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Feels General

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Ablum Recs 4 your feels.

>Liked a girl for about 4 months
>just find out she likes one of my close friends
>i've been tasked with setting them up together

this fucking sucks
whoa holy shit dave?????
how bout a feels rec for this album?

upon first listen, it's not viscerally affecting me. any japan fans know how it affects them? it's well crafted but it feels emotionally hollow and cold
All the same generic boring feels every time
We all know you are depressed, that's no excuse for being so whiny, post something fun
no not dave, but it sucks even more that someone else is in the same situation
you start
Ok ok
Hmmm I imagine the feeling of traveling by bullet train across India
>few months ago
>go to counseling
>get forced to go to mental health facility
>spend 2 hours with another guy, none of my stuff available to me
>finally meet with doctor: cleared to leave

>this month
>receive bill from the facility
/mu/ I'm pissed off.
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>tfw your bipolar medicine is working well
>tfw the only drawbacks are that it takes away from your creativity and enjoyment of music
>dream about her last night
>she hugged and kissed me; we were both happy and together
>wake up
>realize it was a dream
>realize that she's gone now and hasn't thought of me in years
>after it's all said in done, still hope I dream of her again because those dormant hours of splendor and happiness will more than compensate for what comes after
I just want to be happy again. I've forgotten what it's like.
>tfw out of curiosity you start reading and watching interviews with varg
>this leads to you researching all the things he talks about in detail
>begin having racist/ antisemitic thoughts all the time when I never did before, and even though I don't agree with the things I'm reading/ watching.
>asking people who you know are depressed to post something fun
K cap'n I have no clue what I'm talking about.
had that exact dream anon
I hated my old relationship at the time
but I miss lying with someone in bed knowing they love me and I love them
It's great
probably won't happen again
>im depressed
thats it
I get that. I mean, and this is probably how it is for a lot of folks here, no matter how much we hate it, it's probably gotten to the point where we're so tired of this that we'd be content, more than content actually, to be in a relationship with someone whom we didn't entirely like. If it meant we could just be with someone and feel wanted, I mean.

With me, it wasn't even a relationship though. Just some girl I barely knew but crushed on hard in middle school. We were in band together. I played the clarinet and she sat in front playing the flute. I'm just trying to remember that moment when I made her laugh, turn and smile at me because it felt so good.
Thanks. I was just listening to Pinkerton this morning right after I'd woken up, too.
>tfw musician who is too scared to share his music cause he doesnt want to annoy anyone
I guess I should start thinking of things like they were back in the 90s, Before the internet really was the source for sharing media, Solidify a band lineup, and book some shows
Tfw these are optimistic feels but I am not optimistic.
check out this is you like pinkerton.
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>"Are you alright, anon?"
>Can't tell them I'm depressed because I'm not sad, just lonely and disconnected
>Don't really know what I want anymore
>Just a general disconnect with life and the people around me
kid a personified

don't kill yourself
jesus are you me? its ok man, we can get through it. when was the last time you cried
Last night when my dad fell asleep after raping me

did he even give u a good night kiss after? what a faggot anon you can do better
That's the weirdest part. There's still this desire to live deep down there, and I'd never consider suicide, but I just don't know what I want to do anymore.

I'll def. get back into kid a though, it's been awhile since I listened through that.

To something other than a movie? I can't remember.

The movies didn't really help.

dave's not here
it might sound like a weird recommendation, but check out Digital Love by Daft Punk
>tfw no qt gf to hum A Quick One Before the Eternal Worm Devours Connecticut to while idly sitting with her on the swings at your local park at night
>tfw no qt gf to hum Earthmover to while snuggling in bed with her eyelashes brushing against my cheek and her fingers in my hair messing with my curls

why even live
when no gf
listen to the other HANL album dude I dunno
I plan on getting really drunk tonight and crying because i've forgotten how, any music you can think of to go along with that would be great

had pretty much the same dream last night, ruined my entire day
A girl I'm into just dedicated "Some Kind of Nature" to me. I don't know if that's a good sign.
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>tfw so crippled by social anxiety that I spend all of my time trying to avoid people as much as possible
>tfw when I decide that the way i'm acting is stupid and I try to talk to people I spend most of the time thinking about how weird and disgusting the person i'm talking to probably thinks I am

