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Part two of my 250-share sharethread, part 1 is here:

This sharethread has more folk music than the last one, but still has plenty of genres to choose from throughout.
Apologies in advance for my autistically repetitive vocabulary. Also, tell me if I messed up on any of the links.

Starting off with
Mbaraka Mwinshehe - The Last Recording of Soloist National Mbaraka Mwinshehe & Orchestra Super Volcano
>Muziki Wa Dansi
Meaning ‘Dance Music’ in Swahili, this popular Tanzanian genre of music is extremely cheery and uplifting. Mbaraka’s obscurity is an outstanding example of the beautiful, sunlight-soaked polyrhythms that highlight the genre.


already a sharethread. lrn to catalog
Le Mystère Jazz de Tombouctou - Le Mystère Jazz de Tombouctou
>Afro Jazz, Mande Music
Le Mystère Jazz de Tombouctou is the shining star of the world’s all-time greatest label, Mali Kunkan. An eccentric yet poignant voice leads charismatic and complex rhythm structures, while providing insatiable hooks and overwhelming measures of passion. I can’t say enough about this album, one of the greatest records to come from Mali’s golden age.


yeah but that share thread is filled with unanswered requests, arguments about said request, 4/10

this thread will be a 10/10
Nalle - By Chance Upon Waking
>Freak Folk, Psychedelic Folk
Almost like Joanna Newsom’s voice was re-warped and sung through a Swedish lens. Comparable more to Larkin Grimm and Natalie Rose LeBrecht. Very sharp and rough, but this works in the album’s advantage.

[no sample available]

Alan Namoko and Chimvu Jazz - Ana Osiidwa (The Orphans)
>African Folk Music
This nostalgic, emotionally passionate Malawian obscurity provides songs that, while in a language indecipherable, are deeply heartfelt, touching and compelling.


Noise - 天皇 (Tenno)
One of my fifty favorite albums ever, Tenno is at best described as ‘Avant-folk’, but in actuality is the equivalent of harsh drone made with a church organ and highly dissonant vocals. This is truly incomparable music of elite, mind-melting excellence.


is mega down for anyone? none of these albums are going anywhere
Michael Northam + Jatin Vidyarthi - Golden Shadow
>Electroacoustic, Drone
Strange, yet entrancing mix of field recordings, drone, and improvisation that culminates from India. Probably the first project of its kind from the nation.

[no sample available]

they seem to be working for me, but then again, I'm the uploader.
Nobody cares about your shitty music, Mensa.
Nurse - 1983-1984
>Japanese Hardcore
One of the coolest compilations I’ve ever found, this all-female hardcore group from Japan accomplishes the perfect level of boisterousness.


Oiler - Missing Part One
>Noise Rock
In the vein of angry, noisy music, this is noise rock that is an overwhelming mix of abstract hooks and lo-fi production. I consider this group’s singular album to be one of the best from the genre.


>this thread
Old Man Luedecke - Tender Is the Night
>Progressive Bluegrass
This is the antithesis to the previous two albums posted. Tender is the Night is an album of sweet, yet charming bluegrass songs with a Canadian twist. Doesn’t take itself seriously at all, and provides an easy, whimsical listen for happier days.


it's not just your shares, it's the entire site, even archived megas arent working
Oomp Camp - We Too Deep
>Southern Hip Hop, Crunk
A madly aggressive album, We Too Deep is music that goes HARD. Oomp Camp’s overproduced, flippant nature makes it the one of most zany mixtures of rap and crunk to ever come from the ATL.


Yeah, I asked a couple friends to check the link health and they all seemed to say it worked. Perhaps a regional server is down or something.
If you check this thread at a later date I think the links should work, like in the archive or something.
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stop using shit browsers
Orang-Utan - Orang-Utan
>Heavy Psych
It’s everything you want in a 1970s psychedelic rock album. Sensuous love songs, tripped-out thematics and powerful electric hooks make this record an absolute blast from start to finish.


the west coast servers are probably down
L' Orchestre national de Mauritanie - La Mone / Kamlat
>Afro-Jazz, West African Music
L’Orchestre National was a sentimental force in Mauritanian Music during the 60s and 70s, bringing a unique and cultured style of afro-jazz and filtering it through traditional Mauritanian roots. This quick single gives a proper look at the way the sound was developed.


Orchestre Régional de Mopti - Orchestre Régional de Mopti
>Mande Music
Sorry Bamba’s original Orchestre, Regional de Mopti was essential to the sound that Mali Kunkan brought forth. I, personally, view Mali Kunkan as the single best music label in the history of planet Earth, and songs like Boro only further support this argument. If you have any slight, tangible interest in Malian music, this is a highly recommended record.


Orchestre Super Borgou de Parakou - The Bariba Sound
The Beninese musical revolution was a unique one, and Super Borgou de Parakou was one of the finest musical groups to come from it, without a doubt rivalling the T.P. Orchestre. This Analog Africa compilation is strikingly psychedelic, with execution and consistency to back it up.


Andy Ortmann - Nightmania
>Sound Collage
As the title would imply, this is an extremely dark, evil-sounding album. The haunting field recordings are integrated strongly into crisp synth-work. An overwhelmingly cathartic sound.

[no sample available]

Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe - Osondi Owendi
Osondi Owendi is an immersive, relaxing Highlife jam that sprawls over three, long, blissful tracks. Uplifting, soulful music from one of Nigeria’s most beloved musicians.


大友良英 [Yoshihide Otomo] - Cathode
The essential Ground Zero member and famed Japanese improviser releases his first for the Tzadik composer series, his gentle guitar abstractions contrast well-toned sine waves in striking fashion. If you want a quieter, more conceptual Revolutionary Pekinese Opera, Cathode will fit that role nicely.


The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band - 21st Century Molam
Molam is an integral component of Southeast Asian folk music, originally coming from Laos. Generally up-tempo, 21st Century Molam is not only a wonderful starting point for anyone interested in the genre, but an excellent example of what the genre has to offer. It has a surprisingly solid core for being such light-sounding music, which makes it simultaneously unapologetic and fragile.


Johnny Paycheck - 11 Months and 29 Days
>Outlaw Country
Outlaw Country is best known for being a gritty, rock-influenced development from the roots of traditional Country, and Johnny Paycheck is one of the genre’s best at defining a rebellious persona. From sombre ballads to gritty jailhouse blues, Johnny Paycheck’s 11 Months and 29 Days is surprisingly soulful and gritty.


Pelt / Keenan Lawler / Eric Clark - Keyhole II
>Free Folk, Drone
The legendary Free Folk staples in Pelt make cathartic, sonically dense music that is thick with found sounds, some improvisation and an overarching tension that makes for an unforgettable listening experience.

[no sample available]

Anto Pett / Bart van Rosmalen - Playwork
>Free Improvisation
This obscure Estonian duo of piano/cello makes for an impactful, if not eccentric, combination of improv. The rises and accelerations throughout this record are timed wonderfully.

