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Share good music, request any thing that ISN'T in the archives!

Archive: https://archive.rebeccablacktech.com/mu/ (When searching, search the Artist/Album name and put either Mega, Zippyshare, or Mediafire after it) Example: Outkast - Stankonia Mega.

Requesting Built to Spill's 'Ultimate Alternative Wavers' and 'You in Reverse' (The links in the archive don't work)
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Requesting P-Model - Perspective. Archive links are dead.

In the meantime...

Kammarheit - The Starwheel [2005] [320]
>Dark ambient, drone, really damn awesome
Cool thread, OP, lovin' your epic shares

Jaron Lanier - Instruments of Change
The Savage Young Taterbug
>lo-fi psych pop, sound collage

“Couldn’t be more excited about this one, first offering from the smoked out styles of Iowa City’s very own Savage Young Taterbug. Teenage road warrior, dead head punk, perma triped wanderer, Taterbug lays down his tape collaged world of free flowing Americana psych bliss. Little bells, dustbowl ballad guitars, stand by me youth cult dreams, and Manson family mind fucks, its all here, even hope for a better tomorrow and a positive spirit for today which can say alot in these droned out wasted times. Let the light inside yr skull”

“Taterbug aka Charles Free is a memoryscaper or maybe he collected these sounds from the dusty webs of old dreamcatchers full of lucid sensations and weird formative moments. This track is full of these, transferred onto new and found brittle cassette reels, with more bluesy childhood feelings, haunted vocals, lush keyboard whistles, and slowly melting soul samples — think a peaced-out Ariel Pink with the celestial moments of James Ferraro. Total dreamer”

River Mortis

Boys of the Feather

Bored Fortress (High Wolf s/)

Syrupy Evenings

Theme for Gasoline Weirdo

Journeyman's Cheddar

The Paperstud

Nitetrotter Session

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california sun.jpg
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California Son - California Sun
>lo-fi psych rock, pop, noise


"California Son is mystery music played by Iowa native weirdo clown of reknown, Charles Free aka the Savage Young Taterbug. Pure California dreaming on this one, songs for shitty headphone jammin while working the nine to five at the upstate pot plantation. Sleep on your drug rug under the sun, and let the weird vibes creep in. Lost mind time for sure, the sound of the 60's played warped speed slow for golblin ears and dogs."
>james ferraro, aztec temple-core, tropical ambient

yes Nirvana, no not THAT Nirvana. this is a side project of James Ferraro that encapsulates the feeling of being on a lost tropical island. warm and vibrant synths with padded percussion.

"The music on this tape is the same as the temple glyph and should be considered as would the impressions and friezes on a temple wall. As the archaeologist considers them as an impression personified or not but in both cases captured abstractly of the universe beyond the brain. As an audible statue of the universe personified not as a human form but in the alien shapes of human consciousness."

"The music on this tape is after the greenwave ritual of blind evolution led by the sympathetic nervous system around the shrine into shrine into shrine..."

Malanyang Nirvana Safari

Body Of Consciousness / Uguiya To Jeep By Iguana Greenwave

get lost in a desert temple to this
Susumu Hirasawa - Water In Time And Space
>Zolo, art pop, progressive pop; an album of march-like compositions with a crazy range of influences

Sample: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XbK_tzdAAWs
Link: http://www39.zippyshare.com/v/52678743/file.html
yo i love you please share more
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Timothy Seth Avett as Darling - The Mourning, the Silver, the Bell
>contemporary folk, mostly guitar and piano, feels
Sample: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bu8zvwfXl_4
thanks for these. Ferraro discography seems endless...
requesting the remastered version of Spaceghostpurrps Nasa mixtape
(came out in 2014 available on iTunes, remastered version isnt in the archive)
Does anyone happen to have either of the EP's that Guerilla Toss put out last year?
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Girls With Attitude - Girls With Attitude
>pop, outsider music, avant-garde

