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Carla Bley- Jazz Realities (1966)

>free jazz, post-bop
>This is a quintet album from pianist and composer Carla Bley. The album features interesting original compositions with intense, smart free improvising from the band.

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Charles Lloyd- Sangam (2006)

>avant-garde, jazz, world
>Allaboutjazz.com reviewer Matt Cibula probably summed it up best with his quote-“this album captures the three grooviest motherfuckers in the world, all playing together perfectly, and it deserves some serious consideration as what ESPN would call "an instant classic.”” Lloyd plays a variety of woodwinds (as well as percussion and piano) with Harland and Hussein contributing on a wide variety of percussion as well. It’s groove-based improvisation with a world-jazz tinge.
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David Axelrod- Heavy Axe (1974)

>soul, funk, jazz
>This is a great blend of funky, jazzy soul. Axelrod includes some of his own interesting pieces but also does some great covers of tunes like “You’re So Vain” and “Cast Your Fate to the Wind.”

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Holiday: Bob Brookmeyer Plays Piano (2001)

>piano trio jazz
>Brookmeyer was known in the jazz world mostly as a trombonist and arranger, but here he plays piano in a trio setting. Because of his lack of piano “chops” his playing is extremely unique; it’s remarkably colorful and relies very much on simple, but abstract melodies. In some ways it’s reminiscent of Monk.

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Bernard Hermann- Vertigo Soundtrack (1958)

>soundtrack, neo-Romanticism
>Hermann's score for the classic Hitchcock film draws influence from composers like Wagner in the lush string arrangements and suits the tense and psychological nature of the film perfectly. The music also stands up well on it's own for those who have never seen the film.

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Gabriel Alegria- Pucusana (2010)

>Afro-Peruvian jazz
>This sextet, led by Alegria blends the traditional rhythms and melodies of Peru, with other styles of Latin and Central America and with an improvisational language inspired by post-bop jazz.

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Joe Henderson- Big Band (1996)

>big band, modal jazz
>Shortly before his death legendary saxophonist Joe Henderson recorded this great album of high-energy big band arrangements of some of his favorite original compositions and standards.
>cool a share thread
>oh it's just the jazz guy
that cover in the OP looks a lot like 1990s alternative comixxxx art, like Ghost World or whatever it was called
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The Paragons- On the Beach (1967)

>rocksteady, reggae
>Rocksteady was a vocal-focused style of music to come out of Kingston that proved to be a huge influence on later reggae artists and producers

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The Gang Font featuring Interloper (2007)

>math rock, experimental, free improvisation
>This band utilizes influences from classic prog-rock acts like King Crimson or Zappa, but there are also elements of avant-garde and experimental artists like Captain Beefheart. The sound is ultimately rock, with overdriven guitars, repetitive basslines, and strong backbeats, but with complex, shifting-time signatures and song forms, as well as improvised solos and accompaniment, this album also draws some influence from classic avant-garde jazz players as well (especially from the keys player, Craig Taborn, who is becoming one of the most widely known pianists in contemporary avant-jazz.)
noice how I missed Jazz share threads, keep'em coming OP
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Billy Hart- Enchance (1977)

>post-bop, free jazz.
>Brilliant tunes that blend exciting compositions and very loose, free but always engaging improv. Eddie Henderson, Dewey Redman, Oliver Lake, Don Pullen, Dave Holland, Buster Williams, and Thabo Carvin.

Someone asked for this last night so I'll jsut leave it here

Gangway - Sitting in the Park (1986)
>sophisti-synth-pop from denmark



Gangway - Sitting in the Park (Again!) (1988)
>re-recorded version with a bonus track


Nils Bech
Norwegian Electro-pop
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forgot pic
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Gene Bertoncini- Concerti (2008)

>third stream
>Bertoncini plays a nylon-string acoustic guitar, which has been used much more in classical playing, but Bertoncini makes the sound work well for jazz. Bertoncini is accompanied on this album by bass and string quartet with some amazing arrangements.
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Tonbruket- Nubium Swimtrip (2013)

>progressive rock, fusion
>After the unfortunate death of Esbjorn Svensson and the dissolving of the Esbjorn Svensson Trio, the bassist, Dan Berglund started this group. “Tonbruket” translates to “tone workshop” and the group explores the influences of classic progressive rock with unique instrumentation, influences of world music, and a spirit of improvisation.

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Joe Henderson and Woody Shaw- Jazz Patterns (1970)

>Henderson and Shaw were two of the greatest on their respective instruments throughout the 60’s and 70’s. This is a chance to hear them stretching out on solos with a great backing band of George Cables, Ron McClure, and Lenny White.

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Andres Segovia- The Baroque Guitar (1990)

>Often cited as one of the greatest guitar interpreters of classical music, Segovia interprets some well-known and some lesser-known pieces by Baroque masters such as Bach, Frescobaldi, Purcell, and Handel.

care to share some reggae/dub?
most interested in roots, thanks.
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Dr. Lonnie Smith- The Art of Organizing (2009)

>organ jazz, soul jazz
>The good doctor leads a traditional organ trio (organ, guitar, drums) on this record and shows off his remarkable taste on the instrument. The music is mostly in the hard bop, soul jazz style, but what makes Smith stand out is his talent for utilizing the wide variety of sounds and dynamic contrasts the Hammond B-3 of which the Hammond B3 is capable.

