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ITT: your favorite album and drug of choice >percocet

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ITT: your favorite album and drug of choice

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DXM is p cool

kill yourself.
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Favorite albums are damned tough but this is probably the one I've been investing this most in recently

>Daydream Nation
right back atcha
why this opiate in particular?
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well I mean any opiates are fine, percs are just the ones I've had the most access to
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do you cold water extract or just pop em by the handful>
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snort one, eat the rest.
I never do more than 4 at a time, though.

I've popped 6 vicodin at once in the past, but I think those were 5/325 and not 5/500, so it wasn't as bad on the liver.
literally rich suburban white kid drugs

using daddy's credit card to buy your prescription drugs
be smarter about your drug usage pls and always filter.
>prescription drug
mein sides
>liking Kin more than Blue
But why?
>drug elitist

literally degenerate
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>alcohol and nicotine
I don't have a single favorite album, but one I've been enjoying a lot recently is pic related.

My drug of choice is kind of a complicated answer too... I was addicted to heroin for the last 2 years after starting out with pharm opiates (better watch out OP). While I hated every moment in which I wasn't high, the drug itself was of course fucking awesome and the best thing ever. But it started becoming destructive to my ability to function as it does with the majority of people who get hooked on it. I wanted to be free of it but was thwarted by two things: the physical withdrawals, and mental cravings. I would try to quit and would make it past the physical WDs, but then the mental cravings would be to strong to ignore and I'd go back to it.

Recently however, I happened upon an OTC drug cocktail that while doesn't relieve any physical WDs, has absolutely removed my mental cravings. It's simply a psychoactive-threshold-level dose mixture of DXM and DPH. Individually they are completely different things, neither of which I enjoy much, but the mixture of the two creates sensations to me that are the closest thing to opiates I've ever experienced without actual opiates involved. It gives me intense euphoria and peace of mind, while physically sedating me. The only thing missing is the unique nodding feeling of opiates, but that's okay.

I'm still physically dependent on opiates, but I've been slowly tapering my use of them down (drinking smaller and smaller doses of Poppy Seed Tea), while simultaneously using this mixture to relieve the boredom and cravings. So far it's worked phenomenally and I'm almost free of my opiate dependency entirely now.

And I'm not exactly just trading one addiction for another, since neither DXM or DPH are at all physically addictive. Plus you can buy them at a 99 cent store which is insanely cheaper than maintaining a heroin addiction.

/end blog
The display of limited thinking in this post is almost hilarious.
blue is fucking shit

kin had better mixing, sound design, film, and songs in general

blue had atrocities such as
>blue blue
>the last dancer
>tap your glass

really vanilla "afraid to go anywhere"

Literally just popped three 5/325's perfect thread for me right now.
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Fuck me, forgot my pic. It's either this or white light.
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doc: LSD
Man I envy you guys. Those were the best days of my life. I'd say be careful, but it won't make any difference. In all likelihood you'll walk the same path countless others have, myself included. Is it worth it though? Some days I'd say yes and some days I'd say no, but that's irrelevant too, sometimes it's simply necessary.

Either way, good luck.

^ This guy knows.
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op here
very rarely do opiates. incredibly hard to find here at my college.
it's very unlikely I'll go down that road
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Cough medicine and this album has given me way too many mystical experiences for me to act like I'm not a dextronaut for the sake of appearing cool on 4chan.
It may be true that they may be difficult to find for you currently, but I guarantee you everyone who's been down the path to addiction has at one time or another believed that to be true. When I first started out, I couldn't begin to fathom how I'd be able to get my hands on enough opiates to maintain an addition. But where there's a will there's a way, and that's never been more true of anything than the way it's true of opiates. I found my way, and you will likely find yours.

least favorite: nicotine cause i'm trying to quit and it's a pain in the ass

(don't like stimulants, afraid of opiates cause i know too many people who've died that way, have not had the chance to do much hallucinogens but i'm pretty sure i'd be hella into it)
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anything ending in -done, -diene or -cotin
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Well... what have you got?
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marijuana yo
Weed and shrooms
underrated post
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Caffeine and weed daily but lsd has been my favorite experience so far
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original cover.jpg
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Oxycodone, or the combination of cannabis, diazepam and alcohol.
Great album and fitting choice
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weed and alcohol
it's contin
As an former heroin addict, the stories I've heard of the withdrawals of those things are beyond nightmarish, and in many cases lethal (as in the withdrawals themselves can kill you). I mean, I do them very infrequently too, and enjoy them when I do, but having it be my drug of choice is just a recipe for disaster and I genuinely feel sorry for you if benzos are truly your DOC. Be careful guys.
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