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Soundcloud, Fred?

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Didn't see any SC threads on the first 5 pages so thought i'd start one...Post yo tunes for feedback, etc

My live psych/electronic/jazzy band uploaded a couple of demos yesterday, applying for a grant...

Would love to hear your thoughts!
my god what a noob, forgot my own link.

Yo! <3


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just make weird random tunes

Loving the sounds
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>folky, lofi, cinematic, drunk

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>alternative rock
>garage rock
>lofi-like sound
This was recorded on an iPhone so the sound quality isn't great but I hope you guys enjoy it regardless.
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I also fuck around with rap when i'm bored. Not really good and suck at mixing vocals but hey worth a listen when bored
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Not really soundcloud related but I didn't want to start a new thread for this.

I just moved a bunch of my stuff and a few days ago from one room into another and now my mic keeps recording this background fuzz noise when I record.
Here's something I just did http://vocaroo.com/i/s07POUi7TwJN

Can anyone help a brother out? Should I just get a new mic, I've been looking at Shure mics lately anyways.

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New album - I'd really appreciate some feedback
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Just uploaded a new original

>Random covers
>Unfinished originals
>Sometimes videogame music

Fresh, trimmed, cleaner mix of this piece from my first album, hope you guys enjoy.

I can't hear any fuzz or whatever in it. I'd suggest just dropping the trim lower and seeing if that fixes it up

>lo-fi pop
>lots of experiments

if you listen to the ??? playlist, I THINK that's the track list for what will be my debut EP that's coming out on cassette. If anyone comments and lets me know how they dig the sequence and whatnot, that'd be phenomenal
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new thing up, please give it a listen
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>give me the formu-oli


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>indie psych folk
>new song today
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>future bass
>heaven trap

If you like my remix, PLEASE consider giving me a vote on the Beatport page:


If you don't have an account you can register here:


Thanks for your consideration and best of luck with your productions.
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Dunno what to class this as, but any feedback is appreciated.
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I give and return all feedback
I really like older music and it really shows. I'm with a new great producer so my next song should be pretty too of the line. I really like to implement cool chords (especially beatles/STP chords) which usually serve as a skeleton to the song. Much of my music isn't complete but if you're curious about whats to come and/or like what you hear feel free to follow!
Good music for late night haha. Really chill and varied. Like the chord progressions and drum patterns. Keep it up.

More good late night sounds. I think I've seen you in threads before, first time hearing this track though. Second drop is a little busy, and the key change is kind of sudden for me. But overall this is really high production value.

Chill vibes, I think more could be done with the drum breakdown at around 1:12 or so. The guitar progression in general could use some variation. Idk if you really need the fadeout at the end.

Has a nice lofi vibe, though the vocals are really hard to understand on most of these.

Instrumental 4 has some good late night vibes, though it's a little repetitive. Useless Harmonic is more varied but could still be fleshed out in terms of sound design.

Get to a studio, that recording quality is going to bottleneck you. I like the blues sound and I think you have potential.

Interesting whistling melody, but I think the sound design as a whole could use some variation.

Cool industrial sounds but these mixes get really busy during some segments.

Again you need to do full songs.

Guitar is a little grating for me, but maybe it's the genre. Have you considered including an acoustic section in the middle of your piece as well as at the beginning and the end?

Drums are mixed well (on the newer ones at least), melodically could be a little more varied.

Nice sound/progressions, like the vocals. Maybe get a drummer? Depends on your genre focus but just an idea.

Chill late night track. Can't really understand the vocalist but aside from that it's a nice song.

Nice progression, the high keyboard like sound isn't really for me but aside from that solid track.



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>Progressive House and Future


i rap over other people's beats.


I actually have considered that in hindsight, the recording is from over a year ago and there's a LOT of things I'd do differently, particularly make the drums more interesting. But yeah, including an acoustic section or two is something I've realized I needed to do. If my recording setup didn't fuck up on me I'd redo the whole album from scratch, but it is what is is.

>New Order esque
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It's basically a super cozy ride in front of the boiler of a bumpy old space ship.

>clean guitar psyche, trip hop, space jazz

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>prog pop
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Havent in a while
I make ambient synthpop
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>Alternative R&B/Dark R&B

Hi fellas, just released my Alternative R&B EP. Would love to hear what you think, especially about the songs that haven't been released already as singles. Thanks for everyone who has given me feedback during the last two months and helped me with this process, I'm grateful beyond measure.

I'll return all the feedback on SC as usual!
Thread posts: 31
Thread images: 23

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