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Bandcamp General: Review Edition

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Post them links itt, try to leave feedback instead of reccing, recs really contribute nothing
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>mallsoft, experimental, life in a zone unkempt from reality
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>spoken word

absolutely dig it, 8/10
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>lofi, cheap synths
>bedroom pop

Ill be checkin out links as they are posted

>atmospheric/minimalist folk, some freak folk

Thanks for listening and downloading everybody

This is really neat as always, the chord progressions are great universally but occasionally it gets a little repetitive for me, which is fine because it's just how I am with the mallcore/vaporwavey style
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Really chill, I like it. 7/10
I love it, really nice and fuzzy. Comfy as fuck, too. 8/10

REALLY like this, downloaded. I'll buy it when I have the money too.
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>implying "like the drums m8" and "6/10" helps anyone either

Recs exists because people have run out of things to say about the same music everyday. There is nothing I left to say about the music I've liked for a year and more, I cannot think of anything else to say just to please you, but I'm not going to start ignoring those people.

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>experimental, harsh noise, sludge and stoner elements
>recently released a single
>cover has the kanji for wave

I was hoping someone would notice that.

I'll hopefully get around to listening to this, looks like something I would love.
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Suburban Campers - First Two EPs


> surf, psych, rock
I have listened to your "god" album and I really enjoyed it. Hopefully I'll enjoy this vaporwave of yours as well
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Uploaded yesterday, any feedback is welcome

>instrumental, alternative electro, whatever
Wow, that really means a lot, seriously. Glad you like it. I've checked out your new album >>52656490 and honestly it's just about as good as vaporwave gets. It's catchy and a lot of fun to listen to. Honestly I'm a little bored of the Japanese character aesthetic in vaporwave but what >>52656642 pointed out made me change my mind in this case, that's a pretty awesome feature.

Also this isn't a soundcloud thread but I meant to put this in my original post, but does anyone like this at all? https://soundcloud.com/pleasancehouse/the-fruit-of-being
>unusual electronic

>Death metal

>Exotransmission / Aliencore
Thank you, your compliments mean a lot to me!

Really like this. Very pretty.
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>dystopian, vaporwave, cyberpunk

One of my favorites from last year. Can't wait to see what you do next
Not sure what you're trying to do here, but it's not good.
I like the cheese a lot. Sounds like a cassette a found in goodwill
Really liked this a lot from last year. Love the vibes it brings. Keep up the good work
I has potential
I think if you worked more on editing and polish up your production I could see something really good here
Chaotic, abrasive, fun. Good job
Very fun and campy sound you have. Feels very summer
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true brain squids.png
2MB, 1008x1008px

>Genre Spanning, more of a conceptual art piece, some of the heavier noise rock tunes are "Good Morning", "Queue Ur X:P", and "Trails on Extentions"

I'll be posting review for the stuff already posted I just want to give everything more of an extensive listen.
The albums structural sounds certainly evoke the themes presented by the names or the albums, so much so that the albums wouldn't need titles to understand the concept, I like this.

The production although consistent between songs is not consistent within the songs, I'd say work on kinking out the differences between the sound on your recording program and the exported .flac or .aif file. I always have had trouble with my high ends regarding that.

Will post more, after I smoke a spliff

> ambient, electronic, dark ambient, drone experiemental, noise
>Debut ambient album
>New tracks to be released in Late Winter/ Early Spring

when it comes to music, comedy and production you're terrible at everything

Is it all samples?
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reccing as usual


>trippy psych with a heavy alt rock twist :)
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>indie folk
>sad shitty songs
None of it is sampled. Everything created hand made.

First ever release is up. Feedback and honest opinions would greatly appreciated. Thanks :)
>lo-fi slowcore
>cello and guitar
three new songs i wrote for a girl that i'm now convinced hates me or has forgotten about me


i checked this out because of the name. it has a real nice feel to it, i love the synths and tons of reverb

Oops almost forgot my deets and reviews.
Track 1 > Metal
Track 2 > Electro

Not too keen on this but im not really big on Vaporwwave. Sorry I cant really critique this that well :(
Really like these, anyway to download that last link Brain Squid?


