidya soundtracks
>implying grills have good enough taste to call you out on it
>Listening to either
ayyy lmao
>tfw a bitch checks your iphone
black metal is cool with chix these days OP

you should feel ashamed for having vidya soundtracks on there tho
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>not having girl friendly music on your phone and nothing but nigger anthems and slipknot on your shuffle

>have hundreds of GBs of music
>maybe 1.5 vidya osts

pls no bully
>back in highschool
>girl asked to see my zune (yeah a zune)
>she sees "biohazard"
>thinks it's that shitty metal band
>gets excited and listens to it
>it's the soundtrack to resident evil outbreak
>gives it back and walks away

yea fuck you megan you fat annoying cunt
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>vidya soundtracks
I have a shitload of erotic audio on mine in a folder titled "Erotic Audio". It just sounds like a hipster garabe band name so hopefully it will be ignored.
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>H-ha ha, yeah these are just samples for my art project.
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Mmm, you're missing out, guy.
>Being such an insecure beta that you have music you're afraid people will find
Wow. Just... Wow. If you like metal then fucking like metal. It's more embarrassing that you cover it up. It just screams "I have no self confidence!"
>all my favourite music is girlcore

yes i am a huge faggot but it pays off because qts love my taste
>constant fear of my gf discovering that i enjoy listening to the sound of somebody shitting on a mic ampliefied and distorted 500 times
>implying a girl will talk to me
thats why i dont talk to girls so this scenario can never happen to me (except replace vgm and metal with field recordings and 80s chinese pop)
>acknowledging me

feels bad man
just show em that diiv tattoo im sure they'll be all over you
government plates?
wow man hundreds of gbs thats so hardcore u must be true music knowledgeable
wav flac or mp3?
i was talking about my love for harsh noise, dg is far ahead from that in weirdness you memedipper

>lel this will sure get him
wav flac or mp3?
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>last time a qt checked checked my phone
>"this is like another language to me anon"
>"that's cause your a rubbish"
no sex happened that evening
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>tfw you don't listen to shitty meme music so the qts can see your library all you want
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>metal or vidya soundtracks
>being embarrassed about your music
Kill yourself you beta faggot. Be proud of what you listen to.
>black metal is cool with chix these days OP
>implying all girls are brainwashed pitchfork drones
it's bc u have a trip
>qt looks at your ipod
>sees cover art for nldw and thinks im gay
true story, I had my mom get me a cd copy of nldw for christmas
This has happened to me also anon
>implying you won't get her pussy wet when you start namedropping liturgy

give it a try sometime anon. It helps if you aren't talking to basic bitches, obviously.
mind naming 5 groups in your library?
get off /mu/ Brandon
nine inch nails
>Black Metal

Pick one.
do those groups still make music besides korn?
>he still thinks vidya soundtracks are limited to bleepbloops and 'epic' instrumentals
I have those on my phone and i fucking love them,
No this is still pretty shitty.
>deus ex theme ringtone for years

more annoyed that nobody has ever recognized it so I can bore them with my love of that game
yeah d00d, it's transcendental black metal, gosh, even ask HHH

Yo my nigga I gotchu. Deus ex 4 lyfe.
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>plug cellphone into sound system
>The Anal Staircase starts playing automatically
>being ashamed of listening to metal

Sure, if you still listen to power/folk.
>qt asks what you listen to
>not playing captain beefheart
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>qt looks through my Ipod classic
>ew anon what the fuck is this!?