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Patato Valdes and his Latin Percussion Friends- Authority (1976)

>guaguanco, Afro-Cuban improvisation
>Valdes was one of the percussionists who played on a number of great Latin records in the 50’s and 60’s. This album is heavy on percussion and vocals and features the stringed instruments quinto and tres in the traditional Cuban style of guaguanco.

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Jesse Stacken- Bagatelles for Trio (2011)

>contrapuntal composition, free improvisation
>This is a series of compositions for piano trio. The music sounds more classically influenced than jazz, but the compositions open up to very free improvisations based on the themes presented in the pieces.

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John McNeil- Faun (1981)

>post-bop, free jazz
>This is a quintet made up of some of musicians who had extensive careers as sidemen in the 1980’s playing acoustic straight-ahead and free jazz. Along the lines of Woody Shaw, Freddy Hubbard, or Kenny Garrett’s 80’s output.

I don't know who you are, but you made me very happy. You are a wonderful person, anon. Please have a good week.
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Honved Ensemble Budapest- Cantus Hungarorum (2007)

>Hungarian folk, vocal
>a collection of traditional Hungarian vocal music performed traditionally and often a capella
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Maria Schneider- Evanescence (1994)

>big band, progressive jazz
>Considered by many to be the spiritual successor of Gil Evans, Maria Schneider writes complex, colorful and exciting music for big band. This was her debut album with a band made up of great jazz players like Tim Ries, Rich Perry, Tim Hagans, Ben Monder, and Kenny Werner.
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Yosvany Terry- New Throned King (2014)

>Cuban Arara, Latin Cantos, Afro-fusion
>Saxophonist Yosvany Terry composed this music based on cantos from the Arara, a secretive spiritual brotherhood in Cuba and Haiti. The music mixes these rhythms and chants with jazz-based improvisations and harmonic functions for some extremely creative and engaging music.

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This May Be My Last Time Singing: Raw African American Gospel on 45 RPM (Disc 1) (2011)

>This is a compilation of rare gospel recordings that span from 1957-1982. It’s a good mix of classic old-school gospel and slightly more contemporary R&B influenced gospel.

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>tfw techno spammer will destroy this thread
Keep em coming, OP.
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Archie Shepp and Niels Henning Orsted Pedersen- Looking at Bird (1980)

>duet jazz, straight ahead, bebop.
>The great avant-garde tenor player and the great bassist playing duet versions of Charlie Parker tunes. Shepp was known mostly as a free jazz player, but here he keeps things fairly structured, with moments of playing outside the form.

post some avant teen shit
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Bill Evans and Lee Konitz- Play the Arrangements of Jimmy Giuffre

>cool jazz
>this is a reissue that groups together several sessions that Bill Evans and Lee Konitz recorded together, focusing on arrangements by Jimmy Giuffre who plays mostly bari sax on this record. Warne Marsh also appears on several tracks.
anyone got link for this
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Repo Man - All Mind in the Cat House (2013)
>noise-rock, spoken word


Just to make you curious, it was in my top 10 of 2013
>imagine Slint-like spoken words over Sonic Youth-like instrumentals sometimes interrupted by crazy sax solos :^)

samples (no sax in these tracks though)

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Eric Revis- In Memory of Things Yet Seen (2014)

>post-bop, free jazz
>the classic ‘chordless’ setup of trumpet/sax/bass/drums. These are interesting and varied compositions that lend themselves well to the adventurous and tasteful playing of the quartet.
description sounds really interesting. dwnloading now
Does anyone have that flowchart for the different jazz eras? Like it talked about each genre/how it came to be, etc.
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>he dislikes tekno2u
off yourself
Bump for all that jazz.
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My nigga my nigga
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Maurizio Bianchi - Endometrio

>industrial, noise
>Side one is a microphone without a windshield taped to a tree in a force ten gale.....with echo.
>Side two is a pneumatic drill hammering away at the inside of a metal water tank,in a force ten gale.....er.....with echo.
>Basically, two more noise-scapes that wouldn't be out of place in a brain washing facility at the re-education center.There's one near you.

Sounds right up my alley. Thanks!
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Misha Tsiganov- Artistry of the Standard (2014)

>Russian-born pianist Misha Tsiganov recorded this album of extremely interesting takes on jazz standards earlier this year. If you think jazz standards are boring, give this a listen. Tsiganov has completely re-imagined these classics with new time signatures, reharmonizations, countermelodies, and new solo changes.

Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir - Fighting and Onions

>Blues folk stuff
>Bunch of male vocalists singing all gruff-like
>Recommended mountain men music

Sample: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HAEmG45n5J4

Download: http://www14.zippyshare.com/v/alCmRooD/file.html
Requesting Ten Thousand by the Agnostic Mountain choir. I found in the archive here: https://archive.rebeccablacktech.com/mu/thread/S42617890#p42627924

However link is dead.
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Lennie Tristano and Warne Marsh- Intuition (1956)

>cool jazz, bebop, avant-garde
>This is the classic album, made up of a number of studio sessions going back to 1949. Tristano and his band (including Warne Marsh, Lee Konitz, and Billy Bauer) and showcases Tristano’s unique blend of bebop improvisation with cool swing. The last two tracks are some of the first recorded examples of free improvisation with no chord changes in jazz.

Does anybody have a link for Filth by Swans? thank you
Sounds nice, thanks!
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