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2014 Thread

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Lets have a 2014 Thread.

I havent had the chance to listen to much music this year, and now that winter break is here its time to get caught up.

What have you anons been enjoying this year?
What is your AOTY?
What do you feel was the most overlooked release of the year?
Most overrated?

I have only listened to about 4-5 albums from 2014 so my opinion is literally not worth shit but ill start anyways.

>AOTY- Im stuck between pom pom and pic related. I dont really like the lo fi quality of the earlier tracks on pom pom but ive kind of warmed up to them lately and its really solidifying itself as one of my favorites

Most overrated would have to be FKA Twigs, that album was such a snoozefest and i really must have missed something because i see it being praised quite often here.
aoty pic related

Lust For Youth's International was an underated synth pop masterpiece. It's great.
I dunno, maybe To Be Kind. It's good, it's just i don't think it's 10/10 like everyone else thinks it is.
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I knew everyones been jerkin it but Run the Jewels 2 is solid all the way through

If you like meme rap, Froggy Fresh's album "Dream Team" is hilarious and gets mentioned literally NOWHERE
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AOTY: pic

Overlooked: XO - Heart. Chill shoegazey stuff, maybe a little too much like MBV but I liked it.

Overrated: Probably St. Vincent.
Run the Jewels 2 didnt seem that impressive to me.

But i didnt really like Run the Jewels 1 either.. every song just kinda runs together without changing up the song structure at all.
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>XO - Heart
Thanks, been looking for some shoegaze
yeah I still prefer the original, it contains the greatest hiphop christmas song ever

which there are obviously a lot of
St. Vincent - S/T

Slough Feg - Digital Resistance, don't think I've seen it talked about on here at all. Also Rome - A Passage to Rhodesia since it's pretty rare I see anything about it on here.

Not sure. I liked Benji and I sometimes flip flop on whether it should be on my top 10 list but I'd still say it's pretty overrated. Have a Nice Life's new album didn't really interest me all that much too. A few of the albums spammed all over /mu/ aren't really in genres I typically listen to and so I haven't listened to them to really say if they're overrated or not.
>Most overlooked
Fatima - Yellow Memories
>Most overrated
St. Vincent
Everyone is saying St.vincent....

Did pitchfork do this?
pom pom: AOTY

plowing into the field of love: runner-up
I'm the only person that put it as their AOTY though so far in this thread. Also I don't go to Pitchfork.

It's winning AOTY awards left and right though so I can see why people that didn't like it would be saying it's overrated.
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pic related
>Most Overrated
Swans, this is probably a shitty opinion but that album did literally nothing for me

Honestly maybe my aoty too.

can;t really hear the merzbw influence but it;s so fucking amazing
Mac DeMarco's 2
Open Mike Eagle's Dark Comedy
Homeshake's In The Shower
Silk Rhodes s/t
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Swans doesnt do anything interesting with their music is why
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this is mine.

followed by: Casualties of Cool, Swans, Bohren and Der Club of Gore, A Winged Victory For the Sullen, and Kayo Dot
it's well produced, well composed, but it just sounds like guitars and gira being kinda irked about something
granted that yyu album would probably sound like a hipster playing guitar and moaning through with no tact or intention to anyone who enjoyed Swans but I can't really hold that against them
Ive enjoyed a lot of pop albums this year: Nikki Nack, Zentropy, Salad Days, St. Vincent, Mr. Twin Sister...
There are also lovely records by Angel Olsen, Marissa Nadler, Hundred Waters and Grouper.
Good stuff.
The new Avey Tare record is pretty interesting but it kinda needs to grow on you.
And BBNG released a new album which is pretty cool and their best imo, they take a lot of influence from Flying Lotus so you might dig that.
For overrated, id go wth War on Drugs.
Really? There's a decent amount of harsh noise in there. Check out Sister Fawn, it's the bonus disc and it's more Merzbow based.

Folk/Neoclassical fusion.

Shit's tight.
So far, Here and Nowhere Else. I say so far because Joe Hawley's releasing something on Saturday and Hawaii part ii is my favourite album so that'll probably be amazing or something
I dunno, I guess the new Woods album, since it seems to have been largely forgotten despite having some great songs on it
thanks for sharing this, downloading now, sounds really cool
323. Buddy- Idle Time
322. ABSNT- The Forced Being
321. Iced Earth- Plagues of Babylon
320. Lily Allen- Sheezus
319. Actress- Ghettoville
fuck, i thought i was, but its not on rutracker...

and pirate bay is dead.

where are you guys going for music these days?
I actually heard it on Spotify.
It's practically unknown otherwise. Really weird.
do you ever actually get to the end of your list before threads die?
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ah, that sucks, so you dont have it downloaded/ cant upload it? dont feel like logging into a spotify account just to listen to this
why did nobody else on /mu/ seem to like that one? I only ever see it getting shit on.
because they have another album that is pitchfork approved AND /mu/core of course your average /mu/tant that is a drone of fantano/p4k isnt even going to listen to it before shitting on it
I love the new HANL. It's no Deathconsciousness, but you can't listen to it thinking that the whole time, it's not fair to judge new albums based on their predecessors.
No, I don't own the album (yet).