[no sample available]

Player 1 & Bloody Bones - Underground Hitz
>Memphis Rap
One of my fifty favorite albums of all time, Underground Hitz is a perfect mixture of poor recording quality and highly aggressive gangster anthems. The Memphis Rap sound has never sounded so complete.


Porter Ricks - Port of Transition / Port of Call
>Minimal Techno
The Chain Reaction label proves itself as excellent through consistency, and this EP from Techno guru Porter Ricks is one of the best examples of the genre. Intelligent, yet urgent.


mega still down for anyone?
Tom Prehn Quartet - Tom Prehn Qvartet
>Free Jazz
Oh, it’s free, alright. This 1967 release sees the Danish group defying a lot of the most abstract improvisation at the time. It spends a lot of its time focusing on deconstructionist music, and the musicians play off of each other extremely well.

[no sample available]

File: 25 Pure - Fetor.jpg (31KB, 267x404px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
25 Pure - Fetor.jpg
31KB, 267x404px
Pure - Fetor
>Power Electronics
Of the Power Electronics scene in the 80s, this is probably the best cassette release I’ve found from it. The electronics are extremely noisy, but noticeably detailed, as well. It borders on experimental noise rock at times. Furious and unapologetic.



apparently it's working for some people but not for others, some servers are down based on geographical location. I'll be sharing these plenty in the future, plus once they're back up this thread will still be archived, so if you can't access the links rn don't worry too much.
Ras Michael & The Sons of Negus - Love Thy Neighbour
>Nyahbinghi, Roots Reggae
Possibly recognized under his pseudonym, Dadawah, Ras Michael crafts a true Jamaican masterpiece in this psychedelic, soulful, sonically thorough release. Love Thy Neighbour is simply gorgeous example of highly religious Rastafarian ceremonial music.


Regis - Adolescence: The Complete Recordings 1994-2001
>Industrial Techno
Adolescence is basically the be-all end-all of industrial techno pioneer, Regis. 47 tracks, three and a half hours, and not a single beat skipped. Dense, textural and focused the entire way.


Rein Sanction - Mariposa
The only good grunge album I’ve found, this Florida-based group has a strong amount of angst, darkness and emotion integrated into the album. Proves that there are great albums to be found from every genre.


Le Rêve du Diable - Le Rêve du Diable
>French-Canadian Folk Music
Traditional Francophone folk music that has a mighty pep in its step. Dazzling call and response developments, and of course, lots of fiddle.


Vivien Richman - Vivien Richman Sings Folk Songs of West Pennsylvania
>American Folk Music
The essential Pennsylvania-core album, Vivien Richman is a delightful Folkways gem that sings lyrics that are both poignant, innocent, and carefree.


>only good grunge album

someone doesn't listen to Love Battery, Green River, Tad, Seven Year Bitch, L7, Mudhoney, Mr. Epp and the Calculations, Treepeople, or Skin Yard
Sam Rivers - Paragon
>Avant-Garde Jazz
Paragon is an excellent avant-jazz release from the trio of Sam Rivers, Dave Holland, and Barry Atschul. Astounding bass solos and riveting saxophone melodies from Sam Rivers highlight this thorough release.


Pugh Rogefeldt - Ja, dä ä dä
>Psychedelic Folk, Folk Rock
‘Hey, I’ve heard that before!’, said everyone who’s heard the opening track. This is because it’s sampled on The Number Song by DJ Shadow. This tie intrinsically denotes merit in this obscure Swedish gem, truly shining on the airy folk-driven Små lätta moln, and the bass-driven psychedelic gem Surabaya Johnny.



You're right, I don't! I'm sorry.
i've already dl'd several albums, but i have to ask:

do you have any Pharoah Sanders?
Mikel Rouse - Dennis Cleveland
>Rock Opera, What the Fuck-Core
This is truly a listen that will confuse you, nonsensical intervals of narration are curated over what can best be described as orchestral pop derived from clean, polished samples. I still don’t understand this album, and I’ve heard it around five times.


>no Failure
fantastic digits
and actually, later in the sharethread I have one of his albums coming up.
I also have Karma if you need an upload for that one.
File: 34 Rovo - Pico!.jpg (8KB, 199x199px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
34 Rovo - Pico!.jpg
8KB, 199x199px
Rovo - Pico!
>Progressive Electronic, Krautrock
This essential Japanese psychedelic krautrock revival group truly nailed it on their debut. Pico! is highly focused on textural development, and paces itself accordingly.

[no sample available]

no room for space rock grunge bullshit
Terje Rypdal - Odyssey
>Jazz Fusion, ECM-Style Jazz
I’d call this ‘atmospheric jazz’, and it’s best meant for nighttime listening. Considered by many to be an essential inspiration for the NWW list, Odyssey is exactly its title; a smooth, yet cerebral jazz odyssey.


Salaryman - Salaryman
>Post-Rock, Electronic
A free-flowing electronically inspired post-rock release, Salaryman is simultaneously messy and focused, creating an interesting combination of agility and power.


Philip Samartzis & Rasmus B. Lunding - Touch Parking
A challenging series of electronic manipulations, Touch Parking is definitely coming from a strange perspective. On the surface it isn’t much, but digesting it with more focus and attentiveness, you’ll gain insight into a world of detailed and cured sound, all culminating into a riveting finish.

[no sample available]

Pharoah Sanders - Izipho Zam (My Gifts)
>Free Jazz, Spiritual Jazz
Sonny Sharrock and Pharaoh Sanders combine on this essential Free Jazz classic to make for an enthralling listen. The free jams are full-on loaded with sound and intricate improvisations, and the vocals are certainly spiritual.


Kokanko Sata - Kokanko Sata
>Mande Music
This is Mande Music that’s less on the jazzy side of things, and more on the folky side of things. Guitars, djembes, flutes, keregnaiums, and the Calabash all subtly accentuate the shy, yet subtly powerful soul this album wields.


Scatter - Surprising Sing Stupendous Love
>Free Folk, Psychedelic Folk
One of my fifty favorite albums ever, Scatter has an absolutely breathtaking perspective on free folk, directly influenced by free jazz. It has moments of tremendous charisma and orchestral power, and the slower points are surprisingly emotional. It’s quite varied in this way, providing a route of accessible interest upon each repeated listen.


Scrambled Eggs - Scrambled Eggs and Friends
>Post-Rock, Drone
This Lebanese experimental rock-improv group defies boundaries with this awkwardly inviting release. It’s largely just a jam session between multiple improvisers, but the atmospheric development through experimental rock and dense drones create a sense of compelling.

[no sample available]

Senking - Senking
>Ambient Techno, Minimal Techno
If there was an album that I’d call texturally perfect, it would easily be this one. Very well-defined grooves and an engrossing psychedelic atmosphere, Senking is Jens Massel’s crowning achievement, even in spite of his excellent 1996-99 release under Kandis.


Ryusuke Seto - 五六七 (Miroku)
>Psychedelic Folk
This is earthy psychedelic folk that obscurely trickled its way out of the mystic land of Japan. One of the better Japanese avant/psych-folk releases I’ve heard.