>tfw talking to people feels like something I have to gather courage to do and I'll probably die alone and no one will care
its because you're a goofball
are you me
i lost so many friends because of this
File: 1413346046152.png (22KB, 530x444px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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you're not alone
well, you are, actually, since we'll never meet thanks to this shield of anonymity between us and stuff, but i know exactly how you feel, when you're constantly cycling between attempts to boost your self-worth and confidence so you can try to talk to people and reverting back to self-loathing when you fail and you're overwhelmed with the sense that you're just living one great exercise of futility, and in that sense you aren't alone.

i hope things get better, for all of us. i really do.
wow the cuck is real
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Feel Grips.jpg
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>No motivation
>Every day fades into the next
>Barely any friends
>No gf
>Listen to music
>After I get home, normally sleep or stay on my computer until it's time to go to sleep
>Discuss with internet friend how I'm feeling
>Lack of motivation
>Life is just so hard right now, and it's going to get way harder.
I feel this to a T, you just put it in words, thanks man. "lonely and disconnected" is fucking spot on
if u on brazil he can hang out
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>recently started to work out
>became more confident
>today I talked to a girl out of nowhere and it went pretty well
Look bros, I get these threads are not always very positive but it's all about feeling good with yourselves, moving on etc. I don't want to bore you with my cliches but, any albums for this feel?
not the same person but hi
since I left you is a pretty good feel-good album
Pet Sounds
>get a knock at the door
>two cute girls with balloons
>"these are for your roommate for his birthday"
>tfw no girl will ever do that for me
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>tfw graduating from college in a few months
>tfw just starting to find myself/come out of my shell
>tfw wish you could stay in college for another four years

>tfw no gf
File: content.png (4KB, 426x364px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Alone, but I can feel it out there waiting.
>tfw still alive
>Be in relationship for 5 years
>Love of my life, my soulmate always
>Just broke up 3 weeks ago
>Found out shes in a 3 way relationship with another guy and girl now and I havent even gotten over reality yet

I really hurt guys, itd be nice to get some advice from you guys
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feel mayhem.jpg
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>Used to be too dumb to notice when girls were attracted to me
>Not anymore
>tfw watching them lose interest when they learn I'm depressed and not interested in anything
>tfw craving romantic relationships and complete solitude at the same time
>tfw finals soon
>tfw iktf
>tfw when miss what its like when someone likes you
>tfw no one to talk or care about anything you say
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Wow, fuck her man that's horrible. Hang in there. Time will heal things eventually but for the time being you should be focusing on yourself. Let everything out and strive to better yourself as a person, it'll feel great later on when you're successful and can look back and laugh
thats what ive been thinking, thanks man, Just got an awesome amp and ive been playing constantly for weeks, its the only thing that helps
>had gf
>first and only gf I've ever had
>she cheated on me, but ended up dumping the guy and coming back to me
>I was really hurt but also didn't want to lose her
>I resented her throughout our relationship
>convinced myself I was in love with another girl
>finally decided to leave gf
>other girl not into me
>I'm such a fucking idiot
>other than the cheating, she was always so good to me
that's great, at the very least you have something to write about
>Freshman year at a university
>Be completely alone and basically holed up in my room for months
>Meet very qt girl out of nowhere
>Start talking to her
>She's super nice
>We mainly talk over phone calls and texting
>Eventually find out that she's a senior at a nearby high school and was just on campus for something else
>"I-I mean that's TOO weird, I'm only a freshman..right?"
>Find out that she is completely obsessed with All Time Low and even has a tattoo of one of their song lyrics over top of a - you guessed it- anchor
>"I-it's okay, T-to each their own...right?"
>Find out she decided a few months ago on a sudden urge to join the army for 8 years and is leaving in a few months
I just want a normal qt, hell even a normal friend- just anyone, to hang out with. She said she wants to see me tomorrow night for some reason I have a feeling she's going to try to kill me or some shit.
you're better off without her regardless. I know how shitty it is to force yourself to think like that but i can guarantee someone that's cheated on you is not good for you in the long run, especially if you held resentment
I know that feel. You'll find someone else eventually, don't worry. And maybe it was for the best anyway, in first relationships it usually seems like there's a lot more at stake than there actually is.
>tfw she didnt write back
why'd she cheat on you tho
>tfw say something I'm giving up on you
>tfw starting to irrationally dislike women because they will never have to know what it's like to be ignored and rejected to the same extent as men because men are expected to initiate interaction
>go hang out with friends
>7/10 girl says me and other friend are cute
>gives me and him her number
>talk to her a bit, says I'm really attractive
>I don't text her because I feel weird
>she sent me two messages
>find out from friend later in week he texted the girl and she sucked his dick

