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Record store stories >What's your record store like?

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Record store stories
>What's your record store like?
>Tell us some stories
I live in Portland so there's a lot to choose from. 2nd avenue usually has what I'm looking for, but the only actually shitty one is Jackpot. Fucking overpriced bullshit.
>le family guy XD
The nearest record store is 30 minutes away :\
the nearest record store is an hour away :(
>go to record store
>buy records
in utero XDXDXDXD
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There's a dope hip hop recird store near me. It's full of obscure mix tapes,12" and beats. Every time I get memerap it makes me feel bad. Plus there's an entire section dedicated to MF DOOM.
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>buying music
Automatic 4 le Pepol xDxDxD
what kind of posters would you expect to be hung up at a record store? that seems realistic to me
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>Be me
>living in Columbus, OH and going to Ohio State
>Find new record store on campus (if you're familiar with OSU campus, it's the one south of Used Kids)
>go inside, start browsing, I'm the only customer in there
>All the while, older man at the register suspiciously looks up to me from whatever he's doing, asking, "you finding everything ok?"
>noticing nothing special, just a few Dylan albums and some Pfunk
>About to leave store, notice a worn copy of 'We're Only in It for the Money' laying faceup on the carpet, looks like an old pressing
>No sleeve or price tag on it, makes me slightly pissed
>Ask the guy how much it is, and he's not sure
>He picks up the record and starts typing shit into the desktop, looking for prices
>After about 30 secs, he says, "$20 should be fine"
>Try to explain that I can't really buy the record since I don't have a turntable in my dorm and that I was just curious
>Guy slightly angrily goes, "Then why did I do all this work?"
>Too nervous to argue and I was not expecting this
>He then pulls out the vinyl record, and it is in pretty good condition: no scratches or blemishes
>I finally decide to buy it, meanwhile the guy is like "haha hurry durr look at the guys in drag"
>Take record, run out the store, never going in there again
>Fuck that guy for making me buy a record like that
lol what a bitch
Fuck you, any other record store in this town would have been fine with someone asking for the price, but this guy was just being an unnecessary cunt
I (almost) accidentally kneed the lead singer from Fucked Up's kid in a record store once.
>go to record store
>no price tags on any album
>have to go to the owner for every single album
>turns out nearly every album costs 50 bucks
>find copy of shmap'n shmazz
>go ask
>oh that thing? 25
>everything went better than expected
i worked across the street from a rasputin records about a year ago.

i found a giftcard to rasputin for $20 from 2006 and i went and asked them if it was still good, and it was. so i bought steven wilson's raven that refused to sing.

cool story huh?
>looking at CDs at a store, just me and the guy working who's cleaning stuff
>white guy comes early who's maybe 19
>looks at some of the records in the hip-hop section
>awkwardly asks the guy working if he has any Wu-Tang or Gang Starr
>guy working just stares at him, blazed out of his mind and has no idea what's going on
>guy goes back to looking through the same records again before quickly leaving
>I buy A Love Supreme for $6 even though I don't really want it
As a side note Damian is a really cool guy
There's a cool record shop here that I go to occasionally.

Found a few Ruins and Kayo Dot records, a copy of Feedbacker and Dissertation, Honey. They normally always have something great, and deal a lot with 100+ dollar records.

Cool guys run it, too.

They also run an online store and a record label under the same name, so that's kinda cool.
Sounds like a typical /mu/ chump
Yeah, that guy is a bit of a dick

Check out RPM, Steve is the man
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I live in Bumblefuck, Nowhere, so there isn't really a record store per se, but there's a general second hand shop with a huge selection of LPs in the back.

The dude that runs it co-owns the store with his mom. The front of the store is "hers," it's filled with clothes and jewelry and shit, and the back is "his," which is full of LPs and assorted music bullshit (tee shirts, patches, posters, etc.)

He's sort of dadrocky but he has decent taste also, the first time I came in I picked up a German import of Hot Rats and he struck up a conversation with me about it, now I'll just come in on his shift and we'll chill and listen to music. He's big into Death Grips, early industrial, and School Food Punishment, for some reason.

I just saw Vanilla Ice's first LP there a few days ago. My ex-girlfriend was there and I stuffed it in her bag when she went to the bathroom right before she left.

