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Bandcamp: Review Edition

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Let's keep this good trend going. Last one is very dead and tapped out, so let's go again.
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IT-XPO - 4:00 PM - 9:00 PM (EST)


>noise, experimental-electronic

would love some reviews, really wanted to make the listener uncomfortable and do a 180 compared to my other EP.
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No link, OP?

>ambient-electronic, instrumental hip-hop/trip-hop
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You have succeeded. It's like I can almost see the music, it makes me think of Chernobyl and snow. I've no idea why,


>dream pop, shoegaze, chillwave

Presented at last after months of planning is our best and final EP which was made in collaboration with Polysemy, Daycare Riot and K.


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I've posted a few times in the last week or two. So this'll be my last one for a while. I promise.
>Three friends in a factory, not taking music seriously, but making serious music
>Guitar stuff lofi
>Shoegaze/grunge/glittery I dunno.
Dis fucking scary mane. Good job.
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I'm not the best judge since I'm just not into noise. I'll have a look at your other EP though, assuming it gives off nice feels. Is that cover art from the X Files?

I really like Polysemy so I love this release.


>vaporwave, soft-pop
I'm that poster, I wanna know, out of curiosity, how long it takes you to make a track of this?


> stoners, improv, noise, indie, jokes, sarcasm, experimental

5 albums so far
>review thread
>only 3 anons have given reviews

you had one fucking job guys
The first post was so good I'm finishing it before I go listen to any of the other garbage.
no one owes anyone else reviews, don't guilt people into listening to your music
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hay guzy polysmie here plz listen thx
recs: me
The production is pretty lovely. It's not really clicking for me for some reason, but I'll be damned if it's not warm at least.
I don't like your aesthetic at all. But the music is fine. I'd say it's too cold to be called dream pop, but arguing about genres is fucking stupid anyways. Good stuff man.
Listened to Stonerbot 4.20 ... this is what music will sound like in the future. But not right now.
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hay guyz its kevik shelds here listen to my fucking music

Fuuuuuuuck yes.
This also makes me uncomfortable, kind of like the quiet, weird uncle that doesn't talk.
thanks a ton, and to answer your question about how long it takes:
the first track took a few days, had to rework some of it to make it sound full and cohesive and not bland
second one took a little longer because i had to find the perfect sample to play behind everything
third one took to the longest, maybe a week? but it was also the most fun to make.
honestly if you have a midi and a good daw you're comfortable with, noise is like the free jazz of electronic, very fun and improvisational. i'd recommend it.
the other EP is much sweeter and more ambient driven, people have compared it to getting lost in a Zelda game. and no, i actually made it in photoshop, took the picture from attached.
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Probably the greatest of its genre.

The 'be arrogant to get attention' route never works in the end, give up on it

> Metal
> Electro

First ever release :)
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I really like this. Especially that one with k.. He is a fine musician.



Ha. I am joking! But seriously that new pigheads album is great!
Sup Dave! I am upset about your computer!
I love this album and I love the pigheads one that you are part of!
I know that this album is always posted on /mu/ and the reason is probably because it is brilliant.
I love this. I heard it yesterday. What genre is it btw?

>>dreampop// lounge// r&b

Hey there! I haven't posted here for a minute;
I've been finishing up my album for AMDISCS

pic related though the cover it's still being reworked.

I hope to have it out by the end of the month if not early February :]

You guys have no idea how grateful I am, I've pretty much garnered my whole audience from this website and I appreciate y'all sticking around.

Be sure to stay tuned for this release it's going to be very special!
skipped anon? but why?

i think you use too much reverb, I would pull it back. i'm not saying take out but it really lasts too long. also maybe try and get another instrument in there but bass, just a suggestion. I think you have a great concept and base here, just build on it with more instruments and I would just try and make it not sound so bare.
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Not going to post who I am but people liking the music I make is basically is one of the few things that brings me joy in my miserable life. I love you guys.
I am sorry buddy. When I went to school someone once said that the bass was the worst instrument and was useless by itself. I wanted to show that I could make some songs with just bass and vocals.
Plus I have a shitty, nasally Australian voice so the reverb helps it not sound as shit.
>tfw hope I'm one of the ones that likes it
Probably am, I only get music from Bandcamp threads these days
^that's me anon if you're willing to check me out

Ok, but still I think you have a great idea and concept but if you fleshed it out more it could really be something, maybe at least some drums? I'm not saying take all the reverb out, just tone it down because it drags on for a bit too long. Just trying to help.
I was about to hear this but then I realised I cant find my headphones. Plus I am at a friends house. Love the titles. Not a big fan of Noise genre but still I was going to.
Sorry buddy. I didnt know it was you. I was just about to hear it anyway. I was going to download it though so that I would get the chance to hear it. I may not be able to play music out loud at my mates house but I can at least steal hid internet.
well if you like ambient, my other EP is that. i tried to do polar opposite releases.
As I said. I am at a mates house. I can download all your albums! There are no limits! I listen to a lot in these threads usually while playing video games!
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>experimental, harsh noise, sludge and stoner elements
>recently released a single
I do the same. Happy listening, I will be following your efforts as well.

>expermental noise punk

'Sup dudes.


>atmospheric rock, heavy/doom metal, prog., some shoegaze influence.
Lets be music buddies from now on!
shoot me an email.
Add me on facebook!

i like that you always keep your albums short and never fill them with filler
Shit, I nearly forgot this was a review thread too.

I saw >>52704289 in another thread and was meaning to review because it's great, will review in just a minute.
Thread posts: 40
Thread images: 21

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