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Concert General

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You know the drill, /mu/.

>Recent concerts + reviews
>Upcoming concerts + recs
>General concert discussion/stories
>Last show
A Place to Bury Strangers w/ Ed Schrader's Music Beat

Sound was great, not as loud as I expected, but the light show + fog was insane. By the end you couldn't see a foot in front of you. Ed Schrader was amazing as always.

>Upcoming shows

Bought tickets for Waxahatchee and Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. Probably going to Swans, Ava Luna, Speedy Oriz/Krill, a few others.

Also motherfucking Bonnaroo. Hoping for some decent additions in the next month or so, but I'm still hype.
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>Ed Shrader
Sounds fun friend. Glad you enjoyed it!
That's someone I'm starting to regret seeing. Opted for Deafheaven instead the first time, then second time I didn't want to drive all the way to Cleveland. Starting to think maybe I should've.
inb4 Gira dead before I get to see them

>Recent concerts
Most recent was Giraffage w/ Spazzkid. Talked about it last time. Was nice, if a bit of a weak-ass crowd full of posers and poor sound levels (weird for an electronic show, right?) Too many covers by both artist, too, which disappointed me as I was expecting to hear the bulk of their material. Oh well.
>Upcoming concerts
Tycho is coming soon; very much looking forward to that.
Also fucking Benjamin Booker in Detroit FUCK YES. Been waiting for this one since the start of winter. Going to be awesome.

Hostage Calm, Twiabp, Adventures
St Vincent
Napal Death
High on Fire/Windhand


Sebadoh (maybe?)
Andrew Jackson Jihad/Jeff Rosenstock
Electric Wizard
Lord of the Rings in concert all three nights (probably)
Lightning Bolt
Self Defense Family
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Ariel Pink with my ex. He puts on a good show, shame I was so miserably sore that day. I was pretty hyped the whole time throughout, for the style he has a lot of energy.

Tycho this Friday. I'm going by myself, as the only person I know who was interested has work, and of course my ex is now my ex.

Pretty hyped tho
Afterwards, not quite sure. Might go see American Football,my cheating ex got me into them, but then I'll probably see her there so eh. Not quite sure I want that since I have noone else to go to concerts with.
Other than that,
Cage the Elephant, Streetlight Manifesto, Chromeo (maybe) all come to mind.
Going to go see

>Freddie Gibbs


>FKA Twigs


all in LA except NMH and Freddie gibbs
maybe gonna see Swans
Jelly of Streetlight.
Ive seen them a shitload of times and im still dying to see them again.
>Recent Concerts
Reverend Horton Heat: 3rd time seeing them, they're always great live. It was a great mix of old and new material. They seemed a little quieter this time around but they had a lot more energy than usual. As usual, the Rev's guitar play was spot on, he's really one of the most underrated modern guitarists. Overall an 8.5/10, you'll never really leave a Reverend Horton Heat show disappointed.

Swans: I was very excited for this one and got to the venue early enough to be standing in the front row on the floor. I decided to go without earplugs to get the full experience and I don't regret that decision. Their entire set, that went nearly 3 hours, was pretty much an orgasm of the ears. They played a good amount of new material and I really, really, liked it. The set was very long, and while it did drag on for a little bit in the middle, I never felt "bored" per say. Overall it was a 9.5/10 for the show. After the show ended Gira went to the Merch booth to sign things and talk with fans. I got my vinyl copy of TBK signed and talked with Gira for about 10 minutes about where his music is going to go for the next album. He was really cool and seemed genuinely interested in talking to me and the people I was with. It was honestly one of the best experiences of my life.

>Upcoming Concerts
Neutral Milk Hotel in April. I'm excited, but the past few shows I've been to have just been phenomenal, and I honestly don't know if Jeff is going to be able to top them. I'm debating seeing Subaru (he comes through next month), I don't really have any friends into his music so I would either have to drag someone along or go alone, same thing with The Antlers, who come in May. I also have tickets to Modern Baseball, who come in May.
I'm seeing Bob Dylan and Sufjan Stevens very soon and I'm very excited
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who /levitation/ here??
Cloud Nothings where great when I saw them. They are all from here (Cleveland) though so I think that made it better.
Reverend Horton Heat are a great live act. I've never seen them posted here but if you are into anything resembling punk/fast guitar rock I recommend them.
Obviously Swans, I don't think I need to explain.
Rush, my father has seen them live 11 times, me 3 times. God-Tier dadrock, you'll probably never see 3 musicians as good as them on stage outside of one of their concerts.

Standing front row at a Swans concert, I noticed that most of the time no one was really headbanging or even moving. I remember during the beginning of Bring The Sun, everyone around me was just standing still with their eyes closed, getting lost in the music. This happened pretty much the whole concert. It was a truly surreal feeling.
>Ariel Pink
>Meishi Smile + chiptune artists
>Thee Oh Sees

>Burgerama IV, day 2
>Lightning Bolt (2 nights)

anyone else in LA area?
havent seen anything recently

going to see:
TWDY & Cymbals Eat Guitars
From Indian Lakes
Faith No More
Mac DeMarco

April is going to be a good month
>Last show
A$AP Ferg, amazing. Whole place was hyped up, played almost all his best songs. He got Rocky out to do Wild for the Night and LPFJ2.

>Upcoming shows
NMH. Debating on going to see Isaiah Rashad
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>Lightning Bolt
Next month can't come soon enough.
And fucking Metz is open, so fucking hype. Could be the best live show I ever see.
Enjoy, always a good live show.
Sorry about the ex shit ENAB. I'm seeing Tycho next Friday, should be awesome.
>Cage the Elephant
Sheit, I want to see them again. Always fun.
Enjoy, that should be a fun one, but infinitely more fun with friends.
>Bob Dylan
What heinous act did you do to be forced to go see that live?
>Cloud Nothings
Regret missing them playing a half hour south of here (Bowling Green).
Also missed Reverend Horton Heat, kinda wish I would've went now.
>tfw I only know them through GHII
And agreed on Rush.
Lucky fuck.
Fuuuuuuck dude, enjoy.
Nothing recently, but I'm seeing AJJ and Jeff Rosenstock in Chicago soon, and Alex G with a good friend next weekend.
> Recent shows
Saw Best Coast in L.A, was actually pretty good as I had heard they suck live.
Also saw Stars, they put on a good show which i guess was a given since it was the last show of their tour.
>Upcoming concerts
Have the War on Drugs and Mac DeMarco next month on the same week, fortunately at the same venue. Also Noel Gallagher and Streetlight Manifest on the same week in May.
Has anyone on /mu/ seen Viet Cong?

They're playing in my city soon, tickets are only $10. Plus I liked their album.
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Thread images: 6

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