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>current favorite song >current feels

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>current favorite song
>current feels
>tfw 90s kid
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Predawn - Free Ride

>qt friend hasnt texted back in over week

>bored as fuck, gonna rewatch Stalker later
>The Style Council - The Paris Match

>tfw she moved the fuck on and you didn't
>Adventures - Clear My Head With You
>High as shit
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feel remember.jpg
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>Eleh - Death Is Eternal Bliss
>tfw second year in college almost over and still no real friends
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>the best ever death metal band in denton
>tfw just bought new legos
> The Brave Little Abacus - Please don't cry, they stopped hours ago
>tfw you never think you're trying hard enough, no matter how hard you try
>Tortoise - Djent
>tfw i'm somehow unable to solve optional homework. i didnt know i was that bad
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>tfw lonely and he doesn't like me anymore
maybe if you had better taste in music...
give me something to listen pls
>he doesn't still play with Legos, literally the comfiest and most customizable toy

Top pleb. Did you not have a childhood?
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port-royal - anya

pretty down
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happy mr ride.jpg
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>tfw my friend is getting lots of plays on soundcloud and is getting more popular

its pronounced lego ; ^ )
Dean Blunt - 100
Depersonalization/Derealization probs

Just got betrayed, feel like I've been stabbed in the gut.
>implying anyone even cares

I bet you're the type of person who gets mad at people when they say "the pixies"
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calm down
But, anon, I am calm

>All My Friends

Asked a qt on a date and she said yes, but she's busy this weekend so I'm stuck in my house alone binge watching house of cards.

>restless, directionless.
How do you like it so far?

No spoilers please I've only seen the first episode. Gonna watch a lot tonight though.
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Roar-Comfort of a laugh track

>tfw when most people including your only irl friends feel some degree of contempt/apathy towards you now
>tfw it's mutual
>tfw it's my fault for being so withdrawn
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>Uphill Peace of Mind

>Feeling: sassy

Deftones - Digital Bath

Fwb caught the feels, ex blocked my number, Major crush on a really close friend who always jokes about hooking up with me, feel like a shitty person
Its pretty good. I think its even better than season 2.
The Ravedeath 1972
feeling focused and shit
feeling ultra angsty so this fits
>current favorite song
Fallen Angel or Sargent D and the S.O.D.
>current feels
Pretty good.
>His Pain II - BJ The Chicago Kid Feat. Kendrick Lamar
>Nervous about a party I'm going to tonight. Some girls I'm interested in may be there so I need to avoid falling into my default beta mode.
Radiohead-Paranoid Android
AUTOPILOT MODE:ON,living from day to day
Kanye West - New Slaves
Feel alright, got a lot of social stuff coming up. - hanging with qts, friends, just met a new lifting buddy for this upcoming week.

c'est la vie
dude you can do it
get out of this hell hole of singularity.
don't do it, anon. you're alpha. also, why the fuck would you be nervous. what's the worst that could happen?
>David Bowie - Sound and Vision
>Exhausted from having spent the last 6 days studying 9 hours a day. Lonely because I haven't seen nor talked to my friends in a really long time (sorta bitter/disappointed because no one has even missed me enough to call me). Frustrated for not having the balls to ask a qt out on a date.
I did get out of the hell hole singularity. I asked the qt out.
>Red House Painters - Katy Song
>feeling like a pile of garbage


I dont want to live through winter.
Tired and hungry
>tfw social paranoia and anxiety is worse than ever and my self-esteem is at an all time low
>tfw it's fucking me over constantly and I'm always interpreting other peoples remarks, advances or compliments as insults or them being ironic/sarcastic

Listening to the newly leaked Ghost Bath album. It's okay.
Oh boy, I know that song-feel-combination all too well. ;_;
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Laurie Anderson - Big Science

I've been listening to this album all week, but this song has been getting the most of my attention. It's also fitting with this damn weather.

