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>Current song/album
>Current feel
>Listening to centipede hz for the first time
>I am realizing that I am soon to be without feelings, i mean, i don't care about anything that used to bother me
>Hopelessly in love with this girl. Never really talked with her, have no idea how to approach her, see her like a couple times a week.
>Went to the same class once, exchanged a lot of looks.

What to do /mu/?
Heroes - David Bowie

I feel content. I have a coffee date with a cute art girl after my work shift. I think it's going to be quite nice.
>Cloakroom - Further Out
>nothing necessarily going bad, but nothing eventful is happening. Just wake up, go to class, do homework, eat, go to bed. everyday. Starting to feel empty and apathetic
>Taylor Swift - 1989
>just woke up, there's a bad smell because I didnt put dishes in the sink, need to shower, pretty content with shit.
Try the straight forward approach unless you're a cretin. Add her on social media and say some shit like "I've seen you around and you look like someone I'd like hanging out with." Chat her up a little until you feel confident to ask for her number. Then say something like "hey I gotta run but we should talk more. Give me your number and I'll shoot you a text." Make sure the conversation over the social media is brief. You'll be alright mane.
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>Phideaux - Number Seven
>just finished the last exams of this semester; first time in weeks I can actually sit on my ass and be a lazy fuck
>tfw no friends to hang out with and celebrate our newfound freedom
>DG - Fashion Week, Runway E.
>Bored out of my fucking mind.
bad idea. talking to someone on facebook if you've never talked to the person is just plain stupid.

Even if you don't say that, that's what she'll think you said.
>Phil Selway - Weatherhouse

>Basically, in November a girl from my old high school messaged me on social media and asked how I was doing, and we talked a little but the conversation kinda just ended after not too long, I think she was busy. I've since seen her at an event and she was delighted to see me. That made me feel pretty good
>what I want to do is shoot her a message on social media to just thank her for reaching out to me 3 months ago, that's all
>what do?
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Swans - White Light From the Mouth of Infinity
I feel great.
I've made it work a couple of times.
>without feelings
>hopelessly in love with girl
u wot?
>Bon Iver, Bon Iver
>tfw she doesn't know how I feel, and I'll probably never tell her
File: 3am.webm (3MB, 562x420px)
3MB, 562x420px
>tom waits the heart of saturday night

>girlfriend and me broke up for petty reasons shes already looking to find someone to fuck she told me and i'm just empty

self destructive girls are the best :^ )
American Football-Never Meant

So this girl I've been in love with for years and have had several summer flings with I think has a crush on this guy who definitely has a crush on her, but they keep saying they're not dating, and I can't really do anything about it because the guy is one of my best friends

I'm taking a break from listening to the Heroes symphony, listening to Hero by Neu!

feeling kind of critically suicidal but I think I'm gonna be fine
>Minutemen - Double Nickels on the Dime
>on edge, trying to not be a bent p.o.s.
>Dan Deacon - Spiderman of the Rings
>not sure if I'll ever talk to my mom and stepdad ever again because of stuff that's not my fault
This is the power of the dg
>ulver -- hymne ii
>all i do is sleep and go on 4chan
>4chan isn't even fun anymore
Are you a fat person
>Listening to centipede hz for the first time
Oh boy you're gonna be fucked when Amanita comes
>David Bowie - Aladdin Sane
>literally everything is shit
Also posted this in the last thread:
>Qt girl, I didn't know, sat down next to me during a lecture
>Normally people don't just sit directly next to someone if there are other free seats, which there were, and they are by themselves
>Gives me a really nice smile instead of the usual and awkward "n-no one is sitting here, right?", and I smile back
>Our eyes meet a couple of times more and she smiles every time and so do I
>Thought about talking to her, if she shows up at this party next week
>Tfw I find out later on that she's basically the girlfriend of this dude I know

Still looking forward to the party and getting drunk again, since I haven't done that in what seems like forever.

Amanita is fucking great. CHz is so underrated
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Gris - Veux Tu Danser?
>pic related
im so sick of these "feels" threads on every board. Stop wallowing your over dramatic self pity you losers
Where do you think you are?
feels threads are one of the few reasons I still come to /mu/, you jerk. There's nothing wrong with talking about your feelings with other anons
>Fat Jon - Wave Motion
>tfw eternal loneliness and emptiness
>wtf am I even doing with myself
>keaton henson - dear...

>cuddled with a girl from my class a couple of times
>ask her if she wants to do stuff
>always postponing our plans, finding excuses
>realized that she probably just wanna be friends and still acts nice since she likes the attention
>trying to cut contact little by little in order to remain friends
>feeling as lonely as ever
>studies slowly but surely piling up

what am i supposed to do to get my mind off this? i can barely sleep right now
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Can't work up the energy to listen to something.

Forgot to take antidepressants this morning
Had a depressive episode last night and this just compounded it
Went to one class and skipped the rest of the day
Haven't left the room, eaten, or drank anything at all today
All my internet friends are offline atm
Asked a girl out last week and she never responded to the text
Probably going to quit the school radio station
Haven't practiced the bass in like a week
Spirit They've gone spirit they've vanished
listening to this album for the 1st time, i love it so much, also just finished the hardest exam of the semester, probably went OK but i don't really care, what bothers me is if i really want this degree, maybe next year i will learn some interesting things

>Fuck tha Police
>Not really feeling anything right now. I'm too stoned to give a shit about my troubles right now.
farewell transmission- songs: ohia

been thinking about suicide for the past hour
>pinkshinyultrablast - everything else matters
>tfw am alone in uni and i think everyone thinks i'm an autist
>tfw constant self doubt and anxiety
>tfw for the first time in a long while i'm not chasing anyone romantically and it feels weird
Thread posts: 41
Thread images: 8

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