Pic related is the dude that runs it.
what is wrong with his guitar
closest record store one click away
It seems to be discoloured and missing some strings
Uh, that's close.
It's an old kid's guitar that's missing the B and G strings. We fuck around with it sometimes. I don't know why it's in the store.
Its blue
Presumably he turned around and didn't see him down there
Most record stores I've gone to have posters for upcoming local events and shit, though most of the wall space is reserved to showcase the rarest and priciest albums.
it's missing strings
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>be in local record shop last year, not many people
>qt is browsing records just to my right
>she picks up Angel Olsen - Burn Your Fire
>looks at it, turns it over, looks at the back
>say thats a really good album
>she hasnt heard it yet, decides to buy it on my rec
>comes back after she's paid and looks through more records
>did you find what you were looking for
>I was just passing, wasnt looking for plaything in particular
>oh do you buy a lot of records then
>way too many Ive got hundreds. want to come and listen to Angel at my place?
>um yeah ok
>we get to mine and she gasps when she sees my high end turntable
>she asks if I'll come to her place later and check if her arm is balanced correctly
>say of course, tell her I might as well check her cartridge alignment at the same time
>she blushes and bites her lip
>we spend the afternoon listening to my records and kissing
>go to record store
>people still do this
Why? I can find anything I want online a hell of a lot easier, cheaper and with minimal human interaction.
Someone's been on r/4chan too much, sonny
The place I usually go to is just a thrift store that's literally called "The Thrifty Hippy." the back of the store is all music related records, tapes, players, etc.

The guy who owns it is a very cool laid back guy that I'm on first name basis with. I've gotten many records from him dadrock to some really choice traditional music.

He's got a shit ton of albums in at all times and it's great for me cuz I'm one of those "listen to everything" kind of guys.
What's it called bud
I've found a lot of stuff cheaper in record stores.
You also won't have to wait for the mail, which also has the risk of damaging your stuff.
lel I dont know what r/4chan is
>we spend the afternoon listening to my records and kissing
tOp kEk
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>What's your record store like?
Dave's Records off of Clark in Chiberia. It's a cool little place. It's so narrow that it has to use vertical space (Pic related)

>Tell us some stories
First time I went in there the first thing I saw was a really nice unofficial pressing of Exmilitary for like $20, along with a bunch of old RSD pressings. Other than that, no really weird interactions with people.

Although, I did end up trying to go into this place called Gramophone off of Clark which was really fucking weird

>Didn't check out the website for this place
>By the name I could've never guessed what the store was about
>All electronic music
>Literally rows and rows of electronic music
>one tiny space reserved for mainstream hip-hop and another for Indie pop
>Awkwardly browse through shit
>Only names I recognize are Aphex and Burial because /mu/
>About to give up
>Ask the cashier if they have any cassettes
>Points to a stack of like 50 cassettes, completely unorganized
>The first one is Songs About Fucking in terrible shape
>I ask him how much for it, since there's no sticker
>"Uhh 5 bucks I guess lol"
>"That's a weird album title"
>"y-yeah I guess heh"
>Spaghetti everywhere
>Leave and never look back
same thing happened to me at a store specialised on hip hop. All they had were 12 inch records of obscure 70s and 80s artist
theres a tiny indie record store that can only fit maybe 6 people inside at once in the flea market near me, and owner looks just like scaruffi.

He sold me trout mask replica and velvet underground and stuff too
I bought a copy of 'The Idiot' by Iggy Pop from there because Used Kids's copies were missing "Sister Midnight."
sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet where is that record store located?
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I like this kind of threads
Well unfortunately the nearest Record store to me is 45 km (30+ mins) , so that sucks , also you can find some rare cheap gems in it , but most of the stuff are pretty expensive and the new stuff are incredibly pricey.
Also I read about cool people working in record stores , but I encountered only douche bags , like really 90% of them are old farts (usually at their late 50s - 60s) who just don't give a shit about you , and just try to sell you shit stuff ...
I recently been to a "Record fair" which happens like 3 times a year , which is basically a lot of people come and sell records , I was in one 3 days ago , and bought 8 vinyls for 140$ (which is considered okay price in here) , most of my music I buy from eBay or Discogs because most of the time the CD's will be cheaper , and when there is a vinyl I just can't live without I buy it from the internet .
Most of the vinyls that were pressed here considered worse than import , but I find them most of the time the same.

Pic related , found this one for 12$ in great condition
>Work in record shop
>fat kid comes in with friend
>Over hear them
>Hipsters are like cockroaches, you see one there 100s come after
>le wrong generation
>Spend ages in the floyd section
>finally come to counter
>Dark Side of The Moon and a Rush album
> be me
> go into record store that doubles as hookah bar
> be older than most of people in there, not nearly as trendy looking, lil bit over weight
> grab cosmogramma, a silver mount zion: fuck off get free we pour light on everything, qotsa's rated r, and mastodon's leviathan and buy them and leave

thats the best I've got.
Holy shit I know exactly who you're talking about.
Zürich. Plenty of good stores here. But often a bit pricey.
>I stuffed it in her bag
Fucking why? Why did you steal a Vanilla Ice LP from your friend?
>Not wanting A Love Supreme

Fuck off.
20 dolalrs for a record is cheap here...
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That's Entertainment and Jelly's CD store are the closest to record stores i got near me. both 30 mins away from me yet right next to each other. that's entertainment is mostly comics and movies but they have a record section.