This is phenomenal and I'm definitely dl'ing

kinda let down by this. I'm in love with Village of the Pharoahs, but the singing on this is....ew
Setsubun Bean Unit - Setsubun Bean Unit
It’s more on the avant side than the prog side, and it has a surprisingly well-fitting integration of Dub into its aesthetic. One of the more unique albums I’ve found.


Shooglenifty - A Whisky Kiss
>Acid Croft
Somehow, ‘Scottish ho-down’ comes to mind when I think of this album. Acid Croft is a mixture of Celtic Folk with electronic elements, and this is on the Celtic side of things, with some atmospheric influence from Downtempo. Noteworthy integration of fiddle and banjo.



You should at least like 66% of it, seeing as only the opening track has vocals, and it's the shortest.
i thought you were swede spammer for a sec... thank god youre not!!!

thanks so much OP. between your two threads, youre single-handedly giving my library world music
Slight Slappers / Short Hate Temper - Slight Slappers / Short Hate Temper
>Japanese Hardcore, Thrashcore
Only 16 minutes long, this violent and punishing album is wrought with fury and crushing forcefulness. Each short track packs an immense punch, and it’s the best I’ve found from its genre thus far.


Steven R. Smith - Cities
>Free Folk, Drone
An excellent sonic sculpture from the prolific Free Folk master, also known as Hala Strana, Thuja, and Ulaan Khol. It has strong doses of nostalgia, reminiscence, and quiet beauty weaved throughout.


Wayne Smith - Youthman Skanking
Dancehall is a development in Reggae that focused more on pure rhythm accessible lyrical themes, rather than the political/Rastafarian views of traditional reggae. This 17-year old innovator of Digital Dancehall creates a wildly catchy and groovy release with enthusiastic songs of morality and love.


requesting more batshit insane music
Valaida Snow - The Chronogical Classics: Valaida Snow 1933-1936
>Vocal Jazz, Swing
Simply dazzling Swing/New York club music from the mid-30s. Valaida has a beautiful voice, and a strong sense of rhythm with her skillful trumpet playing. Surprisingly sexual themes in the lyrics, too, especially for the 30s.


Souled American - Notes Campfire
>Slowcore, Alt-Country
Notes Campfire is best described as ‘Avant-Slowcore’. It has some serious emotions and feels in it, but has a more definitive character than any other album I’ve heard from the genre. Textural and vocal manipulations are integrated into hazy, free-flowing song structures that work extremely well.



There's some more coming down the thread. I've still got 75 more to go.
>75 more


i'll share some too OP
Spring Heel Jack - Treader
>Drum and Bass, Electronic
Treader has a markedly high music per second squared ratio coming from an extremely high-energy pace and thick layers of repetition.


George Stavis - Labyrinths
>American Primitivism
This is a powerful masterpiece by Stavis, especially considering his awe-striking banjo talent has deservedly won him comparisons in musicianship to Fahey. Each note is plucked with a virulent intensity, as if his life depended on it.


Walter Steding - Walter Steding
>No Wave
This is not just any no-wave artist. This is a no-wave violinist who designed his own goggles to light up with his music using a biofeedback device in the 1980s. The noisy jams on this album are just as cool.


I enjoyed the sample, I hear some similarities with irish folk and cajun
Demetrio Stratos - Cantare la voce
>Experimental, A Capella
Cantare La Voce is another highly unique avant-garde NWW list find. The entire album is made with extreme experiments with the human voice, purposefully designing gut-wrenching textures while challenging musical direction as a whole. Recommended for those who want a dose of ‘strange’ to their library.


Suburban Knight - My Sol Dark Direction
>Detroit Techno
My Sol Dark Direction is a more polished, refined look at Detroit Techno, with wispy, yet complete soundscapes being juxtaposed with compelling bangers. It’s an aesthetic that’s simultaneously wholesome and inviting.



Yeah, for sure, Cajun comes from Acadian music, and the Irish folk comes from the settlers of Maritime Canada. Truly an interesting crossroads, Quebecois music is.
Sunburned Hand of the Man - Jaybird
>Psychedelic Rock, Jam Band
I’ve heard over three thousand releases in my short 18 year life, and Jaybird is one of only five I can list as being subjectively ‘perfect’. This is an exhilarating journey of an incomparable nature, the sheer variety and intensity of the album can easily replace a single tab of LSD to an attentive man. Some tracks here have an engrossing sense of chaos, but the truly elite tracks are the ones that take a stronger influence from Free Folk and Post-Rock, developing based on riveting musicianship involving percussion and guitar. This album has been with me through legendary experiences, sober, high, and on enough psychedelics to kill a horse. The relationship I developed with it is something I wish for everyone to experience with their favorite albums.


Do you just listen to everything?
Sun Ra - A Fireside Chat With Lucifer
>Avant-Garde Jazz
A sharethread would be remiss without Sun Ra. One of my favorites from his grandiose discography, A Fireside Chat includes the classic, ‘Nuclear War’, along with a dramatically free-flowing 20 minute improv jam to end side B.


tfw you will never be as patric as OP
Sunshine Has Blown - Sunshine Has Blown
>EAI, Free Folk
Not long after I shared the first one, this is the other 5 star album that I desire to share. Sunshine Has Blown reinvented my perspective on music, not only did my understanding of EAI spawn directly from my adoration of this highly complex achievement, but it showed me an entirely new way to approach the digestion and appreciation of sound. It slowly develops absolutely gorgeous sounds and textures from nothing, and goes from the most heavenly moments to the deepest depths of darkness within minutes, all the while feeling innately natural in the transition. This album truly sounds exactly like its title.



I try.
What about classical?
Gtb OP
Super Biton de Ségou - Le Super Biton National de Ségou
>Afro-Jazz, Mande Music
Standing tall in the history of Malian music, this Mali Kunkan gem sings powerful songs of morality, pertaining to gender equality and the prosperity of communal love. Biton de Segou is considered by many to supersede Le Mystere Jazz, Kénéstar de Sikasso, Sidi Yassa de Kayes, and even Kanaga de Mopti, having won the 1974 and 1976 Malian ‘battle of the bands’.


Surface of the Earth - Surface of the Earth
>Drone, Noise
Surface of the Earth is an album that excels with a subtle attention to detail. It has a forceful gradient of harsh textures juxtaposed with quieter sound experiments, flowing with a powerful sense of imminence. Great music to walk around downtown late at night to.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=856TxtHA-Lc [Embed]


Classical is my weakness. Brother's been playing piano in the room next to me four hours a day 7 days a week for 8 years now, so I've been desensitized to almost all classical. I don't even listen because it doesn't do anything for me.
thanks for the info, do you happen to have some Irish Folk?
Motel Beds - Sunfried Dreams
>mid-fi fuzzy pop with a bite
>some fluffs of everything here though; surf rock on Surfjerk, some almost shoegazy sounds on Sweet Band, biting darkness on Bat Naps

I've also provided the original album cover with my post because I like it more than the reissue

Bandcamp so you can get FLAC or MP3 320/V0: https://motelbeds.bandcamp.com/album/sunfried-dreams
King Elk - Making Buildings Out of Everything
>folky, feelsy tunes straight from the Midwest. Elements of surf rock, 60s pop music, alternative rock, and even some alt-country show up throughout this lovely, lovely album

Bandcamp for free FLAC/MP3: https://kingelk.bandcamp.com/
Darren Tate - By the Stream
>Drone, Ambient
One of the two members of the important Drone duo Monos, Darren Tate’s solo release is conceptually based on water flow. It’s meditative and relaxing on the surface, but beneath the gorgeous drones there seems to be something else hidden.