"...a band from Montreal that got their fifteen minutes back in the year 2000 thanks to a handful of songs that spread like wildfire through the cruel spheres of internet "humor" sites. The most succinct description of the GWA sound might read "The Shaggs of the Mp3 generation." While their music hits on some of the same amateur vibes as those New Hampshire legends, it is also much more unintentionally psychedelic. Imagine a gaggle of eight pre-teen girls huddled around a mysterious keyboard capable of imitating funky synthesizer lines and wah-wah guitar solos in the same breath, all singing in unison through a karaoke machine with the echo turned all the way up. GWA attracted the attention of Time Magazine who said "The Internet has given an audience to thousands of talentless musicians who don't even deserve a garage to play in. 'There's Nothing in My Dreams,' the latest single by Girls With Attitude, consists entirely of a prepubescent girl moaning tunelessly about puppies over an all-Casio backing track"."
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The Present - World I See
>experimental, ambient, sound collage

"The Present is the music project of legendary New York musician and producer Rusty Santos (Panda Bear ‘Person Pitch’, Born Ruffians ‘Red Yellow & Blue’, Animal Collective ‘Sung Tongs’). Described by one band who worked with him as a hyper boy genius, Rusty has always fixed his attention on producing music that is experimentally rich whilst remaining accessible. By attempting to create music that arises unconsciously through improvisation, The Present’s debut album ‘World I See’ hauls this ethos over its shoulders as it tramples on musical boundaries and preconceptions, whilst leaving an album that is still capable of relating musically and emotionally to a wide audience."

Sample: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ICsVy9hoREU
Link: https://mega.co.nz/#!cpdySKDb!e-4_htVqJ0tRNmjGcRTPj7DRrPjqRF-FjasPHn8iu0Y
this is terrible

Ripple Rock by The Evaporators
Whiplash OST
>Soundtrack from one of the best movies last year, loud drummy jazz
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Requesting a 320kpbs ITCOTCK

all the archive links are dead

Just for the sake of sharing

Run the Jewels 2 - Run the Jewels
>hip hop, p4k's AOTY 2014, you've probably already heard this


John Escreet- Sabotage and Celebration (2013)

>progressive composition, free improvisation
>Pianist John Escreet takes influence from avant-garde jazz greats like Cecil Taylor and Andrew Hill, but he also takes elements from classical composers too. This album highlights his compositional skill, with a regular band plus a string quartet, for music that is very intense and energetic. The improvising is equally intense, and the piano solos are particularly abstract and free.
y even bother sharing mu-core lmao
I'd like this one as well
Requesting Big Freedia - Just Be Free (2014)

Marco Granados- Music of Venezuela (2008)

>Venezuelan merengue, joropo, bambuco
>Venezuelan born flautist Marco Granados works in both the jazz and classical worlds and brings attention to the music of his native land. On this album he arranges and performs engaging renditions of folk and classical music from Venezuela with jazz-influenced improvisation in many of the tracks.
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795KB, 704x705px

Johnny Hodges with Billy Strayhorn and The Orchestra

>swing, big band
>Hodges and Strayhorn were two of Ellington’s sidekicks, and though most of the band is made up of members from Ellington’s orchestra, this release focuses on Strayhorn’s arranging and Hodges’ beautiful and melodic alto playing.


Eddie Henderson- Phantoms (1994)

>adventurous swing-based improvisation
>Eddie Henderson was known mostly for his fusion work in the 70’s (in Herbie Hancock’s Mwandishi group), but here he goes for a more straight-ahead sound, while still keeping an adventurous sense of group interplay and improvisation. The group plays several 60’s standards (Dolphin Dance, Naima, Milestones) but also does several original tunes.
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Bnegão & Seletores de Freqüência- Sintoniza Lá (2012)

>Brazilian hip hop, funk, ska
>A very good rap album from Brazilian artist Bnegão with really great and catchy hooks from the horn section. It mixes influence of various Latin musics with old-school funky hip hop.

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The Constructus Corporation - The Ziggurat
>Experimental Hip-hop, electronic
>Watkin's project before Die Antwoord, Yolandi is also a part

Sample: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPKe1qKfOE4

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/4lt2ta8z36zt6o1/The+Constructus+Corporation+-+The+Ziggurat.rar

Adam Rogers- Apparitions (2005)

>post-bop, modal jazz, fusion
>One of Adam Rogers’ better recordings, featuring his own compositions which stick mostly in the modal, post-bop style, with touches of free improvising. The talents of tenor player Chris Potter and pianist Edward Simon contribute a lot to this record.