Jelly's is mostly CDs and ive picked up some from there but they also got a decent amount of records.

i think there is another store like them in the city but i live 30 mins away and havent had a chance to go searching
>go to a record store
>first time alone, other times was with my dad when he was selling equipment to the guy
>look around, not really seeing much other than old dadrock records
>guy in an automated wheel chair asks where the bruce springsteen is
>the guys chair takes up the entirety of one of two isles in the store
>i just stay in one isle for a while
>there was a Death LP on the wall for a lot of money, I thought that was cool
>a skateboard mounted on the wall kept falling down
>I found Sung Tongs in the new arrivals for $20
>Grab like 10 plastic sleeves for 3 cents each
>I think I had like 21 and it came out to more with tax
>I didn't have the change but he said it was ok
>was gonna put the sleeves back but he said I could take them anyway

that it

Rainy Day Records in Olympia, WA


Pretty good used stuff.
We have an FYE here, the guys that work there hook me up good.
I'm a pretty regular customer there so they'll let sales last longer for me, or let me use their discount card if my membership thing runs out, or will give me good deals and take the blame if management says anything, cos I've been a customer there forever, don't pay much, but I do it consistently.
Old people can either be the nicest or worst people at record atores.
>went into Kops records in Toronto
>dropping off resume for a job
>"hey man I just wanted to drop my resume off if you're ever hiring"
>worker takes the resume without saying anything
>me: "alright thanks man. Anyway while I'm here I'm looking for Transformer by Lou Reed do you have it."
>him: "I don't know."
>me: "okay thanks man"
>I walk out and notice him throw my resume out as I leave.

soon discovered rotate this shortly afterwards
And the smelliest
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yeah here as well , this was just "a rare gem" I found
I also bought Gong - Angel's Egg and King Crimson - Red for 31$ each ... and Deep Purple - Made In Japan 40$
why are both record store workers and record store shoppers awkward as fuck?
Because they love to judge the fuck out of people
Usual store keepers of music related shit are a bunch of old sad bitches who're mad they couldn't make it as a musician.
But you're the faggot in this equation.
No we don't :(
At least not in my store, we're all pretty chill, keep an open mind, its a cliché that record store workers are judgmental douchebags who snigger about what people buy.
We all have music that others would see as terrible, especially record store workers as they can get it so cheap
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>going to record store
>haven't put foot in there for 6 or so months
>there's a 20 % discount on everything in store
>see a lot of original UK pressing of prog rock albums
>grab Henry Cow' In praise of learning
>ask the guys who work there if they have Unrest
>dudes say to me that they have sold all of them

Anyway, still glad that I've found a original Henry Cow album
You go to OSU or live in Columbus?
>going to OSU
>not going to University of Dayton

lol we're even superior to you in record stores
I don't go often cuz I'm not a huge record collector but whenever I'm near it I'll stop by the book nook in toco hills, near Decatur in Georgia. It's got a cool used selection of music in the front and a massive amount of books in the back, like seven different rooms. Last time I was there I got a promotional CD for Who Could Win a Rabbit and I got an old American version of Rubber Soul (i prefer the American version for that one) and the inside sleeve was from an Eric Clapton record. Cool place

>work in a record store / media store
>some old lady sells us a bunch of old records
>says they were her late husbands
>our store is stupid about classical / anything pre 1950 or that doesn't look like it's rock or jazz or country
>we end up giving back like 100 records out of like 140
>she says she doesnt' want them and takes the money
>start to shuffle through them because I know my co workers are often incredibly unaware about some genres
>find Henry Cow's self titled and Unrest, an Art Bears album and some other weird RIO album which I'm forgetting
>get a whole bunch of other albums, too, something like 30 records
>get them for free because they were going to toss them

I preyed in the ineptitude of my co workers regularly.
>go to hmv with gf
>pick up Soused and Screamadelica
>get to checkout
>dude picks up Soused
>"this is a really amazing album, nobody noticed it though"
>"it's not the kind of collab you expect"
>"yeah, shame there was no hype for it"
>"I know, it was one of my favorites of last year"
>"it was pretty high on my list too"
>I paid
>"have a nice day mate"
what a pleasant conversation
>live in south Florida
>no fucking record stores anywhere that I know of
>if there were they would probably be an hour from me and not have the kind of music I like

Anyone in Miami know of any record stores?
Why do they work there if they don't have a decent knowledge of music?
I bought some records and the qt clerk was sort of hitting on me. She said something like "wow I have all these records. It's not everyday I see someone with the same taste as me."