[no sample available]

OP can I just say I love you
John Tchicai, Garrison Fewell, Cecil McBee, Charlie Kohlhase & Billy Hart - Tribal Ghost
>Avant-Garde Jazz, Free Jazz
An excellent and talented quartet supplement the late saxophonist John Tchicai’s ultimate release with soulful balladry and mood-altering power. Wondrous development of musical flow.


Chrissy Zebby Tembo & Ngozi Family - My Ancestors
>Zam-Rock, Psychedelic Rock
Zambia’s psych-rock revolution in the 70s took a grand amount of influence from Rock’s role in Western culture, but translated through the lens of lower-quality equipment and cultural roots, it results in a more interesting and emotionally inviting product. Raw and sloppy in an endearing way, My Ancestors is one of Zam-Rock’s finest gems.


Not in the sharethread, but I can upload any of the following four albums
Willie Clancy - The Minstrel From Clare
The Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem - A Spontaneous Performance Recording!
Mary O'Hara - Songs of Ireland
Planxty - After the Break

All are recommended
I love you too!
Henry Thomas - "Ragtime Texas": Complete Recorded Works - 1927 to 1929 in Chronological Order
>Acoustic Texas Blues
One of the oldest (born in 1874), and most influential Bluesmen of his time, Henry Thomas’ fine and complete collection of ballads and dance reels are accentuated by a rough, street-toughened voice. Also one of the only black performers to ever play the pan flute.


Three Forks - Seven Layer Ape
>Free Improvisation
One of my fifty favorite albums ever, Seven Layer Ape is the equivalent of free improvisation in the amazon jungle. Coming from the uniquely segregated New Zealand improv scene, guitar improvisational mastermind Donald McPherson joins Tim Cornelius and James Currin to sculpt one of Free Improv’s all-time finest achievements.


OP, would it be possible for you to post a chart of your 50 favorite albums of all time? I'm very interested
Thrice Mice - Thrice Mice
>Krautrock, Psychedelic Rock
This is a wonderful Krautrock gem, again to be found on the NWW List. Thrice Mice is an excellent blend of Jazz, Progr and Psychedelic Rock, taking sounds and patterns heard from all over the genre and combining them in a fashion that’s of consistent quality. Highly recommended for any fan of that insatiable psych/prog sound from early 70s Germany.


this is the latest update I've done, back in December or something like that
you know you're just making the thread 404 sooner by bumping when it's not needed and preventing people from bumping later, after the bump limit is hit
Bishop Perry Tillis - In Times Like These
Best described as ‘noise blues’, Bishop Perry Tillis was old, fragile and likely senile when Begnt Olsson, a Swedish musical archivist, tracked him down in his Alabama home. He was still playing a coveted style of gospel/blues that had practically run its course by the early 40s. Tillis, in spite of going blind, stayed true to the emotional greatness of his style of music, and it shines through the poor-quality cassette rips of Tillis’ works, making for an endearing lo-fi blues experience.


I have some of those albums and I'm not interested in the rest, thanks anyway!
what about cajun music with accordion? I only have Amede Ardoin.
Glen Tomasetti - Folk Songs With Guitar
>Contemporary Folk
This Australian suffragette has an aesthetic similar to Vivien Richman, but her demands of equal pay juxtaposed against a strong sense of feminine rebellion gave this traditional folk release a new twist. She was pragmatic in her understanding of the art and history of folk music, but integrated her own influential viewpoints into it that resonated throughout the nation during the late 1960s.


Ali Farka Touré - Radio Mali
>Blues, Mande Music
The legendary Malian blues player rocketed to fame in his 1994 collaboration with Ry Cooder. However, this compilation shows the side of Ali Farka that’s engrained in quiet, soulful passion. It’s stripped down, and displays some of the most awe-inspiring guitar musicianship that I’ve ever heard.



Honestly, I've only Amede as well, for accordion-based Cajun. Cleoma Falcon and Harry Choates are the only other non-compilation Cajun I've heard, and that's largely guitar and fiddle.
The Tower Recordings - The Galaxies' Incredible Sensual Transmission Fields of The Tower Recordings
>Psychedelic Folk, Free Folk
This is one of those albums that’s difficult to tag as a genre. It has the instrumentation of folk music, but the farthest thing from the structure of it. Chaotic, noisy jams in an intense reverberated atmosphere make this an incomparable record in terms of sound.


Trapist - Highway My Friend
>EAI, Free Improvisation
Highway My Friend is similar to what EAI would sound like on a rainy day in a field in the middle of nowhere. It’s sombre and quiet at points, but rises to create musicality from abstract developments. Recommended for those who enjoy listening to music in solitude.

[no sample available]

Toshiya Tsunoda / Manfred Werder - detour
>Field Recordings
An album that could only come from Erstwhile records, detour is a simply gorgeous accumulation of field recordings from the Miura Peninsula, not too far from Tokyo. It depicts the ethereal qualities in nature, and develops to a harsher, more artificial sound later in the album, possibly representing the aforementioned ‘detour’. This is recommended for those who like to let their mind wander in nature, and contemplate its relationship to society.

[no sample available]

File: 1425770843878.jpg (169KB, 512x512px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
169KB, 512x512px
Re-posting from the other thread, this album is just too weird not to share.

If You're An Angel, You Will Suffocate on Earth - What Can Be EP

>very unusual sounding pop music, experimental, catchy, depressing lyrical themes

Twigs & Yarn - The Language of Flowers
>Ambient, Folktronica
The Language of Flowers is a sweet, gentle and tender release that culminates elements from a variety of genres and carefully crafts it into a lovely spirit. Very nice for winter listening.


Charles Tyler / Ensemble - Voyage From Jericho
>Avant-Garde Jazz
One of my fifty favorite albums ever, Voyage From Jericho is an elite example of what baritone saxophone can accomplish. He fits notes into each rhythmic slot at a faster pace than is seemingly possible, and defies sonic gravity has the improvisational power of this chaotic, yet focused release drives forth repeatedly brilliant conclusions.


Celestine Ukwu - Ilo Abu Chi
One of the best examples of Highlife’s purest qualities, this one is heartwarming, relaxing and sunny. Summertime bliss is encapsulated in this delicate release.


Ultrahigh - The View of Ultrahigh
>Acid Techno, Acid Trance
One of my fifty favorite albums ever, The View of Ultrahigh takes dance music to a whole other universe. Practically guaranteed to have your feet above your head when the crushing synths of Maya Gods and the post-chorus breakdowns of Der Hollentrip strike and surround your ears, Ultrahigh is easily one of the finest EDM albums in existence. Recommended for MDMA.


