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Darlings - Perfect Trip
>indie pop garage pop

Do people still use mega?
Coke Weed
>folk popish
Pill Friends - Blessed Suffering
>bedroom pop lofi
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Spook Houses - Trying
>indie rock
>wish I knew how to describe it better
MEGA is the preferred site to download stuff here.

I acknowledge your intentions are good, but I'd rather leave the bandcamp stuff in the bandcamp thread. There's a reason for it to exist.
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Comfy - Pillowhugger
>bedroom garage pop
>no sample sorry
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The bandcamp threads I've seem are mostly for sharing your own music which isn't really the same as just posting albums for download. Regardless I'm only posting links to free albums which serves the same purpose as providing a link. Thanks I'll keep using mega

Superhumanoids - Exhibitionists
Anybody got Busdriver - Perfect Hair?
Thao & The Get Down Stay Down
>folk pop,
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=35ForwE2zEo [Embed]
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Reposting this, hopefully nobody minds it.

Joakin Bello - Detras del Arcoiris (1988, Cassette-sourced 320kbps)
>Ambient, Field Recordings, South American Folk, Comfycore
>Chilean single guy plays 10 folk instruments and adds some synths and nature samples; great stuff to lay down and listen to.

Sample (starts after 30 seconds of silence): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8eS-fVxHHz4

DL: https://mega.co.nz/#!uUJRHaJL!j6vKkgIeRCT1RKfzIMv8b7EZ9a-pxfQoLwXn8_WGRJ4
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Germany Germany
>synthpop electropop

John Escreet- Exception to the Rule (2011)

>avant-garde compositions, minimalism, free improvisation
>Pianist John Escreet mixes intense and chaotic free improv and elements of minimalism and electronic music, for a very unique album. Alto saxophonist David Binney is the perfect choice for interpreting Escreet’s busy and abstract melodies.


The Duke plays Ellington (1953)

>swing, piano trio
>Duke Ellington is mostly remembered for his compositions and arrangements and work as a leader of one of the most successful big bands in history. He was also a talented and influential pianist as he shows on this recording of him playing his own tunes and standards in a trio setting.
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Black Light Dinner Party - Sons and Lovers

Eddie Henderson- Phantoms (1994)

>adventurous swing-based improvisation
>Eddie Henderson was known mostly for his fusion work in the 70’s (in Herbie Hancock’s Mwandishi group), but here he goes for a more straight-ahead sound, while still keeping an adventurous sense of group interplay and improvisation. The group plays several 60’s standards (Dolphin Dance, Naima, Milestones) but also does several original tunes.

Face Candy- Waste Age Teen Land (2011)

>improvisation based rap
>Led by Michael Larsen (a.k.a. Eyedea) this group plays acoustic, improvised music with rapping provided by Larsen and Kristoff Krane, accompanied by bass and drums. Unfortunately Larsen died before this recording was released, making it the group’s last.


Mauricio Kagel- Exotica (1972)

>avant-garde, experimental, composition
>Argentinean avant-garde composer wrote this highly unique work, for “non-European instruments.” It’s primative, violent, and at times downright creepy. Kagel stated his intention for the piece was to question ‘the dominance of Western music or “culture”’ or ‘go back to the primeval origins of music-making, when singing was still at one with making sound out of simple, everyday objects’. Also included is another of Kagel’s compositions, “Tactil,” one that’s more minimalistic.

Mega is amazing
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I'm having to upload as I'm posting so these might take a while

Sonic Death - Gothic Sessions
>russian folk pop

Brian Lynch- ConClave (2005)

>adventurous, Latin-rooted improvisation
>Trumpet player Brian Lynch has been a big name in both the jazz and Latin music scenes since the 80’s. Here he gathers his own band to perform exciting and adventurous post-bop jazz with an overt Latin flavor.

Could someone post some 90s Fall? I can only find Levitate in the archive.
Has anyone got any Asylum Party? The links in the archive are dead :/
Thanks for these man. Keep it up.

Ahmad Jamal- The Awakening (1970)

>piano trio, post-bop
>towards the end of the 60's Ahmad Jamal had changed up his style and his trio sound. This record is a good example of that later style over a variety of re-imagined standards.
I wish what.cd links were the norm for sharing. oh well

Har Mar Superstar - Bye Bye 17
>Soul pop

Patato Valdes and his Latin Percussion Friends- Authority (1976)

>guaguanco, Afro-Cuban improvisation
>Valdes was one of the percussionists who played on a number of great Latin records in the 50’s and 60’s. This album is heavy on percussion and vocals and features the stringed instruments quinto and tres in the traditional Cuban style of guaguanco.


Freddie Hubbard- Breaking Point (1964)

>free-leaning swing-based improvisations
>One of Hubbard’s better Blue Note albums. It follows the familiar mid-60’s pattern of mixing hard-bop influences with tendencies toward more free improvisation. James Spaulding on alto and Joe Chambers especially shine on this recording.
Nice sample, downloaded.
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Dave Holland- Life Cycle (1982)

>solo cello
>Dave Holland has been one of the best and most versatile bassists for the past 40 years. In 1982 he recorded this solo cello album on ECM, playing both improvised and composed pieces.

Alex Sipiagin- Destinations Unknown (2011)

>post-bop, fusion, free improvisation, composition
>Sipiagin is one of the most talented trumpet players and composers around today. This album showcases his compositions with complex, contrapuntal compositions that have extended, multi-sectional forms. The compositions lead into improvisations that are extremely dynamic and free, with a very high level of interplay from the entire band, which consists of some of the brightest improvisors in contemporary music.


Prawn - Kingfisher
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I found my stash of old links. I used to share them a bit so if you've heard all of it before I can stop. Also let me know if any of them are down.

Also if the link is just a number thats from when mega was new and I wasn't sure if they'd take them down if I didn't hide the name.

Dead Ghosts - S/t
>garage rock
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Hunting Hat - Vampire Xmas
>bedroom ambient
>you should get this
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Meadowlands - Music From Mainzer Straße
some cool shit in this thread
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Prussia - Dear Emily, Best Wishes, Molly
>pop chamber folk pop rock
>at least thats what they said on bc
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