Don't know if that was just some sort of sales thing or if I should have pursued things further but I just said "Oh cool yeah these bands are great" and left.
>not being eager to talk about artists you love or enjoy with anyone
>missing out on talking with a qt

your failure makes me ache even through the computer screen
Sorry, man. I was young and stupid.

technically it was a bookstore that had, over the decades, started selling cds and dvds and records

they weren't really ignorant about big sellers or popular music, but nobody had any idea about Henry Cow or similar things and thought they were weird classical albums
Alright I lied maybe not young but definitely stupid.
a beautiful record, just not really my cup of tea. not a bad addition to the collection though obviously.
Went there once a long ass time ago. The selection was mostly a lot of classic rock, Jazz, and Pop with some newer Rock. Never got around to buying a turntable so I never went back
Thats because the term "hip hop vinyl" is usually referring to vinyl for hip hop producers/dj's, drum breaks and records for sampling and whatnot
don't feel bad. it happens to all of us

not music but similar situation
>at comic book store
>grab vol. 1 of some comic book series i wanted to try out
>bring it up to counter
>girl working at the register was kinda cute
>"oh that is a really good pick i love that series
>"oh ya i heard about it just felt like checking it out."
>"ya this character is really cool"
>blah blah blah we chat for a couple mins
>feel pretty good cause i dont dress or look nearly as cringy as the other guys around the store
>"well ok thanks for recommendation"
>i just left even though she seemed interested

oh 16 year old me...
Jesus christ I can never seem to find anything good in that store. The closest thing I found in that store that was decent was Siamese Dream, the rest I either was not interested in or was objectively shit.
>want an album
>third world country doesn't have it in release date
>visit the store days later
>they arrived yesterday, here's the last one
I've found Person Pitch and Virgins in an hmv. Also DG, but how good that is is up to you.
The HMV where I live only sells Urban Outfitter and dadrock stuff. Not that that's terrible it's just not much of a selection.
It varies a lot store to sore. The one I was in seemed more geared towards multi-media, I was pretty surprised at how lucky I got but I've been in some with great collections before, but also some really shit ones. You've gotta look around a bit, the staff are also pretty variable store to store. Funny you should mention Siamese Dream, I remember seeing that. There was some strong stuff (Pixies, Tom Waits).
Are you trying to say that UDAYTON is also superior to OSU in academics?
in some areas definitely

>tfw Dayton will forever have Guided By Voices and the Breeders
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btw I would suggest people getting a Death Grips album when they see them , I vet they gonna cost a fortune in the future
anyone else in sydney go to red eye? really nicely balanced selection and pretty good prices
Shit, where abouts is this?
I live in good old ottawa and the hmv I went to had almost nothing worthwhile when I was skimming through things.
Red Eye are pretty good, I got a repress of Conqueror by Jesu there for just under $60. Utopia isn't bad either.
Green Noise is way overpriced.
Jackpot wasn't too bad from what I remember. I got a Dream Academy cassette for $1 and a brand new LP from Golden Triangle for $8
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>Move to Toronto for college
>Be from a bordering city and already know TO fairly well
>Head to Rotate This to waste OSAP money
>Walk in
>Bass player for Attack in Black (my favourite band) is working
>He says hey
>I freak out on the inside as I try my best to play it cool and say hi back
>I start at the A section because I plan on taking my time due to my abundance in cash
>Find an RSD press of my favourite Attack in Black album that I was having trouble finding up until this moment
>Freak out a bit more whilst trying to maintain my superficially cool demeanor
>Singer of Cancer Bats comes in to start casual conversation with AiB bass player as I continue to browse
>Freak out more
>Kenny Hotz walks in and starts to browse the used section next to me
>Commence further internal freak out
>I go to the cash and tell Mr. Bass Player how much I love his band and the album of theirs that I am buying
>He thanks me and informs me of the small chance of Attack in Black getting back together
>I also buy the King Krule EP and Immaculada by The Men
>It was a good day
you stole from your friend and are telling us about it like it was a cool thing to do. what the fuck is wrong with you?
Rasputin in San Lorenzo is literally the worst record store every. They hardly have any good shit and everything is super overpriced. I rather buy records or whatever on Amazon
you met three national treasures that day anon
>Kenny Hotz walks in

Did he go straight to the Hitler section?
Who /wuxtry/ here?
holy shit, dude, that's bitchin'. I'm never gonna meet anybody in BF Egypt...
My local record store has mostly new releases and repressings, so I tend to save record store browsing for when I'm in Chicago or another big city, which I am semi-regularly, so it doesn't matter. I still go there once in a while cause I just like the atmosphere
>tfw from UC and record stores on campus is the most alien thing to me.
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