Uproot Andy - Guacharaca Migration
>Digital Cumbia, Mashup
Guacharaca Migration is Canada’s answer to Digital Cumbia, taking samples from Prince Nico Mbarga and grime artists in Britain and creating a fun, danceable and engaging listen from start to finish.


more pls
U.V. POP - No Songs Tomorrow
This bleak and unforgiving Post-Punk release sophisticatedly blends political nihilism with poetic, angular guitar chords. An essential of the genre.


Daniel Vallancien & Philippe Maté - Daniel Vallancien & Philippe Maté
>Musique Concrète
One of the greatest early electronic albums, the split between Vallancien and Mate has sounds that are directly sampled on Rounds by Four Tet, denoting a vast sphere of influence over the genre. Honestly gorgeous, and almost fifty years later, still decidedly unique.


>Compilation Alley: A Sharethread Detour

The following 22 releases are entirely V/A Comps. The joy I find in V/A comps come from how they document and assess music from a particular region and genre, and form a centralizing perspective from the music compiled. It evokes a new sense of musical understanding from the listener, and asks to blend academic understandings with the expressive side of things. With a strong bias from Africa, here are my favorite V/A compilations.
Various Artists - Africa Dances
>Soukous, Highlife
One of my fifty favorite releases of all time, Africa Dances is a simply beautiful compilation of Dance music accumulated from all around the continent, ranging from Township Jive in South Africa to Tizita in Ethiopia to Muziki Wa Dansi in Tanzania to Palm Wine Music in Sierra Leone, with plenty of Soukous and Highlife to top it off. Lisie by Les Bantous de la Capitale ranks as one of my ten favorite tracks ever. Never has a compilation done such a perfect job of accumulating all perspectives of beauty and emotion from the continent.


Various Artists - Unesco Collection: Aka Pygmy Music
>Mbenga-Mbuti Music
One of my fifty favorite releases of all time, Aka Pygmy Music is exactly what its title denotes: music from the Aka Pygmies of the Central African Republic. This is an entirely new perspective on music, giving a breathtaking look into how music impacts the functionality of an African tribe. The polyrhythmic complexity that naturally comes to the Aka Pygmies has fascinated musicologists for decades. My favorite part of this record without a doubt, is how the raw beauty of music doesn’t take a studio to record in, a format to be released on and sold from, or even clothing to be worn. This is one of the most intrinsically genuine looks at how music impacts humanity.


Various Artists - Music
>Minimal Wave, Industrial
The highly sought-after Minimal Wave label Vanity Music released this absolutely fantastic compilation from the broad variety of artists signed to them. It’s possibly one of the best studies in Minimal Wave in existence, a wonderful primer to the genre.


Various Artists - Bali: Musique pour le gong gédé
Gamelan is one of the most complex genres of ethnic music. Traditionally from Indonesia and Bali, the music is made up entirely of percussive instruments, usually focusing on an enveloping atmosphere. The beauty in this compilation is indescribable. Highly meditative music.


Various Artists - Zaire: Musiques Urbaines A Kinshasa
Tradi-Modern is a highly obscure and sought after sound from the Congo. It’s an electrified version of traditional Congolese trance music (not to be confused with the EDM genre) that dates back to the early 70s, but very few recordings surfaced until 2005 when Konono No.1 popularized the sound. This compilation features Konono under an earlier name, Orchestre Tout Puissant Likembe Konono No 1, along with another three live perfomances that encapsulate this highly unique sound that’s exclusive to the heart of Africa.

[no sample available]

Various Artists - Corrupt Postman
>Twee Pop, Noise Pop
This is an essential for anyone who loves noisy, lo-fi indie music. Many artists on here are to be unfound on the internet, making this an absolute treasure of late-80s indie obscurity.


what'd be the non minimal equivalent of this kind of music?
Wave music.
It basically took the electronic elements of Post-Punk, New Wave, Coldwave, and Synth Pop and isolated them, then filtering it through a minimalist lens. Minimal Synth derived similarly. So any of those four will have non-minimal elements, and you'll see the influence minimal wave took from it.
This too.
Various Artists - Zambiance!
>Kalindula, Zam-Rock
Kalindula is best defined as Zambian urban dance music with rumba-like guitars and quick, steady basslines. This compilation, in spite of its atrocious cover, does a great job at giving a wholesome view of Zambian music.


Various Artists - Le Gran Mamou: A Cajun Music Anthology, The Historic Victor and Bluebird Sessions 1928-1941
>Cajun, Zydeco
The emblematic traditional music of Louisiana, this Cajun compilation gathers all varieties of the music over the 13 year span listed. Plenty of accordion and fiddle goodness for all.


Various Artists - The Music of Madagascar: Classic Traditional Recordings of the 1930s
>Malagasy Folk Music
Malagasy Folk Music is one of my favorite kinds of folk, largely because it blends Austronesian Folk Music with Arabic and African influences. I find it truly fascinating how Madagascar’s music can be the crossroads of such varied influences from across the globe. The music itself is warm, gentle and soft, but still bears a high emotional and spiritual resonance.


Hymn - Coming Home & Too Many Lies
>coldwave, french, sounds a bit like weird lofi depeche mode

requesting heroes by david bowie
Various Artists - Rebab and Female Singing of Central Javanese Gamelan
>Gamelan Jawa
My absolute favorite Gamelan compilation, Rebab/Female Singing is an absolutely astonishing Gamelan series that has lovely, airy vocals serenading some of the slowest, most relaxing gamelan percussion you’ll hear. Recommended for meditation, drugs, or simple experiences with nature.


Any depressive shit I could get?
Hey man, thanks so much for all the shares. It's been a while since I indulged this much on /mu/. Would you mind posting a list of your top fifty albums? I keep seeing you mention them in your posts and I'd like to see them.
Various Artists - ...Compiled
>Minimal Techno, Dub Techno
The ultimate Chain Reaction compilation featuring some of the finest names on the label; Vainqueuer, Porter Ricks, Monolake, Substance, and Pelon amongst them. It’s aggressive, textural, and an excellent example of what the label has to offer.



There's some stuff coming at the end of the thread that's pretty #emotional.
Various Artists - The Heart of Cape Breton: Fiddle Music Recorded Live Along the Ceilidh Trail
>Cape Breton Fiddling, Canadian Folk Music
This release contains over 70 minutes of pure Cape Breton Fiddle. For those who love to dance to violin music, this compilation contains an essential lineup of the finest fiddlers from Nova Scotia, Canada.

[no sample available]


Various Artists - Echoes of Africa: Early Recordings 1930s-1950s
>African Folk Music
A gorgeous collection of Afro-Pop and African Folk music comes to fruition in this extensive collection. Throughout the release, the listener is given a strong sense of heritage juxtaposed with variation; many nations are featured, but each defines itself as unique.
It's also refreshing to hear African Music that predates commercialization; however, the sounds contained on the album were still strongly pertinent to the musical scene of the Western world.


