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New soundcloud thread! Post music, rate and get rated https:

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New soundcloud thread!
Post music, rate and get rated
I'll return feedback
I did not see the other two on the board, my bad
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Yeah there are quite a few others... but... I'ma sneak mine in.

>post-emo electronic rock homosexual
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Not soundcloud but this is my bros last album. He put his heart n soul n this and he just wnts your ears.


>soul emotions lyrical classic material
c-check out muh mixtape dawg
just check muh mixtape

if u listened u would know its more than a mixtape. Its actually an album and what have YOU created LOL

Cover of I Need My Girl by the National.
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>dark and atmospheric
>sound design
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>Lo-Fi Psychedelic Rock

All feedback through SC if you are a user. Loving the /mu/ community. Thanks to all who've given me a chance.
i'm jeff mangum how bout you come back when i know ur name joe 'kush'
File: image.jpg (786KB, 2448x3264px)
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>psychedelic folk
Sophomore Econ/Poli Sci double major:
• Indian-American
• Everyone has compared him to someone,
but no two people have ever agreed who that someone is.
• Has so much hipster pride.
• Moneyed and has political aspiration

Recent song, cause I take months to fucking write and get the energy to produce. Busy guy, who likes some good ass feedback.
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>alt. hiphop
File: evo_a.png (131KB, 1814x716px)
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>get high as fuck and listen to my shit


>chill trap
>future bass
>experimental hip hop/trap

this is next track is probably my personal favorite track that I've made.


>future bass
>trap/chill trap
>experimental hip hop/trap

thanks for listening, I'll definitely return all feedback given to me on soundcloud.
Forgot the soundcloud

Pyx - Made For Another World (Dream-Pop/Synthpop/Trip-Hop).

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>Latin electronica experimental

my audio science lecturer would like you a lot. i've been working on some weird sci fi vehical sounds using crazy ivan, cunt of a plug-in but can make some great sounds.

anyway, here's mine.


>ain't no sunshine
obvious cover i did with my housemates, i mixed.

>feels like
a deep(ish) kinda funky house thing going on i did with my drummer buddy

>moving out
acoustic guitar fused with drum and bass

>possible gandalf
might be gandalf, not sure.
Your production is hard as shit


>electro dance/hip hop
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old school hiphop beats
only started a month ago
File: Scan 12 copy 2.jpg (442KB, 1141x1132px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Scan 12 copy 2.jpg
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>experimental, lo-fi indie, recorded using analog recording equipment

will return all feeeeedback
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I'll probably drop a new track when I get home, I have at least 7 tracks not finished.
just finished a project based on samples from basinski's disintegration loops

also some trippy guitar stuff like pic related below

File: 1421812316899.jpg (33KB, 500x363px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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> jangly guitar poop, snow, thailand

enjoy xx
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I mostly do chill loopy instrumental acoustic guitar stuff, some obscured vocals on the latest tracks, have a listen if you want.
If any feedback I'll return it tomorrow

>Bedroom folk
>Free album download
>Big Room HAUS!

Please give a listen. Leave feedback. I will return all follows and comments.
Thread posts: 31
Thread images: 22

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