This so much.
Of all the feels threads in the various boards, I like these the most. Hope everyone gets over their shit.

>I'm really hitting it off with a girl
>literally the enthusiasm from her has become nonexistent
>don't know if I came off to strong
>responds to my texts every 12 or so hours
>I know she has a busy week so I'm trying to not be a pain in the ass
>leaving uni soon and it will certainly fade if we don't see each other before leaving
>can't figure out course of action
she said it's because she felt that I was taking our relationship for granted, that she didn't feel loved. I dunno.
I just got back from the library and one of my group member's friends came and sat with us and she was a so-so qt hipster but she had some super nice tittays. I don't think she was wearing a bra
My shit's all fucked.
>people sharing feels, but not music
She did it to hurt you but she still wanted to keep you. Now that sounds like a spoiled child trying to make their mother feel guilty. She took the relationship for granted, not you. Fuck cheaters. Just to be sure, you're no longer with her right?
If you want to go act forward with her, do it.
If she still isn't enthusiastic, she was already lost
no. Thanks anon.
To bring this back to music in a kind of stupid way, "you need a lover with soul power" and she ain't got no soul power
>tfw nobody gives you feel recs
File: hqdefault (2).jpg (14KB, 480x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
hqdefault (2).jpg
14KB, 480x360px
>tfw bitches, man
File: image.jpg (51KB, 620x620px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>met a girl at a music festival
>free spirit and qt3.14
>fall head over heels hard
>stop acting like a bitch and actually talk to her
>holy wow
>I'm actually doing this
>she's very forward and confident, which is nice because I'm a bit of a shy idiot
>shyness manages to come across as strong+silent
>anyway, she wasn't nearly as into me as I was into her
>even when I do everything right I fuck up
>6 months later
>still thinking about lying next to her, eating strawberries and listening to the rain
I recommend Keith Jarrett's "The Melody at Night, With You".'

Good luck with your feels.
go to bed, dave.
Gracias, after this cashmere cat song is done I'll give it a listen
you didn't really post a feel. what were you in counseling for?
Pissed off is totally a feel
>sister tried to kill herself two days ago
>whole household is completely shellshocked
>parents are used o me fucking up but there is absolutely no precedent for this, sister has always been the good kid who just goes about her business
>don't know what to do
>feel extremely awkward and in the way
>just want to leave the house and not come back
>Dad has confided in me that he feels like a complete and utter failure as a father and can't understand why any of this has happened
>on top of this I'm kind of slipping into a benzo addiction and so my instinct in this situation is to go and take a heap of xanax and not do/feel/say anything for a few days

Listening to a local band called Low Life, check them out. https://soundcloud.com/lowlife-sydney/dogging-lp-version
>tfw skinny manlet
>obviously a bit of a weirdo by pleb standards
>tfw only girls that like you are feminist chubbies that will never have respect for you simply because you are male
I don't know exactly how to put this but I think you're me, but 2ish years in the past.
You're going to meet a redhead girl at a music festival, try not to get too attached.
>have some mental health problems
>meet a girl through somewhat of a support group
>she's nice and seems cool
>learn all the shit she's going through
>force myself to talk to her
>now exchanging everything on facebook
>It only gets worse
>Admits she's tried to kill herself 4 times
>I don't want her to die

anything sympathetic towards someone who's having a shit time would be good
shit anon, sister older or younger?
When she comes home, you should just go and lie down next to her or something so that she feels more responsible for the family's emotions. A spontaneous act like that can give someone a lot of purpose and would show that you care.
>tfw spent so much time on the internet as a kid/teenager that i've completely alienated my self from most "normal" people