Various Artists - Melodii Tuvi: Throat Songs and Folk Tunes From Tuva
>Tuvan Throat Singing
One of the best Dust-To-Digital compilations, Melodii Tuvi is the logical next step into Tuvan Throat Singing after Oidupaa. This one’s certainly folkier than Divine Music; not an accordion to be found, but the rawness of the music contained on this compilation almost theatrically depicts the land it came from.


Alright, need some real relatable shit right now
Various Artists - In The Pines: Tar Heel Folk Songs & Fiddle Tunes, Old-Time Music Of North Carolina 1926-1936
>Old-Time, Traditional Folk
This is a great compilation studying the music of North Carolina. The Anthology of American Folk has plenty of alumni on this compilation, and probably the best version of Banjo Sam I’ve heard.


Various Artists - Ouaga Affair: Hard Won Sound of the Upper Volta 1974-1978
>Soukous, Afro-Funk
The little-known label Savannaphone turned a lot of heads with this compilation of Burkinabe music. The artists on this release have great presence, and each track has its own resonance. Some keyboard-driven funk, but it’s normally on the mellow side of things.


sample sounds like Paul Simon's Graceland :)
that fucking album cover tho lol
Various Artists - Ibi Na Bo: 60 Africa 70
This cassette compilation of African highlife is similar to Africa Dances both in song selection and regional variety. The rip doesn’t include song splitting, but for me, this is a great thing. Each song gently flows into and out of the next one, and eventually it makes you feel lost in a sea of tender African emotions.


Various Artists - Don't Trust Your Neighbors: Early Albanian Traditional Songs & Improvisations - 1920s-1930s
>Albanian Folk Music
Mississippi Records has shown up in this sharethread a few times, but here is an urgent example of why the label remains important. Don’t Trust Your Neighbours is a emancipating study of Albanian Folk, wrought with powerful violin and influences from Rembetika in the neighbouring nation of Greece.



it's pretty bad isn't it
Various Artists - To What Strange Place: The Music of the Ottoman-American Diaspora, 1916-1929
>Turkish Folk Music, Rembetika
If you couldn’t get enough of the previous compilation, here’s over three hours of music that’s from the Ottoman-American Diaspora. This folk music is known for its virulent emotional quality and urgent passion, engraining anger, pain, grief and anything else you can name on the spectrum of emotions into the music. It’s a lengthy listen, sure, but it does provide the full disclosure of the culture with little restriction.


Various Artists - Hasabè
>Ethio-Jazz, Tizita
My all-time favorite collection of Tizita, Hasabe has a perfect mixture of warm, light melodies and intense, chaotic vocal performances. Juxtaposing sunshine and darkness throughout, Hasabe is a quick and efficient look at the music of Ethiopia, again brought to you by Mississippi Records. One of my fifty favorite records ever.


Various Artists - Soul Safari Presents Township Jive & Kwela Jazz Volume 2
>Township Jive, Kwela
Township Jive derived from the shebeen culture promoted during South African’s intense apartheid. Kwela emerged in South Africa and was derived from the Zulu music that spawned up to Malawi. Again, happy African music aplenty to be found on this delightful compilation, Volume 2 of Ubuntu Publishing’s study of South African contemporary music during the 50s and 60s.


Various Artists - Kenya Special: Selected East African Recordings From the 1970s & '80s
>Muziki Wa Dansi, Afro-Funk
While most of the yields of Afro-Funk and related genres are being found in Western Africa, Kenya’s music is documented here with paralleling quality, depicting a beautiful cross between influences of Western Africa and nations to the south, like Tanzania. Kenya Special is truly something special, and brings a whole new musical perspective to a nation that isn’t usually near as documented as, say, Nigeria or Ghana.


Nikos Veliotis & Klaus Filip - Slugabed
>EAI, Drone
The legendary avant-celloist Nikos Veliotis combines with EAI programmer Klaus Filip (who uses his own lloopp software) in order to make this excellent drone-based EAI release that takes the textures of a cello and brings them to a whole other mind-seducing level.

[no sample available]

Nikos Veliotis, Taku Sugimoto, Kazushige Kinoshita & Taku Unami - Quartet
>Onkyo, Chamber Music
It disheartens me to see this album treated as a meme by this board, for I truly see a lot of value in it. An Onkyo staple, the digestion of sounds on this record are both thought provoking. There’s such a tension to the atmosphere to this record, too, and the cello sounds on aceghd layer this tension with a strong sense of imminence.


Verckys et l'Orchestre Vévé - "Dynamite" Verckys
The legendary Soukous orchestra from Congo was recently reissued by Analog Africa and has accumulated a lot of great attention from it. This is their very first album, and they excelled right from the get-go. Subtle rhythmic changes and a surprisingly feminine voice make for a true Soukous experience.


Vibracathedral Orchestra - Double LP
>Free Folk, Drone
One of the lesser New Weird America groups, Vibracathedral Orchestra integrates experimental guitar loops and languid drones into rocking bangers that make for a varied and interesting release.

[no sample available]

C.W. Vrtacek - Learning to Be Silent
>Experimental, Post-Minimalism
Similar in atmosphere to Airs by Loren Mazzacane Connors, Learning to be Silent is a melancholy record with mellow guitar and some touches of well-timed reverb that make for a sombre, yet reflective listening experience.


Abdul Wadud - By Myself
>Free Improvisation
The single best cello record I’ve ever heard, Abdul Wadud stretches the instrument to lengths that no other player has before. For just a man improvising on a cello, with absolutely no other music on the album, this stuff is simply unreal.


Elisabeth Waldo - Rites of the Pagan: Mystic Realm of the Ancient Americas
Exotica was the brainchild of United States culture taking a newfound interest in Polynesia and South America in the late 1950s. A blend of traditional club/jazz sounds with the ethnic music of these regions, it definitely treads the line of pseudo-racism but nonetheless remains interesting. Rites of the Pagan is my favorite from the genre, sounding natural and smooth throughout.


obligatory post saying this is why I keep coming to /mu/

I'm taking these for now. thank you very much.
Mal Waldron - Up Popped the Devil
>Free Jazz, Modal Jazz
Up Popped the Devil takes the dark shades of jazz to a new level, sounding purely haunting and downright evil at times. The drums and the bassline play off of each other in outstanding fashion, and Mal’s piano chops are some of the best in the game.


Wovoka - Wovoka
>Psychedelic Folk, Free Folk
Wovoka is a seemingly forgotten about one man raga folk project. Very emotional, and has that rusty, American Primitivism quality to it that will really suit Jack Rose fans.