Every time.
Nine Inch should have stuck around for the sequels.
lol oops
Yes mom
just tell them you're a piece of shit tripfuck at /mu/ and they'll be at your knees in no time :^)
>very beautiful coworker
>talking shit about another coworker
>anon, did you see the music he has on our computer? shit like olivia newton john
>yeah thats mine
fuck that bitch anon
i bet she listens to majestic-tier house and power electronics :^)
File: ferrari_fire.jpg (89KB, 300x199px)
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>get handed the aux cord
>bump some death grips
>pic related happens
>in my own car so naturally i have the aux cord
>play some death grips
>everyone seems uncomfortable and no one is really feeling it so after the first song ends i switch to something more pleb-friendly
>never play death grips again
File: Jon Jello.jpg (10KB, 480x360px)
Jon Jello.jpg
10KB, 480x360px
>brother is going on long ass hike
>gonna take like 3 months or some shit
>he starts downloading a shit ton of music for the trip
>hey anon whats that band death grips or something
>tell him to listen to exmilitary
>downloads it
>doesn't listen to it first
>later that night
>hes trying to sleep to some calming music
>music on shuffle
>implying girls matter

don't look at my post number
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One time I met a girl on a bus, very cute and exactly my type. We started talking about music apparently she had been playing piano for 16 years, I was falling in love. Then she asked to see my ipod and put it on shuffle, first song that came up was "Stripped,Raped and Strangled" by Cannibal Corpse.

I didn't know what to say, and we sort of sat quietly for hours since it was a long bus ride. Very awkward moment, but at the end of the day I realized what a beautiful world we live in in which scenarios such as these can happen.
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>last album I listened to was No Love Deep Web
>girl looks at my phone
>qt looks at ipod
>pray he doesn't discover all the neofolk

as much as i love Death In June, i really don't want to have to explain why there is so much meme fascist bs on my ipod
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>i work an after school program at an elementary school
>a 6th grade muslim girl asks to see my iphone
>it's locked anyway so i hand it to her
>she swipes up to the control center media controls and presses play
>takyon starts playing
>i panic and fumble to grab my phone
>she just laughs at me while i feel like i dodged a bullet
>girl asks too choose song
>goes through music
>she sees this
God why am I such a weeb faggot
File: _20150318_024519.jpg (143KB, 720x724px)
143KB, 720x724px
Lol I forgot the pic
>chest flattener
Lol what is that
the pinnacle, no, the very climax of music
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>Taking a qt back home with my car
>Anon can we put some music?
>Starts the player mindlessly
>Faust starts playing
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>mfw a friend and I actually did that a a bro's party and over half the people left
>inb4 autism
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How fucking new are you that you've never seen a green text story
wow thanks reddit
now tell me
why do you think it's ok to misuse the quote function?
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>work at late night pizza place
>2 qt girls ask if I can drive them home from the bars on my next delivery if they pay me
>I say sure
>put kanye on shuffle
>everythings going fine
>were all bullshitting about random shit and having a pleasant conversation
>"i'm in it" comes on
>conversation stops
>awkward silence
>im fumbling trying to change the song
>switch to Pavement on shuffle
>"Hit the Plane Down"
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File: 1426448116383.jpg (55KB, 600x534px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Crush invites me to her party
>Had my iPod Classic in my pocket and it fell out
>Has my name engraved on it
>Someone found it and plugged it in the stereo
>I got the Ocarina of Time 3D soundtrack for free and put it on there to listen to
>The Lon Lon Ranch theme starts to play https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zsPS5ubApoE
>Everyone laughed at me and called me cowboy for the rest of the night
>Ever spoke to her again

Just because you are drunk on the novelty of being able to attach images to your posts does not mean reaction images should be used outside of /b/.
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nice b8 m8 i r8 it 8/8
File: JkOEv90.png (335KB, 1024x1191px)
335KB, 1024x1191px
You might want to try some of the more easy boards, like /co/ or /v/, just to get a feel of the whole '4chan' thing before you make basic mistakes like this.
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> Someone found it and plugged it in the stereo
Who does this
Was it worth it anon
Probably someone who was drunk and thought someone left it there to be used.
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>girls looks at my music
>sees Capsule + Panty and Stocking OST
>sees Die Antwoord, Death Grips etc. cover art

Could hear her pussy drying up on the spot.
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Thread images: 31

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