>Atmospheric Black Metal inspired by Nokturnal Mortum and Drudkh. Posted This Yesterday, got good response


>Single from an upcoming compilation album. I play bass here. Punk/Noise Rock/Grunge
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Will check out and review others after c-c-court
I am >>52657675

Really like this, I feel the production could be better though. Should be a bit noisier and chaotic but the composition is good.
actually I have more time than I thought

like i've said in previous threads, this is great. super relaxing. will keep an eye on this project

this is warm, well written music. not huge on the genre but I know others who would really dig this. will rec to them
I'm not sure, I think I activated downloads for everything but I will check again. If that doesn't work you could always post a throwaway email address and I could send you the file that way.
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>folk pop
>emo folk
I just liked the playlist, if I can't find out how to download I will use a soundcloud downloader later. Great stuff though

Thanks! Yeah im a noob when it comes to production. I'll redo this one when I get the chance :) appreciate you listening though!
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>The Walters
Heard the 1st song. Not bad. A little poppy but still pretty good. Its got soul.
Great production values, though the guitars sound a bit too tight. The pace lags on Ruheforst,mbut picks up again on the next track. A solid album.
The productsion doesn't match up with the instrumentation...it sounds more like lazy hi-fi. Still, the comoosition and performance aspects are done real well.
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>ambient, post-rock, kinda ritual

love the instrumentals, though vocals should be little bit louder not only because of lyrics or something
like calm vibes coming form these, but i woulnd't call them sad and melancholic,thought lyrics are
Not my kind shit. Cuz my kind of shit is not gay as fuck.
God I'm so done with post rock... Its all starting to sound the same to me...

>bring on the hate. It sustains me.
That's true actually!
thanks for the honest feedback guys. the production's something i've been struggling with
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Thanks dude. Ruheforst is actually the fastest track on the album when it kicks in but yeah the beginning is very slow I agree. I believe it was around 190bpm. Thanks for checking it out though.
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>Dark Ambient/Drone/Post Rock
>Black Metal/Dark Metal
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>cool stuff


Listened to this yesterday, cool stuff but the production needs work. I know it is supposed to be noise but it just sounds like you have just pushed all the levels up to a point where everything clips rather than from actually generating noise. If I was writing music like on this EP I would try lowering the levels and putting a harsh distortion through the master volume and play around with the wet and dry settings til you get the desired effect. I really like it other than that though.
thanks for your opinion, however i wouldn't connect this album with typical 3rd wave post-rock, but i can understand your point of view
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>funeral doom/death with a warm, fuzzy, post-rock vibe
>Solo Twee, Lo-fi

>Vapor rap



i really fuck with this, nice beats and surreal vibe


I've seen you around on bandcamp. Beautiful!

>psych, garage, post-punk

Working on new stuff, but please enjoy some tasty live tracks in the meanwhile.


>pink punk, moxy-rock
>ambient, drone, glitch
>noise rock, math rock, shoegaze
>jangle indie stuff
>groovy psych, laid back music to drink coffee to
>star trek comedy funk rock
>sample based psych pop
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Epoch 5.jpg
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I just released 2 new EP's

>Future Bass, IDM, Experimental, Banging stuff

>Unreal Trap Shit, 808, maymays
>experimental electronic, breakcore, mashcore, noise
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My band ADHD dropped another song last night. We decided to after the 1st one became fairly popular.

>We decided to after the 1st one became fairly popular.
I've never heard of you.
Really interesting work bro, una cosa muy loca lo tuyo. Te sigo en Soundcloud.
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>atmospheric music with organic samples and guitar

>emo revival/ambient
Well now you have.
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I love these listen to these if you haven't


The album consists of 4 songs that are just Vocals and Bass. Nothing else. Most of the tracks have layers of bass with the vocals. Apparently it is good to sleep with. Am I selling it to you yet? Pls like my music.
you know, i totally agree. i don't see what the point of posting reviews every time is when we have an archive.


>noise rock, gore twerk
>for people into atari teenage riot, sleigh bells, death grips

these guys are rad. i like the new song lynn, is it a WIP or preview?

vanishes, rozwell, twistpillar, soma, blue hydrangea, polysemy
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>experimental hip-hop instrumental
>debut EP

Your rapping skills needs work, but you did a great job with the eerie production. Overall, it was enjoyable.
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>listening to too much Defeater and self-loathing hardcore
>debut full-length

i really enjoyed this. i loved the bombastic nature of Supercrowd. keep doing whatever you're doing imo
supercrowd was the seller for me. those lone, beating drums. nice.
Just released my first demo track. Black/doom metal. Full demo release coming later this year.
I have heard this before. It is amazing. One of the best in these bandcamp threads. If you haven't heard this yet you should!

Thanks m8s, glad you liked it!
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>midwest emo, shoegaze, melodic hardcore

full 6ish song EP to come soon. definitely imperfect, but feedback is appreciated.

cello performance strikingly good, really like the atmosphere you create with this. bringing up the vocals might help, though. i'm a fan.

very good, chill summer-y music. really like the use of effects.
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This is excellent. The vocals are so classic sounding. Really nice Garage Rock.

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