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Stories about showing your parents your music

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>Shows mom Virgins by Tim Hecker
>She thought it was Metal Machine Music
>Me on the right
>show mom and dad windowlicker music video and rubber johnny
>dad thought it was strange but my mom liked the music
>mfw no face
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>show mom Brothersport by Animal Collective
>she says she already knows about them and enjoys their music
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>Shows dad foreigner
>Dad is russian
>Doesn't get it
>mom asks me if i want to go to kid rock concert with her
>play Soon by My Bloody Valentine
>Dad asks "is that Radiohead?"
>Shows mom Spirits They've Vanished from Animal Collective.
>mom looks confused
>Anon, why do you listen to this stupid band?. It's just noise.
She's right.
she's right
>Having a Mom who knows what Metal Machine Music is
She's alright
>Play In Rainbows because mum likes 15 step after hearing it in twilight
>Plays a Bruce Springsteen ballad after 15 step finishes
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>Tell Dad Im seeing some local bands play
>he asks if he can come
>I say "no"
>I get mad at him for asking and making me look like a prick
>He wants to play bass for my band too
>mfw I am a prick and I hate myself
>play shell of light for my mom
>she likes it but she's worried about me

>play strawberry jam for her
>anon what the hell

>play phaeleh
>says it sounds like spa music
why would you do that
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>not having your dad as bassist
that would be a cool band
>shows dad Current 93
>he says the singing is fucking awful
>it actually is
>hugs with dad
>Play the Meme Friends for dad
>"The fuck is this shit?"
because i have no siblings and get lonely as all shit. i just want someone to relate to other than anonymous frogposter234 on a mongolian claymation forum
>Dad says he really likes Taylor Swifts new songs along with whatever was playing on tv (top 40)
>I say "Dad, you know you dont have to force yourself to like modern pop music. There is so much stuff out there"
>He says "I know but I like melody and I know what I like" :)

>I show him the War on Drugs
>He thinks theyre pretty cool
>I explain how I myself am not a big fan
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>mom asks for music to meditate to
>start off with generic binaural beats and stuff
>give her Rifts by OPN
>she loves it
>show her Replica and R+7, loves those too
>we now meditate together
feels really great man
She is correct
>mom: What was that song?
>me: Touched by MBV...
>mom: I really liked that one anon!
Dude, you really are a prick. I'm sure he still loves you, being your dad and all. Why not invite him along sometime? You won't get much longer with him.
>playing Joanna Newsom, mom overhears
>she remarks "haha that sounds like Lisa Simpson"
>Listening to Impossible Soul
>"Liam, I didn't know you like dubstep!"
He probably is a better bass player than you have currently
just sayin
Im a cunt because although music quality is NUMBER 1 I also think about how having a dad in your band would be real gimmicky, especially since I already want to play with my brother

I have said to him though it would be cool as Ive warmed to it more and I do appreciate all he has done for me. I said he can but I also wouldnt mind my bros friend to play sometimes

I understand my dad and stuff but I kinda want to be more independent and not have him try to go to every show I go to and leap in on my projects

Id like to do something for myself.
Also I kind of would like to be free to meet new people my age at gigs and stuff and I feel like if my dad was always around he'd just bring family and get in the way all the time and Id have to focus on him.

Idk at the end of the day fuck it, if he can do it I guess it makes stuff easier and I ow it to him considering he helped bring me into the world and has gotten me so much gear

I do feel a lot of guilt and he knows I dont ask for much.

I just wish I had some independence.
He went to an all ages punk gig with me which was fine but he was like the oldest guy there and when Im alone I feel more comfortable and relaxed as I usually get real anxious and nervous and dont wanna embarrass myself in front of my dad

I feel restricted near him. I managed to sing infront of him and he was "blown away' by my voice but I still get real nervous around him in that respect
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>Little brother sends me a text saying how he likes Basement Jaxx because it's 'unconventional'
> ask if he's listened to that CD I sent to him
> texts me two days later with 'Teachin' bitches how to swim'

It's a start
>Show dad beefheart
>He says he doesn't get it, but appreciates the originality and complexity of the work

He's not a theory genius but he has gotten better and he is a nice bass playing machine in that he constantly goes over things and practises to get them right.
He has a good work ethic.