>tfw I live in a small town with no real scene that I fit into

>tfw I have pretty much nothing in common with the people i'm friends with and feel like i'm wasting the best years of my life
Younger. It's weird because the other day I was saying to my mum that I'm glad that my sister has finished school because now I can get to know her as I haven't really had any sort of relationship with her for a long time. I think this is going to properly fuck my parents/ family up. I can't see them recovering from this.
Lol okay what festival?
>tfw still don't live in Canada
Older sis

I'm just trying my hardest to make sure my parents don't have 2 major disappointments. It's not working.
Why are you trying to steal my feel?
Pacific NW folklife
the sweet qt redheads anon, its so hard not to get attached ;_;

where are you and why Canada?
I'm in Toronto. Its pretty good, but the progressive politics circlejerk is distracting and annoying
Because you're me, remember

(Got confused thought it was you replying to my earlier post, then I scrolled down)
>i'm tired of this city
>i miss my friends
>i can't imagine being in charge of a family
>i don't know if i like her, i hope not. i don't want to be broken again
>qt ive been crazy about is bailed on me for the billionth time in the past couple weeks

i think i've lost her guys. oh well kokanee weed and tim tams will drown my sorrows for the night

I used to fantasize about meeting a girl like that when I went to support group meetings

I'm not sure what kind of music you like but you might like this

Probably not what you're into, but
TreyFrey - Wreck
File: 1415252481792.jpg (99KB, 841x623px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
99KB, 841x623px
>4 months
>not making a move in that time
And idk I've always wanted to move to Canada since I was a kid I don't really know why. It just seems better than here I hate this place
Hey man, this is a safe place for feels of all kinds
not that guy but where do you want to move to?

I hate it here where I am in southern ontario and am trying to move to montreal
Porter Robinson - Divinity
>tfw ask if she's Doing anything
>ignores my question
Why do I do this to myself...
>be me
>Eyed this qt3.14 half-Japanese grill
>Found out everyone wants to fuck her
>me having a cleft palate discouraging
god damn you half japanese girls
Hey it's that album cover that has that great feels song
Why? How is Montreal?
At this point I'd be willing to just bum it out on the streets there
File: feels gr8.jpg (6KB, 208x249px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
feels gr8.jpg
6KB, 208x249px
>finished all my classes and assignments for the year
>first exam is in 9 days
>will probably do fine on it
>just had a secret santa gift exchange tonight and received a really great gift (craft beer and nutella)
>just went to get McDonald's with one of my roommates
>sitting in sweatpants playing Civilization III while listening to some great music
>9/10 comfy
feels gr8
Nice to have some good feels pop in here. Enjoy your night anon
montreal dude here, born and raise
love it, it's a great city when you come to find all that's uncovered
people bitch about the winter a lot but it's great motivation to stay inside and work on your music or writing
plus there's a lot of cool young people, seeing as it's a uni town
leave the small town.
Maybe it would be different for you/maybe I feel the same way about here as you do about socal, but i'm sort of just fed up with the industrial buildings and living in small towns with nothing to do. Montreal is an exciting city and and is different from the pretty much identical southern ontario area
I'm the Toronto guy and I don't think I would personally want to move to Montreal. Maybe I haven't seen it for what it really is. Halifax could be cool though.
File: ef4dd_mjsxxaj.jpg (99KB, 1024x576px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
99KB, 1024x576px
>i have better friends then i could wish for
>i go out and meet grills weekly
>on my final 6 months of a m.sc. in engineering
>semi professional hiphop producer
>i look alright (i guess) and dress well above avrg

