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synth FAQ/help/general discussion

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mainly making this because I need help but there's other no synth threads so talk about synths too if you don't want to help me

i have an ob-x, juno60 and minimoog

i can get a pretty decent 80s synthy funky bass pretty good now but can anyone tell me how to, on any of these, or any vst/analog synth in general

isn't there a way to modulate/assign idk the term so that when you let's say I hit a note on my keyboard, if I release real fast that's cool but what if I sustain and keep my fingers pressed against the key, what I want to achieve is I want the resonance to stay at 0 but if I hold the key I want to get a short envelope of attack to say

like as I hold my fingers pressed on the keys, the longer I hold them down,the more resonance builds up and it'll go from like 0-70% resonance depending on the attack/sustain/decay etc on the envelope

This is probably a really stupid/noob question I remember hearing about this shit before I know it's like a really basic assign an evelope to just something but wtf am I supposed to target like I know how to

envelope cutoff or somethin
but what am I assigning an envelope to get this modulation associated with a key press sustained.

please explain this for anything i know it can be done in anything, right? like massive
any analog synth

please help I am such a retard at synths
(only learned from trial/error/turning knobs don't know shit about the theory or anything useful)
can't really tell for sure what you're asking, what kind of filter is set, hi pass or low pass?
It sounds like your trying to describe using another envelope to modulate a parameter.
Lowpass filter.

I'm sorry I explained it really bad. I just want it so that the longer I press my keys, the more the resonance increases.

Like you know how with a pad synth you can set the attack pretty long on the cutoff, lowpassfilter, and as you hold down the keys cutoff will increase depending on the envelope settings?

Same thing just want it to work with resonance too, I think in Massive you'd do this just by setting up a pad envelope, throw it on the cutoff and throw it also on the resonance. Massive is a bit different from like juno60 etc though, idk how to do this with these synths.

idk if I'm still explaining it retraded

thanks for the replies though.
Confused too with this minimoog as well because I know how to modulate some things, but I'm still confused about how one of the oscillators is actually an envelope and how to make it so I hit a bass note and on short bass notes it's just a nice sounding bath with low resonance but if I held down a bass note I want it to start increasing the resonance and get fatty.
how the hell do you have a juno 60 and a minimoog without knowing anything about synths? did you spend thousands of dollars without learning anything?
one of my old relatives toured with the miracles and died a while ago I used to spend a lot of time with him at this music store he gave guitar lessons and shit.

i got them as handmedowns

gonna learn how to use them now/have been as I said I've just literally been playing with shit and getting it to work with a DAW and turning knobs and stuff to learn how to make things
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Anyone have any experience with these? It was left in my back room about ten years ago and I'm wondering if it's worth keeping, or if I should sell it and get something different.
100-1000 dollars on ebay if you want
> ob-x, juno60 and minimoog

so jelly mane
It depends on the synthesizer that you are using. I have no clue about the OB-X or minimoog, but the Juno 60 does not have a way to modulate the resonance except for the slider on the front. You can modulate the VCF cutoff with the VCA, but then it is also tied to the volume. The LFO is another option to modulate the cutoff, but it will modulate differently.
I was more interested in how they stand compared to other synthesizers. It's not an instrument I know much about honestly.

Watch these. they are long, but just trust me and watch them.
Is that an ESQ-1 at the start of the third vid?
sounds like a casio phase distortion synth to me
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Does anyone here know how I could go about replicating the VP-770's vocal modulation via purely software means? REAPER has a function that allows you to pitch shift a live input via MIDI but it's too dry and weak. Maybe if I had convincing, realistic harmony effects to run it through.

Or, failing that, if anyone knows of any similar hardware alternatives that are cheaper then the VP-770's $2,500 price tag.

Here's two examples of it being used extensively in a song:
There were no answers when you made the thread about it, there's not gonna be any answers now
You don't know that, how many tens of thousands of posters does this board see a week? There's guaranteed to be a couple thousand this week that weren't here last week, who says one of them might not have an idea? It doesn't hurt to ask, especially in a synth thread where the people most knowledgeable for it will see it.
can you post a better example? Have you tried other pitch shifting devices? Dan Deacon used like one pedal for this.

thanks dude
that helps me a lot i was pretty confused about how a lot of that works as well. still mad about the bass though i was listening to this track and i really want to make a bass like it.

this is the sound clip I can make a bass pretty much the same noise but on these notes that are held I really like how it expands, I really want to achieve some noise like that lol

This is the clip, the expanding is the very first noise you hear, then I play the expanding notes a few times, then at the very end you hear two clips of the difference between the expanding long notes and the short blip notes.

Very sorry for my retard terminology.
the sound clip should speak for itself


on it, thank you.

oh shit i just looked at the embed I have this bookmarked lmao was too lazy to finish it only skimmed through it, I'll do that now.
what is that song in the intro
better yet how the fuck do you make that synth
Sounds like the vca effecting the cutoff with some higher level resonance.
would you be able to elaborate what exactly is occurring, in detail, with the vca/cutoff/resonance and their levels/settings lmao it's ok if you don't
Here's it in use live at 1:35: http://youtu.be/scad4CGIfGA?t=1m34s

I just skipped through the song, but do you mean that weird glitchy sound? I can replicate that with the pitch shifter I have. The VP-770 does much more complicated and realistic sounding choruses. For example at 6:48: http://youtu.be/fg-35oNE-OA?t=6m48s

That is one dude singing but it sounds like five other people are singing along.

The only other pitch shifter I have is a guitar pedal I use to shift my voice up live. But again, the problem is how to replicate harmonies. Though, I'm probably not going to be able to simulate a multi-thousand dollar keyboard.

Also the reason every sample is the same band is because they're really the only ones doing that sort of thing.
You could always multitrack, I've never heard anything like that
Yea, that's probably what I will have to do. It's going to ruin the ability to play the songs live but hopefully I can save up enough and buy it eventually.
What is a good beginner synth?
what do you want to make, how much do you want to learn, and what's your price range.
Price range $400-600
I want to teach myself
I want to create some ambient music, my inspiration, Eno of course
For that price you could get a Waldorf Blofeld module and a midi keyboard. If you don't know anything about synthesis it's going to be pretty hard to learn since it doesn't have a lot of knobs. Have you used any software?

Thread posts: 30
Thread images: 3

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