Yeah true. I will try just bring him along. Just for some gigs I wanted to meet bands and be a little independent yknow
and he makes me feel guilty

He sometimes says "I'll just stand in the corner" and it makes me real sad and guilty

I said "why would you say something weird like that? Stand in the corner??"
new Taylor Swift is breddy gud 2bh
>Show dad shitty 3rd wave post-rock like four years ago
>He says he doesn't really like it but the guitar reminds him of The Eagles

I don't listen to much crescendo-core anymore but c'mon dad
I just dont want him to think thats all thats out there and I thought he was forcing himself to like it

But he actually said he appreciates pop music and he likes melody and how he is old fashioned etc so it was cool
Fucking wow jelly to the metal. Can you give me tips on getting back into meditation? I used to do it every day for 2 years but I stopped last summer because I work doing physical labor and the lotus position was too painful to get into
Just let him play with you then
Seems p cool to see parents playing music with their children
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>He's not a theory genius
wtf man. he is your fucking dad.
stop trying so hard dan have fun with him, he wont be here forever

>I'll just stand in the corner
he have autismo
>play Death Grips in the car on the way home with my mom
>she likes some of the tracks
>literally is doing a mock MC Ride impersonation when we pull in the drive way

my dad likes pretty much everything I show him. Just last year I showed him Busdriver and that Sunn O))) Scott Walker album, both of which he loved.
So many times.

>Showed my dad the War on Drugs - Lost in the Dream
He's a big fan of Springsteen so obviously he really liked it. He said he heard some U2 influence, which means he dissected the music a little bit. That makes me happy.
>He just came into my room and heard Dawn Chorus by Boards of Canada briefly
He said it sounded kind of good
>I played Death Grips for him
He said it's not his thing

>Played MBV for my sister
She said the singer had a misty voice
>Played We Tigers by AnCo for her
She said it sounded like a satanic chant at first, then she said it didn't make sense that someone would repeat "tiger" over and over. She was genuinely baffled by this song.

>Played Sung Tongs for my mom in the car
She said it sounded like music that took getting used to
shes not wrong
>tips on getting back into meditation
doing it with another person really helps you get into a routine, i'd suggest that.
I thought anon was referring to his bandmate with that statement.
Oh man. This is just painful to read. Stop being such a dick and give your Dad a break. He isn't going to go to every fucking concert you ever attend and he's not going to invite your entire extended family because he probably just wants to spend time with you.
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>Shows mom Virgins by Tim Hecker
>"Virgins? Is this about you, anon?"
>"Haha, I'm just joking sweety! this sounds nice."
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fucking top kek
>be a pretty big swans fan, but also love the dead
>watching live grateful dead performance on youtube
>Dad walks in
>"is that Swans?"
fuck you dad its like you dont even care.
my mom did the same thing
>Show mother Author and Punisher
>"I don't know how you'll get a girlfriend with music taste like that."

dammit mom
>show mom a piece I wrote
>she borderline cries "its so beautiful"
>emotions because I lost my fiance in a car crash recently and the piece is for her

love and loss can have a large effect on your music
Is your mom single?
I don't show them anything, but since I don't have headphones, they randomly comment, mostly my mom, dad doesn't really give a shit. Mom can't drive, so we load up on her favorite tunes when going somewhere and occasionally I put on some of the pleb shit I enjoy enough to listen on a car ride. They're mexican but do enjoy random american stuff. Got my mom into Bob Dylan, Creedence, Wilco and other momcore stuff. Dad wouldn't budge on anything since music never really interested him and sticks to his old school NorteƱo music. Although he did like this Johnny Cash album I had lying around.

All the other experimental stuff I listen to, I listen in my room, because they're old and can't really grasp the weirder shit. They actually think I'm retarded/autistic because I listen to horrible music.
I mean I guess they're right, but I like to listen to albums from beginning to end, even if it does suck.

Also bought 500 dollar accordion to bond more with dad, because he isn't the emotional type.

Sorry to hear that anon
show him mu we need fresh memers like him
i want to suck avey tares deak
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>You like hiphop anon?
>But you're white
>with music

do you need a guide to tell you what not to think about too? maybe some candles will help! or some incense!
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>years ago
>play strawberry jam cd in car with dad
>chores is playing
>is this african music
>my facial expression when
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>listening to Circulatory System - S/T
>mom walks in
>what is this anon, terrorist music?
that's true
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>tfw your mom walks in your room in the middle of the night when you're physically vibing to a song and u know you look ridiculous
>dad going through my records
>puts on The Haxon Cloak
>"I like this, reminds me of kraftwerk"

>show dad Not Enough Violence
>he likes it and asks who it is
>send him a link to Pom Pom
>"Its to experimental"

>Dad cleaning living room while listening to lil wayne(he doesnt like rap)
>tells me he likes it because he actually plays guitar

Last one made me vomit a little. My mom likes Kanye a lot after I played her some.
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Thread images: 16

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