Honestly though i just want to sit at home and waste my time (playing dota and shit). I sometimes fall into depressions and nobody actually notices, though some people suspect it from my sleeping patterns (i sleep very irregularly). I don't know what my problem is I'm just really fucking depressed. Sometimes i'm thinking of an hero, and somehow it scares me that I have no fucking idea if I'm being serious about that.
what didn't you enjoy about montreal?
the only real problem I have with this city is the language barrier
it's also poor as fuck, but that makes for cheap rent
>tfw ultra beta?
the language barrier, and the people I've encountered are more bitter than Torontonians even.
I haven't had as much time to explore it as I would like though, so I still have hope.
I wish there were better options for getting there than mega bus, surely the plebbest coach busses ever. Via is cash tho
>currently with first gf ever
>we're a great match
>we love each other a lot
>4 months and we've been through a lot, sorted through many obstacles
>I just don't want any of this to end, it's amazing.

I gonna marry her, what's the worst that could happen, anyway?
>tfw 20 and doing well in college
>despite success i've had this urge to run away from everything
>like buy a one way plane ticket to California bringing nothing but the clothes on my back and sleep in parks
>digging away at me slightly but i can deal with it

>fast-forward to now
>running a 70% in calc, one small fuck-up on the final means i have to retake it
>fantasize about failure and can live out my homelessness dream

I don't want to fail but I'm really scared success will lead me towards a mundane, soul-crushing life of office work, but I know running away will hurt my family and friends.
just want to die
hah, yeah, there are bitter people here
hanging around the plateau / mile-end area is cool though, that's where all the cool record stores and venues are
plus it's a relatively low income area, so a lot of ethnic communities have sprung up, making it a hive for different cultures and tastes of the world, it's great
you'd definitely have to stay here for upward of a month to truly take in the spirit of the city though, and it's not really the right place for everyone - i've heard people say its too small and dirty
but it has its charm, and is definitely worth looking into
I feel the same. I think that no matter what I will always find something to complain about. There isn't shit to do here either. The cities are only fun if you have friends and something to do. No one ever want to do shit around here.
>tfw live in California
>have the same dream but want to live homeless in Canada
>will never happen if It does will probably live Ina home like a normal person
Know those feels.
I just want a live in a van in the mountains and grow a gnarly beard.
Aimlessness and boredom
Yeah, I think it's pretty normal to want to get away from the place you grew up though. I hope that you make it up here eventually and get to live the life you want
>final tomorrow
>second of 2 classes i had to do it, the first of which i missed because i slept through my alarm
>have to wake up in 4 hours
>tfw when it's finally raining
>won't last long and will return to humid as fuck weather in a couple days
>tfw no qt to smoke weed listen to music and stare at the ceiling with
Good luck anon
dave went away
File: 1416957047611.jpg (216KB, 1600x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
216KB, 1600x900px
dave's gone
File: 1403297957932.jpg (297KB, 1280x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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My feels are that I want to have a good band to listen to while I drive the girl I like to a show. I need an hour of something she hasn't listened to, but I've given her most of the music I'd think she'd like. She's pretty big into Owen, Red House Painters and other acoustic stressed albums.
underrated post
And do drugs all day not having to care about anything at all. Sounds like life

Thanks, hope Montreal goes better for you. Ill see you up there someday
I like it.
I'm really into lo-fi, folk-punk, post-punk and post-rock at the moment. Giles Corey/HANL, Swans, Bluetile Lounge and Carissa's Wierd are my favourite feels bands.
Tell me if you enjoy it friend.
>Convinced myself that there was not a single soul in the opposite sex that would ever desire or want me, the way I have for them. ( More specifically, a former friend )
>Tfw your spirit has been smashed multiple times you no longer feel attracted to anyone
>One day you meet someone, and they remind you what it's like to really long for a women...
>But you know nothing will happen.
>Vicious cycle repeats.
File: 1409629120972.png (343KB, 439x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
343KB, 439x500px

I share these feels with you all, and if nothing else we have solidarity
>You love someone so fucking much you cant sleep or eat.
>Water is your only friend
>Drop a dangerous amount of weight and look like death...
jesus fuck are you me? exactly the same happened to me bro, every detail down to the music festival
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