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Bandcamp Thread


>vaporwave, soft-pop
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>psych pop
>quit music now-core
>Post-Reading Culture
It's cool and sounds good but it's a little too chaotic for my liking.

>quit music now-core

Lol. But really, keep making music.
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acfaii cover.png
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>death pop / electroclash
>chiptune / digital chaos

Checking out the evolution now, heard good stuff
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I have a new track I worked on and made in like 2 hours.

i'm 17. i make music in my bedroom while trying to not fail my classes

>guitar, looping(poorly done hheh), folkish, insanely personal lyrics
I think I remember you, that 80s 90s kids cassette thing is really familiar. Really good stuff.
Fuu- that artwork

Do you do it for other artists couldn't find Acfaii anywhere
This is definitely a departure from your other stuff but I'd like to see a whole album of you writing in this style, incorporated into elements like what you had on MFTSM. Good stuff, though outside of my typical style.

Bookmarked for future listening. I only listened to a few tracks due to lack of headphones and t he realization that my boyfriend is asleep, but I liked what I heard on Fields! and If Ever. The texturing is really trippy but I'm really refreshed by how nice everything is rhythmically and how it really makes the atmosphere even more vibrant.

Guess I'll post mine too.


>conceptual doom/prog. project with strong shoegaze influences
>I'd like to see a whole album of you writing in this style, incorporated into elements like what you had on MFTSM

So maybe a more refined version of MFTSM that has drums and a coherent arrangement? I've been toying with the idea for a while. The only problem was that entire album was improvised.

>indie pop, psych pop, dark folk

good stuff
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forgot the art

>emo-influenced folk-punk
LP in the works

6 downloads probably doesn't seem like much but it just warms my heart knowing 6 people wanted to own my music I love you all
Well fucking toy with the idea more, 'cause that sounds like it would be hella awesome dude!

Maybe you could reach more of a middleground where you keep the improvisational spirit but with the added element of percussion and trying to keep the improvisations focused in a certain direction?

I dunno, either way it sounds rad.
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> space
> dark ambient
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Best album you've put out yet Dave. Keep it coming.

Very cool chiptunes, that whole sampling cassettes thing is cool af.

Great indie rock, very underrated.


>post-music, post-life
>ambient, drone, electronic, glitch, minimal, noise

"047.ASF" consists of a repeating motif that cycles for 5 minutes and 5 seconds. Meant for short and long-form listening, this is the introductory track on my new album titled "a e a n a" due for release on the 20th of March 2015. Feedback is greatly appreciated

Super chilled, really enjoying this so far

Recommending as always, really love your work
I know that feel, dude. A couple people bought my first album and I nearly cried. Partly because I was touched emotionally and partly because I could afford gas for a few more days.
I'll do my best. The second track on the LP uses the same chords and shares some aspects with MFTSM a little but I do have one that has the piano from an old song over drums. I'll try to add more over the next few weeks and put it out.

lol I'm >>52397772

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reccing these

hey man, wanna make some music together? I think our styles would work really well together
I will hear this tomorrow when I have time Dave. Would love to hear what your vaporwave stuff actually sounds like. You are a very tallented musician and am looking forward to seeing what this sounds like. Also "Vapordave" is a brilliant name.
Vanishes is a God
Don't tell people you are 17. Just a hint. Looks good though. I don't really care about people younger posting on here but some do and they will get angry. I woll take a screenshot and try to remember to hear it.
This is great too.
Looking forward to being on the new album! It is fun being a part of something! <3
Polysemy wanna cracker?
You should hear this if you haven't.

Mine Thebible777.bandcamp.com/the-death-of-a-loved-one
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>post-rock, instrumental, still is price low

Released a christmas single like 2 days ago
Ey? U did it in paint ayyee?
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holonical 2.jpg
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>first half is electronic, second half is noisy freak folk inspired by early animal collective

>ambient, drone, glitch

I'm considering doing a remix album of Fractured Memories so if you want to remix a track message me on Facebook at /cashewmusic
Oh I see, haha. Photoshop with pencil to 1px, layers in ps make it loads easier

>Ambient, Space related
>First EP, also have an Album, with more Ambient stuff but Experimental and Rock too
mamma mia that's one-a good music
Check these guys out.

Wow! Love it!
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New EP
psychedelic 80s trance
Synth-y, 80's, Trance...

Love it.
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>bedroom pop, lo-fi, samples
>new album FRIEND out on MECHA-YURI !

holy shit new album! about to download this. love what i'm hearing so far. also i love the stylization of the title

VaporDave is really pretty
also reccing this to anyone remotely interested in ambient / drone type stuff
I'm very interested into that. Sounds amazing, I like it.
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147 Album Cover.jpg
2MB, 1203x1262px
RIP Sportswave


Ambient Electronic over Snooker Commentary from the 80's
File: Hold The Throne 3.jpg (313KB, 1600x1600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Hold The Throne 3.jpg
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>progressive rock, electronic

Thanks for the listens and downloads!
Reccing this forever, nice to see you back.
Thank you <3

I like it!!
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Pyx - The City and the Stars


For this Lo-Fi/Sci-Fi inspired music project I write/record/upload a track to Soundcloud & Bandcamp from scratch in a single evening - no polishing or deliberation. This is my first shot...

File: bori.jpg (110KB, 709x709px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>techno, ambient, experimental, dub techno
IT-XPO - overture_001


>noise, experimental electronic, harsh ambient

off the spurs you remain. blood. blood. blood. who is that man that you seek? he is lost, his shoes no longer hold. whisper. hmmm? ah i see. right this way. shambles, shackles, poise.
wow, it's a fantastic album! Keep it going, greetings from Hungary!
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>Been best described as "Evil Japanese
Arcade Racer Music", "A prediction of what the future of music will sound like made in 1982", and music for "driving through the snow at night and pretending like the snowflakes are stars and you just hit hyperdrive". A mix of various electronic genres with a retro vibe.
Thank you very much, I'm really glad you like it.
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>goofhouse, vaporwave
File: 1564028160-1.jpg (96KB, 350x350px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>whatever the fuck,vaguely electronic, vaguely metal, vaguely experimental, vaguely conceptual
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>SCARY atmosphere
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>Glitch, IDM, Ambient, Breakcore

>atmospheric/minimalist folk, some freak folk

Thanks for listening and downloading everyone

Really nice music:

Wow, I hadn't heard this before today. It's really great and also very well done. Some of those harmonies really add a nice bit of depth to it.
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Any more good Prog on bandcamp?
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>black metal, drone, progessive
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