Chico Hamilton Quintet featuring Buddy Collette (1955)

>uniquely instrumented, contrapuntal compositions and improvisations
>This is a live recording of the innovative quintet made up of woodwinds, cello, guitar, bass, and Hamilton on drums. The compositions are intricate and creative, blending blues-based improvisation with classical counterpoint, Eastern modes, and free improvisation.


Anthony Braxton- Composition 113 (1983)

>avant-garde composition, free improv
>This is a programmatic piece for improvisers about six distinct personalities riding a train together. Braxton performs each of the six pieces on solo soprano saxophone and represents the different characters and their personalities through his performance.
Eddie Henderson - Phantoms 1994
Ella Henderson - Ghost 2014

Does anyone know of a way to download from bandcamp if there is no download link? I was expecting the 7" to come with a DL card, but it didn't.


pls help this EP is fucking good and I need it to be portable
It's possible but you need to do it one song at a time
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Teddy Loid & Daoko - ME!ME!ME! (Single)
>J-pop, Electronic

Sample: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ogXcZV6_KV8

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/alxrrttrbmhwbe4/mememe+-+Single.rar
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Squirrel Bait Discography

>Post-hardcore, proto-grunge, punk, All members were teenaged at time of recording, some members of slint, Glenn Danzig approved


Requesting the new Aesop Rock single, dunno if there is a rip of the 7" somewhere or a web rip. Also any Aesop stuff that isn't on the archive( Bazooka Tooth, Labour Days)
Click on each of these links and right-click the play button, and click "Save video as.." but really it will be saving it as an mp3.

Right Tonight: http://popplers5.bandcamp.com/download/track?enc=mp3-128&fsig=35876761348accfa94daf3f49c66d6b3&id=3863472092&stream=1&ts=1420758229.0
Suicide: http://p1.bcbits.com/download/track/1e0ec8f0fe0403a3e0149585c1df0909/mp3-128/2088120137?fsig=141e15bd7bbeb7cd5ad2fd9bf9da3c60&id=2088120137&stream=1&ts=1420761600.0&e=1420761660&rs=32&ri=960&h=b688a26f2c43aaf92aa7f4ce85d4691e
Seneca Road: http://p1.bcbits.com/download/track/5d31ee9948d2e00a86fbfc9cd354800d/mp3-128/3174463967?fsig=f070b41ec4fce1c47434653a5128f466&id=3174463967&stream=1&ts=1420761600.0&e=1420761660&rs=32&ri=960&h=faa29e36da4940319ce98a4cf3ae5ae1
Bum Rush: http://popplers5.bandcamp.com/download/track?enc=mp3-128&fsig=457394ca83f7585f68712945f8db0d2e&id=696802779&stream=1&ts=1420758374.0
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きのこ帝国 - フェイクワールドワンダーランド
>Japanese Shoegaze
>Amazing album

Sample: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZadEvIFJhX4

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/h7xm7okeb5fbds5/asdasas.rar
dude labor days is in the archive
requesting any obscure E6 album that isn't in the archive
now I feel like such a shitkid. My other requests still stand though :^)
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Björk - Post
>Electronica, Industrial, Alternative Dance

Sample: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RYmyfksGA74

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/o2o2cp2u5idm99d/BP.rar
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Why are you not listening to the best rock band of the 2010's?
>Dope Body - Self Entitled (2010)

>Dope Body - Nupping (2011)

>Dope Body - Natural History (2012)

>Dope Body - Lifer (2014)
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Mtume - Kiss This World Goodbye
>funk, soul


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Fockstrot - Coca Cola
>Indie Folk, Lo-fi

Sample : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1XR8TeYibf8

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/xcdgw33pndkzoac/Fockstrot+-+Coca+Cola.rar
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Dynasty - Adventures In The Land Of Music
>funk, soul


what is with all the iowa city artists i've been seeing lately

man, ames ain't got shit.
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Ingram - Would You Like To Fly
>funk, soul


requesting some RAWK

>I'm serious
didn't realize that 2010 joint existed, thanks friend.
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Wavves - King of the Beach
>Surf Rock

Sample: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C5biCmyJQtM

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/b3iqc97honjbhog/King.rar
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38KB, 450x450px
The Kazu Matsui Project- Standing On The Outside
>funk, soul


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