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Record label thread, post your favorite label

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Record label thread,
post your favorite label
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most consistent greatness
lewis and his bands
ECM is objectively the GOAT record label.


Literally. Cannot contest it.

Also old 4ad > new 4ad
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>Enemies List
>Touch & Go
Fucking plebeians.
talk shit post fit
>fly lo
>grizzly bear
u ain't about shit and ur hair ain't neither
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Pick an actually great record label.
ECM a shit
ECM a shit indeed. Ninja tune and Warp GOAT
Shit taste confirmed
>GOAT Jazz artists.
>GOAT Classical artists.
and now
>GOAT Post-Rock
God you're such a fucking plebeian.
Run for Cover
Square of Opposition
Polyvinyl (used to work there)
FlyLo is the worst artist on Warp by a fucking landslide, few people want to admit this.
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>jazz is for classy, sophisticated individuals such as myself
>electronic music is so repetitive
good post-rock was ONLY the first wave
Jazz > Popular Music.
Lumen Drones m8.
personally i feel that cosmogramma and their predecessors were much better than anything jackson & his computerband has released
>Jazz > Popular Music
nice b8 m8. can you be any more contrived
You can continue to be wrong, and look like an idiot with no taste; or you can stop denying it.
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>Polyvinyl (used to work there)
whoa! that's so cool. Polyvinyl is one of my favorites as well! Square of Opposition is tight too. How was working there? were you an intern?
southern lord
hydra head
stones throw
man's ruin
kill rock stars
Were you trying to prove him right?
but jazz is popular music
Deathwish Inc
Hydra Head
good god. you are the epitome of the 'everybody has shit taste in everything but me' autistic neckbeard who trawls /mu/. i bet you hate kanye purely on merit of him getting 10 on pitchfork and get angry at people who dance at concerts instead of enjoying the music too. shit cunt.
It's in between Art and Popular.
I wouldn't say it's necessarily one or the other.
Nice baseless assumptions.
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Tempa has the best covers but my favorite is R&S Records
Inside Out
All labels in Beggars Group
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>ctrl f sacred bones
>mfw no results

come on guys
well something had to lead me to those assumptions.

if you are such an ambassador for culture and taste, then explain to me why every artist on ninja tune and warp is shit, and more so , why saying your favourite rec is a jazz record isn't just incredibly try-hard
Awful label.
>Chain Reaction
>Mille Plateaux
>Opal Tapes
>Editions Mego

damn I've got good taste.
trve patrician label here
I'm not even saying Warp is shit.
I'm saying ECM, which covers both the worlds of art AND popular musics, is superior.
wtf even is that
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What's even on Enemies List besides Dan Barrett's music and Mamaleek?
Discorporate Records has some pretty good stuff. As does Believer's Roast. Also, John Zorn's label isn't too bad.
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goner .jpg
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fat wreck chords
no idea
asian man

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also Big Dada
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yep, or this
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at least for 2014

also l.i.e.s.
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vhf records
i doubt anyone would really dispute that.
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Future Classic.jpg
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New Wave Racer when?
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Southern Lord
babbys first faux-patrician label
the vast majority of the releases are fucking awful, they rarely get it right
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Yeah intern for about 6 months. Real nice guys, still friends with the Vice President and other folks there. They're just all around good people with good taste in music. Most of it was just mailing press packs to people and updating their website while listening to music on amazing speakers.
Anticon and Graveface
Wax Trax
Sub Pop
i like captured tracks the most
Arts & Crafts
Sacred Bones
Paper Bag
Thrill Jockey
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burger logo.jpg
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too pure.jpg
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well you already posted my favourite one so I'll just go with this
are they not indeh enough for you?
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Soleil Zeuhl
Staalplat (their webstore is fucking amazing)
God Mountain
Rune Grammofon
World Serpent (not such a big fan of their sleazy business practices, but lotsa good releases)
Textile Records
Warp Records
Maboroshi no Sekai
Sub Rosa

Not including artist-owned labels who almost exclusively do releases by said artist (Rabid Records, Seventh Records, Magaibutsu, Eskaton etc), since there are way too many of those.
Yep, Mego and Kranky are the right choices.
Cold Meat Industry and Tzadik are the most recognizable labels that come to mind.

I know you aren't technically including it as one of your favorites, but points for mentioning Magaibutsu, I love Tatsuya Yoshida

Do you like Posh Isolation and Ascetic House?
back to reddit
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>no mention of ZTT
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mah nigga
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Sarah Records cmon
where my hypnagogic bros at
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My favorites are Hardly Art, Sacred Bones, Profound Lore, Not Not Fun, Woodsist, Ultimae and pic related :)
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God-tier label for weirdos and Avant-Math God
Thread posts: 90
Thread images: 37

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