>What have you anons been enjoying this year?
Hellfyre Club did ok this year, I loved Perfect Hair and Jimmy The Burnout, Dark Comedy was ok, but I didn't like A Toothpaste Suburb. Other than that I really like CLLPNG, RTJ2 and Beastiary. Also really liked Seductive Nightmares, Meraki, Forward Escape, Dynasty. Haywyre's Two Fold Part 1 was alright, but disappointing compared to his older stuff.
>What is your AOTY?
Tie between CLLPNG and Forward Escape
>What do you feel was the most overlooked release of the year?
Forward Escape, such a fantastic album, I really feel its a 10/10. I haven't heard it mentioned anywhere though, kind of disappointing.
>Most overrated?
Didn't like Piñata as much as some other people here, also didn't like To Be Kind but I'm not a post-rock fan anyways so what do I know.
>not even entertaining the thought that someone could dislike something you like
I havent actually listened to it :))))))
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Favorite & most overlooked.

Wood Spider - Decadence

Also overlooked:

William Ryan Fritch - Leave Me Like You Found Me

Go Dark - BitchSword

O'Death - Out of Hands We Go
Tie between Pinata and Benji
Mac Miller - Faces
agree on twigs, I mean I thought it was okay but yea pretty boring overall
Julian Casablancas & The Voidz- Tyranny

Strange, lo-fi pop rock. I haven't heard a sound this unique and engaging in awhile.


MONO- The Last Dawn/Ray of Darkness

Really sad post rock. If you're into that then you should check it out.


Have a Nice Life did pretty much nothing for me.
I frankly enjoyed it even more than Deathconciousness. It had all of the aspects I enjoyed from Deathconciousness neatly condensed into an even more accessible package. Don't get me wrong, I love Deathcon too, but the Unnatural World seemed to me to have everything Deathcon had but trimmed and polished.
did you like deathconciousness? Do you like the genre in general?
I know people that agree with you, I can see why some people enjoy it more.
318. Del tha Funkee Homosapien- "ILLER THAN MOST"
317. Barbarian Swords- Hunting Rats
316. Jennifer Lopez- A.K.A.
315. Bruce Springsteen- High Hopes
314. Nmesh- Dream Sequins®
313. .Cult- #YFB
312. Ashen Horde- Sanguinum Vindicta
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2014꞉ Best of.png
1MB, 2103x899px
Here's what I enjoyed the most, anons. This year's been really good.
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>mfw listening to sister faun
>mfw I just ordered the CD
This is my top 5 2014's AOTY

>Ariel Pink - Pom Pom
>Mac Demarco - Salad Days
>Thom Yorke - TMB
>Swans - To be kind
>Bruce Springsteen - High Hopes
Soulseek gets me anything I can't find on /mu/ archive
Also, a special mention to Primus
I'm so glad I'm not seeing Shabazz all over these lists.

WAY overhyped. What a bore and a waste of potential.
311. Kelis- Food
310. You Walk Through Walls- s/t
309. Low Jack- Garifuna Variations
308. The Flaming Lips- With a Little Help from My Fwends
307. Pink Floyd- The Endless River
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File: a2536486315_10.jpg (1MB, 1200x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Kishi Bashi - Lighght


File: human zoo.jpg (50KB, 372x372px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
human zoo.jpg
50KB, 372x372px

Electric Six - Human Zoo


Electric Six - Human Zoo

Only real answer is Benji. I love me some folky singer/songwriter acoustic guitar bullshit but Benji is genuinely fucking bad writing
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This has been my aoty.
306. Chimurenga Renaissance- riZe vadZimu riZe
305. KETEV- s/t
304. Haeres- Trom
303. clipping.- CLPPNG
302. Temples- Sun Structures
301. Darkflight- Closure
300. Dying Sun- Transcendence
I found a 215k download
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1. Spencer Radcliffe/R.L. Kelly - Brown Horse
2. Frankie Cosmos - Zentropy
3. Japanese Breakfast - American Sound/Where Is My Great Big Feeling
4. Gobby - Wakng Thrst For Seeping Banhee
5. Dura - Altered Resonance
AOTY: gunna be Jenny Death I can feel it

Overlooked: VHS Head - Persistence of Vision. Why does nobody here like him? His first release is spectacular, this one is great too. Thought you guys were supposed to be patricians....

Overrated: Flying Lotus probably
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Thread images: 19

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