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Now That's What I Call /Mu/sic

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Artist and bands of /mu/
Some anons are working together to create compilations of all the /mu/sicians here.
We're planning on creating a compilation for every genre.
If you'd like to be a part of this all you have to do is submit a link of your song from
bandcamp or soundcloud to this email:

>[email protected]

Songs should be 7 minutes MAX!
Each genre will get it's own compilation only if there are enough submissions!!
We'll post all submissions in a future thread where we will have a poll setup, where you can vote for which songs you wish to appear in a compilation! Compilations will be posted at this bandcamp:


UPDATE:So far there are about 50 submissions. but if we want this to really take off we're going to need more subs!!

Shortage of:
Rock and folk submissions are still welcome!

ITT: Brainstorm and ask questions
Do you accept bedroom quality recordings?
idk my music is a shit and i sent it too so who knows we'll see
yes send it!
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do you accept t-t-t-t-this?

so for noise/drone are you looking for droney noise/noisey drone or just anywhere on a spectrum from noise to drone? like is noise rock stuff going to go with harsh noise and like field recording drone? that seems like it would be kinda jarring beyond what is intended by the individual acts.
i make vaporwave can i be on it
did you even read the OP?
submissions are to be sent to the email
also you're supposed to send what song you want, not just your entire soundcloud.
Is there gonna be rock vol 1 and vol 2 or just one volume?

>experimental rap

We're a metal band and totally up for being on the compilation
don't think we would put those 2 together i think it just depends on the sound and how many submissions we get...i think were putting rock together with shoegaze/dreampop
if there's enough vaporwave submissions we'll create a compilation as of now i don't think there are any
we want to keep the volumes to only 15 songs each, also want to be consistent with the releases
nice send it to the email!
oki sent track in
Perhaps you should post a list of what artists you've already got attached and which compilation they would be on.
What genre compilations are there so far? Are they still open for more submissions?

I'm going to send things for

I'm sending in two songs from my band if that's okay
sent an email but ill post here too. lossless stuff can be accessed here


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I'll do this tonight there's lots of emails coming in now
This idea started Sunday so keep submitting. we'll keep a thread up all week then we'll post the poll. The genres aren't written in stone yet but so far there's submissions for lots of different rock Indie/mathrock, metal, shoegaze, and some submissions identified as just 'rock'
Nothing wrong with that
1 song per genre
7 minute cap is really going to hurt your noise/drone submissions
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local tokyo for you

and by that I mean I'd submit but all my songs are over seven minutes
Oh ;_;
Well I have an old industrial/noise track I can submit
Who's submitted tracks that'll come under EDM/house? Without wanting to sound arrogant, I don't want to submit mine if all the others are shit
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>Suburban Gothic Hip-Hop

I always forget to post the music videos, but here they are:

This is eccentric and it almost didn't click with me at first because of it, but now I know I'm gonna have this stuff stuck in my head tomorrow.
Maybe that could be the exception
>[email protected]
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second one.jpg
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there's a free download for this track here made by me, Mario Tee :)


>Big Room House/ EDM
I read the thread and complied, but thought it was still a regular Bandcamp/Soundcloud thread for some odd reason.

I need to stay away from the internet until I've completely woken up from naps.
joke's on you, anon. that was his bandcamp account
Sent mine. Hope you enjoy MIDI shit.
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>trap, electronic
sent ;)
You should add oceangrunge to that list.
Hey I want to do this a lot, but I've already got a few songs that I'm preparing for release on another album and I'd like to make a song from scratch. How long will admissions be in?

>Mu will eat it up
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I want in!
tfw /mu/ will never have an emoviolence category.
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If this is going to turn into a SC/BC general, I might as well


A collection of my most recent works, I'm pretty damn amateur but I think they are pretty listenable. Always return feedback and comments

Do you guys plan on doing anything with this comp, besides posting in future threads? Like submit it to music blogs or something?
this isn't a soundcloud thread you fucks
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Thread images: 12

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