[no sample available]

File: cover.jpg (51KB, 500x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
51KB, 500x500px
Giacomo Puccini - Tosca (Karajan)
> The first chords lift you right out of your seat. This is Tosca for the Imax screen, no holds barred. Karajan, and the resplendent Vienna Philharmonic, hurl those chords out of the loudspeakers, and from that moment his hold never falters. Has anyone ever lavished such care, sensuality and physical power on this score? And has any orchestra ever played it as wonderfully as the Vienna Philharmonic? Every detail of Puccini’s Technicolor orchestration is there to marvel at. And theatricality too. Listen to the way Karajan builds the Te Deum at the end of Act I, abetted by John Culshaw’s vivid production: you can smell the incense. Price is a refulgent Tosca, glorious of voice, Di Stefano a wonderfully open-voiced and surprisingly subtle Cavaradossi, and Taddei a compellingly evil Scarpia. For sheer white-hot drama, the mono Callas/De Sabata set remains a classic. But in its different way, and in still-spectacular sound, this is just as overwhelming. A ‘legend’ indeed.
Xhol - Motherfuckers GmbH & Co. KG
The infamous Xhol Caravan’s final studio release is by far their most experimental. Yes, there is a song solely made up of cricket noises. There’s plenty of jazz-rock Kraut jammin’ goodness to be had, though.


Yellow Swans - Dreamed Yellow Swans
I find this to be Yellow Swans’ finest release. It integrates elements of industrial into its up-tempo, pulsating rushes of noise, and proves to be a sonically consuming experience.


Monâjât Yulchieva - Ferghana Maqam
>Shashmaqam, Uzbek Traditional Music
Shashmaqam is a modal suite comprised of both lyrical and instrumental songs focusing on poetry and dance, deriving from a long history of combining elements of Jewish Music, Persian Classical and local folk from Central Asia. Ferghana Maqam is a wondrous depiction of what Uzbekistan has to offer, Monajat’s voice is simultaneously unique and powerful, rising from compelling instrumentation and endlessly developing on itself.


File: cover.jpg (43KB, 500x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
43KB, 500x500px
Felix Mendelssohn - String Quintets (L'Archibudelli)
> Mendelssohn's two string quintets may not plumb the depths of Mozart's and Brahms' efforts in this genre, yet they deserve to be heard more often than they are. The musicians of L'Archibudelli make powerful and cogent cases for the music's judicious proportions, sweet spirit, and impeccable craft. They enliven Mendelssohn's canny rhythmic displacements with sharply drawn accents and favor brisk tempos that avoid all trace of glibness. Being a period ensemble, L'Archibudelli favors gaunt, wiry timbres and minimum vibrato that may to some ears contradict Mendelssohn's congenial lyricism. Yet the group's sonority imparts a tangy edge and sense of ferocity to the proceedings that wears well as you get to know the performances. The excellent annotations further tip the scales toward an unhesitant recommendation from yours truly.
Atahualpa Yupanqui - Camino del indio
Zamba is a style of South American Folk that’s usually slower-tempo, and utilizes traditional strings like guitar, violin and harp, with gentle percussion. Atahualpa is one of the genre’s most revered ambassadors; his saccharine voice serenades the gentle strings in a soft, yet charismatic way.


J.S. Zeiter - JSCD-01
>Dub Techno, Minimal Techno
Zeiter’s Techno is very old-school, he only uses analogue synths, retaining the depth and warmth of the sound that first-wave techno lovers crave. Comparable to Basic Channel both in scope and quality.


دری لوگری [Doray Logari] - Vol. 1
>Pashto Folk Music
Doray Logari is widely considered the father of music from Logari, a province in Afghanistan. His version of Pashto Folk is abrasive in a powerful way. The Arabic influence is evident in this style of nomadic folk, but to me, the way the repetitions are executed in this specific kind of music are known only to the Pashto speakers themselves.


File: cover.jpg (46KB, 500x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
46KB, 500x500px
Elliott Carter - Clarinet Concerto & Symphonia (Knussen, Collins)
>The Clarinet Concerto further demonstrates the pinpoint accuracy with which Carter has mastered his richly complex musical vocabulary. Like all of his concertos, the piece embodies a very original take on the essentials of the form: the soloist is pitted against different instrumental groups, each with its own kind of music. These various encounters generate a prodigious amount of energy, and the result is real dialogue, action and reaction, between the soloist and the various members of the orchestra. Oliver Knussen, clarinetist Michael Collins, and the members of the various bands play both works with a level of comfort and mastery that overcomes the purely technical issues of getting the notes right and allows the music its maximum expressiveness. Carter's music is difficult, but the effort is worth your time, and a superb recording such as this offers an ideal way to make the acquaintance of these two extraordinary masterpieces.
Ρίτα Αμπατζή [Rita Abatzi] - Rita Abadzi 1933-1938
Rembetika is a style of Greek traditional music that emphasizes vocals guided by the bouzouki, Greek baglama and the jouras. This is a voice that’s truly haunting, and the strings are simply transcendental. Rita Abatzi is one of the best Rembetika players, a wonderful place to start with the genre.


Νίkος Τάτσης - Έρανα
>Neo Kyma
Neo Kyma is widely considered to be Greece’s response to French Chanson. Appearing in the mid 60s, Neo Kyma blended Greek instruments with delicate songs of love. This is a pretty example, Epava has airy folk melodies and a noticeable touch of romance in it.


லால்குடி ஜயராம [Lalgudi Jayaraman] - Violin
>Carnatic Classical Music
Lalgudi Jayaraman’s live Violin performance consists of a spiritual, meditative 1-hour long stream of Carnatic bliss, and two shorter performances. His violin oozes such a warm and enveloping sound, and displays otherworldly talent.


anon ur spoiling me
မာမာအေး [Mar Mar Aye] - Khauk Sike Ma
>Burmese Pop, Burmese Classical Music
Mar Mar Aye took my breath away with this cassette release, bordering more on Burmese pop than Burmese classical. The song structures are noticeably complex, but her vocal and lyrical patterns simultaneously contrast the thick layer of instrumentation while weaving it into a truly unique song experience. Lovely stuff.


File: cover.jpg (194KB, 500x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
194KB, 500x500px
Dietrich Buxtehude - Scandinavian Cantatas (Hillier)
>Paul Hillier's one-voice-to-a-part configuration works very well for these pieces whose style often seems closer to the earlier 17th-century Italian madrigal than to northern European church music of the late 1600s (the opening vocal flourishes and overall expressive character of "Ecce nunc benedicite Domino", for instance). All of these singers are excellent, but among them Else Torp is particularly fine in her solo-cantata "Att du Jesu vill mig höra" (That you will hear me, Jesus). The instrumental ensemble and continuo playing, as well as the solo-organ renditions by Buxtehude expert Bine Bryndorf, are equally stylish and assured--and everything is recorded in state-of-the-art sound, from the church of St. Mary's, Elsinore (Helsingor), where Buxtehude once served as organist, and who played the (now restored) instrument heard here.
古川壬生 [Mibu Furukawa] - 業晒し
>Avant-Folk, Japanese Folk Music
One of my fifty favorite records ever, this is one of the top-five most emotional albums I’ve ever heard. Famed Japenese folk artist Kan Mikami considers Mibu to be a tremendous influence on his work. I can’t fathom how a rural dweller garnered such anger, remorse and passion to sing these songs with a voice so deep, and I can fathom his lack of publicity even less. This is music to get goosebumps to.


anon ILY <3
安東ウメ子 [Umeko Ando] - Ihunke
>Ainu Folk Music
One of my fifty favorite records ever, Umeko Ando’s Ihunke is a riveting example of just how spiritual folk music can get. It stands tall in the face of Japanese cultural repression, and many songs are sung to ‘ward off evil spirits’.


