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Let's have a jazz general thread.

What have you been listening to lately?
Have you seen any good live jazz this year?
What's your jazz AOTY 2014?
Plus all other questions and discussions related to jazz.
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damn it's been a while since I listened to good old Chico for the last time
brb going to The dealer
Only jazz I've listened to is Bohren & der Club of Gore (Dark Jazz) and The Aristocrats (Fusion)
Whats some good dark jazz similar to Bohren?

I found this:


Really dig this style
João Gilberto, Tom Jobim, Lisa Ono, Céu, Benny Goodman and Django Reinhardt
For the interest of all of the Dialogue fans, THIS is the real Hutcherson AOTY. Dialogue is basically an Andrew Hill album under the name of Bobby Hutcherson, following the line he set in Judgement! and overuses soloes to display the ego of all of those giants.
If you are interested in the artist's personal style and idiosincrasy, better listen to Components or pic related.

Dialogue is still a fantastic album, don't make me wrong.
Loved Chico in Sweet Smell of Success, amazing film
Those are the only two artists in the genre I know of. I really need to find more myself
What about Components? Easily as good as Dialogue and Stick Up

>still needing to be spoonfed
does anyone have a mega/zip/mediafire link for the Soothsayer by Wayne Shorter?
Already mentioned it. Great album, but the contrast between Hutcherson's conventional compositions and Chamber's more avant garde experiments makes the album lack the cohesion and straightforwardness of Stick-Up!
I prefer the contrast in the album plus I like the combination of alto and trumpet on those compositions. Plus I think Hancock/Carter/Chambers is a stronger rhythm section than Tyner/Lewis/Higgins. Henderson is great on Stick-Up though.

Wish Hutcherson would have done a sextet album with Hubbard, Henderson, and Spaulding (or McLean) and Carter/Chambers (or Tony Williams). Adding a pianist could have been interesting too.
dl link for this pls?
from the archive:

The Chico Hamilton Quintet featuring Eric Dolphy

It's a 1959 recording of the great 50's group led by drummer Chico Hamilton and featuring rising alto and flute star Eric Dolphy (sounding maybe his most Charlie Parker-influenced). Chico usually gets classified as cool jazz, because of the typically laid-back swing feel, and their popularity on the West coast, however the music also has strong elements of early avant-garde jazz, third stream, and bebop at times. The compositions are especially interesting and well thought-out.


this please
It's on Rutracker, and I'm sure it'll be on SoulSeek aswell.

>not using torrent
>not being a RT member
>pretending to care about music
Anybody heard this years Kenny Barron/Dave Holland duet album?

Here you are

Wayne Shorter - The Soothsayer (RVG Reedition)(FLAC)
>Modal Jazz
>What have you been listening to lately?
Charlie Parker, Eric Dolphy, Charles Mingus, Duke Ellington, Dave Holland, Dizzy Gillespie, The usual.

>Have you seen any good live jazz this year?
I saw a bunch of stuff but i don't remember seeing something incredible.

>What's your jazz AOTY 2014?
Steve Lehman - Mise en Abime
David Virellez - Mboko

i just can't decide between these too.
Where do I start with Kenny Wheeler?
With Anthony Braxton. Search for Kenny Wheeler here:
Thank you!
>not waiting until nice anons spoonfeed you
Favorite albums of those artists? All of them are personal favorites (Diz to a lesser exent though)

If you like the woodwind+string timbres loved by Dolphy I'll rec you a Czech duo I discovered recently when I get back home.
>Favorite albums of those artists?
Charlie Parker - At Massey Hall
Eric Dolphy - Out to Launch
Charles Mingus - Blues & Roots
Duke - At Newport
Dave Holland - Seeds of Time
Dizzy - Sonny Side Up

>If you like the woodwind+string timbres loved by Dolphy I'll rec you a Czech duo I discovered recently when I get back home.
yes please
>Out to Launch
is this a new meme?
Deer Wan
Double Double You
What Now
The Long Waiting
fuck i did it again. it's not a meme i'm just incredibly autistic (it was me yesterday too)
I've bee seeing you doing that mistake for around 3 months now.
Been listening to a lot of Cymande and Yusef Lateef as of late , but i'd like a bit more soul because I like to sing along.
Any recs?
Also stuff similar to reflections era Gil Scott would be great. Oh and if you want me to upload any Cymande stuff just gimme a shout because I know it can be hard to find.
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>Charles Mingus - Blues & Roots

Other than this one your list is good

Then again my favorite Mingus is either The Clown or Tijuana and people are going to make fun of me for that but who cares
The Clown is my second favorite Mingus. Not a huge fan of Tijuana even though the title track is incredible.

What's the problem with Blues & Roots?
Been listening a lot to Brad Mehldau Art of the Trio Vol. 3. definitely my favourite out of the five volumes, much more melodic and and less intellectual playing. Unrequited is starting to become one of my most played tracks, highly recommended
Anyone find out about Jeff Jervis? He has some funky ass jazz groove going on, and the college jazz band I play at is thinking about picking this up.
We also get to play Isfahan by Duke Ellington, shit is so good.

you probably already checked her out, but erykah badu is what you're looking for
>Dave Holland - Seeds of Time
Have you heard Jumpin' In and Razor's Edge? I actually think Seeds of Time is a little weaker than those two by that same band
Didn't really liked Jumpin In', and haven't listened to Razor's Edge yet, but it will be the next album of his i'll be listening to.

why is Seeds of Time weaker than Jumpin' In?
I just think the tunes are a little stronger personally. The solos are about equal strength. I think Holland wrote all but one of the tunes on Jumpin In, I think the other band members wrote some of the tracks on Seeds of Time.

First Snow, Shadow Dance, The Dragon and The Samurai, the title track... all really really great tunes from what I remember

Here you go. You can find some stuff by Stivin on SoulSeek, but if you want the whole album you'll have to buy the vinyl (I ignore if it's on what.cd, but I wasn't able to find it on my usual sources)
Yeah already have her discography
>I just think the tunes are a little stronger personally.
that's why i prefer Seeds of Time though. The melodies are much more interesting to me.

Jumpin In' feels way more "stiff" i guess. Whereas in Seeds of Time the solos and generally all of the musician feels much more free (or is that just me?), almost like the group's dynamic improved.
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this is very dissapointing tbh
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Thread images: 10

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