Any other artists like her?
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>No Trout- 3pac https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EdwWMYWfoak
>Balling out
Scary skelintin. It's a good listen.
I know this is kind of cliche, but honestly the worst she can do is say no. You'll feel bad if your rejected at first, but ultimately you'll be glad you asked.
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Journey to the Plains - SHels
>we're out of the cup

>I really, really, really want a gf
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needles in the camel's eye - brian eno

That feel when live at home w parents and schizophrenic younger bro at 27
Starting to have feels again for ex who i broke it off with 2 yrs ago due to her drug use and cheating. she introduced to tons of music like throbbing gristle, burial, skinny puppy, t rex, etc. She called me from rehab a few months ago and told me she still had feels (first time we spoke since breakup) but havent heard from her since.
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>Filter - Hey Man Nice Shot
>tfwnogf no inspiration, no purpose of life
favorite song? well that's always changing, but this is currently stuck in my head
so i am dealing with my feels for this guy. honestly it all started with him being interested in me. he's always fucking staring me, and normally i'd think 'well maybe he's just interested in me in some random way' cuz like he knows i almost died and stuff and that's interesting enough but then this one time he is literally talking about my boobs. like right in front of me. so when i notice this stuff going on i totally fall for him because nobody has ever came even remotely close to expressing interest in me. but he has a girlfriend so maybe nothing is ever going to happen and i definitely need to stop. i know this is 4chan and people might not even reply or read this post but oh man i am experiencing intensity of feel. like uh help?
Bluish - Animal Collective

Unrequited love
tfw no gf
>The Sound - Heartland
>Bretty gud. Ripping all of The Road to Red in level 1 FLAC is a pain in the ass though.
i fell in love with my friend because he always showed interest in me when nobody cared, but then he started dating someone else
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good to know at least someone shares my feels. like i was going to try to befriend like next time i see him be like HEY HOWZITGOIN and then at least I have an excuse to friend him on facebook and stuff but beyond that should i just talk to him about this? i mean he's taken so that would be kind of forward but breast discussion is far from subtle.
you should befriend him and see how he acts around you before talking about this
idk i kept everything to myself because that guy made me confused af
I'm tired as fuck, but feel like sniffing some coke and going partying until Monday
yeah planning on entering the friendzone
but i only have a couple quarters of school so i gotta bring this up at some point
Waves Crashing Piano Chords - I Can't Get The Taste Off My Tongue

this video though https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UjaT1h_oViM

hate hate hate hate hate
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>Inanimate Sensation
>losing perception on reality, sleep deprivation, experiencing a huge spectrum of emotions, in this moral nihilism for almost a year, feels like a wheel, and many more
>jeff buckley - nightmares by the sea
>tfw ask a girl out on a date then find out she's 17
How old are you?
>Gorgoroth - Prosperity and Beauty
>I cannot possibly describe my "current feels" in a sentence or so.
Pavement - Cut Your Hair

>I feel like having a double whopper and a 40oz in the park
>the Beatles: A Day In The Life
>A little pissed off
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>Leer - As Cool As An Attempted Suicide
>tfw no friends to hang out with

been like this for a month
File: glozelledit.png (1MB, 1000x1000px)
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>Guided by Voices-- I Am A Scientist

>feel like playing yugioh
Hi Devin

Mortality of Doves

A little despondent, wary of the future, a bit isolated (only have 1 friend who seems to enjoy hanging with me, and I haven't seen her in a month)


I'd hang out with you, trip friend
wrong name dickhead
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>New Mind- Swans
>tfw 19 year old virgin
>tfw no opiates or benzos

I just wanna get laid or high
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>what you want - mbv
>lonely, worried i might have fucked up a good relationship kind of

>Realizing that i make everything terrible.
>Realizing that if i had succeeded last year Bito would still be here.
>he was a better person that i'll ever be.
ugh wish I could get high right now but living in the dorms :(((

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Mourn - Otitis

Feeling angry/regretful. Had the chance to come home from Uni this weekend but wanted to stay because actually had some plans, but plans fell through after it was too late, so stuck in my room all weekend doing nothing when I could have seen my friends from back home. Only two more weeks until spring break though
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Thread images: 24

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