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Can we have a videogame soundtrack thread? I think we should have a videogame soundtrack thread.

I'll start with one of my favorites: the random battle theme from Shin Megami Tensei II.

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Bumping with a few tracks from the arrangement album for Etrian Odyssey III.

Title Screen
Party Creation
Random Battle

Have some AC4
Transistor has a god tier soundtrack
Better or worse than Bastion? And fuck it, better or worse than Bastion overall? Bastion is one of my all-time favorite games but I haven't played Transistor yet.
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im digging this, amazing beta game too
I always like Endless Space's soundtrack a lot, it does a really good job of matching the game's specific sci-fi aesthetic.

I like it more, but it's different and way easier (as a game). The more indepth strategy elements can be used to make some wicked attacks and really fuck up the bad guys, even with all full inhibitors or whatever

loved both games but i prefer transistor soundtrack and game but bastion is still 10/10 also, i just like the futuristic / noire (oh god) 'aesthetic' more than the western style
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also this entire god damn series is perfect

Sounds neat. The setting definitely looked really awesome. I'll check it out.

Also on my phone so 2lazy to go get a link but Cho Ren Sha's soundtrack is a-fuckin-mazing. Same with F-Zero GX.
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sexy dark synth

I don't play many video games but I've been wanting to get into Atlus games for a while now since I own a 3DS and most of the good third party support comes from them

Where's a good place to start? I've only played Persona 3 and 4.
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if you've played p3 and p4 and have a 3DS now then get fucking persona q lol >>53111089
. catherine's good but i don't care for much else from atlas.

i prefer NIS. speaking of, remember the original trailer for the very first Disgaea release, used a Tsunami Bomb track ?

it's the entire song too
Do you want a dark atmosphere, balls to the wall difficulty and/or complex demon creation and fusing?

Then you want to start with Shin Megami Tensei.

Play SMT4 on the 3DS, then Strange Journey. It's on the DS so you should be able to play it. If you like SMT4 better then play Nocturne and DDS1 and 2 either through emulation or on a PS2. If you like SJ better play the English translations of SMT1 and 2 through emulation.

If you want a life sim with personality management, relationships, and the like alongside your dungeon crawling you'll want Persona. Just play 3 and 4 in that case, then the first two after you've gone down the SMT path.
Oh shit I misread that you've played Persona 4 lmao

In that case just do the SMT shit it's better than Persona anyway
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