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Grandpa guitar edition.

>Committee for Truth and Reconciliation of steel and nylonfags
>Roundtable on guitar construction and sound
>Designs and features you want now that everything is made in china for pennies on the dollar
>tfw girly hands and no rococo rosette
>Talk about and play music
>General guitar and bass discussion

Beginner information and FAQ:

Music Theory:

Guitar chords and inversions

String Tension Calculator (D'Addario based):

Floyd Rose Setup Video Tutorial:
>[YouTube] Floyd Rose Setup Part 1 of 7: Introduction (embed)

Steve Vai's Ten Hour Workout
Guthrie Govan's Creative Guitar 1 & 2

Impulse Response Pack
>http://www.mediafire.com/download/4n28zkjw0zgmdj9/ASEM+RECTO+V30+L2.wav (embed)
Posted this in the last thread as it died so I guess I'll post it again here. Does anyone know how to get the tone that NMH has on On Avery Island?
First time recording myself singing today after 6 month, sounded like shit but not as shit as I would have thought, might get singing lessons, pretty stoked

and my ableton doesn't recognize my crack anymore :(
Most fuzzes will do, I'd recommend one with a bias knob tho for more tonal options
see >>53348290
How do you guys usually learn a song that's out of your league? I usually

>Force myself to play it as fast as I can even though I miss notes
>Then play it really slowly and hit every note perfectly and build up speed
>Play along to the tune a couple of times until I feel done

I don't know if this is good or not but I don't know any other way and just grinding to a metronome seems boring
I used to use a metronome but found it easier to just listen to it and break it down by sections, learning pieces and then putting the whole thing together. I used to use tabs first then guitapro or whatever that program was called. Now I just listen to it and figure out the notes. The phrasing might be off that way but I find ways to play it that are easier for my level.
Would it be worth it to order a guitar from a shop that actually checks it and sets it up first? The price added on over other sites is about that of a professional setup.
Most stores will setup guitars people order from them for free to ensure you don't bring it back.
We set up every guitar that comes in the store that we're going to sell.
local shops will probably do that for free
depends on where you live tho, they may not be able to match their price to one of a foreign seller and obviously not everyone has a shop nearby

support your local shops yall
I'm talking about ordering online from somewhere like elderly versus some warehouse site. I should have clarified. I just didn't know if the shipping would render the truss adjustment moot, not that I can't do that myself.

My local shop can eat a dick. The repair side is good, but I can't make myself set foot in the store it's in.
Any dealers that sell maple fretboard 7 strings?

They seem like ancient artifacts.
Owner of the local shop is a stuck up asshole, marking up shit all over (they mostly sell used gear). I only ever buy there when I need a cable or something small like that.
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>muh gear

I need to take new pictures...
Hello lovelies!
what's /gg/ working on today?
what genres do you play and jam with?
what are your habits and mindset for writing music?
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Fine tuning this.
loved the build pictures! how is it so far? I'm not big on EMGs, but it looks fucking fantastic and I bet it sounds pretty nice.
I know that feel. Mine sells way over the average on used and won't give you shit on a trade. The whole place also has that vibe where you just aren't welcome. If you look like you're dumb and rich, they fleece you and try to sell you gear that won't work with what you have. If you aren't looking at an overpriced martin, you will be ignored but glared at. They don't honor their return policy, the manager is always 'out somewhere' when you need to speak with him, unless you are speaking to him, in which case he will badger you worse than the lackeys and fuck if the owner is around because he looks and acts just like the jew on hardcore pawn. Coincidentally, he also owns a pawnshop across the street.

This is why I'm shopping online for a new guitar.
It has monster tone, a bigger, fuller sound than the 81/85 set I have in my ibanez, though not as hot, which is what I wanted. I was divided for days over which pickups to use, but after watching a video of Prashant Aswani playing "brain burn" with passive EMGs, I was sold. The action is a bit high and the neck needs to be a little smoother for my tastes, but it definitely sounds great.
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My local shop had a sign that said NO ENTER SANDMAN OR BRAINSTEW....STAIRWAY OK
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Mixing and mastering vocal tracks for band's EP (sadly, the recordings are shit since my voice was shit). Later I'll be recording overdubs and additional riffs with pic related
Mine always has a black guy talking to one of the clerks while playing a keypoard and some bloosman doing what they do.
That sucks man, and yeah, similar vibe in mine. Oddly enough I've had much better experience with the big scale shops, usually much nicer staff and much more helpful.

our local shop has a similar list, I like the idea
people there are always nice and helpful unlike tho unlike >>53350519 or >>53350031 which sucks
Don't get it tho, with all the cheap online ordering stuff being nice and giving support should be mandatory for small shops to survive
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>"Free air guitars" sign at the entrance
I play this type of music.

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>surf green
cool. keep it up.
reminds me of mclusky
I keep hearing good things about this one guitarcenter, but haven't had a chance to go. Virginia has a strange void of music stores with with a wide selection and the martin cocksuckle needs to stop.

It's the only one in town and they make bank off of band rentals, lessons and repairs. The rest of the store is just a trap for people who don't know how to use the internet.
I have found everything on amazon for cheaper than a store or even the site that makes the shit. My local store is good for strings , if you play daddario or Ernie balls, and that's it. The have a whole wall of nothing but corts and squiers. The only decent piece of music equipment in the whole place is an orange microterror which is overpriced by at least $30. Fuck them.
never got into funk much but i'm looking to start incorporating it into my style.
I'm primarily a bassist was hoping someone could rec some decent entry level funk
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Thread images: 7

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