杉本拓と佳村萠 [Taku Sugimoto & Moe Kamura] - Live in Saritote
>Onkyo, Avant-Folk
The Saritote EPs by Taku and Moe are one-upped in this lovely live performance, my second-favorite Onkyo record next to Quartet. To me, this reminds me of a music class comprised of preschool children. It’s so innocent, and has a youthful impenetrability to it.

[no sample available]

李香蘭 [Li Xianglan] - 籣閨寂寂 (My Lonely Boudoir)
Chinese Pop and Jazz blend together in Shiqaidu, and Li Xianlang’s traditional song structures make for an excellent documentation of suburbia in 1950s China. It’s simple, but extremely sweet, and surprisingly endearing, too.


File: cover.jpg (50KB, 497x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
50KB, 497x500px
Anton Bruckner - Symphony No. 1 (Sawallisch)
>Judicious balances, ideal pacing (especially in the not-too-slow Adagio), and an exciting finale all give the music a feeling of inevitability. You don’t ordinarily listen to Bruckner and admire his formal elegance, but you do here, and if that comes from making the work sound “light and spacious,” then I guess that is what Sawallisch does. Whatever. This is one of the very best Bruckner Firsts around, and the essential place to start if you love the work.
高橋竹山 [Chikuzan Takahashi] - Tsugaru Shamisen No Shinzui
>Tsugaru Shamisen
Shamisen is a three stringed musical instrument, Tsugaru is the region it comes from, defining the playing style. Chikuzan Takahashi is blind Shamisen player, and this sought after double LP displays some of his best playing.

[no sample available]

this may sound a bit out of place but do you know what kind of music this is? do you have anything similar?
aaaand I'm spent for the day

hope you all found something worthwhile

OP out
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Alban Berg - Wozzeck (Boulez)
>Boulez is not a 'tender' conductor; nor would he wish to be found one. But, as I said before, again and again he provides a revelation of the 'meaning' of a particular passage—simply by playing it exactly as it stands: not so simply, by his apparent ability to convey the intentions of the composer's creative mind. Two final examples: the hollow bang on the bass drum in the second scene, during Wozzeck's hallucination; and the celesta/harp trickle, with other motifs exactly poised against it, while Marie in Scene 3 falls into a reverie. Each tells marvelously.
the holy quadfecta

thanks man
Yes, thank you.
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Sviatoslav Richter - The Sofia Recital
>Taped in Sofia, Bulgaria, in February 1958, this recital by Sviatoslav Richter has long been a discographic legend. Having been tremendously impressed by new digital transfers of other recordings in the "Philips 50" series, I should register at the outset a slight element of disappointment with the still limited dynamic range, variable keyboard focus, and sometimes infuriating distortion that still persists here. It may well be that the original masters were simply too primitive to improve upon, but nevertheless your ear should adjust quite readily to the sonic shortcomings of this disc, if indeed your intellect and imagination haven't already been completely seduced by the transcendent mastery of this piano playing. A staggering testimony to Richter's formidable virtuosity, and in musical terms alone this disc should have its own niche in every collection!
File: Cover.jpg (64KB, 500x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
64KB, 500x500px
Sviatoslav Richter - Richter in Leipzig
>Two well-known features of Richter’s discography are the avoidance of complete cycles - not even all five Beethoven concertos - and the large number of duplications. For many collectors this second aspect presents no problem. Any dedicated fan of Richter would have to own every recording he ever made, as his tremendous authority, concentration and risk-taking so often combine to create a riveting experience. The fact that the vast majority of Richter’s recordings are of live performances is a great advantage, as he so often generates a sense of pushing boundaries and a tangible sense of risk. Many of the live performances of the greatest artists - such as Richter - are essentially probing and this kind of more “dangerous” approach is likely to yield breathtaking results. In short, for Richter fans this will be an essential purchase. Audience noise is present and sometimes intrusive, but I don’t believe anyone will be driven mad by it. The piano sound is not the most ingratiating but I would be surprised if it seriously detracted from anyone’s enjoyment. For me this is a disc to treasure.
File: folder.jpg (45KB, 500x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
45KB, 500x500px
Ludwig van Beethoven - Symphony No. 9 & Missa Solemnis (Toscanini)
>Toscanini's 1953 performance of the Missa solemnis has always been a subject of controversy. When the old Record Guide (Collins: 1955) discussed the set, its two distinguished authors agreed to disagree. Edward Sackville-West found it "a thing of violent contrasts, feverish energy and a surface passion vociferously proclaimed", while Desmond Shawe-Taylor felt that "for sheer incandescence and drama the performance can seldom have been equaled". Looking at those views today, one could say that they aren't mutually exclusive. Both speak of the intense, subjective, edge-of-your-seat quality that informs the whole of this highly dramatic interpretation. Toscanini almost makes a virtue of those recalcitrant elements that all conductors have to cope with in this work. The awkward corners are negotiated with purpose. The strivings for effects almost beyond the power of even music to express, the visionary, the serene components of the massive work are all incomparably expressed in Toscanini's reading. In the Ninth Symphony, Toscanini achieves great heights. The first movement occasionally finds the octagenarian conductor impatiently rough-riding his basic rhythmic pulse, but the scherzo is tremendously virile, the slow movement exquisitely tender and powerful in turn, and the finale, with a good group of soloists and an excellent chorus, fervent and uplifting.
Joseph Haydn - String Quartets, Op. 76 Nos. 4-6 (Takács Quartet)
>Here is a richly recorded account of the last three quartets from the set of six that Haydn published in 1797. The Takacs Quartet bring to this music a joyful directness that is entirely refreshing, consequently the Sunrise Quartet, Op. 76 No. 4, is invigorating in the first movement whose spacious opening earned it its nickname, and lyrically broad yet delicate in the Adagio, while Haydn is no less himself in the wittily syncopated minuet and lilting finale. Overall this is an issue to be strongly recommended.
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31KB, 400x400px
This threads dead anyways, gonna sleep. Lots of good stuff here.
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I'm not saying any of it is bad, I like most of the stuff I've downloaded. I just wouldn't want to see this in every share thread. Would be better as just a special occasion.
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You've broken my heart, sky
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have all of us that used to frequent the irc become normies with a music hobby?
Leave /mu/ for a year, find yourself decent blogs, listen to compilations mostly and pick artists from said compilations. Find more albums by those artists, check them out on youtube and subscribe active channels. thethingonthedoorstep is a decent place to start. You gonna be surprised.

>Penguin Cafe Orchestra - Broadcasting From Home
>Penguin Cafe Orchestra - Union Cafe
>Gas - Zauberberg
You are the only good person i've ever met on /mu/

I just thought you should know that, OP
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I'm not OP, just a random anon. I wanna do a thread like OP's sometime but I pretty bad at describing stuff. Maybe I'll do it one day.
Yeah, I realised after I read the rest of the thread. Thanks for the source though, good stuff.
Always a pleasure.
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